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  1. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    Man I didn't know that, So thats what I'm doing now I have the Sharnhorst and Atlanta, I play those to make up for the loses on Des Mo. It's mostly the Sharn that I use. I can get 250,000 credits on sharn on the regular. Im just glad to know I just don't totally suck at tier 10
  2. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    But the tier 10s are soooo purrrtyyyyyy... Their like the strippers in the VIP section you cant get to.Lol
  3. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    Thant's encouraging, your right I am a camp radar guy. Lol I have nightmares about Yamato's Montana's and now Gergia's Ohhhhhh and Ohio's are on the way.Lol I will try your style of play it will be a painful learning curve.
  4. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    That's the ticket!!!!!
  5. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    To everyone I was not mad at WoW, I was just getting input to see if I was doing something wrong. I see that I need not bother with tier 10. That's life, know you limits and stay within them. I'm not a wallet warrior so I will just keep spending my little nickels and dimes and play casually. Its a fun game!!!!!
  6. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    Well I love playing video games, I just refuse to be treated like an ATM machine.
  7. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    No I did notice the service cost going up, but I didn't expect to start loosing credits, I does happen to me at tier 9 buts that is when I've really had a terrible game. I didn't expect to get total face slapped.
  8. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    So I recently got my first tier 10 ship the Des Moines. Yeaaaa I thought!!!!!! So I started playing and playing and losing money and losing credits and more credits????? Fist I thought its because I'm not a premium player so I went premium. Same results. I did have decent games of 60,000 damage and loosing credits. So is it just me or is this the norm at tier 10. Whats the secret I'm missing, do I need a 100,000 damage every game to get any credits or do you need a premium ship at tier 10 to make any credits.
  9. 07Beast109

    The Hatred for CV's needs to stop.

    That's right DDs are supposed to be the scouts, but how can you in a 2 CV game. The rocket planes are on you not even a minute into the match. War gaming reworked the CV so more people would play them. Well now 2 average noobs can do a decent job harassing any ship. I've been in a 4 ship group with flak all over the sky and still focused on by he 2 CVs and sunk. CVs did need a lil work but I the WG went to far. Not to mention a DD in a tier 10 battle is just stupid these days, facing 2 CVs and radar what do you scout..... nothing but ocean floor......
  10. 07Beast109

    Crossing the T

    Thanks for the responses fellow Captains!!! I thought maybe Jingles, Notster or Flambass might have gotten it to work with team play.
  11. 07Beast109

    Crossing the T

    Can the naval tactic crossing the T work in world of warships? Has any teams tried to perform the tactic?