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  1. Somers is better than that. It is also a kind of USN Shimakaze the way I understand it.
  2. I second the motion. Happened to me too.
  3. alexf24

    Benham, a strange little DD

    It is a T9 Clemson. Play it like so.
  4. alexf24

    Exeter worth a buy? July 2019

    It is a decent ship, but not OP. It suffers from MM as all T5 cruisers do. If you like Furutaka, you will like Exeter.
  5. alexf24

    Ranked Sprint more often - but not ranked

    I second the motion (or third).
  6. Helena/Boise Colorado Yorck Krasny Krim All surprised me as better than I had expected. Note: I went through Colorado years ago in the Lolorado days and it was awful. Repurchased three years later after I got clobbered by a few, and figured I should take a second look.
  7. alexf24

    New York or Texas

    Sell the NY. Go for New Mexico instead.
  8. Interesting game to make things er, interesting. I always start with one of my favs at T5 then jump up - usually to whatever ship I saw in the previous battle that stroke my fancy (I have so many it is easy to do). Usually don't play below T5 due to the daily chains not working there, but could easily start at T2 and do the same. I might try it.
  9. Wont happen. We wanted the bath tub kept too. No dice. As for the teaching of bad habits to newbs. He is right,
  10. alexf24

    High tier coal ships

    I would vote for Jean Bart Georgia Yoshino in that order. Not considering type preferences, that is the order of quality and capabilities. Note: I have JB and Georgia. Passed on Azuma and Yoshino.
  11. alexf24

    Naval Battles not working ????

    Strange. Works for me and my clan.
  12. alexf24

    CV's in Co-op

    Saw one in PTS Coop and was surprised it was matched on the bot side. Did not get close to me so I could not ascertain its capabilities or behavior yet.
  13. alexf24

    DD candidates for Tier 7 Ranked Sprint

    Pan Asian? Nope. Argentine Nueve de Julio you mean.
  14. I currently have 180 ships in port (after selling 2 port queens today). I have 22 T10s (basically all except CVs). WG is telling me I have to return them and regrind them? Slowly in stages ("seasons")? I will have to go through the pain of Pensacola and Izumo again? Not on your life WG. After 4 years and more than a few battles (check my stats on the left), I will say I will not go for this. If they force me to do this, I will have to quit. Enough is enough.
  15. The general idea is not fine, It is dumb as they come. Super buffed ships in the hands of experienced players fighting newbs? Seriously? I have to regrind all my T10s again. more than once? Seriously? I have to go through the pain of Pensacola or Izumo again, after leaving them in the dust three years ago? Seriously?