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  1. Unban me from the wiki before use a smurf account to edit. You're not Jesus Christ for being titled as a mod there.

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    2. LeavingForever


      Lastly, I don't dislike you, or hate anyone of you at the wiki. I got respect for you. But all I'm going to say is, if you're banning me then it's just down right ridiculous. I've had got nothing against you or anyone on this game. So I will bid you farewell. I've intended on quitting for awhile now. It's just not the game it use to be.

    3. SeaRaptor00


      Your inability to keep a civil tongue in your head and avoid cursing in wiki edits made the decision to ban you an easy one.  WoWS is rated "T", and WG doesn't allow that sort of language in their official wiki.  We've had to remove links to reddit posts that have profane language for the same reason.

      As for Graf Zeppelin, the page shouldn't be updated until the testing is done.  We have been testing her too; there have been, what, ten different test variants?  None of which have been called "Graf Zeppelin", only "GZ Test I" or "GZ Test II".  Aside from the fact that we'd have to create brand new pages for the test ships - and update them on a schedule we have no notice of each time they were altered, then finally remove them later when the testing was done - the original Graf is still available in the client to those who bought her.  How do you explain to a new player the difference between the 3 variants?  You can't edit Graf Zeppelin's page to talk about torpedoes when the guy who just got wrecked by her in live play comes looking for her and the modules listed on her wiki page say she only carries dive bombers.  The confusion that created would be enormous.  So, we made the decision to simply leave Zeppelin's page alone until they were finally done screwing around with her.  When they finally announce what the finished version will look like, we'll re-do the page and that's that.  Some of the test versions have been fun; some not.  I'm curious to see where they finally land.  We were just as screwed as everyone else when they added the dumb delay to her AP bomb drop time 2 days before she released (and without it ever being tested on live so they could get feedback).  We had to edit chunks of her page to note that while the HE bombs were still viable, the AP bombs were an incredible pain in the [edited]to use (and still are).  

      You and everyone else with 100 games played are free to edit the wiki; that's the point of it being a wiki.  Those of us who are a part of the wiki staff have the responsibility of patrolling it on behalf of WG.   The decision to freeze Zeppelin's page was made in conjunction with WGNA staff, which is why we kept rolling back your edits.  There was nothing wrong with the edits themselves, per se, but Zeppelin is a special case right now because of the way that WG mis-handled her release.  When you started cursing out the editing staff instead of asking what was happening, that was a red flag.  We didn't even ban you then, we simply rolled them back again and explained what the plan for Zeppelin's page was.  When you continued to hurl profanity at us, that's when you got blocked. 

      This can't seriously surprise you.  If WG doesn't tolerate language of that sort on the forums, what makes you think they will tolerate it on their official wiki pages?

    4. LeavingForever


      I'm curious as to what you mean about Reddit links that have profane language. I'm guessing just forum discussions that got out of hand on Reddit? That'd make sense.

      All I want to say is this. I'm a good guy. I sink a lot of money into tjis game. I play a lot, all my friends do on this account. I just ask unban. There is many great ships I've edited and put good information down about. I'm just saying it. If not I'll just use my alt to make respectful edits.