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  1. Mr_Secondaries

    Zao hasn't aged well.. so let's tweak it!

    Hopefully she does. Great ship! Just needs a little something. Like hindenburg getting a slight reload boost, or the d m getting radar, or Worcester finally getting spotter planes. No need to overhaul. But I thought reducing her bloom from 20s to 10s would put her back into her stealth niche without breaking things too much. I mean originally it could fire without being detected at all. I don't want v that to come back. But meet I ng half way would be a good solution I think.
  2. Hey all, zao's been power crept a lot by newer. Shinier cruisers over the years. She's still good, but she's no long we r the fastest, or hardest hitting, Etc. Zao was suppose to be the "stealth" fighter way back when. Why not change her stats like so. Zao- gun bloom detection changed from 20s to 10s. In short she could fire and go undetected faster than other ships of her tier.
  3. Mr_Secondaries

    Catapult Fighters change

    Maybe that should change.
  4. Mr_Secondaries

    Catapult Fighters change

    Hello all, Back with another suggestion regarding Catapult fighters on all ships and carriers. (this has nothing to do with Patrol fighters that can be called in by a CV, but it does effect its personal catapult fighters). 1. When Active, Catapult fighters will launch and start patrolling around their home ship as per normal and can spot enemy aircraft, surface ships, and surface submarines. (Basically no changes here) 2. After X amount of setup time, if a Catapult fighter detects a attacking squadron it will automatically seek out and attack said squadron, killing 1 aircraft per Catapult fighter. (again, nothing different here) 3. Catapult fighters NOW have the ability to shoot planes even when a squadron is in a attack run; The change is that Catapult fighters now ignore the "invulnerability" period when planes prepare and drop their bombs/torpedoes. 4. If a aircraft or squadron that is visible to the ship, you can manually target that aircraft or squadron just like you can direct Anti Aircraft fire. (again, nothing different) 5. If a Catapult fighter squadron is airborne, they will now seek and destroy the manually targeted aircraft or squadron up to the distance of the air concealment distance of the home ship. In short, if a ships air detection is 7km, the catapult fighters can chase up to 7km. 6. Catapult fighters that are manually instructed to seek and destroy an enemy aircraft or squadron DO NOT spot surface ships, submarines, or other aircraft. In short, if your normal detection range with catapult fighters is 5km, and they fly 7km away, they do not see anything past 5km. 7. Enemy ships CAN see enemy catapult fighters chasing or seek and destroying as normal. The idea here is to tweak how Catapult fighters operate since they are rather ineffective at the moment in game. By allowing a player to launch catapult fighters, and then instruct them to actively attack a target, it would increase their usefulness. However it would not impact visibility in the game when the planes are in "seek and destroy" mode. Planes that are manually instructed to seek and destroy a target should have a Explanation point, or other icon above them to indicate to a play that they are being manually controlled and cannot detect you. AA firing at planes that are in seek and destroy mode do not give away their positions, similar to how the AA does not give away their position when firing at Dutch close air support bombers.
  5. Mr_Secondaries

    Gouden Leeuw or Hindenberg

    If you can aim well with the airstrikes, in addition to your normal guns, you can get around 16-19 fires per game in Gouden Leeuw. However it all boils down to how good you are with the airstrikes. Hindenburg is much easier to play the Gouden Leeuw though.
  6. Petition to wargaming #12 to allow the Smaland to use its Saab Rb 08 anti-ship missiles. Mechanic idea: Shares side arcs that match up with the existing torpedo launchers they are attached to. When "fired" it travels in a straight line within a tight cone (that cannot be changed) away from the ship at hull height along the water (think of a torpedo, but above water) Travels at 130-150kts. (essentially a slow plane) Emits a loud audible sound while traveling, and you'd see the rocket's flame and smoke trail coming at you. (think of the rocket noise from the "master of the water world skin" that makes all guns sound like rockets) When it connects, it does HE damage of 5000 maximum damage per missile. Reload time is 90s-110s.
  7. Mr_Secondaries

    Team mates Shooting my Sub at Start of Ranked Game

    I know 30-50yr old men in this game that do this because, "subs bad". As someone else pointed out, age does not equal emotional maturity.
  8. Mr_Secondaries

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    So how does one exchange the friesland for the other dutch varient? I don't see a method for doing so.
  9. Mr_Secondaries

    Submarines don't work in WOWs

    This is my experience as well after playing them at T6, T8, and T10. Like any class, if a GREAT player gets behind the wheel, they can bring nearly any ship into the top 3 score slots of the team. They're a very different experience and it took me a few games to understand all the mechanics AND what the ship can and cannot do, along with what the ping can and cannot do, and what even the torpedoes can and cannot do. You have to remain hidden in concealment if you want to be effective, and go after ships caught up with other allies that aren't paying attention to all the alerts on them. When fighting enemy subs, you can't just fire torpedoes willy nilly underwater either. You have to position your ship around equal depth, and then try to get as much distance between you and the enemy sub, so your torpedoes have a chance to home in left/right/ascend/descend. I've found you need to be atleast 3km or greater at equal depth to almost gaurentee a hit. Subs take a lot more to understand how to play that I expected cause the war is now 3D (depth added) rather than on a 2d plane like surface ships. It can be boring if you poorly position yourself, or it can be exciting if the battle ends up right onto of you. They do need more balancing, yes. However if you want to be good, you essentially have to learn a whole new set of mechanics, almost like learning how to play carrier. It's a different game at this point. Some folks just don't like that. Others, like me, do.
  10. Mr_Secondaries

    Fighter Squadron vs DD balance discussion

    Oh, well good to know!
  11. Hey WG, and Community, First off, this is a CV balancing discussion, so I don’t want any flame wars to start since it’s a touchy subject. I want to have a open, positive, discussion about the current state of Fighter Squadrons in the game since the recent change. Originally, back in the start of WOWS, fighters could only spot enemy vessels, and attack enemy aircraft. You only had torpedo bombers and Dive bombers to actually strike Destroyers. (this required a high skill set though since you had to be VERY good at manual dropping dive bombers on such a tiny target, or you had to be good at setting up "cross drop" torpedo runs) It then changed during the rework to a new type of fighter squadron that carried Rockets to attack surface ships. The current setup now is that fighters start an attack run, then start a firing run where upon they open up with machine gun fire, and launch rockets after a delayed time period. At first I was against this change, but after looking at it from a balancing perspective, I do agree with it. It softens the harsh interaction between DDs and Carrier attacks. Plus, from a historical perspective, fighters never really “attacked” surface ships while patrolling, they just spotted them. In the extreme case, they would use their tracer fire to either help a ship locate a submarine’s general vicinity, or they would spray the super structure and deck to injure crew/damage modules/or simply spot a specific target. I’m not saying we should “remove all rockets”, but we could possibly balance this further to make for a more interesting dynamic between fighters and Destroyers. My thought is broken into two potential balancing propositions: HVAR rocket damage initial damage is reduced, but fire chance is increased; this would require MORE passes by fighter aircraft to "significantly damage" a destroyer, but also give a higher chance to set a fire to "spot" it. HVAR rockets are removed; machine gun fire instead does ticking damage so long as the ship stays within the duration of the “spray zone”, machine guns would have a chance to damage modules. After being “sprayed” by Fighter machineguns, the DD’s concealment radius is increased by X km for X amount of seconds, this time would be shorter than if set on fire. While option one would be a more simplistic way to further balance in game assets. I think option two would not only balance things further and bring them back into the more “historical” realm, but also put fighters into a more “scouting” or “spotting” role. Just a curious thought…
  12. I really enjoy the italian BB line. They aren't for everyone, and I get that. They play very similar to the New Mexico in that its all about shotgunning a enemy until it sinks. The only downside is that there really is no way to protect yourself against DDs other than praying you land all your shells into a DD (which given the current accuracy, just doesnt happen.) I get that balance needs to be maintained in the line so I don't want to see knee jerk reaction changes... That said, I really would like to see the Italian 90mm secondaries get a 1mm penetration buff from 15mm to 16mm. With IFHE this would allow them to hit 19mm of pen. I'd also like the secondaries to have the accuracy of the Georgia/Ohio as originally planned by WG during testing. At the very minimum, it would allow the player a chance to fight DDs a little better without directly blasting them to bits with SAP, but also give them a fighting chance from a charging DD. Those are the only two changes I think that the italian BBs really need at the moment. I mean... french 100mm secondaries with IFHE pen 21mm of armor...so I dont see this 1mm change as a big stretch for the 90mm guns.
  13. True, the mental gymnastics I saw yesterday regarding how, "Battleships need a buff against Destroyers...to...but the torpedo protection buff skill on bbs is bad for the game cause it buffs bbs." was more entertaining than watching a Olympic gymnastics routine.
  14. Yup, currently it's captain skill rework hate, next it'll be italian bbs added hate, then sub hate. It's what the community does. "Anything new, must be bad by default." I'm looking forward to subs being added to shake the game up. But I'm also equally excited to get some popcorn and watch the forums explode with Salty posts of people threatening to stop playing, about WG [edited]things up, and the normal other nonsensical mental gymnastics people due to hate New expansions to this game.
  15. Mr_Secondaries

    Henri IV builds in 2020 meta?

    Unfortunately, no matter the build, there are currently other nations that do everything Henry could, but better, and more fun. The only big seller for it still is the main reload booster coupled with the unique upgrade allowing you 10s reload time, and with MRB active, you can pump out 3x vollies with it instead of 2x. Crazy good in the right situation, but the UU forces you to play farther back, like a Yoshino; and Yoshino just does this role much better. Currently, even I am setting it aside :( a sad day indeed... Luckily, the Colbert, all the french BBs, and the french DDs are still relevant, and more fun to play.