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  1. SeaRaptor00

    Battle Report: USS Kidd - "Narrow Margin"

    Thank you muchly.
  2. SeaRaptor00

    Battle Report: Roma - "Slow Game"

    Thanks, and best of luck to you as well. Roma is a great ship; she's not cheap at Tier VIII, but I think she's worth it.
  3. SeaRaptor00

    Battle Report: USS Kidd - "Narrow Margin"

    Thank you for the kind words!
  4. Here's the first of a couple of replays this week from Tier VIII Premium Italian battleship Roma. This game takes a long time to develop properly, but once it does, Roma rises to the occasion and performs like a champ.
  5. For me, too many lines clutters up my view. Crosshairs are a very personal thing in Warships. =D Re-grinding the IJN cruisers allowed me to re-discover Ibuki. I despised her my first time through the line. This time, she felt better. Some of that is the benefit of a lot more experience playing the game than I had when I originally played her over four years ago, and some of that is the result of some nice quality-of-life buffs she's had over the years. The overall buff the Japanese cruisers had to their accuracy in the past year was noticeable throughout the line, and really, REALLY benefited all of these ships. They're a joy to play if you are confident in your aim.
  6. In honor of the last stop on 2019's Anchors Away tour this weekend aboard USS Kidd, I bring you a special replay from the OG herself.
  7. SeaRaptor00

    Scuttlebutt #44 (featuring Marceau)

    I actually kept WANTING a CV to face off against my Marceau and test out her AA. She has pretty good AA stats, and comes with Defensive Fire. Still haven't managed it. Not every game is covered in radar, despite what a lot of people think. Also, given that my base detection is nearly 8km, radar isn't going to pick out Marceau often when she wouldn't otherwise be detected. Note that I started the game playing on the 10 line until I had a decent idea where their radar was. While capping C, I knew where the DM was (out of range) and where the Stalingrad was (in range, but behind an island). I actually expected the Stalin to radar me, but he didn't. That's his call, not mine. The second Stalin I encountered I was too busy burning down for him to bother radaring, apparently... not that it would have mattered much, as I was well spotted entering the cap and mostly while capping. They didn't have any ships in position to do much about it. Charging a cap immediately at the start of a game isn't always the right play. Especially in a "destroyer" with a detection radius like Marceau's.
  8. Sometimes you play a game where you should have died multiple times, yet somehow it doesn't quite happen. Fate definitely intervenes on my behalf in this game aboard Tier IX Japanese cruiser Ibuki.
  9. It's TUEEEEEEEESDAY! Time for more Scuttlebutt. This week, check out pre-nerf Tier X Premium French destroyer Marceau as I catch you up on all the latest goings on.
  10. It's a battleship two-fer today on the channel. First up is a game in one of my favorite ships: Tier VIII Italian premium battleship Roma. It takes some time to learn how to use her guns, but once you do, she's a joy. Next up is a game in Tier VIII premium battleship HMS Vanguard. I dismissed this ship as mediocre long ago, given her weak armor and (seemingly) meh guns. But one of my viewers opened my eyes to the AP rounds on this ship. See for yourself.
  11. SeaRaptor00

    Battle Report: Z-39 - "The Art of Not Dying"

    There's some good advice in here, honestly. One thing you consistently see good DD players do is enter a cap in such a way that they have a clear, planned escape route if things go south on them.
  12. Yeah, I was shocked at the things I could do with this ship... once I buffed her range. She really needs either AFT or GFCS Mod 2 in Slot 6 (I prefer AFT). Once she's got that extra range, she can go to town. They've announced nerfs to the ballistics of these shells, so I'll be curious to see her next iteration.
  13. The first few times I played Tier X Premium French destroyer Marceau, I was completely underwhelmed. It wasn't until after they had announced future nerfs for her that I went back and tried her again... and boy, was I wrong.
  14. In our second replay of the week looking at Tier VII Premium German destroyer Z-39, I highlight the value of preserving your health in a destroyer and not wantonly throwing your ship away... as so many players often do.
  15. While playing the European destroyers this past Sunday on stream, I turned in a game in Tier VII's Skåne that was surprisingly good.