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  1. SeaRaptor00

    Wiki contradicting info.

    The armor threshold page is something that we didn't create, but we can probably link it in.
  2. I approve. For me, I want Lutzow in this configuration, and Seydlitz as a T6 light carrier.
  3. SeaRaptor00

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    Not that many people notice, but for ships in the game that we are able to determine are museums, we have added notes in the wiki descriptions (and links to the museum pages themselves).
  4. SeaRaptor00

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    As a Furutaka C-hull enthusiast myself, believe us when we tell you that this ship is obscenely overpowered at this tier in this configuration. Furutaka is an exceptionally good cruiser at this tier; Exeter makes her look mediocre. I had hoped we'd have the time to talk WG into giving her the option between heal and smoke. That choice would have given her two fairly different play styles, while still affording her the opportunity to function as a captain trainer. Sadly, none of us knew how quickly they intended to push this ship out. =\
  5. Why assume that there aren't people working on both? The dev team is capable of working on more than one thing at a time.
  6. The short answer is: probably not, unless you're in a REAL hurry to grind the Brit CV line.
  7. SeaRaptor00

    The Church of Hindenburg

    Hindenburg's shells and handling haven't been changed in quite some time. If you really want to invest in IFHE you can, but you won't notice a significant improvement in your damage. The circle and slash through the commander's skill means that it's not recommended, but you can still choose it. Whether or not you get shatters depends on where the shells land. Her HE will shatter against the casemate of most battleships, for example, but fully pen their decks. So you need to be at range. If you're closer in against a broadside BB, you should be using AP against her casemate; her shells will not penetrate battleship belt armor, nor will they penetrate that of cruisers like Kronshtadt and Alaska (you'll want to burn these boys down with HE spam).
  8. SeaRaptor00

    Warships Wiki

    I can probably answer technical questions, but you may not like the answers. =D Ask away.
  9. SeaRaptor00

    And so it begins - Hello Alaska

    Why would you believe that a not-quite-BB, not-quite-CA would equate to "one of the best ships in the game"? Alaska's a perfectly fine ship, but all of these high-tier, 12-inch main battery things are awkward. She's no different.
  10. SeaRaptor00

    The Church of Hindenburg

    LOL, I hear you. For me, this is ultimately a question of what kind of T10 cruiser you want. Moskva is a good ship. Her range and shell velocities encourage a more static, bow-tanking, island-hugging kind of play veterans of Des Moines will be familiar with. She plays very differently than Donskoi. Hindenburg is more dynamic. She prefers open water, where she has room to run, wiggle, and swing her guns in and out of action. Roon plays very similarly, so if you enjoy playing Roon, you will enjoy Hindenburg. For me, I enjoyed Donskoi and Roon and Hindenburg, but do not particularly care for Moskva. That's just a personal choice.
  11. SeaRaptor00

    The Church of Hindenburg

    Do you mean Roon? Donskoi and Hindenburg are in different tech trees.
  12. SeaRaptor00

    The Church of Hindenburg

    Gotta admit, I'm pretty excited. =)