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  1. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    I dunno about disabling something. That happening in any game is no fun for the receiving end....as much as its annoying to be caught in radar, a ship that can disable it would be just as unfun and could lead to further issues in the future if more ships get this ability. I'm still of the that if this does become a thing, it should follow the following... 1. This consumable, "Anti-Ship Missile" would be a 2x use consumable. (It cannot be increased by super intended or any upgrade). You get two uses, and two only. 2. When you press the rocket button, it only will lock onto and fire ONE (1) missile at a ship that is actively using radar while the consumable is activated. 3. The missile will head straight for the target it locked onto, even after the ship that activated radar, ends its radar. (This missile was guided in real life afterall, it didn't actually lock onto radars.) 4. It will curve VERY poorly if it must turn towards the target. 5. It will fly at a very low altitude (just like in real life.) 6. If the missile collides with a mountain, friendly ship, enemy ship that isn't the target, or anything else in the path as it travels towards its intended target, it explodes and deals damage (or in the case of a mountain, it just explodes). 7. If the missile collides with a friendly or enemy ship, it willl deal High Explosive damage with a 32mm pen rating. The maximum damage it will deal is 10,000dmg with a 30% fire chance. (just example numbers) 8. Cooldown will have to be something like 200s, or a long time. The idea isn't that this can be spammed. 9. As neat as it would be for anti air to shoot it down, that's not really realistic for the time period unless you start adding in anti-missile batteries and other guns onto ships. The RB 08's travelled at 485 kts or 560 mph...that's insanely fast for any type of AA to try and shoot for the period. I still think it would be a interesting idea to implement on any ship that carries such a weapon system.
  2. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    Sure, but I wouldnt allow anyone to "pilot" them.
  3. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    Yup, box already checked, so bring on the SaaB missles :)
  4. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    So, thinking about it being a consumable item. I can see the anti ship missiles working like this. Its a new consumable, only available for Halland (it has the SaaB rockets too) and Smaland, that has two charges that cannot be increased by super intendent captain skill. Cool down between uses would have to be like....4mins, or something long. When activated, if a enemy ship activates their radar consumable, the rockets will lock on to its position, fire, and home in on it. (When I saw "home in" I mean these things turn at a abysmal rate, basically the ship has to be standing still). If it hits, the rocket would do 7500 HE damage, and 30mm pen. The flight path of the rocket could be really simple, it flies at a given altitude, but will collide with anything that gets in its path (other ships, mountains, etc.) I think it'd be interesting.
  5. Mr_Secondaries

    Any news on Submarines Beta Test Part 4?

    They're working on it, they have to map out the underwater scene for all maps, and then add the depth charge animations, and effects to all ships that have them, etc. there's loads they gotta do. the 4th test is suppose to be the "last" one from what i understood.
  6. Mr_Secondaries

    how to leave a clan

    Also, don't threaten to Dox people when you leave (I saw someone do this in my last clan I was in)....not a good idea. Either just leave quietly if you haven't been in the clan long, or if you feel you must say something, just say, "Hey yall, been fun, but I'm leaving for XYZ reasons." then just leave.
  7. Couple things... Audacious, last I checked, can yield the highest damage numbers in the game. It just doesn't get many kills. That goes to the Hakuryu. Midway is most popular since all three plane types can deal with any ship type, and do it really well (tiny tims vs dds puts it over the top compared to the other CVs) Venezia isn't as popular because of SAP. Despite it being 6 months old, a LOT of folks just do not like SAP. In the hands of someone that understands this new type of ammo, its scary good. Especially in ranked and clans where it can shine by erradicating DDs faster than anything else. However, it struggles against bow tankers. It has to have a flank to deal copious amounts of damage. PR on the other hand is a tiny montana battleship and can bow tank cruisers, [edited]tank cruisers, it can kite, it can be aggressive, it can brawl, it can do a lot of things. It may not do all these things as well as niche ships or some specialized ships in a given area, but its still a great jack of all trades.
  8. Mr_Secondaries

    EU DD Camo

    I agree, I really enjoy the three crowns camo. I wish that the three crowns were so embellished on the stern, but that's a minor issue. Otherwise I think it looks super nice for a perma camo. That said, I wish that they stuck with the friesland's perma camo style....light grey.
  9. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    While it is true that CV's had a limited number of planes, literally, the whole reason why WG got away from the RTS was for two big important reasons.... 1) Instead of "tickling" you to death with multiple attack runs, a GOOD CV player would simply cross drop you with torpedoes, sending you back to port instantly. 2) People who sucked at RTS didn't enjoy the class, at all. It was a super steep learning curve and if you weren't already at the top of that curve, you had very little chance to make it there since you'd get utterly destroyed by a enemy CV's fighters and then by your team downvoting you into oblivion for sucking. Agreed, If it was a thing, it would be fun to be a one time use consumable that attacks a actively radaring ship. It would certainly make Smaland very unique.
  10. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    As if its not open already :)
  11. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    WG, please do this :)
  12. Mr_Secondaries

    Smaland's anti-ship rockets

    Not gonna lie....I kinda wish that WG allowed these two bad boys to be fired once per game...It was a super important piece of weaponry on Smaland. Could've just made them a one time use, 3000dmg HE shot :) Then my common sense kicks in and I envision loads of Smaland's yoloing into ships firing these as a last resort before they ram someone.
  13. Mr_Secondaries

    Thoughts - playing CV's can improve your play in other ships

    Can't tell how many times targets with 100-300hp slip away into smoke or concealment cause of the mentality of "oh, that guy will gettem for me." I shoot anything till it explodes now.
  14. Mr_Secondaries

    Thoughts - playing CV's can improve your play in other ships

    Very Good post. Its also a very unpopular opinion :) Most people just like to complain and not adapt. I did the exact same thing as you, but I mostly play CVs. I just used what I learned from my time as a CV player to become a better DD when CV's are in the game. I can confirm that what you say is very true. Learning about the class that you have trouble against the most can really help your game. +1
  15. Mr_Secondaries

    Shokaku slot 5 choices

    Flight mod 1 is great coupled with service captain skill. If youre shedding planes rapidly, heres a few ideas. 1. Focus low AA targets more often. This is just memory. 2. Try a tank build. Take survivability expert, basic armor, adrenaline rush (planes bail faster after attack run), concealment. Or. 3. Try a restore build. Take service expert, flight mod 1, then choose only the stock and upgraded planes with the fastest restore time.