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  1. pikohan

    Co-op events

    Honestly don't really notice that much difference. Much more variance from specific MM rolls, etc.
  2. pikohan

    Edge of the Map should be a penalty

    Generally I agree with OP. Border huggers are hard to hit because they are moving in an erratic way - the loss of engine power doesn't fix that and in fact can make said behavior even more erratic. If the devs really wanted to address the issue running into the border would be equivalent to running aground.
  3. Or you can just play him on the target ship with the retraining penalty.
  4. pikohan

    Sub_Octavian on subreddit

    Want to stop screwing the PvE players WG? At least give back the ops that have been removed for more than a year?
  5. pikohan

    Random Toxicity: How do YOU do it?

    I prefer to pay attention to the minimap not the chat.
  6. pikohan

    MMM has nothing to do with MM

    MMM is secretly developed by WG to feed WR data back into MM to make it worse. You can stop it from sending the data back by disconnecting your Internet after you load into a match.
  7. pikohan

    Monthly Subscriptions - well done WG

    I don't want it to renew automatically...
  8. pikohan

    Bad Days?

    Every day...
  9. Research Bureau building... you know it's coming!
  10. pikohan

    Is it just me or...

    In what way?
  11. pikohan

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    Sadly you already know the answer!
  12. pikohan

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    I say that without kidding!
  13. pikohan

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    I just want to chime in I would rather have this remain in the game and buggy rather than not in the game and potentially not buggy.