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  1. Experienced players will take a little bit more risk in showing their sides but everyone else will just keep doing what they're doing as the average potato has no idea how low his or her citadel is.
  2. Gonna say, that's a pretty good one as far as SCs go. Nice pull.
  3. Knock on wood.
  4. Don't sell them, you'll regret it. Those are the best flags.
  5. I know you feel... I was getting super tilted trying to finish these on Wednesday. Made it worse by being stubborn and trying to grind the Tashkent in the process
  6. The Truth is out there... MM is rigged and fires are more likely to start on your ship. Your tinfoil hat also goes to 12, but the manufacturers limit it to 10 because conspiracy
  7. I saw this earlier: I'm gonna say I appreciate the effort, but it did seem kinda scripted. Especially the part at the end when they knocked over the booth. I'm guessing it's a safety thing: they can't actually have multi-ton machines slinging random punches at each other when there's someone inside it.
  8. Take a screenshot and post it in there Nobody but you will be any the wiser!
  9. It is designed to avoid draws. That's why you've only seen one up 'til now!
  10. Yep, as far as I know WG doesn't expose them anywhere. Ops do increase your number of battles fought though, so if you're looking to pad that...
  11. I've gotten a couple of 1600s this week, but I'm pretty sure when I finally need it they won't come
  12. I like 4, but that would make too much game sense and not enough business sense huh?
  13. Still not gonna stop the potatoes from scraping off all your paint. Neat, though.
  14. Wasn't that interested in CW in the first place, but I do feel like this [edited] on West Coasters like myself particularly hard. I work a tech job and regularly don't get back 'til 7 or 7:30 PST.
  15. Wow, I thought this was going to be a troll post... nice game; could never get the hang of that ship.