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  1. 7.12? Why you asking when 0.7.11 is not out yet (next Wednesday will be).
  2. alexf24

    Japanese Premiums

    I would agree Agano and maybe Maya would be good choices (Maya for a Premium definitely).
  3. alexf24

    Elite Commander XP convert to free xp how to?

    Why would you do that? FXP is easy to come by. Elite XP is not. Captain points are always needed.
  4. alexf24

    OMG SNOW....

    Snow? Whazzat? LOL We don't have the stuff here.
  5. Tough to say because they are very different in style. I personally prefer Zao but Worcester is very good too, just squishier and with no torps. Better RoF but Zao has better accuracy. I would suggest you try them both in the PT and see for yourself which style you prefer.
  6. Go to Store. Press Purchase on a ship or Doubloons. You will then see the coupon to apply and check the resulting price. Then you can either purchase or cancel.
  7. alexf24

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Go to purchase and before you confirm (or cancel) you can check to apply the coupon and see the final price.
  8. One of my keepers. Will play it again as it has been a port queen for a while now.
  9. alexf24

    Channel Dash Mode

    We already have Dynamo Op. What more are you looking for?
  10. alexf24

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Massachusetts. I was always on the fence as I have NC & Alabama and thought the cost high. This time I went for it so I have all three in port.
  11. Cossack is decent. Not as good as Lightning but close. Le Terrible I would pass (I did).
  12. I always did the grind on all lines (CVs excepted). Not only to find what I like, and don't, but to learn what they can do, and their weaknesses to exploit against them. Having all but Daring at the moment, I know how to play them all and how to fight them all, with varying success of course. Only sold the ones I didn't like and would not play (e.g. Farragut, Acasta), or redundant ones for me as I have better DDs at the tier, (e.g. Nicholas, Benson). YMMV [Update] These notes are for DDs as I thought that was what you were talking about, but the same idea applies to all classes and types.
  13. alexf24

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    Nicholas is decent, Farragut is ok, Mahan is good. Benson is good. Fletcher is excellent, Gearing is very good. Am I missing something here? What are you talking about?
  14. alexf24

    Legendary mission expiry date?

    Reset every year. It's a software issue. Don't worry.
  15. alexf24

    PSA Player Anniversary Awards

    Shiny indeed!