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  1. AM

    Only thing I run, and a super tester friend of mine confirmed it for me.
  2. AM

    So it is official? Aslain's mod is banned? Thanks WNG for not giving us a heads up on this and just giving people strikes. I will not be spending a dime on this game any longer.
  3. na

  4. Ranked battle

    Dear WNG, Until you allow some kind of coordination, (like div) in ranked battles...you can take them and shove them where the sun don't shine.
  5. It's called the WOPR, you might've heard of it.
  6. Kii vs Tirpitz vs Alabama

    No idea what the hell you're talking about...you must suck as a Tirp capt.
  7. Need a team?

    If anyone needs to find a team, let me know. We have some open spots. -Krieg121
  8. I never waste my time trying to get a super container, I go for flags. At least you know you'll get something useful.
  9. Subs now?

    If we get subs, can we get giant squids too? "Release the Kraken!"
  10. yeah it was...and greatly appreciated! HAHAHAHAHA
  11. You obviously can't read worth a crap, I was referring to brawling with a DD via secondaries.
  12. 100% Accurate

    Troll? Gimmie a break...how else do you suppose to damage a higher tier ship when your AP shells bounce off? Lower tier ships...yes..always use AP shells. Do me a favor and go learn some BB skillz and leave the BBing to people (like me) who know what they're doing.