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  1. Harathan

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    I'll have to remember to start humming "Entry of the Gladiators" every time I see Jechill post.
  2. Harathan

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    Replay watched. No cheating, just someone who doesn't know how to play the game or how most of the mechanics work. Pretty much like everyone has been saying for 7 pages. Case closed.
  3. Harathan

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    It's D A C, you have to be on the sauce to listen to a thing he says anyway. That said, he raises what could be salient points that clearly need to be tested in a real-match environment.
  4. Harathan

    Submarines are Coming

    I haven't played WoWs in, oh, about 2 months? Didn't stop enjoying the game, just been putting my limited play time into other titles I've picked up recently. Today I thought, you know, I'll open the launcher, get the game patched up, see if anything interesting is happening. "Submarines are coming" Spat my beer all over my monitor. My wife was baffled as to what I found so absolutely hilarious. This was BEFORE I'd come to the forums to read up on the hysteria. Well played, WG. Well played. Oh wait, it's NOT April 1st? Well, poop.
  5. Yep, I'm thinking more of the T6's and T7's that are going to benefit. Level 3 upgrade Warspite?
  6. Has everyone forgotten WG's response to the GC debacle? "Based on player feedback, it seems that while balance is a concern for a minority, the majority just want their Premium ships to stay OP". WG's position is that PLAYERS don't care about game balance.
  7. Problem is, what WG thinks is a good idea and what their player base thinks is a good idea are not always the same thing.
  8. That's funny, cos the NTC certainly sounds like a "2am while hitting the bong a bit too hard" decision. "Guys...guys...guys......guys, I've got it! Why don't we let, right, players reset their progress at T10?" "Like...like...Prestige in CoD?" "Yeah...but like, we gotta make it, like, unique for us, right?" "Yeah..." "Yeah..." "I've got it! Ship bones. Bonses. Bonsus... upgrade! Ship upgrades! They can make the ships, like, more better!" "F***ing BRILLIANT DUDE!" "Man I'm so stoned right now. Where's my hat made of money?"
  9. I'm in an even worse spot: I will never get those extra buffs, because I long ago made the decision that I wasn't going to go past T8 - my only T9 (Iowa) is a port queen because I refuse to subject myself to T9/T10 games. I'm just not good enough at WoWs to enjoy playing at those tiers, or for anyone else to enjoy having me on their team. I don't even T8 all that much. So the players that are better than I am are not only going to outskill me, now their ships are going to be magically more powerful than mine and there's nothing I can do about it unless I choose to spend money converting XP (which I won't). Literally my only option for parity is to pay money for it. It's disgusting. And the MM changes? FFS WG, just make it +1/-1 like you've been asked a hundred times and be done with it, stop needlessly complicating things.
  10. Yeah, I cannot see how this is a good idea, for the reasons you enumerate.
  11. Harathan

    Lady Lex vs T10 in 8.5 AA

    Yep, triggered.
  12. Harathan

    Lady Lex vs T10 in 8.5 AA

    Here's some logic and facts: 30 CV games doesn't qualify you to tell other people how to play CVs. TRIGGER WARNING.
  13. Harathan

    Notser 8.5 Analysis of AA

    So there's still a skill gap, except now it's between those who can successfully do damage in a CV and those who can't. That's not an improvement, given that in the case of any other class the counter to skill is skill whereas the counter to planes is an automatic AOE. You're still going to end up in a situation where the only people playing CVs are the ones who do it really well. Then we're back to pre-rework CV numbers and wondering why WG bothered in the first place.
  14. Harathan

    What is the point of plane healz now?

    We've been bearing with you for six months. This excuse is getting a bit thin even to those of us who aren't rabidly anti-CV.