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  1. Benson? B-Hull and Last Stand - always
  2. Solo warrior - achieved

    Congrats! The only one that still eludes me, and I do have a few battles done.
  3. Fletcher help

    Falls_USMC has it right. I run mine as a torp boat with excellent guns. Works well for me. That said, I play ChungMu and Yugumo more nowadays, but Fletcher will never be sold. Great boat.
  4. Congrats! It certainly makes a difference, and way more enjoyable.
  5. Bots are stupid already. In high tiers they shoot better and more accurately. They are still dumb, following DDs, or picking the lowest HP ship. They still cheat on impossible torpedo beats, and they know when you target them. They had RPF even before we knew what it was. But dumbing them down? No. Make it more of a challenge.
  6. Best or Most fun gun boats?

    Fun? For me ChungMu, Fletcher, Clemson, Fujin (or Kami) For weird and fun add Derzki and Okhotnoik
  7. Seagal's departing!

    ARP girls didn't do something let's say, umm, not kosher?
  8. Seagal's departing!

    Careful what you ask for. Remember Boaty McBoatface
  9. Seagal's departing!

    Update 0.7.2 "Our collaboration with Steven Seagal ends with the release of Update 0.7.2. We're removing all mentions and depictions of Seagal are from the game, and replacing them with Commander John Doe, while also changing the Commander's portrait and removing the relevant animation from Missouri, and applying the standard U.S. voiceover to the new Commander. John Doe retains the same enhanced skills ("Expert Loader" and "Expert Marksman"), and keeps all Skill points earned with Seagal." About time! We can get rid of the drunken voice.
  10. New player having a hard time.

    T5 in 33 battles? Seriously? And you seem to understand the game already? Re-read the line I marked above (emphasis mine). You are seriously saying that a T4 CL (Kuma) is the same as a T5 CA (Furutaka)? Seriously? That statement alone shows you do not understand what classes of ships are or do, or how they play. Please stay in T4 which is protected until you learn the basics. I'd say at least 400 battles in several different types. T5 is where all hell breaks loose as you will encounter T7 most of the time. An eye opener if you are not ready.
  11. Shimi or YueYang for Clan Battles?

    Clan Battles, I wouldn't use my Shimakaze (and I like the ship). Reload is too slow. YueYang is more of a gunboat than Shima, though Shima's guns are good. For Clan Battles I would probably pick neither. Radar is a problem. You can rarely cap. Dying early is terribad. These DDs shine later in game. DD I play in Clan Battles, (when not in Hindy or Des Moines) is Gearing.
  12. how to yamato?

    Angles, remember it is not a brawler like KM BBs. AA is not up to par for the tier. If you need to re-point the guns, turn the ship. It will generally finish the ship's turn before the end of the battle. Turrets may still be trying to rotate.
  13. French Battleship Missions

    I got two so far. Played Bretagne a few then sold it (meh). Just got Normandie - We'll see.
  14. I like Shinonome. Kept Fubuki as I am main IJN DD and I like Fubuki. Don't play it often anyway.