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  1. I needed some fires for a mission, so in I went to play Colbert in Coop. This was at 6pm ET, so plenty of population in the server. This is what I got
  2. Confirm Aegis is busted. Schchors and Smith get stuck in the first island. First wave moves erratically, Second wave comes in and starts shooting and killing the transports, which are still in captivity. Unplayable.
  3. alexf24

    Update 12.1 - Bug Reports

    Aegis is totally messed up. No idea what changed in the code but both Smith and the Schchors get stuck in the first island. First wave moves erratically, then stops and backs up, then moves sideways. Second wave comes early and starts shooting the transports which are still captive. Unplayable.
  4. alexf24

    Skip Yugumo?

    Agree with Desmo. Yugumo is a good ship. I wouldn't skip it. I kept it BTW when I got Shima, for that reason.
  5. I'd say Mecklenburg, else you will have to wait for new offerings that might interest you.
  6. Second time today I see a player in Coop with a [RICHELIEU] (ship name in single brackets). Both times came in dead last with almost no points. What is this? Why is the ship name in brackets? Does not look right.
  7. alexf24

    Random Operations

    I do not play Halloween. Played it the first two years. Did not like it. Never played it again. Kinda sucks not to be in their own battle mode.
  8. alexf24

    Submarines Nerfed yet again

    Nerfed? Not enough. Nerfed to oblivion would suit me.
  9. alexf24

    Toulon in the Premium Shop

    The reviews on YT are good. I kinda like Cherbourg (my highest on the line) so I picked it up. Not a bad ship.
  10. alexf24

    If you live in Florida..

    True. Been in Captiva a few times. Once even took a boat to North Captiva (now separated from the main island due to hurricane).
  11. alexf24

    If you live in Florida..

    In the SE coast we have been spared a direct hit this time, but we do have rain, flooding and high winds already, and continuing til Wednesday. It is much tougher in the west coast (Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Tampa areas). Orlando wont have it easy either. One fear is that Sanibel and Captiva islands may be washed away. Stay safe.
  12. It's done on purpose. Why? I've no idea. I find all the divs in the red team. No matter if they are 2-DIV or 3 or more. They are all bunched on one side and the green side has us solo players. Goes without saying who wins all the time. Could they spread the divs more evenly? Sure they could. Why don't they? Good question.
  13. Shouldn't be. When I worked in database back-end development, we had a reserved section (invisible most of the time), in the customer facing web just for this purpose. In the very rare cases we had a server issue, we posted a message and refreshed the front-end. Nothing to it.
  14. I saw a problem trying to play in game. Came to the Forum and saw several threads with people reporting serves issues. So the question stands. Why isn't there a prominent banner in the Portal explaining we are having an issue, and some informed comment of what timeframe for resolution. Come on WG. Stuff sometimes happens at the servers. Hamsters sometimes need replacing. That's ok. But any reputable outward facing company would by now (this is been going for an hour now), have said something in their Portal.