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  1. All cruisers are squishy so beware. Mid-tier gunboat cruisers (light-cruisers)? I like Budyonny, Perth, Nurnberg, De Grasse, La Galissoniere, Duca d'Aosta. Those are my recs. Dido is decent and Makarov is Nurnberg so it's good too. For T7 I'd say Fiji (probably the best at the tier), then Helena and sisters (Boise, Nueve de Julio)
  2. alexf24

    i found some bugs that I am going

    That's not a bug as stated You want a (almost 6-year old) bug? Try the often reported, never fixed or even acknowledged, Carousel AND vs OR bug.
  3. 0.11.1 is the worst patch yet. Game crashes often. I have had even a 3-crash game. Yes, 3 crashes in one battle. The loading times have increased, to close to a minute every time. Wonderful experience. I see the crashes have been acknowledged in the website, with no resolution in sight. Wonderful experience (not). Lost lots of flags. Wasted lots of time. Well done WG. I see your regression testing is getting worse as time goes by.
  4. alexf24

    Update 0.11.1 - Bug Reports

    Crashing every three battles. I see now this has been acknowledged and is under investigation. Has been happening all day. Never before. Today 6 times so far. Annoying to say the least.
  5. alexf24

    raptor rescue failures

    I got zero stars twice yesterday. Noobs that go all out to get the CVs and do not protect Raptor. By now you would think most people would know how to play the op. This bugs me as much as people not claiming targets early in Narai and letting the transports go untouched, or not defending our transports. Again, by now most ppl should have a clue.
  6. Thanks for the info. Will try that.
  7. Old-time player, but new to CVs. Finally I am trying to learn them (tougher than I thought). I am trying Furious, (Coop only so far, as I suck in CVs) I see it is best with HE bombs and setting fires. Question: What are the recommended modules to install in Slots 1 to 4 for T6 Furious?
  8. alexf24

    Question on research bureau

    When does the season start? I currently am in the middle of a line reset and have no stacking (no 2XP or more).
  9. alexf24

    Grosse Kurfurst and Khabarovsk

    I'll believe the credits when I see them (I could use them ATM). Given WGs track record of miscommunication, and outright lies, I am not so sure we'll get even that. We'll see.
  10. alexf24

    Prinz Heinrich: Maiden Voyage

    Still working on it. I'm one tier behind. Could use FXP but I'll wait a bit.
  11. I don't get the question . Halsey can work on both. Trained for Des Moines, and he can work on any USN Premium ship. Am I missing your question?
  12. alexf24

    Outnumbered skill

    Nope. Skip it.
  13. alexf24

    Sell or keep both same premium ship?

    One decked for coop, one for PvP. Atago is the only one I have both versions of, and that's what I do. B is always set for coop flags. One more ship in port for snowflakes. One more IJN captain trainer. I kept it (this was from a couple of years ago).
  14. They are not that interested in spending time on non-money makers. I've been asking for years to resurrect the 3rd iteration of the Ice map. It was the one with the small islands south and one of the best of that map tries. The code is there. All they need is to up the graphs to the new standards. Ocean map does not show often enough. New maps would be nice. And lets not get started on the deprecated Ops that were better than any current. They went out with the CV rebork. Never been seen again.
  15. alexf24

    New Map Idea

    Agree with Princess. The map I want is the 3rd iteration of Fields of Ice. Bring it back. That was the best of the retries on this one (the one with the little islands South). We could easily have two Islands of Ice maps active. Just rename it. The code is already there WG! All you need is a little revamp for the new graphics and some testing.