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  1. Any mods installed maybe? Have not had this issue.
  2. alexf24

    Using consumables

    A few times it is fat fingers. Most of the time it is PEBCAK.
  3. alexf24

    Chapayev is useless against Tier X BBs

    I do decently in Chapayev with IFHE which is a must for any light cruiser. Granted, when a Montana or Yamato gets annoyed with your pinpricks they can blap you at any angle, but then they are two tiers higher BBs.
  4. Ok. Did not think of that. Will remove mods and retry. Will report back later. -------------------- [Update]: With mods removed, interface worked fine, so it is a mod somewhere. Apologies on that. Of course mods have nothing on the Portal which still has the issue shown in the image above.
  5. Seems not only the game interface but also the portal needs quality control. Look at the top left placeholders. How can these types of silly errors slip through testing? Is any testing done at all?
  6. How are we supposed to be 'informed" on the Italian Collection items if they have no name and no description? I cannot believe nobody in testing saw it and let the product go out the door like this. I can teach software testing classes. Seems WG developers and test team are in need of training. PS: not the only place where these name place holders were left in. Seriously WG?
  7. alexf24

    System Down?

  8. alexf24

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    Been there. Yesterday we had the wonderful 111%. But it requires a win of course. Did 1-8 due to amazingly bad teams. All battles were one-sided. Not even close. So I had to get a few 111% in coop. WG should spend more resources in fixing MM to make it more balanced in selecting teams/players than rebork, Italian. sub-par cruisers or balanced ships like Somers, Colbert. or Smolensk.
  9. alexf24


    I do not care for Chieftain. A liar. For years his video saying No Subs Ever was rebroadcast. Then WG changed and he came in a very short video saying he lied. A guy with no integrity. Loss of face is important, and he did not care.
  10. Not exactly. If you keep going you may end up in the top 50% or 25%, etc. Each stage gets you extra prizes when the event is over.
  11. alexf24

    FEAR the KRYM!

    One of my fav CLs at T5. A very decent ship.
  12. alexf24


    The duplicates can be converted into missing items in the collection, usually at a rate of 5 to 1 (double-click on the empty item slot). After the collection is complete, any new duplicate items you receive are converted into credits, usually 15,000.
  13. alexf24

    T4 CV Drop Planes

    Agreed. Also, I never understood the rationale behind allowing multiple CVs. One per side should be enough at any tier.
  14. I do not like CVs (do not own any) and been here the whole time of the rebork. Some people like them. More power to them. What bugs me is that no effort has been done to fix and restore the ops that rely on AI CVs, and no comments or official news about when or if. We want that idiot Parks back!