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  1. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    PSA: Server back UP I am in

    1000 dubs. Is anyone else having game freeze since it came back up? My ping stays constant I just lock up from time to time?
  2. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    10.10 Ship graphics looking worse

    same map twice also
  3. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    10.10 Ship graphics looking worse

    Had texture not found in a few battles, both case the sky was red with those words in text, no blue sky or clouds
  4. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Homing Torpedoes Have To GO!

    20211101_182346_PZSD108-Hsien-Yang_37_Ridge.wowsreplay here see this video
  5. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Homing Torpedoes Have To GO!

    Sorry i didn't read thru everything, But I swore at some point I read the homing torps stop homing at a certain distance from each class of ship? Can someone clarify this please. I just had an issue happen back to back,and before i cry foul I'd like to know>>> But in both case I was running away from homing torps, I could not turn in, due to other ships, both times the torps appeared to staraithen out, and was going to pass on either side of me, and in both case as they was passing me they both turned in, while they was parrallel to me and fubar me. This doesnt seem right
  6. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Twilight Whirlwind

    Upon further testing I stand corrected you are correct, it does increase on the mini map, Thanks
  7. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Twilight Whirlwind

    ive seen while in a thorn for example, the range increase from 6k to 6.5k just by hovering over, I'll check that either way thanks
  8. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Twilight Whirlwind

    Further testing with plasma and medium range torps, neither get extended
  9. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Twilight Whirlwind

    So I posted a problem in the bug thread and got no answer, so I will start a specific thread to deal with this issue. When sailing in the Whirlwind, I have long range torps, 12km and as you kill monsters and are given the chance to extend torpedo range, my range does not increase, even after many times, my range has never increased past 12km....... So we are wasting a buff, as it is busted. Can anyone else please test this, and confirm it............I do not know if it happens on the plasma torps, or the standard torps, I am only sure it's happening on the long range torps.
  10. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Twilight Bug

    does anyone have any information about this being looked at?
  11. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Twilight Bug

    While in the whirlwind, the torps are starting at 12km, every time you select an upgrade to extend torpedo range, nothing changes, your torp range stays at 12km, so you either wasted an upgrade option, or it's not showing the increased range. Seems to show an increased range on every other boat with torps, just the whirlwind, But I have not been able to test each one properly
  12. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Credit where it's due: Submarine Development

  13. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Credit where it's due: Submarine Development

    can someone post the devblog link, i can't find it
  14. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Bug in Twilight Battles

    There is also a bug that when you select torpedo range, your torpedo range does not increase
  15. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso


    After playing this entire week, some changes really need to take place, maybe when a sub reaches max depth they cant be hit, but the fact they can go completely invisible, and not suffer some penalty in speed and can easily escape, escaping hydro which burns battery, chasing subs around and not even being able to catch them in a dd, is not even remotely correct