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  1. I don't mind the short-legged radar on this hull. It can be made to work. My frustration is the complete omission of aircraft facilities. They didn't even model the aircraft catapults, though the handling crane and hangar hatch are clearly visible in her model.
  2. For now, this is where I'm at with this ship. Each of the other T9 battlecruisers offers something somewhat unique to them. Carnot doesn't seem to have this right now. She's just... here.
  3. When Wargaming first announced Tier IX Premium American battleship USS Kearsarge, everyone took a look and immediately went... "what the hell is that?" Join me in a First Look at this bizarre ship that actually has some roots in a real design.
  4. Another premium Tier IX battlecruiser has entered supertesting; this time the Marine Nationale is entering the fray with Carnot. Let's have a look around the ship and make a few inferences about her capabilities.
  5. Yet *another* Tier VIII Premium American heavy cruiser? C'mon Wargaming, what gives? Want to find out what the deal is with USS Rochester? Let's find out together.
  6. Racking up a decent game in forthcoming Tier VIII Dutch cruiser HNLMS Haarlem took some doing, but I finally managed an interesting game that showcases her stealth, survivability, and AA. I'm still not 100% sold, though.
  7. Finally we come to the top of the tree: Tier X Dutch cruiser Gouden Leeuw (Golden Lion). Packing the same caliber of guns as Scharnhorst, she has a surprising amount of punch married to a hull this stealthy. What other surprises await?
  8. We're nearing the end of our First Looks at the Dutch cruiser line with this preview of Tier IX's Johan de Witt. De Witt is obviously kin to Haarlem one tier down, but comes with a beefier main battery.
  9. Continuing our First Look series with the Dutch cruiser line, let's have a look at Tier VIII's Haarlem. Haarlem has a surprisingly beefy protection scheme and a beefier airstrike than Eendracht one tier lower. What else is in here? Let's find out.
  10. In super testing, but not released yet.
  11. SeaRaptor

    Fair Winds and Following seas.

    Sad news. I will never begrudge someone making a professional decision for personal reasons, though. Know that you will be missed, and hopefully we'll see more of you on Twitch and at future player events.
  12. Tier X Premium European destroyer HSwMS Ragnar has come to supertesting. She seems nominally meant to replace the recently-removed HSwMS Småland, but Ragnar has some similarities to HNLMS Friesland as well. Learn more:
  13. SeaRaptor

    The much misunderstood Tiger 59

    Maybe that's my problem with her; I ENJOY the play style of the British light cruisers. I don't want something "else", I want something that parallels or compliments it. If Tiger isn't that, then it's little wonder that I don't care for her.
  14. One of the most-requested British ships is on her way to World of Warships as a Tier VI premium. Here's a First Look at HMS Repulse.