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  1. Battleship

    Proud BBaby right here Haters gonna hate!
  2. Come Sail in Syn!

    Ehhh if you ask me ZR is a weeb clan... and since they're number one, clearly weeb clans are the best and we should strive to be one!
  3. Shoot, if I was a billionaire that's the one I'd want!
  4. Consistency of game play

    How do you get consistency?
  5. Yep, secondaries are a trap.
  6. Azur Lane?!

    Probably because WG couldn't get the license for Kancolle... AL is from what I understand basically the same sort of thing.
  7. Post CBs Captain respec

    Yep, you're supposed to have it for about a week starting from the 25th.
  8. Need a map opt out.

    CV opt out first plox; kthxbai
  9. Goal is of course, as always, to git gud!
  10. Battleships are Painful

    Nah, BBs are still overpowered.
  11. ... and done! And all the turrets can be turned/"posed": And as shown before, the upper and lower hulls can separate such that the ship can be displayed as a waterline model
  12. They buffed Frontier and Hermes...
  13. I'm okay at this game now. I think...
  14. You practice. And then you potato. And you practice some more. And you potato some more. And so you keep practicing... etc.