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  1. 07Beast109

    The Hatred for CV's needs to stop.

    That's right DDs are supposed to be the scouts, but how can you in a 2 CV game. The rocket planes are on you not even a minute into the match. War gaming reworked the CV so more people would play them. Well now 2 average noobs can do a decent job harassing any ship. I've been in a 4 ship group with flak all over the sky and still focused on by he 2 CVs and sunk. CVs did need a lil work but I the WG went to far. Not to mention a DD in a tier 10 battle is just stupid these days, facing 2 CVs and radar what do you scout..... nothing but ocean floor......
  2. 07Beast109

    Crossing the T

    Thanks for the responses fellow Captains!!! I thought maybe Jingles, Notster or Flambass might have gotten it to work with team play.
  3. 07Beast109

    Crossing the T

    Can the naval tactic crossing the T work in world of warships? Has any teams tried to perform the tactic?