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  1. Probably because everyone's computers would melt down during the attempt.
  2. If I recall this particular event correctly, it wasn't meant as a competition; it was intended to be a fun, team-building exercise that introduced some of the NA and EU CCs to each other. To your last point, @Lord_Zath would probably disagree with you, among others.
  3. SeaRaptor00

    Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    Note that her wiki page is still written to reflect the old shell ballistics. An update is forthcoming to reflect changes in 0.7.9.
  4. SeaRaptor00

    Who have you seen in game

    That was good stuff. Sims' guns do mean things to schnellbootes.
  5. SeaRaptor00

    Wargaming, what on earth is this? - Yorck

    It's fascinating to talk to someone who has actually taken the time to dig through the Bundesarchive themselves. =) All we know about Roon and Hindenburg is that the L/34 turret was apparently a real design and everything else is conjecture.
  6. SeaRaptor00

    Wargaming, what on earth is this? - Yorck

    When it comes to paper ships, the EN WoWS wiki is not always reliable, because we don't always know where WG got the info for their designs from. Occasionally we can steal that info from the RU wiki and translate it over, but it's uncommon.
  7. Gotcha, thanks.
  8. Haka--- My only frustration with the new version is that I'm unable to get your ship contour icons on my loading screen. That's where I really want them; I am not that interested in having them on the sidebars during a game. Is there a way to have this functionality return?
  9. Anyone able to have a good game in Lexington gets my respect. The ship is garbage. Shokaku was the OP CV of the tier for a long time; in the right hands, it still can be due to the flexibility offered by the loadout. A good Shokaku driver can still pwn a Zeppelin. I've had it happen to me plenty. The skill discrepancy in CVs is real, and I am a mediocre CV (with the occasional flash of brilliance) at best. I don't particularly enjoy CV gameplay in general, but I enjoy Zeppelin because she offers me something that most other carriers don't: options. Lexington is locked to her garbage loadout. Enterprise only has one flight module. Shokaku has three, but nobody plays anything but 2/2/2 (unless it's T8 competitive). Zeppelin is the only CV at T8 - and one of the only ones in the game - to offer variety. I can fit her out in several ways: DW torps/HE bombs DW torps/AP bombs Regular torps/HE bombs Regular torps/AP bombs HE bombs only AP bombs only We can debate the usefulness of some of those loadouts, but the fact remains that they exist as playable options, something that two of the other three T8 CVs don't even have. There's nothing particularly OP about any of those loadouts. I get why people hate Zeppelin - I admit that the salt and rage I get just for zoning into a game is half the fun of playing the ship - and even I think that the AP bombs probably need some tuning. Most people's issues with Zeppelin are, IMHO, really issues with how CVs are designed and implemented and not unique to Zeppelin.
  10. I disagree. The 1/2/1 loadout is highly flexible, especially if you pack HE bombs instead of AP bombs. The torps, of course, are good against everyone, but that massive HE bomber squadron is made for wiping out destroyers. It makes the bomber squadron in 3/0/1 Saipan look like a child's toy. The 2/0/3 loadout - especially with AP bombs - is much more situational; that's why I point out that knowing what you can and can't reliably citadel is one of the keys to doing well with the ship.
  11. You make it sound so simple. It isn't. For the record, I play 2/0/3 Zeppelin almost exclusively (i.e. I don't play much of the 1/2/1 version). I slapped an old, unused Bayern captain in mine and he just hit 19 points this week. I'm far, FAR from a unicum CV player. The AP bombs are fun to use, but aren't exactly brainless. You have to learn - or go to a training room and do some testing - what you can and can't reliably citadel... because if you can't citadel it, it really isn't worth your time to attack. Most battleships can be hurt badly, but Massachusetts and Alabama, for example, are highly resistant to German AP bombs. There are a few other targets worth avoiding because the amount of planes I will lose to the AA isn't worth the pitiful damage I will do with the bombers that survive to drop. Popular opinion is that the AP bombs aren't worth using on destroyers, but my experiences are quite different depending on the destroyer in question and how much HP it has left. You also learn that the manual drop reticle is punishing against targets that disrespect your bombers, and that if you really want to CV snipe an enemy Lexington you can do so right through his DFAA. Using the fighters well is more challenging than people give it credit for. You need both squadrons just to keep Lexington busy; Enterprise has nearly bottomless fighter reserves compared to you; a smart Shokaku can wreck you with the power of his strafes if he knows what he's doing. They're good planes, but you only have one complete refill available for each squadron, so you can't squander them foolishly. Zeppelin is one of the most enjoyable CVs to play that WG has ever produced. Both flight modules are competitive and fun; each offers something radically different from the other. There's no one right way to play the ship: I'm sure if we really wanted to we could find someone who is equally in love with the 2/0/3 configuration with HE bombs because it mauls destroyers and keeps BBs burning. There are so many options of how to configure a Zeppelin before taking it into battle that the enemy team doesn't know what it's up against until they actually start to spot your planes, a radical departure from the other CVs of the tier. We can argue about the power of the AP bombs and whether or not they need tuning - they probably do - but she ship itself is a fun premium to play because of how different it is and the plethora of viable options she offers for her loadout.
  12. SeaRaptor00

    Does Roon have Turtleback?

    Yes. All German cruisers starting with Yorck have a turtleback of some fashion.
  13. SeaRaptor00

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

  14. @_TheSneakySnake_ told me the same thing once, and I had to go look up who the hell Mike Breen was. =) Thanks for the kind words.
  15. SeaRaptor00

    Haida is ok, but it's not Canadian

    If I'm magically an employee now, someone owes me a WHOLE lotta back pay.