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  1. Easy: there's just a lot of potatoes in the game. Nothing new there!
  2. The Myogi is a ship I've recently come to like a lot, and I feel like she's underappreciated. So I decided to make a video! I don't think she's the strongest of the T4 BBs, but I think she's the most fun. (I promise it's serious despite my troll thumbnail) Enjoy or don't enjoy
  3. Wow, that sucks, but congrats on the upgrade! Haven't used mechanical hard drives since maybe 2009 now.
  4. World of BBs officially here.
  5. Amen. The feels, man. The feels
  6. Literally just got this today again too. Boo WG, boo.
  7. I'm gonna say as much as I liked the old Ognevoi, Kiev, Tashkent, etc, the Gnenvy was an obnoxious ship to play with those pathetically slow turning turrets. I'm super glad I ground past those tiers before they put in three such ships in the new line.
  8. It's just the Kebab, Nikolai, and Gremy that people don't like.
  9. I have a ten-pointer; I'm using PM, LS, SI, and Concealment. For a dedicated captain I would probably take AFT, DE, AR after that.
  10. Man is this show still even running? I remember watching this in elementary school!
  11. This. Use AFT. I personally did DE > AFT and went back for SE and probably BFT or AR next.
  12. Holy crap, watching the ship flexing. Seems like it's normal, but I didn't know the flex would be noticeable
  13. Karma only measures salt levels.