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  1. Or perhaps make the last few waves spawn in active.
  2. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there something extra we have to do to change the rating now?
  3. pikohan

    Mentally Insane Cap in Azure Lane event.

    Not a fan of AL stuff Buys AL crates ???
  4. I think for the number of operations we have now, weekly is fine. If we have a few more, daily makes more sense. I straight up don't want the selection to be random.
  5. pikohan

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    I agree about Weimar. Makes it worse that it's a premium.
  6. pikohan

    So few in Operations

    Too many people in Weimars
  7. pikohan

    Narai, Wow

    No way you saw a Weimar, people don't buy premiums for Operations.
  8. pikohan

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    What a superb piece of PR craftsmanship! I expected nothing less!
  9. pikohan

    The dispersion on the Kongo is awful.

    Still probably depends on how you learn and how you play, but it's a lot better now than it was in 2017.
  10. It's easy guys, I promise, not cherry picked at all
  11. pikohan

    Torpedoes Are Broken? (Flamu)

    I wasn't convinced with the Flolo vid, but Aerroon's reproduction is pretty convincing.
  12. I watched this subbed on a flight to Hong Kong a few years ago. The plot was alright, but I mostly enjoyed seeing the Yam and some of the side ships like the Nagato.
  13. pikohan

    0.10.4 Operations XP/Credits Bug

    That would be my tinfoil theory as well.
  14. pikohan

    PSA Operations EXP appear to have been nerfed again.

    If they don't want people to play Operations I wish they would just come out and say it. This sort of thing is scummy, getting old and perpetuates a dim view of the company.