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  1. Low dmg Confederate!

    Low damage Confederate means you are doing The Right Thing.
  2. The Most Expensive Home in U.S. ?

    As late as the 80s or 90s you didn't need to be that rich to live here. Now it's ridiculous.
  3. How the heck did it disperse across the entire length of the ship EDIT: Ahhh, I'm starting to understand now, this is like cant-traverse, cant-depress the turrets enough close range.
  4. Myogi Review!

    This is a bit old, but since she's getting a buff, it's time for another video
  5. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    Sure looks like a Mikasa to me.
  6. Fuso guns

    So okay, I've played the Fuso a lot and I have some thoughts. It took me a long time to warm up to her, but I think I'm decent now. The max dispersion is actually the same as Kongo's, it's just the sigma that is worse. That means the average dispersion is worse, but then you have 12 guns to fill those holes. If you're decent with Kongo I think you should shoot the same way Aiming systems mod: if you aren't using it already, at least try it. On paper it's not a huge buff, but I kind of suspect small differences in the way people aim amplify the effect. Should also be more effective when your base dispersion characteristics are worse. In general I like to "shoot high" with the ship, mainly against BBs. Since your shells are small for the tier, citadels on BBs are kind of rare out past 10km, and there are belts that you can't pen. So aim for the upper belt... you might miss out on an occasional citadel, but your damage should be more consistent. You'll also have fewer shells go into the water due to the crappy dispersion. Some people might disagree whether this is the "right" way to do this; I'm not saying it is, I am saying that this has been consistent for me. HE can be an option at long ranges, especially against bow-on, higher-tier targets like an NC. Consider playing with it, there's not a "right" answer a lot of times. Under 10km I'll start to aim lower, especially on lower-tier BBs, citadels will come, but you still have to consider it on a ship by ship basis: some things like Colorados have really thick belts and some things like the Germans you can't citadel. On cruisers you should always go for the waterline if they are broadside. You'll have more shells go into the water, but you can citadel everything in your matchmaking spread easily, and often from range. Close, angled targets you may have to aim higher, but again you have to consider on a ship by ship basis. You can overmatch a Leander, but not a Graf Spee. The spotter plane is not for increasing range unless you are a really good shot. Save it for spotting. The distances you should keep of course vary depending on the situation. Against same-tierish BBs, 10km is fine, but you should generally be angled away ready to kite rather than press the engagement. Against lower-tier BBs and any sort of cruiser you can try to push and bully them. Against T8 BBs it is probably best to keep more distance; things like NCs start to lolpen you like a cruiser. Everything is of course situational: these are isolated examples, you should always look at the minimap and consider the overall position. In general you probably aren't going to stay as central as a really slow BB like a New Mexico or QE... I typically like to go out midways on a flank, turn out and camp. You fall back if it's heavy and you hold your ground if not, and potentially back up toward a cap... this is again not necessarily the "right" way to do it, but it's a safe way to do it. Finally, I said this of the Kongo a while ago, and I think it's applicable here: I want to make a proper how-to vid for the Fuso eventually, but I haven't gotten around to it, so have this video instead:
  7. I think it's overall a strong boat, but I personally can't stand it because of the slow turret traverse.
  8. No, that was this year. I did confuse myself a bit between 2017 and 2018 while making the post, but I think it's corrected in all the places
  9. I agree I really hate this format. On top of that the tasks can be annoying. I wouldn't mind one or the other, but the two together is quite frustrating.
  10. I don't really disagree... I just like a) getting a thing I couldn't otherwise get by normally playing, b) something permanent (ie not a consumable) Yeah, I'm the opposite; I don't need anything from the other crates... like they give out too many consumables from events for me to use them all
  11. It's that time again! It's been eighteen months since I started recording TYL container pulls and here are the current results! Once again, here is my spreadsheet with the raw data now broken up by year, and here is a graphic summing it all up: 2017 containers 414 flags 277 (66.9%) economic 81 (20.3%) camo 37 (8.9%) super 16 (3.9%) 2018 (up to jul 8) containers 347 flags 232 (66.9%) economic 74 (21.3%) camo 31 (8.9%) super 10 (2.9%) cumulative (2017 and 2018 YTD) containers 761 flags 509 (66.9%) economic 158 (20.8%) camo 68 (8.9%) super 26 (3.4%) I'm leaving out the other accounts this time because QQMoore hasn't played much recently and I haven't played the ASIA account much recently either. Instead, I broke up the data by year because I wanted to see if the distribution of types had changed across time, but for the most part it hasn't. Flags (sets of 4) still represent almost two-thirds of TYL containers, but I'm starting to suspect that the distribution of flags is not equal. With tens of datapoints for each flag, it does seem like say, Victor Limas are rarer than November Echo Settesevens, which is a bit odd. Econ (credits, FXP, and now coal) made up a slightly less consisent one-fifth of pulls, with most of it going to lots of 750 FXP. This will have to change now that Coal is becoming part of the rotation, but there isn't nearly enough data to even suggest how much Coal we should be getting... that should be clearer at 24 months! Camo (sets of 2) came in a very consistent nine percent of containers. These would be better if they came in sets of more than two, but as it is I think they are almost as bad as credits. The types of camo you can get are supposed to change after 7.6, but I haven't gotten any since then. And super containers! The rate of getting super containers still seems to be about three percent, but the distribution of stuff in them seems to have been tweaked. 2017 super containers 16 special mods 8 (50.0%) [edited] (common and rare) 4 (25.0%) camo 3 (18.8%) doubloons 1 (6.3%) 2018 YTD super containers 10 camo 3 (30%) flags (common and rare) 2 (20%) special mods 2 (20%) FXP 1 (10%) premium time 1 (10%) ship! 1 (10%) So while my drop rate for super containers has been a little less this year (most likely due to luck rather than a change in drop rate), I'm willing to say that the contents have definitely been better: I even finally got a ship, though that is again most likely due to luck rather than a change in ship drop rate. I would mainly attribute the increase in super container quality to the decrease in the number of special mods, which are still mostly garbage save for one or two. While this is a small sample set since we are only dealing with the stuff inside super containers, there is some evidence that the drop rate for special mods has decreased as the sampled percent took a huge drop from 50% to 20%. tl;dr seems to be fewer special mods in super containers in 2018. Could just be lucky this year though See you at 24 months!
  12. How about a Huang Hue Hue Hue ship-fu? Or maybe time to draw new zukis? :3 EDIT: Also something for our clan recruitment page
  13. So, this is the final update to this project. I said at the beginning that I was building the ship for a convention this year: well, now the convention is just around the corner and I have finished the display. Along with the ship itself, there is a stand, which suggests a tea tray: A "BrickHeadz" style model of the KanColle Kongo, which ties the display to the convention's theme of "animation": And a card with a description of each item, and a scale drawing of the ship itself: If you're into LEGO and in the SF Bay Area, go visit the Bricks by the Bay convention this weekend!
  14. Player community

    No no, you're doing it wrong, the forums are for trolling.