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  1. I really enjoy the italian BB line. They aren't for everyone, and I get that. They play very similar to the New Mexico in that its all about shotgunning a enemy until it sinks. The only downside is that there really is no way to protect yourself against DDs other than praying you land all your shells into a DD (which given the current accuracy, just doesnt happen.) I get that balance needs to be maintained in the line so I don't want to see knee jerk reaction changes... That said, I really would like to see the Italian 90mm secondaries get a 1mm penetration buff from 15mm to 16mm. With IFHE this would allow them to hit 19mm of pen. I'd also like the secondaries to have the accuracy of the Georgia/Ohio as originally planned by WG during testing. At the very minimum, it would allow the player a chance to fight DDs a little better without directly blasting them to bits with SAP, but also give them a fighting chance from a charging DD. Those are the only two changes I think that the italian BBs really need at the moment. I mean... french 100mm secondaries with IFHE pen 21mm of armor...so I dont see this 1mm change as a big stretch for the 90mm guns.
  2. True, the mental gymnastics I saw yesterday regarding how, "Battleships need a buff against Destroyers...to...but the torpedo protection buff skill on bbs is bad for the game cause it buffs bbs." was more entertaining than watching a Olympic gymnastics routine.
  3. Yup, currently it's captain skill rework hate, next it'll be italian bbs added hate, then sub hate. It's what the community does. "Anything new, must be bad by default." I'm looking forward to subs being added to shake the game up. But I'm also equally excited to get some popcorn and watch the forums explode with Salty posts of people threatening to stop playing, about WG [edited]things up, and the normal other nonsensical mental gymnastics people due to hate New expansions to this game.
  4. Mr_Secondaries

    Henri IV builds in 2020 meta?

    Unfortunately, no matter the build, there are currently other nations that do everything Henry could, but better, and more fun. The only big seller for it still is the main reload booster coupled with the unique upgrade allowing you 10s reload time, and with MRB active, you can pump out 3x vollies with it instead of 2x. Crazy good in the right situation, but the UU forces you to play farther back, like a Yoshino; and Yoshino just does this role much better. Currently, even I am setting it aside :( a sad day indeed... Luckily, the Colbert, all the french BBs, and the french DDs are still relevant, and more fun to play.
  5. Mr_Secondaries

    Is IFHE Henri IV Still Viable?

    Obviously late to the party, but this^^ is why you'd take IFHE... Only 50% of Penetration Damage from HE shells can be repaired, 100% of fire damage from any fires you set can be repaired. Taking IFHE on Henri kills the fire chance from max of 30% to a max of 15% with flags... (big oof) but, you perform direct damage with HE to a lot of the current "meta" cruisers ( Stalingrad, Petropovlosk, Moskva...) and battleships, (Fore and aft end of Yamato/Shikashima, GroBer Kurfurst) when AP isn't "efficient" (target is angling hard) and/or the target is at long range where you can't accurately hit the bow and stern reliably. I'd only recommend this if you really hate russian cruisers, or if you plan to use Henri competitively (where these cruisers are very popular because of their thick armor schemes) Most folks state to just aim for the super structure, which is perfectly fine, but you need to remember about damage saturation, which starts to draw down your alpha damage per salvo, which is when you begin to rely solely on setting fires to do any significant damage. Plus, at long ranges especially when aiming for the super structure is best due to accuracy problems, you will have less areas on the target to get your full fire chance anyways (so non penning you're doing 15% anyways since fire chance is cut by 50%...and no alpha damage). By taking IFHE, you get more areas to pen, which does helps alpha damage. It really just depends on how you like to play... Of course, as of today when posting this, the Vermont, and Kremlin, are a whole other beast, (and the center of Yamato) since these have 51mm, 60mm, and 57mm main decks. So superstructure, or well placed bow/aft shots are best against these suckers, but chances are you'll be tackling them from long range in a Henri so...again, superstructure. Yea, you can HE pen the broadsides of Vermont and Yamato, but in a Henry, you want to be slinging AP with reload booster active when this situation presents itself. In the case of Kremlin....its nose and butt are luckily pretty large targets...so go for those areas. Keep in mind though there are other "better" options if you must have both high HE Pen and Fire chance... Henri, with IFHE, has 50mm of pen, and a fire chance max of 15%...but reloads at 11.4s with reload mod...you can further reduce it to 10s with the unique upgrade but then you have to play at long range (difficult to do, but manageable). We won't count the reload booster cutting that by 50% for 15s since you want to save that ability for slinging AP into broadsides when those opportunities present themselves. So let's look at "comparable" ships... There's Goliath (with baked in IFHE allowing you to pen 51mm of armor, has good alpha damage and 28% fire chance max with flags and DE), but you will be firing at 16.2-18.5s (depending on reload mod or range mod) and be a lot closer to these russian monsters since Goliath is shorter ranged (which is where the russians excel). Hindenburg is a option with baked in 51mm HE, or 63mm pen with IFHE...decent fire chance of 20% -10% fire chance, but its HE alpha damage is horrendously poor...its best advantages are its rate of 8.6-9.6s reload rate, has good range, and the fact it can pen any battleship. You could also go with Yoshino which has a 52mm baked in penetration for its HE, has high alpha damage, plus its fire chance is 32% max with flags and DE, but the reload is 14.3-16.3s (depending on reload mod or range mod) which would give you a solid happy medium....but keep in mind Yoshino does NOT like to be hit so you need to operate a longer ranges if you want to be safe, plus you need good long range aim to be effective with it. Puerto Rico is also another option, you get a 51mm penetration with a 31% fire chance rate max with flags and DE, but the reload is 19.3-22s, however the Puerto Rico is incredibly hard to citadel and can tank much better than all of the above previously mentioned ships, but doesn't have much more range than Goliath, but its AP damage is much better than Goliath. Lastly, Stalingrad could work...it has a 51mm baked in HE pen, 37% max fire chance, but reloads 17.6-20s. However its HE alpha damage isn't as good as Yoshino's, it has less guns than Puerto Rico, and it can have a difficult time getting that back turret on target leaving you with 6 guns a lot of the time. Besides its AP is so dang good due to its Short fuse mechanics (allowing it to pen super structures instead of overpen them) and high damage, that you're much better off slinging AP into super structures, even at bow on targets, than switching to its HE. So back to OP's original question, "Is IFHE Henri IV still viable?" Yes...if you prefer Henri IV's speed, range, fire rate, and want to do more alpha damage than fire damage to heavily armored targets while waiting for those opportunities to take full advantage of its marvelous reload booster consumable coupled with Henri's amazing AP shells. No...if you prefer fire mechanics over alpha damage, would rather sink those 4 points into something else (like radio location), or you MUST have both Pen and high fire chance. Personally, I prefer the higher fire chance.
  6. Mr_Secondaries

    RN CV 10 Point Captain

    Been playing lots of British CVS, you can check my stats for what its worth. Thecaptain skills for a British CV are: 1. Air Supremacy -restore faster 2. Improved engines- brits are slow, which is the biggest issue. 3. Adrenaline Rush - helps your planes GFTO after drops. 4. Survivability expert- increase plane hp more 5. Air Armour- reduces continuous AA dmg 6. Demolition expert -brits are all about fire DOTS. 7. Concealment- but you could run other things. The name of the game with the Brits is starting fires, and keeping multiple targets burning, much like their BBs. You really want to focus on your level bombers going after dds, a m d light cruisers at T4 and T6. At T8 and T10. Add BBs to that list. Torpedoes, while the bread and butter of other nations, are more of a killing blow tool for the brits by allowing you to perform two, reliable strikes on a near death target.
  7. Mr_Secondaries

    More French ships I would love to see added in the future

    Ah yes, the artisan armored cruisers or light "dreadnoughts". Also interesting history i learn about them. Each was suppose to be a copy, like any other normal navy design board did. However, I learned that apparently, french politicians were very corrupt at the time (what else is new) and also had a lot of say in ship design. These together meant each ship design ordered was given to a different build company as a kick back for backing a politician... So if the French navy ordered 4x cruisers, you had 4x separate companies construct them. Each company then "interpreted" the design in its own way, and the politicians also made their own "improvements". In one case, the secondary gun batteries out performed the main gun batteries, in another, crew quarters were luxurious by navy standards, in another, armor was thicker, which slowed the ship. In the end. The navy would get 4x cruisers, but each was very unique. Hence the term "French Artisan cruisers". This carried on until the navy finally got more power, and could use their own builders, which was post Bretagne.
  8. Mr_Secondaries

    More French ships I would love to see added in the future

    This is awesome footage! :) While most Americans, and English love mocking the French, its amazing how much resistance they gave the Germans, and even more so how those that flew the Free France flag fought tooth and nail to free their country. This feat is even more amazing despite their own allies, England, bombing their navy, and they still decided to fight for the allies. Course, not all did, many Vichy France flag flying ships did emerge, especially the submarine division, which did battle in the name of the Axis. Very interesting naval history.
  9. French Ships I’d like to see added into WOWS in the future, and why… Duquesne (1943) Why should it be added? The Duquesne class was an enlarged version of the successfully designed Duguay-Trouin light cruiser. With the development of a superior 203mm gun, this class was designed to maintain the speed of 34 knots set by the Duguay-Trouin class, but carried 8x 203mm guns mounted in 4x twin turret mounts. Similar to the Duguay-Trouin class, it also carried 2x sets of triple turret torpedoe mounts, with one mount located on each side of the ship. Summed up, this is a enlarged version of the Duguay-Trouin light cruiser with 203mm guns that could offer an alternative style of play at Tier 5. Dupleix (1937) Why should it be added? Derived from the Duquesne class cruisers, these were meant to be fast support cruisers that traveled at 32 knots, and armed with 8x 203mm guns set in 4x twin turret mounts. They also came with a set of 2x triple turret torpedo launchers, one mount on each side of the ship. Summed up, the Dupleix is a faster, smaller, and slightly less armored version of the Algerie class ship that could be an alternative style of play at Tier 6. Lorraine (1943) Why should it be added? The Lorraine is a Bretagne class dreadnought that was heavily modernized in 1943 compared to its two sister ships. The modernized Lorraine included removing the aircraft facilities and installing a large number of anti-aircraft guns, including eight 75 mm guns, fourteen 40 mm guns, and twenty-five 20 mm guns. Modern radar equipment similarly found on US and British Ships was also installed on the ship. Summed up, the Lorraine underwent the same transformation that the USS Texas did, but a little further in some areas. Coupled with its unique radar equipment, and being modernized with numerous amounts of heavy AA guns, this ship could be especially interesting as a Tier 6 alternative since both the Dunkerque and the Normandie are not specifically known for their radar or AA capabilities. Commandant Teste (1929) Why should it be added? One of the biggest seaplane tenders ever built. It was also the largest seaplane tender in Europe during WW2. She had carrying capacity of 26 aircraft and was equipped with 4 catapults. Her aircraft mainly consisted of the large Loire 130 flying boat Torpedo Bombers. Fighters were never provided to the ship, although the Loire 210 floatplane was designed specifically for the role. Summed up, the Commandant Teste could start as the Tier 4 carrier for the French Carrier Tech tree. Béarn (1920) Why should it be added? The Bearn was the first converted aircraft carrier for the French navy which was completed using the hull of a Normandie Class Battleship. After successful tests of the Commandant Teste, the French Navy was interested in a more “standard” carrier design to further develop naval aviation. She carried a complement of 32 aircraft. While never truly tested in battle, she did take part in the hunt for the famous Admiral Graf Spee armored cruiser. Summed up, she could go at Tier 6 for the French Carrier Tech Tree. Joffre (1940) Why should it be added? Joffre was the first carrier designed from the keep up for the French Navy. Unlike the Bearn, this newer fleet carrier offered greater capabilities than its predecessor, by rectifying the deficiencies of the Bearn. However, Joffre was still of limited capacity with its aircraft facilities only amounting to carrier a complementary of 40 aircraft. Summed up, The Joffre would make a logical choice to go at Tier 8 for the French Aircraft Tech tree. Arromanches (1951) Why should it be added? Arromanches (R95) was an aircraft carrier of the French Navy, which served from 1946 to 1974. She was previously HMS Colossus (15) of the Royal Navy. She was the name-ship of the Colossus class of light carriers. She was commissioned in 1944, but did not see any action in World War II. She served with the British Pacific Fleet in 1945–46, as an aircraft transport and repatriation ship. In 1946, she was loaned to the French Navy, and renamed Arromanches; she was bought by the French in 1951. In 1957–58 Arromanches was modified for anti-submarine warfare, including operation of Breguet Alizé ASW aircraft. Summed up, the Arromanches could easily go into the Tier 10 slot for the French Carrier Tech tree since it was constructed and operated in a similar era to the USS Midway for the American Carrier Tech tree. Redoutable-class (1930) Why should it be added? One of the first generations of submarines for the French Navy. The Redoutable-class submarines were a group of 31 submarines built between 1924 and 1937 for the French Navy. Most of the class saw service during the Second World War. The class is also known in French as the Classe 1 500 tonnes, and they were designated as "First Class submarines", or "large submarine cruisers". Summed up, this could be the Tier 6 French Submarine Tech Tree starting submarine. Circé class (1927) Why should it be added? The Circé-class submarines were a sub-class of the 600 Series of submarines built for the French Navy prior to World War II. One of the interesting aspects of the 600 series was that it contained two, midship torpedoes that were fitted in external, trainable mounts. These external torpedoes were typically reloaded when back in port. Summed up, this could be the Tier 8 French Submarine Tech Tree submarine. Saphir-class (1928) Why should it be added? The Saphir-class submarines were a class of six submarines built in France between 1926 and 1935 for the French Navy. Most saw action during World War II for the Vichy French Navy or the Free French Naval Forces. The Saphir-class submarines were constructed to be able to launch torpedoes and lay mines without surfacing. Summed up, this could be the Tier 10 French Submarine Tech Tree submarine. Surcouf-class (1935) Why should it be added? Surcouf was the largest French cruiser submarine. She served in both the French Navy and the Free French Naval Forces during the Second World War. She was the largest submarine built until surpassed by the first Japanese I-400-class submarine in 1943. Surcouf was designed as an "underwater heavy cruiser", intended to seek and engage in surface combat. For reconnaissance purposes, the boat carried a Besson MB.411 observation floatplane in a hangar built abaft of the conning tower. However, the floatplane was also mainly used for gun calibration purposes. Summed up, this could be a premium ship at Tier 10 in the form of coal, steel, research points, or cash.
  10. Mr_Secondaries

    So after all that, does anyone use the Puerto Rico?

    I see it used a fair amount, including myself. Its a strength is that its hard to citadel when up close, so its a excellent "brawler" for a cruiser and great mid range gun platform. However, since the game is moving farther and farther towards long range, HE engagements, its not as "good" as other ships that can reach farther, and shoot much, much faster.
  11. Mr_Secondaries

    USS Pittsburg Premium ship?

    I think we need to have the USS Pittsburgh, aka "The longest ship in the world" as a premium ship...in its lost bow state like the images above. Pros: British cruiser super heal, and has adrenaline rush skill built into it. This stacks with the adrenaline rush skill in the captain skill tree. Cons: Its a Baltimore with less hp, slower speeds, worse turning radius, and starts flooding every two minutes.
  12. Mr_Secondaries

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    This. Buffalo was actually just that. The designers were toying with the idea of increased firepower and slightly increasing the armor. Ultimately they decided the baltimore platform put through a copier at 115% scale, aka Alaska, was a better option economically and functionally than putting the buffalo through the same printer, aka, Puerto Rico. Buffalo, like puerto rico, is a good ship. Its an acquired taste though.
  13. Mr_Secondaries

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

  14. Mr_Secondaries

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Short summary... North carolina is fastest, and has farthest range with the best guns. Alabama gives up a little range and accuracy for a pretty nice AA compliment, shorter turn radius, and nice torpedo belt. Massachussettes gives up even less main gun accuracy for the same AA, turning radius, qns torpedo protection qualities of Alabama, but its secondaries reach really far. So... Get NC if you want amazing guns. Alabama if you want better survivability but something still close to NC performance. Mass if you want to have fun.
  15. Mr_Secondaries

    Why is the Wyoming so bad?

    The Wyoming is a good BB that gives you a very blunt lesson about american battleships. You want to sail close, then open up. If you're firing at anything farther than 12km, good luck hitting it! However, tue guns all seem to home in around 10km-12km making them very scary. If you want long range, go Japan.