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  1. Harathan

    Bad Idea WG

    How else would he justify his complaining?
  2. Harathan

    Chat Ban

    Near as I can tell, the snowflakes are the ones who think freedom of speech means freedom from consequences. It doesn't and never has, but apparently US schools don't teach that bit.
  3. Harathan

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    I realise Fem is just stepping down from her WG role and not leaving entirely, but this seems like a good place to add a personal anecdote, if I may. I once had the pleasure of going up against Fem in a mid/late tier CV. Saw her name, figured I was in for a challenge but I'd stick it out. Managed to wipe out one of her first attack flights (with a strafe, obviously) for no losses. Was feeling pretty good about it. This was then followed by 15 minutes of her kicking my planes all over the map. It was... educational. But the reason I remember it is because the chat box remained completely free of comments giving me crap for my performance.
  4. Harathan

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    Maybe it'll rub off on WG one day.
  5. Harathan

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    Yeah, you did. Now we've got an entire page of you denying you said something, when it was literally quoted right in front of you. We really are a special crowd here on the WoWs forums.
  6. Harathan

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    I used to play MWO in a competitive team. We were in the last match of a best of 3 set, score was 1-1. I was leading this particular drop so I was piloting some of our heavier allocated tonnage. Spawned in, start up our mechs, began moving into position... and our old cat suddenly started vomiting all over the couch. Needles to say, being suddenly 1 man and 80 tons short less than a minute into the match didn't end well for my team. Literally right now as I type this, our new cat is attempting to lay on my arms, resting on the desk. Cats are evil.
  7. If I may inject myself here? Natural Selection (and it's sequel) by Unknown Worlds. PvP FPS game with asymmetrical balancing. One side is a ranged-weapon marines, the other is (mostly) melee aliens. They make small changes over time to keep the balance as close to 50/50 WR for each side as possible, and historically have done a pretty good job. The analogy is apt for CV vs DD; 75% of alien units have literally no ranged utility - a marine with ammo has the advantage at any range beyond "head bitten off". Asymmetric balance is possible in a PvP game, even if WG can't seem to manage it. Very different community tho, at least while I was there. When they dropped an update that swung it 40/60 or worse, you didn't get a crowd of people screaming for blood and threatening to never play the game again. Mostly, people trusted UW to fix it.
  8. Go ahead and try it. Since I know you won't, I'll let you know now: No decent CV player thinks that. Anyone who does is a bad CV player who will finish every match at the bottom of the scoreboard.
  9. The only time I've been deliberately shot at in at least the last year was by a co-op main, so put away the holier than thou crap.
  10. The only way your solution would be "fair" is if there's an option to opt out of playing vs ANY desired class. But honestly whether it's fair or not it's still a dumb idea; no online game with the numbers WoWs has is going to have parallel MM queues, fragmenting the playerbase and extending wait times for everyone, just to cater for a bunch of snowflakes who instead of wanting to play the game WG have made, want to play the one that's in their heads instead. Further, you continue with the delusion that just because part of the forum is extremely vocal about disliking CVs, that must mean the majority of players dislike CVs. Most players don't care. They just log in and hit battle and shoot ships. If there was an option to choose not to play against other classes, they'd still just log in and hit battle and shoot ships.
  11. My 10 year old managed to play thru to T5 in multiple lines. He found it fun the whole way. Maybe the problem isn't the game, chief.
  12. I have a feeling that the reason why CVs are not addressed is because only a 100th of the active player base is complaining about them, although they've convinced themselves that their view represents far more people. Everyone else is just playing the game as is without feeling the need to gripe on the forums.
  13. The great majority doesn't care, otherwise there'd be 100 times more people on the forum complaining about them. That's not an exaggeration, current average player numbers are around 4000 last I checked. There's all of 40 people on this forum, tops, who consistently complain about CVs. The majority are not on the forum because they're too busy in game, playing it exactly the way it is. A couple dozen people screaming and crying loudly and repeatedly doesn't, unfortunately for them, constitute a majority. That's why WG doesn't give much weight to the complaints; the folks making them are literally the vocal minority.
  14. Harathan

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    You don't get to decide that, WG does. You continue to be under the impression that this is *your* game, that it belongs to you somehow and that your judgement of "right" or "wrong" gameplay is the only correct judgment. Just like the rabid keyboard munchers who insisted that Star Wars shouldn't feature Asian actors; it's not up to you. The only place you get a say is your own head.
  15. Harathan


    He's claiming the sky is going to fall, just like he always does. "Everyone" was supposed to have quit the game in disgust after the carrier rework. Didn't happen. Same doomsaying, different topic. Still won't happen. I don't magically expect anything of WG. I have zero expectations. They want me to test Subs, so I'm testing Subs. If they're in a bad state when they go live, I'll complain about it then. The reason I don't subscribe to the doomsaying isn't because I have any faith in WG. It's because I'm not operating under the delusion that the forum represents the majority of the playerbase, let alone that the opinion of half the people on the forum somehow represents the majority of the playerbase.