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  1. MrSecondaries

    Dasha presents. 12.0

    Glad to see she's still presenting! From what I hear, behind the scenes, she seems like a nice lady. I wish her the best.
  2. MrSecondaries

    Admiral Schroder, Is it worth the 7k gold?

    Yup, as Mr. Secondaries. It gets my stamp of approval.
  3. MrSecondaries

    Stop Blaming others for your bad play.

    I read this in Mr. Rowan Akinson's voice. Made me laugh 😃 But yes, I get it. Last night there was a person immediately blasting how everyone sucks in chat. Match started. He died 4 mins into the match... Spent the rest of the game just crapposting and being a troll.
  4. This. It's hilarious to chase down Destroyers in it!
  5. MrSecondaries

    Admiral Schroder, Is it worth the 7k gold?

    I got it and can say that it's what I hoped the Agir was going to be. You can chase around ships with its speed boost and nothing can escape your secondaries when doing so. The main guns are a little wonky, but you'll be close range so it won't matter much. It might not be my favorite ship, but after showing a clan mate it through a discord stream. He regretted not getting it.
  6. MrSecondaries

    Where Did the Pan-American Tech Line Go?

    It's currently being worked on by WG. These things take time. I was under the impression that the new hybrid American BBs would be released, then the new pan American ships will go into super testing.
  7. MrSecondaries

    Torpedo Captain Skill Change

    I'd gladly take it on RU DDs, Pan Asian DDs, maybe Pan EU DDs. For cruisers, it may help some that have very short range torps allowing them to be used more than a last ditch effort.
  8. MrSecondaries

    Torpedo Captain Skill Change

    I'd say Cruisers and Destroyers could get this option. Carriers would not.
  9. MrSecondaries

    AP Dive Bombers: The Most Useless Ordinance?

    My recommendation is to create a training room. With bots of all ship types either the same, 1, or 2 tiers higher. Have them be stationary and practice dropping on them till you land hits reliably. Then start having them move and do the same thing. It helps a lot.
  10. MrSecondaries

    Torpedo Captain Skill Change

    Exactly. While they would move slower, the ranges could help a lot of ships. Plus then you gotta decide (hmm... keep my speed and give up 1.5km or stay with my speedy short torps?)
  11. Was tossing around ideas for how to build my IJN Maya when a thought popped up. What if the captain skill, swift fish, was change from giving torpedoes 5% extra speed... To Torpedoes move 10%kts slower, but gain 1.5km range with them.
  12. MrSecondaries

    Secondary Adjustment Idea

    I like this post. This is a good post.
  13. MrSecondaries

    CV players being reported?

    If you're playing a CV, and don't get atleast 2 reports per game. You're doing it wrong. -CV main since Alpha Days.