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  1. Yamato, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Hood would be my choices.
  2. Very well done.
  3. For me it is 4-7-8-10 There are many ships I like (too many to count) but these stand out from the tree and prems Clemson - Fiji - Z-23 - Montana Yubari - Belfast - Kutuzov
  4. Kiev and Z-23 are very good. The premium one, Lo Yang (a Benson with sonar) is also good. Ognevoi is ok, but I do not particularly like it, as it only has two turrets (2x2). It was not great when it was at a lower tier and IMHO it is still not that good. Akizuki, the other one at T8 is a strange beast, and not for everyone.
  5. That is not the point. I am currently not in a clan, so technically this does not affect me or you. Still, he does make a good point.
  6. Sigue aún sin abrir a las 9:50 ET. Están teniendo problemas. https://na.wargaming.net/support/news/609 Paciencia.
  7. Congrats! I am an old TSLA stockholder (since early on - can't complain) I can't afford it, and don't need one, but it is an awesome car indeed!
  8. Upgrade to 0.6.11 is in progress. It was announced. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-0611/
  9. Does seem so. I always use Paypal and nothing else. Paypal goes to my CC so it keeps the number private.
  10. I am happy wit the loot. Got 30 day Premium time, camo, special module upgrades (radar, sonar, smoke), and Free XP.
  11. To me if the DD drivers are semi-competent more DDs gives an advantage. Even worse, when there is only 1 DD in game (I 've been there), the side with the one DD (if there are no CVs) can play easy and relaxed and rely on the superior DD concealment to keep everyone of import lit till dead. I reiterate i am not advocating a cap on DD numbers. I do not care how many DDs per side in a battle, as long as the number is even. MM often balances by playing also with the tiers of both sides, giving for example one higher tier BB in exchange for two higher tier CAs to the other side. I am fine with that.
  12. MM with a side with one more DD or even 1 v 0 DDs is lopsided and I believe it gives one side an advantage. I do not care what the number of DDs per battle is (from 0 to 12), just that the number of DDs per side is equal.
  13. Interesting point. May be. Back to World of Tirpitz as we used to have?
  14. I got 4 captain spots again yesterday. Now I have 170 captain slots (122 unused). <sigh> WG: asking again: when can we sell them in inventory?