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  1. CJSII

    3+ Day Suspension / ID 122534757: World of Warships

    May have something to do with the torping of my Mushashi, which you dropped from behind me , while I was brawling the Tirp a few days back. Seeing as you were already Pink in a Kidd if I remember correctly, you likely exceeded the team damage numbers so WG put you on their naughty list. (Edit) I don't see a Kidd on your profile, but you were definitely in a DD, I tend to remember names of mis-torping DD's to try and stay upstream if they drop into further battles. You'll have to play this one through, and hopefully learn. I've been pink a few times, best you can do is appologise for your misstep when it happens and put your time in co-op to rejoin the real world.
  2. Event_Turkey 98 and Marauder 89 reporting for duty. Posted the need up on our clan Discord it may get you a few more Suckers...I mean volunteers.... It was a blast the last event, and I found a few easy ways to deal with the occasional Salty player. Letting them know we play as players, will go full out, team play, and are to try avoiding killing event players in red if possible. I'd then yolo if the win was secured to try give someone a chance at the payout. It doesn't hurt to print a copy of the schedule to keep handy. It defuses " the target is always on my team" complaints. A lot are unaware there is a schedule and that playing certain tiers at certain times increases the likelihood of bagging a victim! And I usually PM the lucky shooter post game & remind them to screenshot the match page showing their kill as insurance should they not receive their Bounty. See you all on the water, should be fun!
  3. CJSII


    I think they should get all the DD skippers who whine about CV's, and the CV captains who whine about AA together & let them sort it out. It's become so bad, it's a relief to have the 1 game out of 10 when neither are whining about the other...it really sucks the fun out of playing IMHO....
  4. CJSII

    Shimakaze Torpedo Issues

    I have had this also, will try to save a replay next time. And no it's not after a torp bank has become a victim of module damage, it usually is accompanied by high latency in the game. Have has it the other way as well, though only twice where my Kita got an instant refresh of it's TRB within seconds of having used it. Again usually accompanied by bouncing ping rates. My favourite is watching torps keep going for miles and sailing off the edge of the map, and in one case going under the big island at the S end of the split of 2 Brothers and hitting a GK. The torp did not damage but it sure freaked the BB out for a second, he only had about 3K health left & thought he was done for lol. Graphics glitches can be highly amusing sometimes.....
  5. I was going to reply you had map unaware CV's on the reds team, it does happen, then curiosity got the better of me & I took a look 3 kills is your max in Shima.......... We are all sick of CV's and even more the constant whining abt CV's but lets stick to facts...... Probably the worst thing now is 1: the frequency they are played compared to 7.9, something WG wanted...... and 2: now they have the multiple attack runs, often keeping ships spotted for 2-3 minutes while they do so, something mostly skilled players did as part of team play prior to 7.9. Also making managing consumables a lot more demanding on other class ship captains. Average players just wanted the squad to return to reload for another run.......
  6. I'd pay the savings in Hydro usage in 3 months here lol. They tend to run redundant PSU's Though I have looked at them or similar for a file server for the shop. All of our repair data is digital nowadays. The Z workstations fit on a desk a little better too :D
  7. CJSII

    Getting sick of the disconnects

    Running pingplotter from both logins shows a hop in Sunnyvale on Comcast dropping packets and cascading back down the line for me in Ontario Canada. Just ran it for a short period but WG is not dropping ATM.Mind this just shows packets dropped.....
  8. I run an HP Z800, I have 2 actually. Dual hex Xeons 48 or 96 GB of Ram, one has a 1050GTX, one a 1060GTX. I can play at max settings on either 61FPS on the 1050,96 on the 1060. Also note I picked them up from a friend that deals with lease returns. $600 and $750 Can respectively. I had to buy the GPU's they came with Quadro cards when purchased. Other than FPS issues that stuck around from 8.0.0 for a couple of patches they run WOW's flawlessly and have about 14 gb of browser open in the background, 3 windows of 80+ tabs lol. Plus if you vid edit or stream they will do it with their eyes closed. It's a Cheap enterprise workstation if you can find a source nearby.Plus it's watercooled of you are lucky, from the factory. Downside being they only support 3GBs Sata and you want to use one of Single fan cards or find a splitter for the double 6 pin connectors. I'm eyeballing the 820's he has just gotten in, but they are still in the mid teens secondhand ATM. Maybe by this summer. Plus they can run either SSD of the 15K drives, often come with them. Take a look, they are a cheap alternative if you can find one.
  9. Well the 3rd largest navy in WW2 belonged to Canada yet there's the Haida....... why isn't this being complained about? Oh yeah we'd get a Light class Cruiser as well as the DD.....That and..... Canadians are too polite :D
  10. CJSII

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I've sent in about 3 days worth of GPU-Z readings with settings adjustments that were suggested by CS through the ticket process. Final reply was no fix was currently available. But hopefully it'll give them something to work on. TBH it's frustrating to be told to wind down a workstation to toaster settings to see if it plays better. It happens with a little less GPU saturation with my 1060 than my 1050. And med or low settings will help with the committed GPU memory, it definitely got the 1050 out of the over 2GB ram usage and down to around 1750MB for med and 1200MB on low, and dropped the GPU use down to mid 70's to high 80's usage. Lower graphics settings help with the FPS drop but you still get the warping/ rubberband effects in game, just your FPS stays above 40..... And ships can be slightly further away or nearer than the image on screen shows. You'll fire short or long unless you guesstimate the image lead by eye and follow the rangefinder and the ships distance display to shoot rangewise. I found I was sometimes shooting above the bowpoint for example, just to hit a ship sailing parallel to me & broadside. You aim for the waterline and you'd fire short entirely. Either PC would play at very high prior to 8.0.0. I'd get lag & rubberbanding sometimes, but to be fair, usually when the servers had over 9K online, and we do have an LTE connection...... On the upside it was nice to see WOW's running on more than 2 cores. If they can streamline the 64 bit code multi core users should see some better performance.
  11. CJSII


    Game plays poorly I agree, but my biggest complaint is them sneaking in the gold charges with auto re-supply enabled, without giving an option to resupply what you have available & simply not launching without the 1 or 2 flags you have just run out of. It's a sneaky approach to resupply and it should have been announced to any and all players who have it enabled since it affects them directly. By the time I figured out where 300+ gold had gone, I'll now have to go through my dock and re-configure every ship I regularly play. This borders on theft IMHO. Edit, after playing with it a bit I figured out the game had autochecked the 16 gold feature on it's own with the update. That's a Q&A issue, but still underhanded.I still now have to go through the entire dock & uncheck a box that will snitch gold if I do not. I went the rounds with CS also. I'm running a PC that was over 14K 3 yrs ago. Twin hex core Xeons, 48 or 96 GB of memory, ( Depending on which one I'm using, and a GTX 1050 or 1060 for the same reason). The game plays as a friend of mine would say, " like a bag of [edited]". It's so laggy and rubberbandy with the FPS swings you cannot even guage ship speeds remotely closely. The game is thrashing the GPU badly since 8.0.0 it'll run at over 98% usage just idling in dock after a few matches. Likely why the port gets so laggy as well.
  12. CJSII

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I had the older drivers when this issue started, updated to last week, it made no difference. However GPU-Z shows the card being nearly maxed out even just idling in port after the game has been played for a few matches.I'm going to try comparing it with my other PC, it's got slightly faster CPU's and a GTX1060 with 6GB instead of the 2GB my 1050 has. If it's near max, it's a memory leak or non optimized code for sure. The GPU is certainly thrashing just idling the game in port after a few matches though..... I played a few matches with GPU-Z running and got some interesting results look at the start of this log. That's in the port with the game on idle while I responded to a few emails. I restarted wows and restarted the monitoring and played a match that was fairly quiet. Was in Mogami in a T10 so there wasn't a lot of intense gunfire which is where it usually starts really getting bad. . GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  13. CJSII

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Aida is a great program btw I use it to burn in check new workstations when I upgrade / change one of the units I have here at home. Well running Hex core Xeons and ECC memory.And I still get the issues, and running Win7 so the Win 10 patch won't work :/. Cleve had no main gun sounds yesterday when I played her. But here is what I find happens. I've had 1 slow load in, and no crashes, client hangs badly at match end and can take up to 30 secs to generate the post game report. Port now takes 2-4 clicks to get a battle started, loading flags, camo ect the same. Games start off just fine & run high fifties to 61 FPS which is what I usually see pre patch. The CV rework would cause some drops to the mid 40's when being bombed, producing fires, or hit with rocket planes, but it would always resume. Now it's guaranteed by the time enemy ships are spotted I'm running in the mid 40's FPS By 10 minutes into the match it's often dragging down into the mid 30's, no matter what is going on in game. Add getting focused and being fired upon by 3-5 ships and it'll drop to mid teens.Lowest I've seen is 9 FPS. Running a GTX 1050 on 1 PC and a GTX 1060 on the other. After mid match any gunfire will make you stutter graphically, had a Cleve match 3 days ago, the salvo from a BB 15 KM's away at me lagged the game so badly, I missed a DD 4.5 km's away 3x. I've torp beated through torp paths 8 or 9 times this week, just to find a torp that went by my ship, and passed by, suddenly blows me up 2-5 seconds later, twice they didn't even render until it was too late. Safe mode doesn't change Game behavior. Replays exhibit the same behavior when reviewed. Running Screencastomatic while playing Warships, now drops a 12 core, 48 GB pc to mid 40's. It used to knock my FPS down a few points. 59-61 is normal playing. I'd almost guarantee it's coding for graphics that need streamlining. My CPU & ram & core usages don't change much when the issues arrive. So my best guess it's GPU related. Nor does it when recording & playing.I'm going to look for a GPU only usage test and try some more playing tonight. Edit I just ran GPU-Z keeping it on top while doing a battle. Graphics bus usage was never higher than 2% Video engine load starts off low then hits around 98% same with GPU memory it hits around 98% Funny part is even when battle report posts up and you return to port it still stays over 75%. So I'm thinking it's a memory leak affecting the GPU.
  14. CJSII

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/ log in & file a support ticket, I did.
  15. CJSII

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Been asking off & on while playing, get quite a few with the same issue confirming it in matches. It's frustrating to say the least.