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  1. I have Anshan and Lo Yang. I like both. First looks at the new line: meh. We'll see
  2. Not bad, but give me PMJ any day.
  3. Boohoo! The underage ship hit me! Oh please! I play DDs, cruisers, and BBs, I do not complain, just adapt and overcome whatever situation presents itself (I do not CV but don't hate them or fear them as much as you seem to hate DDs).
  4. Well said Zoup. As for the potatoes mentioned in a response, we have loads of potatoes already. No need for more.
  5. Is Amagi better? Yes. Full stop.
  6. Make sure it is not your ISP. In my case, I get it sporadically and I am sure is the ISP getting bandwidth issues at peak times. When I am on Discord at the time, I see the sound also fades, and nobody else has the issue,therefore it must be my connection.
  7. I use mine on Perth. Works well.
  8. and the winner is... ?
  9. I liked the original. Nice to see they finally make a sequel.
  10. I like Katori. Once it reaches warp speed it is hard to stop. Like the guns, and torps are not bad either whenever you get the chance to use them
  11. Good write up. Have not played it much yet and the few I did, I died early trying to cap. I am a decent player in Lo Yang (14 pts), Fletcher (19 pts) and Gearing (19 pts). I like Sims and Akizuki style so I know I will like Kidd. Sadly, have not been able to enjoy it much yet. I do have Flamu's build (AFT) and am working on the last few points to get BFT. Will have 19 pts soon anyway. I am considering a respec when I jump the last 2 points to 19. AS the captain is currently trained for Clemson, I went AFT but your point on manual AA is valid. This weekend, after the 19 pts it will become permanently assigned to Kidd and a new lower captain will sit in Clemson. Thanks for posting. [Update]: made him 19 points captain and switched to AFT to manual AA. Played once since (no CV). A win, wrecked 2 Kageros, a Fuso and an NC. 2 kills. 43k damage. Not super great damage but way above my average to this point. Avoided early caps as indicated. Much better. Thanks.
  12. Colorado needs to be upgraded, then it is a fine BB with awesomeguns. Only two major problems remain, anemic speed, and low HP pool.
  13. I already have it.
  14. Blyskawica is still great and one of my favs. The only shortcoming it has is no siblings to train captains for. Other than that? Nada. Had her before the nerf and still play it after the nerf. Great boat.
  15. Fletcher all the way! To me it is the best DD in the game. Awesome ship (other than Black of course).