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  1. Clubbing in the GC during Pirate Fleet: Sunray in the Darkness Halloween operation from last year:
  2. How's 30k in Cherry Blossom? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: Most I could find for a regular PvP game:
  3. Heh, I got a one-up on that: two in the same division:
  4. Space Capt vs Dasha Capt

    I'm not necessarily a big Dasha fan, but I got her for the voice. Afaik space captains don't have special voices. Also, it's funny that it's an American Dasha
  5. TIL from WoWs in game tips.

    I never die, I didn't know that.
  6. Yeah, got my loot, but no flag yet.
  7. I did see the line for "improving AI" in the patch notes, but I honestly haven't noticed any difference. That being said, if they do make it harder, I agree that they should increase the rewards.
  8. Monarch Review!

    Similar to my Myogi review last year - a lot of people don't like this ship. I'll admit it's not OP, and I even had a rough start... but I've come to enjoy her a lot. Enjoy or don't enjoy
  9. Definitely more of the spray and pray kind of BB player... hate wasting those gun cooldowns!
  10. Some new vids... the Dunkirk operation from 2017 and a pretty intense recent Des Memes game:
  11. I am really disappointed about the crates because I also haven't spent some of my tokens, but I should have known WG would do something rage inducing and illogical like pull them before the end of the event. Fool me once shame on WG, fool me twice shame on me
  12. Buffing the ship won't buff the player...
  13. I went more than a whole year without detonating (in PvP at least) by aggressively running Magazine Mod and the flag on ships without the mod. Then I screwed up some builds and had like two detonations within a week. That was a few months ago, and I've been free and clear and counting since!
  14. @Incendiary_Tanker Yey Harugumo :3
  15. Turn the C turret around.