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  1. When they start counting towards daily stuff like T5+ I will visit. Used to like T3 and T4, but no prizes, pitiful rewards, and T4 CVs against no AA, not to mention bots in PvP which should not happen.
  2. alexf24

    Brawl is awful. Don't waste your time.

    Win count above should be 3-1 Forum does not let me re-edit the typo.
  3. alexf24

    Brawl is awful. Don't waste your time.

    Played 4 times today (first timer in it). All with Petro. So far 4-1 so no real complains. Teams sucked (except 2 or 3 players). Had a CV and 1 DD in our side vs 2 DD in the other once. No CVs in the rest so far. All the DIVs I've seen were in the red side. No divs in our side. How is that balanced MM, I've no idea.
  4. And the news is? Khab was a beast. They did not like it like that so they nerfed it long ago, and didn't look back. It still has power and guns, but a shadow of what it was.
  5. alexf24

    Double-click ship in carousel

    Carousel never worked properly. The AND/OR bug (design flaw?) has been on for 5 years now, No response from WG, not even a "stop complaining we like it that way". Easy to fix, but let's spend effort on new gimmicks, not on fixing bugs.
  6. alexf24

    Just to many Hackers any more sucks....

    Any proof? I know bots cheat, but people? Doubt it.
  7. Not sure, but they do know how to target specific points. Yesterday a bot Udaloi destroyed Atago's torpedo tube. Then, two minutes later, a bot BB destroyed another torpedo tube. How do they do that?
  8. alexf24

    Buddy Holly and the Cricket

    Been a Patreon of both of the groups for a long time. Always nice to see kids do real music.
  9. alexf24

    PTS 0.10.5

    No mention of Coop's 2 vs bots bug fix No mention of the perennial carousel design flaw (this one is going on for 5 years now!) No mention of new maps, sorely needed No mention of bringing back the deprecated Ops, some of them way better than the ones we have Instead we get no friendly damage. Great, now people can be annoying and shoot each other like in Ops. More dumbing down of the game Instead we get ridiculous aerial attacks that break the game. Who in his right mid though t of that one? Good job WG! Not!
  10. Congrats on it - the only one I never got.
  11. alexf24

    Ranked Battles Daily downtime

    Why does Ranked have time-off during the day? Why not on all the time within their monthly window? Me not understand.
  12. alexf24

    Where is Akagi, Zuikaku, Soryu, Hiryu, Taiho?

    At the bottom of the sea. Let them stay there. Just what we don't need, more CVs.
  13. alexf24

    subs might be my last hope for this game

    Subs might be what kills the game for me. Radar and CVs didn't do it. This one might.
  14. alexf24

    KoTS Collection Complete!

    Congrats! Still going slowly thru it (have 9 de Julio already)
  15. alexf24

    WG..Let's See Some Buffs!

    I read the reviews, and skipped it. As a DD main (I always look at what's new and reviews). Skipped all the new KM DDs as crap, except ZF-6 which I have and is very good. If I would request buffs, it would be for the likes of Atlanta and Flint which are in a sorry state (esp Atlanta). WG has gone overboard. Atlanta used to be a no fly zone. So was Texas. Payed for both. They are not what they used to be, so indeed WG has deprecated their value, after we bought them. That is sad. Ships that are crap out of the gate, and the reviewers say so, like Leone, or the new KM DDs I skip, then I don't complain .