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  1. alexf24

    Graf Spee is a gud bote

    Sure. They were also 'never' adding submarines, or selling T10 Premiums, or... (shall I go on?)
  2. alexf24

    Defense of Naval Station Newport

    We do not like it at Hoperations either, where we know what we are doing. This one sucks and WG is not interested in retiring it for fixing. Narai they did, the one that we all liked. Go figure.
  3. alexf24

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    I stopped grinding it at Surrey which is meh. Maybe someday. Not worth spending FXP to bypass as I keep the little FXP I have left to help speed up the one line redo I am currently in. Have London already for doing the special London/Albemarle missions., Will get London doubloons when finished aso it's a decent deal. Rest of the line so far? Underwhelming. Definitely not whelming enough.
  4. alexf24

    Clan Treasury

    You use oil to build structures in the Clan Base. These structures give you discounts on things like purchasing ships, or increases bonuses like XP earned per battle or coal earned per container drop.
  5. alexf24

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    Having all but Marceau I would suggest Thunderer first, if you can afford it.
  6. alexf24

    So ugh...California?

    California: worse than Colorado. Pass.
  7. alexf24

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    ^^this Newport sucks - difficult with experienced players and almost impossible with everyone else around.
  8. alexf24

    Directive - Lethal Fire

    Don't know. Ask them They keep adding missions to spam HE and they keep adding HE ships (Smolensk/Colbert and more) so they must like it.
  9. alexf24

    Directive - Lethal Fire

    WG likes the HE spam meta. That is why they encourage it with these missions.
  10. alexf24

    Best 99 cents I ever spent

    Smith and Banana Boat are fun in coop.
  11. alexf24

    legacy upgrade are a real disapointment

    Nah. If he meant that then he would've known to search and find he's talking about Legendary Upgrades, not Legacy.
  12. alexf24

    ST, matchmaker changes.

    Are you talking of odd numbers? (e.g. 2 BBs in one side and 3 in the other)
  13. FWIW I installed today (completely new installation). No AVG issues. Had the file checked and no issues found. Works as advertised. No complaints.
  14. alexf24

    Hard choices for coal commanders

    Same here. I went with Thunderer. 175k for a commander is way too expensive.