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  1. SeaRaptor

    For One Brief Shining Weekend Asashio...

    He did indeed. I was impressed; the game will be coming to the channel in the front half of this week. I still don't think Asashio is a very good pick in ranked, but this guy took a look at the enemy team composition, charged the middle of the map, and proceeded to devastate 2/3 of their BB corps with the torps. It was a thing of beauty.
  2. For me, avoiding Lenin is a personal choice. I don't care for the "all guns forward" arrangement. I've never been able to make it work on any of the ships in game that use it.
  3. Usable, but challenging. Probably the same evaluation I'd give her in randoms, to be honest. The torps have a good flood chance, so putting them to work on targets that aren't a SoDak or an Amagi, then following up with the carpet bombs has solid damage potential (or vice versa). The fire RNG remains a quirky problem, though. The rockets will do good work against destroyers. Implacable might actually be a smidge better in ranked than she is in randoms because she knows she won't be up-tiered, but I'd still pick Lexington ahead of her. Excellent points. I agree that Enterprise vs. Massachusetts is a bad matchup for Enterprise; not much else to say there except hope your team has enough brains to shoot at the big giant battleship on occasion. ;) Honestly, this is why I'm glad there are people around with a better feel for these things than myself. Lex has always seemed a "good" pick while Enterprise has felt like the "right" one. I guess for me, thinking as a generalist, Enterprise has always felt like she had the tools to tackle most anyone.
  4. I mean, sure, it's just a question of (a) what CVs you own and (b) what you want to be doing with your CV in a game.
  5. Last but not least, we examine which Tier VIII carriers you should probably be playing - and which you should probably avoid - in Season 17 of Ranked Battles.
  6. I kinda was. I wanted to avoid straight up recommending both Amagi and Kii, but I sort of did in a roundabout way. If she works well for you, then don't take my advice at all. I just know that I have historically gotten more consistent groupings out of North Carolina's guns than Roma's. =)
  7. We've looked at destroyers and cruisers; now that the season is officially underway, let's talk about what battleships you should (and shouldn't) be playing in Season 17 of Ranked Battles.
  8. Same for me. Well, Massachusetts and Tirpitz. Those two were irritating to deal with, but I beat a few of them along the way. Yeah, but ranking every single bloody ship in each class in Tier VIII would be exhausting and make for like hour long videos that no one would sit through. I'd rather toss some ideas at the wall and start a conversation than put in a ton of work on something that most people won't watch in its entirety. =) I've never had any issue with it, but I also recognize that my skill level is above average. For me, the key is being able to negate or at least beat the hell out of 1-2 enemy destroyers. If I can manage that, farm some damage off a battleship, and use my hydro and/or radar to get some spotting damage (and maybe tack on few plane kills), then I feel like saving a star is doable... even without the best damage total in the world.
  9. It really is. You will notice the DPM hit with Eugen - she reloads slower - but she hangs in games much longer if you take good care of her.
  10. I'm not sure why none of the premium USN DDs have gotten the DFAA buff, I just know that for the moment they haven't. Which makes me sad.
  11. Yesterday: destroyers. Today: cruisers! Let's talk about what Tier VIII cruisers you should be considering for the Season Seventeen grind of Ranked Battles.
  12. The tech tree ships already did, it went in last patch. It's getting buffed again next patch as well. Sadly, Kidd won't get this buff. That's a mistake on my part. Harekaze is a solid pick. Just because a ship doesn't make it in the video, it doesn't mean it's a bad pick. Oland is arguably the low point of the European destroyer line; despite her access to Defensive Fire, her AA is weaker than that of Kidd or Akizuki. Couple that with her small health pool and half-of-a-heal and it's hard to recommend her. She's not bad, but she's not noteworthy.
  13. SeaRaptor

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    No, he's still around, he's just not a CC or active playing the game anymore. He moved on to other things.
  14. Ranked kicks off again in just a few days! What destroyers should you consider playing? I'm glad you asked, I happen to have a few thoughts on the matter.
  15. SeaRaptor

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Stunts was a gentleman and a scholar. I miss him, he was great to talk mechanics and nuts-and-bolts with.