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  1. Still my waifu

    Taking Blyskawica out - yesiree!
  2. March to Kronshtadt

    Saving mah pennies. Have 638k FXP now so getting close to Kronshtadt
  3. best Kurfurst build to use?

    Secondaries build for GK. That is the one to do.
  4. Premium Ship Review #100

    Great troll and congrats on the 100!
  5. William Halsey x2 strike perk

    Hypothetically it would be 10% off the previous value so you can never get to zero. As you said, you cannot have that many anyway so it is a moot point.
  6. FWIW I do not have CE in GK or Republique. I consider the 4 points better used elsewhere. GK is a brawler, so I have AFT and Manual Fire Secondaries (16 point captain). In Republique (15 points) I have AFT. If you are getting close then you will be seen at all times. CE wont make a difference once you close up, or once you start shooting. This is different than ships like Conqueror or Montana (both 19 points for me) where I have CE so they can shoot and disengage. YMMV.
  7. What? What for? The only names I object to (other than illegal or racist ones of course), are the Player0123456789 bunch. Why would these people, after getting a temporary account not be required (even have their own pride) in getting a decent username? Sorry but seeing a temporary account in a Tirpitz or a Roon (I've seen them) does not sit well with me. I would not accept any such player into a clan either. Why would you not have the pride on having your own name? Why is WG not forcing them after a trial period (say 2 months, or 200 battles, or whatever) to get a name like everybody else, first rename for free? Makes no sense to me.
  8. FREE SHIP!! 23 May 2018

    Another Banana Bote. Have one. Never play it. I have room for another one.
  9. Books Please :)

    With The Battle Cruisers by Filson Young The Atlantic Campaign by Dan Van Der Vat The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck by C.S. Forester (hard to find)
  10. Do you keep Normandie?

    I like it, I kept it. I keep every ship I like. Why wouldn't I? I sell the ones I don't like. Simple and effective.
  11. Wait. You want extra range with that awful sub-orbital flight path? Good luck hitting much.
  12. I Love the Republique

    I like Republique but like Alsace better. In fact I like, and kept, all of them from Normandie on up.
  13. Izzy is great and one of my keepers. That said I like Clemmie better, and have kept both.
  14. Congrats. Yes indeed the first one is the toughest one. Then they start coming in. Use the one in the ship often, certainly for the first win of the day, and put it in premium ships of the nation if you have them. Elite XP starts building fast. Don't forget the camo and flags to add to Captain XP.