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  1. WG doesn't understand that people don't need grinds to keep playing, they just need WG to stop ruining the game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. pikohan

    Karma takes a dive if you do this...

    Karma only measures salt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. pikohan

    $9.99 Texas

    A penny saved is a penny earned!
  4. Good post, well said.
  5. Eh, lack of any real upgrade choice in the 5th slot has always been an issue... I don't really think CVs make it more or less relevant. How many people are not taking CE due to CVs? There are viable choices other than CE, (much more so than 5th slot at least), but I'd be surprised if more than a very small fraction of people gave up CE after reeeee-work because concealment is still super important when you aren't being air spotted.
  6. pikohan

    Most cits in one salvo?

    The theoretical limit is probably around 12. I think Lyon has the largest number of guns in a single broadside, but there isn't a ship that has enough HP to eat 16 Lyon AP cits. I also don't think there's a ship that that has enough HP to eat 16 Lyon HE cits that can get cit by Lyon HE. Perhaps there is something that can get cit 15 times with a Mogami salvo. EDIT: The upcoming Smolensk has 16 guns with a 2600 AP alpha. The full broadside alpha is 41k, so a good number of high tier cruisers should have enough HP to eat that.
  7. pikohan

    CV summit 2010 posted by Flamu

    Wasn't aware this game was around in 2010...
  8. They were too busy working on NTC to worry about any anniversary event.
  9. pikohan

    omaha class armored buff

    On the flip side Emerald has a 38mm icebreaker ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. pikohan

    Pikohan's Kwality Kontent Korner v2

    Russian CA chans inspired by some fellow SYNers.
  11. pikohan

    A couple questions regarding nations

    I don't think there is anywhere near a clear-cut answer for any of those. All of the nations' lines have stinkers and standouts and your personal play preferences may have a big impact on what you like and don't like.
  12. pikohan

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    Meh, just maintain your angling and you'll be fine. I thought the T3, 4, and 5 were all decent. They're not really that different from other low-tier BBs, but they do still have that super dispersion if you get close enough.
  13. pikohan

    @WG: Fair Fights Are More Fun

    I agree, fair fights are more fun. I think the problem is that fair fights aren't good for WG's bottom line...
  14. pikohan

    New Player

    Well, back in my day there was only USN and IJN anyway! I started with IJN BBs, but broadly speaking I play all the nations now.