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  1. I watched this subbed on a flight to Hong Kong a few years ago. The plot was alright, but I mostly enjoyed seeing the Yam and some of the side ships like the Nagato.
  2. pikohan

    0.10.4 Operations XP/Credits Bug

    That would be my tinfoil theory as well.
  3. pikohan

    PSA Operations EXP appear to have been nerfed again.

    If they don't want people to play Operations I wish they would just come out and say it. This sort of thing is scummy, getting old and perpetuates a dim view of the company.
  4. Hey WG, I was going to buy an Ise to play in Operations. How come you don't want my money?
  5. pikohan

    Flamu on the warpath

    I dunno know about what he says or does specifically, but I agree with his sentiment. Downvote me.
  6. WG has no incentive to balance the game because they are making plenty of money as is.
  7. You should be able to get smooth frame rates with the lowest settings at 1080p. Maybe even medium. When I started I was playing on the older Iris graphics and I could already manage that, so I'd expect the Xe to be at least as good.
  8. pikohan

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    It was my coop dmg record by a mile Last was like 280k in the Repub
  9. pikohan

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    I think OP is confused and playing a different game
  10. pikohan

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    Hey guys, I wanted to remind everyone that the game is perfectly balanced and the balance reflects the will of the players! EDIT: Hi suzu
  11. pikohan

    LEGO 1:350 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    This is a scratch build. There are some brick ship model kits you can buy, but not of the October and only from third party brands (ie Cobi).
  12. I recently completed this LEGO 1:350 scale model of the October Revolution and thought I'd share: Compared to my older 1:350 Kongo: The ship is about a foot and a half long, contains about 1000 parts, and powered by LEGO Powered Up elements Won't write too much since they keep deleting these threads, but here's a video with my commentary and the ship running: Have a nice day!
  13. pikohan

    So this map is still a thing

    I think it's fine. It kinda screws some ships more than others, but so do a lot of other maps.