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  1. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    After Patch

    the sidepanel mod I use no longer has a radar or hydro option, everything seems fine with a few slight alterations, anyone know is this expected our are these two not updated
  2. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    huge lag spikes since last patch

    Yes, in fact my first match of the day took over 5 minutes to load, every match since then lag spikes and even a few black screens during zooming to fire, not cool
  3. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Can’t division since last nights server crash.

    We still have member with the exact same issue, in addition 2 of them cannot even create a ticket, I sent in a ticket for both of them and was also told it was fixed, if other players are having issue's have them send in a ticket, but they can't even do that. This is crazy
  4. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Long Queue Times and 9v9 Battles

    Ok well they have had an altered MM for sometime now, last few updates I believe, But since the last update , I have been in que with over 20BB 20 ca and 20DD, and still not dropped. Sorry but this is broken to say the least, some of you say, you would rather wait even up to 10 minutes if it meant closer games or better MM, but seriously it won't. I have been on teams where we had the better pr and wr, and gotten blown out, I have been on teams where according to MM, we didn't stand a chance and crushed them, the current MM is broken in all forms period, it has always been 2 tier variance and we all know that, so why complain now? Sometimes your the shark, and sometime your the bait. I would rather be in a tier 8 battle with all tier 10's if it meant, I didn't have to wait 5 minutes every battle, since the last update, the extremely long wait times has done nothing to improve game play, we still end up with players making terrible choices, so waiting that long and getting blown out, is worse, cause now we have another long que time to get slapped around again
  5. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    I am also running into a problem from Random battles, the post battle screen does not load, nothing does, I can get to port I can't close window unless I control alt delete, and then it shows 2 to 4 applications of wows running. What can we do?
  6. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Server Down?

    redirect isn't working........ servers still down errrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Commander Skills

    So what if you have say a clan of 40, and only 10 players play in a clan battle, will only the 10 be able to reset skills? Would be helpfull to know this so we can get everyone in a clan battle if need be
  8. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Update 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    I just started having a sound issue in battle, it doesn't happen with every shell that hits me, but it does happen about 75% of the time, I get a descending set of tons, when a shell lands, doesn't matter if I receive damage or not, but when I do receive damage I seem to taking much heavier damages also. it affects the sound when my own guns fire, they sound like guns firing off in the distance and not on my boat, if i'm in battle with more then one target firing on me, I have no auditory warning of shells coming from another target, as before when the game wasn't bugged, we heard small differences from shells fired from different enemies and from difference distance and locations. Nothing has been changed on my settings, all my drivers are up to date, I ran the repair program, and I even uninstalled game and reinstalled, lastly I shut everything down for 24 hours to let it all cool down, if it somehow had something to do with a possible heat issue, first game today the sound is still there. Man I tell you when something as minor as a sound issue changes, I am amazed at how much different it makes things........ I have sent in a ticket awaiting their input, but anyone else have any idea's I may have over looked
  9. Ok first of all, I don't know if this was due to the Slingshot affect or not, but, I had a Battle in my Worcester AA spec build, with AA flags, a Tier X IJPN Cv sent three complete squads at me, so in all 9 seperate attacks, I manged to kill a total of 5 planes, before I was completely destroyed. This happened in the first 4 minutes of battle I had zero time to even fire a salvo in offense, I was in range of a few other aa support boats as well, but nothing seems to matter, even my defensive AA didn't touch him........ Now factor in the matches with 2 cv's or even the lower tier battles with 3 on each side. Several things are very broken here, in the past the skill of a cv driver only affected the match in some ways, in todays game, one good cv driver can completely overpower the enemy......... I mean seriously when CV's are now earning confederates, close quarters, and even Krakens on a fairly regular basis, it's draining the life out of the game. Limit the game to one CV per match would go a long way to, all these talks about improving AA doesn't make us feel any better, because a top AA boat now, can be grossly inaffective, so boosting AA at best only brings it back to where it should be in the first place
  10. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso


    The amount of stars earned in the 11th season was bugged, we was getting credit for stars earned over and over, therefore they adjusted them to what we actually earned, you should have some remaining, that will reflect what you actually earned. FYI I lost mine also, sent in a ticket and that's what I was told
  11. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Can't access the Hall of Fame page, it says 403 error
  12. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Shoot 30 planes

    Been attempting to shoot down 30 planes since the challenge opened, I have total of 6 shot down. There is simply no way of getting a cv in battle unless you create a division and take a cv with it. But people do not stick around after each battle, or then grab a cv for the other person to get an equal chance. Limiting the challenge to DD and cruisers, is not the end of the world, but let's say you take a cruiser with good aa, and you actually get a cv in battle, likely they wont send any planes at you, unless you survive as the last man standing, and in say a Cleveland good luck with that, unless you run and hide all game, handicapping your team. Please something needs to be adjusted. I literally played nearly 60 battles already, and the restrictions on stage 1, of the Exeter challenge has become un-realistic at best................ As a follow up, the very next Random match I played, I took my Emerald out and low and behold a cv was located, I skirted the edge and fire at him, which he then focused his squads at me, 27 planes downed, stage 1 finished. Good luck all
  13. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Help Understanding how daily missions work?

    Ok thanks I understand so far, but today brings a new concern. We get 2 Daily combat missions each day, "right" so we are encouraged to do 3-6 or 20 for a bigger reward. How can we earn 9 let alone 20 combat missions in 2 days. What am I missing? What else counts towards Daily Missions?
  14. Robert_Birdiebutt_Johnso

    Help Understanding how daily missions work?

    I am trying to do the Daily Mission (Hard) and (Dreadnaught) I am using tier v or above, but I don't always get credit, even when I win and get over 250 xp.........what am I not getting