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  1. alexf24

    NA Server overloaded at 6:25 am

    Hamster are overworked it seems. Need to put more hamsters on the job.
  2. It was clearly advertised beforehand that you do not get the ship with the missions. What you get is a 90% discount on it. You still have to buy it for the remaining 10%
  3. alexf24

    Ping spikes--stuttering in game

    It is usually you connection or ISP that is overloaded. That is a bandwidth issue, not WGs. I rarely have them but when I do is at my local prime-time when the system gets busy. There is a lot to blame WG for (T10 DD life is miserable, power creep, unfixed bugs that they don't care about), but this is one issue they are not responsible for.
  4. I am a DD main since 2015. Stopped playing T10 DDs long ago. Stopped grinding their UU long ago. It's a waste of time and energy. All for the reasons you stated. Thanks WG! Way to go.
  5. Beat me to it. Katori and Yubari indeed. For the ones that wrote Fuso and Mikasa. Good tries. Mikasa beats Fuso at the other end of the scale.
  6. alexf24

    Patch 9.4.1?

    As far as I can see that talks about 0.9.5 and Odin. No mention of what does. I guess a bug fix that needed a special update and couldn't wait No to bash WG too much as bugs need to be fixed, but their communication skills are seldom decent. As per bugs, I can list a few that have never been fixed (going on years) and not even acknowledged. I keep telling them but got tired of the sound of crickets. I remember some other companies when I reported a bug in a forum, I was asked for details to reproduce. I was a Tester for Microsoft development languages, and for Flight Simulator years ago. I know what their response should be. Contact in the forum, or privately, or even by email and ask for bug details so they can reproduce and decide if/when to fix. WG OTOH, crickets.
  7. That's as WG intended.Else they would have given you tools. Same as with two CVs per side in T4 every time, when it sees T3 with no AA whatsoever. That is by design It is called balanz.
  8. alexf24

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Unfortunately that is my thinking too. Make them a separate mode like now, or part of a new scenario. Randoms? I do not see it working and will drive people off the game.
  9. alexf24

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Regardless of what you, or I, thinks or likes/dislikes Flamu, his points are valid. I am a DD main and it has been downhill for years. Now DDs, which do not get rewarded for most of their most important work (i.e. spotting), get another mechanic against them in the form of an almost untouchable class with better concealment that can keep them spotted for the cruisers to work on them, even from max depth. Wonderful idea WG. As per BBs, what is said about being the BB left withourt a CL or DD to help you is true. Sucks. Play a Bogatyr or Aurora now in Random. Most of the time T4 has not one but two CVs per side. Go ahead try it when they focus you and you can't do a thing about it whatsoever. Then tell me how this is an improvement. I have a hard time with T6/T9 cruisers where you are trying to get a DD and the powerful red CA/BB AP sends you home in a couple of volleys. if not one outright. Now you can be perma-spotted and can't shoot back. Lovely.
  10. I agree with what he says here. I played the sub tes mode. All he says is right there for all to see. Why WG. Why?
  11. alexf24

    Amalfi vs Albemarle.

    They are both decent and I have both. Personally I prefer Albemarle. That said, SAP can be powerful and if you are grinding both lines, Venezia is a much better end of the line than the Brit.
  12. An old one but a good one. One of their best skits evah.
  13. alexf24

    Thought this might be interesting

    Nice pics. I see the mountains shrunk compared to the first none.
  14. alexf24

    Odin. Why?

    I saw the video yesterday. Made it a no go for me. I mean, a KM brawler? Get Tirpitz or Bismarck instead. Guns and torps? I prefer Shiny Horse. Want gun power at the tier? I have North Carolina. I am cool with getting it by playing directives, but having to use dubs on top of that no matter how well you do or how fast you finish the 20 directives? For this ship? Nope.
  15. alexf24

    79 anniversary

    That it was. Also as a note, on May 24 1941 Bob Dylan was born.