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  1. Harathan

    possible solution for GC situation

    Weak and useless? You've played it at T6, have you? Your omniscience convinced you that once it's T6 WG won't buff it if it looks like it needs it? If only we all had your fortune telling abilities.
  2. Dont be obtuse, it's got nothing to do with ship camo. It's just more of you whining. Suggesting "the EULA" printed on ships as a camo is just trolling and it got treated as such. Grow up.
  3. Harathan

    possible solution for GC situation

    No premium should be safe from buffs and nerfs, ever. Premiums need balance passes just like everything else, because WG dont always get it right first time, because game mechanics change, because balance changes elsewhere have a knock on effect. "May turn them into mere shadows.." May. You have no idea how the GC will perform at T6, because you haven't played her at that tier. Could be she'll fit right in with minimal changes. Could be she'll need a couple buffs. Could be WG will decide she doesn't quite fit at T6 either, drop her back down to T5 and hit her with the nerf bat a few times. We don't know yet. So maybe all this foaming mouthed outrage is a bit silly and premature. You got what you paid for - a ship called GC. After this change you'll still have a ship called GC.
  4. Harathan

    possible solution for GC situation

    Nope. You're not buying a ship, or its stats, you're buying the ability to play as a specifically named historically based ship. You're paying for the name. That's all. As an example, WG was selling HMS Hood, so I paid money for HMS Hood. WG subsequently balancing it does not mean it's no longer the HMS Hood. It's the same ship, balanced to fit with every other ship in the game, exactly like every ship in the game should be. If WG decided to move it to T6 or T8 because they felt it was performing at those levels, it'd still be HMS Hood. The only thing that'd change would be the opponents I'd face while driving it. All the car analogies people are trying to roll out are completely fallacious; we're talking about virtual items in a video game, there is no real world analogy because the laws covering the one vs the other are completely different, so no that's not "exactly what we're talking about". Nobody has taken a physical object you legally own away from you. Nobody has changed a physical object you legally own, or substituted it for anything else. It's a video game. If WG was taking away the GC entirely and refusing any form of compensation then they'd be on shaky legal ground (at least in some countries) but that's not what they're doing. They're changing some numbers on what is, essentially, a bunch of numbers with a specific name on top and they're doing it to make sure the game is fun for as many players as possible, something that they're both legally allowed to do and compelled to do to ensure the game is balanced. The only direct analogy is other virtual items being changed in this and other video games; as far as WoWs goes, Premiums have been getting tweaked for years. Granted they've always been small changes rather than a wholesale uptier, but they've happened. As far as other online games go, I've never seen this amount of outrage for any other game because most players favour balance over the cess pool that is P2W. And the alternative people keep spouting demanding WG simply stop selling certain ships is ludicrous; they didn't spend time doing all the work requiring to put a new ship in the game only to go "Oh it's broken, well we just won't sell it anymore." You fix stuff that's broken, you don't pretend it doesn't exist. Besides which, that kind of daftness would punish newer players; as an example, I play so I can own all the British ships. I particularly wanted Hood and Warspite. If those had been available to buy for a brief period and then pulled so I could never get them ever again and I'd joined after that point, I wouldn't have bothered playing WoWs at all let alone put any other money towards it.
  5. Harathan

    The Great Forum Shuffle!

    Well yeah, cos the alternative is the "Game Guides and Tutorials" subsection gets spammed all to hell with ship guides. @iKami Thoughts?
  6. Harathan

    possible solution for GC situation

    Whichever ship, Premium or otherwise, that needs a balance pass. Including any and all ships I own or plan on owning. Why is this a problem?
  7. Harathan

    The Great Forum Shuffle!

    Since "Discussions about Warships" is used 99% of the time to discuss ships currently in the game or going thru testing, I don't think it really makes sense to be under the "Historical" section - the commentary is more often reviews of ships and how to use them effectively, very rarely about the historical real world counterparts.
  8. Harathan

    The New Forum Layout doesn't Work

    I don't get why discussions about current warships in the game is now under the Historical section. That doesn't make sense.
  9. Harathan

    possible solution for GC situation

    Balancing the game is not "dangerous precedent".
  10. You may not be making the suggestion in earnest, but others have. Say WG buff every ship in T5 to deal with this one OP premium. T5s dont only play against other T5s, they play against everything from T4 to T7. So you'd also have to balance every ship in those tiers against the newly buffed T5s. And then you'd have to rebalance every other tier too, because of the knock on. Or, they could just rebalance one ship. One of these is a sensible idea. The other one isn't.
  11. I'd really prefer WoWs not go the same way honestly, and if that means some pain when Premiums are rebalanced I'm fine with that, even when it's Premiums I own that get the nerf bat.
  12. If GC is performing at closer to T6 levels than T5 levels, it needed balancing regardless of whether it's a Premium or not. So WG's choices were to nerf it so it performed closer to T5 levels, or bump it up a tier. Premiums cannot be immune to balance passes otherwise it screws up balancing for non-Premiums. Withdrawing from sale is a temporary fix; WG wants to sell their ships, they can't get any money back on the time spent developing and producing them otherwise. So that said, WG was always going to make some section of their players unhappy whichever route they took. I assume they chose to uptier because they felt it was the better choice than nerfing outright; if they'd gone the other way, I don't believe there would've been much less reaction from GC owners. It's not fraud by any legal definition of the term for a video game company to change their game after people have paid money, otherwise Blizzard would have been sued every time they updated World of Warcraft with a change people didn't like. I get the attempts to try making this an ethical argument and voting with your wallets is certainly your best fit as a response. But not everyone sees this as an ethics issue and you're not going to be able to drum out outrage in the folks that really just aren't outraged by this.
  13. Harathan

    DD population in Randoms?

    Agreed. Flooding was as much a utility for causing other damage later as it was a damage mechanic of itself, for DDs. And CVs, too. Maybe that utility value was really the issue rather than the outright damage.
  14. Harathan

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    WG wanting to make money off Premium ships rather than having them banned from sale? Crazy.