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  1. Mr_Secondaries

    Nurnberg ASW

    This. Every game is filled with half the team as BBs or super cruisers. Very few dds. Subs would help change that balance.
  2. Mr_Secondaries

    Submarine Torpedo Fighting system: It needs an overhaul

    Yup. They do have a arming distance of around 200-300m. Ive had a few subs attempt the "shotgun" attack only to break their torps because they were basically in ramming distance. Its also a very risky manuver to pull against dds and CLs since if you miss, or your torps break. Youll just get depth charged or rammed (i ended up ramming one sub). Either way, youre dead.
  3. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    Hope so! Despite all the "hate" i hear, theyre actually really fun and add a interesting new layer to the game. Really feel the hate train is very overrated. When the test ended last weekend, i surprisingly really miss playing subs....
  4. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    So long as the enemy does not have Hydro Acoustics activated, or a enemy submarine nearby, if you activate your "Deep Dive" consumable and dive to maximum depth of 80m. No one can spot you no matter if you are 1/4 or full speed at this depth. You move INCREDIBLY slow, but you are invisible to the world. However, if you start pinging at this depth, you give yourself away, so it defeats the whole purpose.
  5. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    As a Aircraft Carrier, it is incredibly difficult to tell if I can hit a submarine with my rockets/bombs or not. They need a "impossible to hit" icon when you can't hit them from either that displays when you get close to them.
  6. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    I agree and also don't agree. 1. Its a EXTREMELY risky move on the submarine's part. 2. If the submarine misses (which I have seen happen more than not) they are 100% dead. 3. Destroyers should be shooting at the submarine to keep it submerged. I notice a LOT of players don't even bother shooting (although i've sunk more Subs using this method than Depth Charges cause they are trying to shotgun :P ) I would agree that they need to reduce the shift rate going up and down in the sub. This would make them slower so they can't just pop up, shotgun, and dive.
  7. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    I would certainly agree. However that appears to be a thing. I hit a u-69 with 4x torpedoes into its bow with the Cachalot...didn't kill it. Left it with 153hp though. However he killed me by hitting me 2x once in the bow and once in my stern. So yea...aggravating to say the least.
  8. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    You probably hit over saturated locations. If you hit the conning tower, it can be saturated, if you repeatedly hit stern or bow, it too can be saturated. If you hit dead center, you will always kill.
  9. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    I wish that islands were a little bit more visible underwater. Its not uncommon to accidentally turn towards one or get stuck on one underwater. It would also be nice considering sometimes you send out a "ping" and invisible island stops it. Otherwise, still testing away and enjoying it!
  10. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    After playing 20+ games in cachalot, 20+ games in u69 and +20 games in S-1 I have found the following: Cachalot: 1. Turning radius is really nice. 2. Dive/climb shift speed is good, but its only got a ok rate of decent or climb. 3. Torpedo reload is the slowest, but when firing at long range, this doesn't feel like a downside. 4. Excellent range on torpedoes allowing a skilled player to "snipe" a target from long range; if they are good enough to keep the "ping(s)" status up on the target. 5. Engine boost feels very handy when trying to get into a good ambush position quickly, or when trying to escape. 6. I found the Engine Boost consumable to be especially handy when activating your deep dive consumable, and traveling at maximum depth to evade detection or evade pursing ships. 7. Torpedoes do a modest amount of damage, but don't outright BLAP Battleships or heavy cruisers; unless the target is completely broadside and takes all 4x torpedo citadels, then its a 50-50 if it explodes. Overall, the Cachalot is a fun little submarine that feels pretty jack of all trades, but not really a master of any one particular skill set. It can snipe, ambush, evade, pursue, or spot. S-1: 1. Turn radius is bonkers bad by comparison to other submarines. 2. Dive/climb shift rate of this sub really sets it apart since it can quickly change its vertical direction. Although its actual rate of decent and climbing is the same as the Cachalot. 3.Torpedo reload feels good, its in the middle allowing it to be comfortable at long range torpedo shots, but can also squeak out a torpedo or two in a pinch. 4. Moderate range, making it a semi-sniper compared to the Cachalot. This ship operates best at mid-close range. 5. The Heal on this thing really helps out since you'll be operating rather close to targets. I enjoy it, but feel the engine boost is better (personal preference). 6. The best part of this sub is its overall maneuverability while submerged since it can dance around torpedoes if you have enough warning. You can also do some very scary charge rushes in this sub as well since you can dive rapidly after firing a full spread of torpedoes. 7. Torpedoes feel like wet noodles when they hit. If you get double pings and hit 4x full broadsides, you probably won't KABOOM the target, but it's not like it won't hurt either. Just be prepared to dive in this thing. I feel the S-1 is trying to be the middle ground between the Cachalot and the U-69. That said, I personally don't care for it, outside of the fact of its amazing submerged agility. U-69 1. Turn Radius is better than S-1 but worse than Cachalot. 2. Dive/Climb shift rate is o-k, its barely faster than Cachalot, but what's nice is that this thing can DIVE. It may not be able to change its vertical momentum in a pinch like the S-1 can, but if you need to crash dive, this is the best thing to do it in. 3. Torpedoes are POWERFUL. If you want to see something KABOOM. This is the sub for you. 4. That said, the range on these torpedoes is SHORT. This puts you in uncomfortably close scenarios a lot of the time meaning you have to really be on your toes at all times. 5. The Hydro on this is spectacular, squeaking out the engine boost usefullness by a far amount. The key here is that while submerged, all submarine detection becomes extremely good. However when you activate your Hydro, you can often see enemy submarines without them seeing you, making you have a huge advantage in a submarine vs submarine fight. You can also use it to scare out smoked up destroyers and get much needed forewarning about incoming deep water torpedoes from enemy subs firing back. 6. The best part of this submarine is its ability to make things KABOOM. However, I really do feel you have to be on your toes 24/7 to really make the U-69 sing. Since you are operating so close to the surface targets, if you are caught off guard, or aren't paying attention, you get sent back to port quickly. 7. Torpedoes go KABOOM! I enjoy the sheer power that the U-69 brings to the table, and its unique ability to hunt enemy submarines underwater. Its a vastly different style of play from the Cachalot, while being a "better" version of what the S-1 is trying to be (in my opinion). Out of all of them, they do bring 3 different flavors, but I think most players (not playing just for nations sake) are going to gravitate towards the U-69 or the Cachalot if the submarines stay as-is.
  11. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    Agree with everything but the comment on the american sub. As someone else stated, the turning radius is great on it compared to the others, and I really like the range of the torpedoes. You can easily stealth fire with them, but because of low damage, if feels balanced since you can't make things go KABOOM!!!! back to port, but you can snipe targets if you are skilled enough. I also like its engine consumable when you are at 80m depth, you can have a better chance to escape.
  12. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    Unless the DD has hydroacoustics...you aren't pinging like a mad man...and no sub is near you....if you use your deep dive consumable and go to 80m....you are invisible to everything. I've escaped many times using it in my cachalot because the DD had to focus on other things shooting him. I don't think we need noise makers and what not, but that's my opinion. I rather like the cat and mouse style. If the DD and the sub are the only two left, the DD just stomps it. Which is perfectly fine otherwise the game would take forever...
  13. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    Yea...if a DD gets above you...you're pretty much toast...only chance you have is being 80m deep, but even still...you're just prolonging death.
  14. Mr_Secondaries

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 - Feedback

    Loving the surprise graphics changes on subs! +1 Fun to see all the new mounts in port, and the flag disappear in game (since they took them down when submerging)
  15. Mr_Secondaries

    Unannounced sub graphics changes

    This. They found that sea water really wrecked the guns reliability. Hence why they detached them and brought them down below when not cruising on the surface.