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  1. But were you engaged and having fun?
  2. pikohan

    Co-op meta changing?

    Honestly I haven't noticed any difference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. pikohan

    CV Rework Complete: Farazelleth is toast

    In a game to game comparison there is no doubt that facing a rework CV is less punishing than facing an RTS CV, especially for the poorest AA ships. But now they are in every game, so you are dealing with chronic, mild pain instead of irregular, acute pain and both suck.
  4. pikohan

    CV Rework Complete: Farazelleth is toast

    Well, good riddance on one hand, but it hasn't made the game any better on the other hand...
  5. pikohan


  6. pikohan

    The importance of not getting wiped out on your flank

    Also the people who need to hear it the most are the least likely to ever see it...
  7. pikohan

    Chapayev is useless against Tier X BBs

    Nah, don't respec into IFHE; just keep whining. It will totally get better. EDIT: Take SE while you're at it; could be the difference between surviving a couple cits and not.
  8. pikohan

    Balanced Gameplay

    I'm with OP; it's crap.
  9. pikohan

    Improving ships?

    Plenty of existing ships have been improved... the Atago itself has (unneeded) laser accuracy as a result of general buffs to the IJN CA line. EDIT: Actually, even Gearing has gotten an indirect buff from the removal of BBAP full pens on DDs.
  10. pikohan

    Hey WG, with subs coming, can we get this guy back?

    Can we get the ARP I-400 back?
  11. pikohan

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    What? There are other flags in the game?
  12. pikohan

    Premium shop bundles

    The deals seemed okay, but nothing to get worked up about in the end. Thanks for the research @henrychenhenry!
  13. pikohan

    Das Zermahlen Bismarck

    I liked the Freddy too. I think it is currently pretty solid.
  14. pikohan

    CV Rework APPRECIATION thread

    We've basically gone from more acute cancer in fewer games to less acute cancer in more games. But not even that because you can have two or three of 'em and that cancer is pretty acute.
  15. pikohan

    Were there MM changes in 8.10?

    Nah, it's all your imagination. 9 ships in coop is your imagination too.