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  1. Atago is still a good ship, but like many older ones has been the victim of power-creep (MK anyone?)
  2. Just like before, you can exchange 4 duplicates for one you do not yet have.
  3. We have been not liking it for ages. T5/T6 hurt. Few T5/T6 ships can take the up-tiering (I can name a couple). The rest? Tough. We have been complaining but WG does not want to listen. So we grind.
  4. Congrats! Very good ship, with recently nerfed torpedoes. Khab's answer? Who cares? LOL
  5. and the list goes on... BBs favored? Nah. Shimakaze, Minekaze, Shiratsuyu, (and more) nerfed (ok. Shima and Minekaze's original nerfs to torpedoes were warranted) Of course, BBs get what they want whenever they cry. DDs get nerfed in every patch All in the name of balance. That is why Payfast was created the way it is and never nerfed. Balance. That is why Tirpitz needed better secondaries (all of the KM BBs got better secondaries now too). Balance.
  6. I understand that. Radar is too powerful and unrealistic going through islands. That part has to go. If they want balance, nerfing DDs to death is not the way to go. If you want balance, nerfing Khab's torps doesn't do much (as in who cares? I don't use my Khab's torps much anyway). If you strive for balance, introducing a ship that has smoke, hydro, and radar, all in one (hint: it is known as the Payfast), and all at the same time, not one or the other is not the way to go. But Shira's slow to reload torps had to go. Right. In before rants, I do own most BBs up to GK, Izumo, Iowa, and Missouri (my highest BBs). I also own Payfast and Khab, so I know what they can do.
  7. Microsoft shows you how you can disable CAPS LOCK https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/disable-caps-lock-key/8083d4ee-721d-463f-aeda-630cd7f047c3 I use it to avoid the pernicious habit of pressing CAPS by mistake when you are writing text (it works!). Some people in Forums should have this to avoid looking stoopid.
  8. Not so. Powerful but with a long cooldown. Meantime, a Shiratsuyu that is seen, is a dead DD. DDs receive nerfs on every patch while BBs get stronger. Did Tirpitz need secondaries like Bismarck? Do RN BBs need radar (rumored) DO KM BBs need longer secondaries over the monsters they already are? and so on There is only one DD that has received nerfs and laughs. Now with shorter torps. Still laughs. All the others, have to contend with radar already.
  9. I like Shiratsuyu. It is still playable. It is not gone, just nerfed to please BBabies I also like, and play Isokaze, all the Kaze T5 sisters, Shinonome, Fubuki, Yugumo, and Shimakze.
  10. Programming label left on instead of regular text when retraining commanders with Elite XP. "IDS_FINISHED_RETRAINING_FOR"
  11. Welcome aboard sailor! Enjoy the ships, enjoy the forum. Lots of good materials here and in YouTube. Ask questions if you have them; (just never ask about the "S" word).
  12. A video bug. With huge chunks of ice braking off - of Antarctica, who knows?