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  1. Gotta pay WeeGee the monies to get anything good in the game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. pikohan

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    Hey Weegee, if PvE isn't a priority for you, why don't you stop messing with it eh?
  3. pikohan

    Submarine Game Mode Feedback

    I just think all ship types should be able to damage subs. It's not just dumb but also boring to be a BB in a three sub game. Even practically useless AA does at least nominal damage to planes.
  4. I gave up on them a year ago.
  5. Found a good one for ya!
  6. This game already has little to do with reality even before subs.
  7. pikohan

    FXP to Lion?

    Fwiw I liked Monarch more than Lion.
  8. Nobody wanted to post The Best Camo yet?
  9. I think the stoplight is just a clearer representation of the smoke plume and doesn't give any additional information... it just makes existing information easier to see. That being said it's not that useful unless a ship is bow in or bow out and the actual smoke plume is hard to see. Otherwise it lags the ship's movement a little bit, just like the plume.
  10. pikohan

    Operations....just got the bad news

    At least for me calling the econ balanced by not paying for premium consumables or stacking more econ is a bit of a red herring. A lot of times missions are for gross credits or base XP in which case neither helps. I tend to agree that the problem perhaps is divisions. If you could bring a 100% div into randoms, you'd probably be killing it as well. I don't know if I'd prefer a limit to div sizes in ops versus the current econ nerf, but I acknowledge that perspective.
  11. pikohan

    Swirski: Strong-Willed Campaign in Co-op (PVE Thread)

    Thank you for tracking the game count as well. How much econ are you using and do you have premium time? I appreciate that there is the coop option, but I also echo Haze in that I don't think it's worth it and will take many more games than I'm willing to play.
  12. pikohan

    Who have you seen in game

    Ha ha, nice. I was surprised you survived as long as you did!
  13. pikohan

    EU Directives and Tokens, brief personal data.

    Got 630 tokens from 25 crates (daily shipments + directives), for a whopping average of 25 per crate. As expected, this appears to be on the low end of the spectrum, but since I barely managed to get a Vasteras I'll lower WG's cucking me score for this event from strong to moderate.