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  1. When it comes to mid-tier cruisers, the Italians are in a weird spot right now. They are light cruisers... but have heavy cruiser reload speeds. What gives? Is this even feasible? Only one way to find out.
  2. If you've watched my CC Summit videos, you know that the NA contributors had a small hand in the development of Tier X Italian destroyer Paolo Emilio during our visit to St. Petersburg. This is my first chance to take the ship out.
  3. Sometimes, it's not about how much damage you do but WHERE that damage is applied. If most of your time is spent contesting caps and dealing damage to destroyers, you can have a very impactful game despite a below-average damage total.
  4. SeaRaptor00

    Premium "Unsinkable Sam" Containers x15

    In fairness, you can't outright buy the special econ flags any more than you can outright buy coal or FXP. So I kind of get it. With that said, I don't think the value is there for these, no.
  5. SeaRaptor00

    Premium "Unsinkable Sam" Containers x15

    So I heard! Me, not so much. I'll never complain about economic flags, but honestly, I wouldn't invest any money into these things. If you want Ark Royal, go buy Ark Royal. If you need/want some econ flags, there's good value to be had here, I suppose, but that's about it.
  6. What the heck is in these things, anyway?
  7. The Dutch recently arrived in World of Warships, as HMNLS Friesland entered the game as its first torpedo-less destroyer. Does this put her at a crippling disadvantage, or do her other benefits make up for the trade off?
  8. After a couple of pretty slow news weeks, Scuttlebutt returns with all the news that's fit to YouTube and a game in Tier VIII Italian cruiser Amalfi.
  9. Tier X Italian cruiser Venezia is the pinnacle of the forthcoming Italian cruiser line, but does she live up to the hype? How do you play this thing? Is she worth the grind? Let's put some time into her and find out.
  10. Tier IX Italian cruiser Brindisi is a solid mix of speed and firepower. The speed can get you into trouble if you aren't paying attention, though. Here on Crash Zone Alpha, we demonstrate this to good effect while working the map edges.
  11. Very much so. Her torpedoes will frequently surprise, but relying on them is tough.
  12. With the new season of Ranked Sprint being at Tier VI, there is a large variety of cruisers to choose from. My question was: is American cruiser USS Dallas a good pick? In this game on Ring, we demonstrate why she undoubtedly is.
  13. SeaRaptor00

    The Church of Hindenburg

    I prefer: Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Concealment Expert Jack of All Trades Basics of Survivability (when paired with flags and the legendary module, fires are comically short) I used to take Manual AA, but that's a garbage skill for the moment on anything with decent AA - which Hindenburg definitely has - so you've got some points to play with. BFT, maybe? I dunno. There are options.
  14. SeaRaptor00

    Quick Cut: Tier VII Italian Cruiser Zara

    I mean, you're not wrong. Yorck or Myoko would have barbecued them nicely. Making the SAP work is about finding good angles and/or good targets. Cruisers and destroyers really hate the stuff. Battleships don't mind it nearly so much.
  15. For me, you've just described most light cruisers - certainly most mid-tier light cruisers - in a nutshell. =) With that said, d'Aosta and Abruzzi have earned an undeserved reputation as being bad or mediocre. I find them to be quite solid.