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  1. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    That's ok, I understand the WG elves are more than taxed these days. I would be more than thrilled to get either option 4, or option 2 for xmas.
  2. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    Dear Santa Fem ( @Femennenly , @FemennenIy ), I have been a very good Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds this year. I hope that you are good. For Christmas this year, I wish for the following things: 1. I would like life boats/rafts to appear around my ship when it explodes, cause I get tired of swimming. I would like this feature to be able to be turned on or off in graphics settings. 2. I would like aircraft landing gear to slowly retract into my plane instead of snapping instantaneously into place, because I think this is too rough on my wheels and it would look cool. I would like this feature to be able to be turned on or off in graphics settings. 3. I would like the random chance that a small flock of birds circle my ship, cause I hear them in my audio, and I wish that I could see them. I would like this feature to be able to be turned on or off in graphics settings. 4. I would like to see 2-3 sailors walking around my ship while I am in port cleaning my ship, cause a tidy ship is a good ship and it would be neat to see the scale size between a human and my ship. 5. I would like to see small fire extinguisher/water hose sprays emitting from portholes and windows spraying my ship deck when I activate my damage control system, nothing intense or immense, just a few here and there to let me know my crew is doing their best. Thank you Santa Fem, and I hope to see my wish list come true! -Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds
  3. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    A serious proposal to take on some of the issues with CVS

    The problem is that T4 carriers have zero counter CV play. A major issue I brought up in.a very lengthy 2 page feedback during my time testing CVs. As I predicted, T4 is a big issue since surface ships get dumped on by carriers and their AA is so weak it isn't enough to fight back efficiently. This means fighter patrols are needed, but WG feared it would hinder folks from playing the class. I'm telling you, and them, again with this feedback. If you want to reduce the amount of frustration at T4, add fighter patrol consumables to T4 carrier squadrons.
  4. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Destroyer purpose

    My dad charges out everytime like an absolute Chad and spots everything, then flexes on all the other dads with his mad dad jokes and grilling skills.
  5. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Manual Control for Secondaries w/Graf Zeppelin

    Old thread but I'll shed some light from my experience on this topic incase anyone else happens across it. Manual Secondaries is worth the 4 points. The guns on Graf Zeppelin are very accurate when AI controlled, but when you add in manual secondaries, they become as accurate as a above average human player. In short, its rare anything misses its target. This allows you to absolutely shred anything that comes close to you. If you take IFHE on top of that, its even more terrifying to run into a Graf Zeppelin since all of your guns now pen 32mm+, meaning you can shred a Yamato (which i've done.) I've found there are really two ways to play the Graf Zeppelin; 1) You play it like a standard Carrier: As shown in the above image. It boosts your planes to be as best as they can possibly be to the German zoom and boom style of play. OR 2) You play it like a Attack Carrier: Going with this setup, you are boosting up the Graf Zeppelin's combat capacity immensely, allowing you to not only fight the enemy with good aircraft, but also to use the carrier as a gun platform to help your teammates nearby. I have also found that taking the fighter skill to add +1 is actually handy if you go this way. The reason being is that the enemy carrier WILL focus you...so improving any anti-air capabilities to severally punish them is worth while. When using manual secondaries skill, you have to be controlling the carrier directly to issue targets. You cannot issue targets while piloting aircraft. This takes some getting use to since most carrier players just focus on flying. However the zeppelin can do some nasty close combat when need be, and its 33mm pen with the IFHE skill really does some work on enemies. You could role with CE instead of Manual Secondaries, but i've found that you don't hit as often; which is crucial if you are going to go this route. You also need IFHE since otherwise only half of your guns will pen that magical 32mm armor, and if you look at the zeppelin, that means only 4 guns if you are nearly bow on, but if you can go broadside-ish, you get 8. However your faster firing 105mm guns only pen 25mm, which isn't a lot of opportunities at this tier...especially since you go up against T10 ships. With IFHE, they too can pen 32mm, which opens up a lot. So This is the build I run, and I love it. To make the most of it, you really only want to try and take on one target at a time with the zeppelin, specifically targets that are 1/2 hp or less; DDs are another thing..you can engage them freely, but get ready to dodge a lot of torpedoes. You're gonna do a lot of bow tanking unless you know you can safely broadside (which is the best thing to do to get all your guns running). You will also need to hug a lot of islands as you move about to minimize the number of angles enemies can shoot you from. This knowledge just comes from experience. Just be ready for a lot of uninformed teammates to be screaming at you when you are charging a enemy cruiser in your carrier even though you'll win hands down...
  6. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    WAKE looking for new members!

    WAKE is actively looking for new players. We are a smaller clan clan that is breaking into to competitive environment. Our clan has achieved Typhoon status in our second season, and we're striving to get into Hurricane. As competitive as we are, we're also a pretty laid back group of members who have been together for several seasons that love WOWS. While we don't mandate that folks be on for every clan battle session, we strive to have enough available and ready to play for those that want to participate. If this sounds like a clan you want to be apart of, please contact myself, (Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds) or (Astraeaxlkaros) in-game. REQUIREMENTS: -2x Tier 10 ships of your choice, must have at least 50 games in them. -49% win rate or higher. -Discord (we will give you a invite if you join WAKE) -Must be able to play two out of the four Clan battle days each week; at least. -Willing to learn how to improve your overall game and have fun.
  7. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Bust out that red/white paint!

    He got the joke. The Italian army was notoriously terrible at identifying their own ships and had bombed them on multiple occasions, successfully crippling in a few cases. Hence why they started doing the barber pole strips on the bow and stern of the ship. Good thing that whenever you change camo, they still stay there, otherwise Carriers may have trouble IDing them as friendly
  8. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Bust out that red/white paint!

    So with the Italian Cruisers coming out....does that mean Carriers get extra points for friendly firing Italians on their own team?
  9. She had a "toe" on the coast. So she wasn't technically land locked, but she didn't have many ports either so... guess that's why folks think that.
  10. Honestly, this is why I buy ships like Krasny Krym, Yahagi, huagnh-he, yubari, yudachi, and other "mediocre" ships. Theyre more difficult to play, and its hilarious getting high scoring games, but most importantly... they aren't pushing the power creep envelope. Problem is the community bashes power creep... but then when a "balanced" or "average ship" rolls out. Everyone [edited] on it, and closes their wallets complaining about why purchase a mediocre ship. Yet when a belfast or smolensk rolls out, everyone buys it, then screams at the top of their lungs how WG must banish any sense of power creep. Anyways, Im considering VU currently, just haven't seen much on it.
  11. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Kremlin or Yamato?

    I have both and love both the Yamato and the Kremlin. Here's my thoughts. 1) Both have similar styles of play, they are both tankers, so either way you won't be doing a lot of moving around when confronted with the enemy. 2) Yamato is the only battleship in the game that can over match 50m of bow plate armor at an angle. So any cruiser you face...overmatch. Only battleships that will give you issues are a angled Kremlin and a Angle GroBer Kurfurst. 3) Yamato has an advantage of having excellent secondaries that can reach 10km...it allows you a bit more covering fire from Destroyers and other cruisers should you choose to go that route. 4) Kremlin on the other hand has AMAZING anti-aircraft firing power, but its secondaries are kinda sad...they do good damage...they just have super short range. 5) I would say that Yamato is a bit easier to play overall and is really competitive if you decide to go down the clan battles road. 6) Kremlin is harder to play, its guns can't overmatch other battleships, and some cruisers give it trouble. 7) While Yamato's guns really shine in any case and at any range (i've one shot full hp midways at max range + spotter plane..., Kremlin's only really shines when you get broadsides, and are CLOSE due to its dispersion gimick.) 8) You really can't go wrong either, they're both good...but Yamato is more of a heavy support sniper which amplifies the power of the flank you are one. Kremlin is more of a pusher, a carefully timed push with the Kremlin can snowball out of control.
  12. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    Thank you for the feedback then, i'm sure WG will appreciate it.
  13. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    So In short, "I do not want subs to be in the game". Noted. That's all you had to say, but thanks for attacking those that are giving feedback that's requested.
  14. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    @Femennenly Clearly you don't care about testing. why are you here? To attack a unbiased tester and commenters who were asked by WG to give feedback on this new feature?
  15. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds


    Taking that line out of context is astounding. But you do you mate.