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  1. Fletcher

    Shima? No. Unfortunately torps can be seen from afar. Once they give them decent concealment like other DDs have, then we are talking.
  2. Go Navy Points

    I find the perma camos disgustingly fugly. I very much prefer something resembling reality in WWII, not garish cartoons. I spent all in containers ,because they will convert to credits at the end of the evnt and I do not nee credits so that would be a waste for me. When I reached Sharks 75 I simply switched so I can collect more containers with the Eagles. Simple.
  3. PSA Salem

    One ship I was not interested in, so I'm not getting it, even if I had that much coal (used up in buying special modules like Sonar and Radar for the ships that needed them), plus a few flag sets. Now saving coal again (back to 35k) and FXP (back to lots and lots), saving for Jean Bart and maybe Alaska, then again maybe not. We'll see.
  4. Well ain't that..

    Complaining? Don't like it? Send it my way. I'd be happy with it.
  5. Started Shark till I reached 75 points then switched to get more loot on the other side. Nothing to it.
  6. Makes sense to me. Reset once a year. Too difficult to do maybe? (rolls eyes) Like giving a Super Container to a player on the account's birthday (anniversary)? Not that they do not know the date, right?
  7. Last 4 pts on Henri

    I used DE and JoaT for the last points. Also added Incoming Fire Alert (the onlly ship where I use it). AFT and AA capabilities? Not when T10 seldom sees CVs nowadays. FP? Maybe but to me it is good for BBs. Expensive and kinda not needed for a cruiser that is fast and constantly moving and evading. IFA helps because you are at range. Henri doesn't turn well, esp at speed so incoming warning helps in my view.
  8. I'd like to see some Dreadnoughts. I'd like to see De Ruyter, and maybe Zara or Pola. I was hoping for Jean Bart and it is finally coming. You know, something different. How many Omahas can we have (3 now)? Or Iowa (2 now), or South Dakota (2), or Kamis (3)? At least Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were made different, and more or less same with Hipper and Prinz Eugen, Bismarck and Tirpitz. What do we have now, five Gnevnis? Isn't that a bit much?
  9. Why? we have Iowa and Missouri. Why do you need another one of the same ship? Then you'd ask for the New Jersey of course. We have enough sister ships already (plenty actually, way too many). We do not need more. We need something different.
  10. My Clan is an Oily Clan

    I do not care much for someone doing it (favoritism and all), but automatically distributed to the whole clan based on their monthly oil earnings yes indeed.
  11. Congrats! I have Henri's and am close on Hindenburgh.
  12. Is It T Hour Yet

    So far, yes, but only two battles. Torps are the thing. I did gun down an Akatsuki and kept a Gaede and Mass at bay from pushing the flank. I use EM (no BFT) and guns are decent. My biggest beef is with German smoke, but can't to much about that.
  13. Is It T Hour Yet

    Got mine! First battle 2nd and a win. Gudbote.