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  1. Harathan

    Neutral poll on subs in 0.10.8

    Uh huh. I addressed everything you said l, told you your choice of game was valid and made a suggestion of how to shoehorn that into WoWs. Yes, I said just BBs, but you’re being deliberately myopic if you think the points made don’t equally apply to a “Jutland only” mode. But sure, I’m “ranting”. I’ll look out for a thread from your bunch advertising a Discord for training room based non-CV games, shall I? You’ll be starting a regular “Jutland only” training room night? Yeah, didn’t think so.
  2. Harathan

    Neutral poll on subs in 0.10.8

    I disagree. You specifically wanted a game without CVs, so you could sail around in battleships, against other battleships. That's never what WoWs has been. My analogy was correct, although I would amend it in light of your "opt in or opt out" suggestion; you and your friends are turning up to a soccer game at a soccer field with soccer goals set up at each end, then asking if the pitch can be split up so the ones that want to can play rugby instead. I'll say it again: a game wherein just battleships go up against just battleships sounds like great fun. But that's not what WoWs is and it never has been. And while WG has sometimes changed their stance on certain things, one of the things they've never relented on (and there's certainly more than a few players against it) is splitting up the player base between different versions of the same mode. They start with a check box to opt out of games with a CV. Ok, so why not a check box to opt out of games with DDs? CL/CAs? BBs? Subs? You understand? Players getting to choose who their opponents are before they even drop into a game completely wrecks the matchmaking and quite frankly the playerbase is not large enough to sustain that kind of splitting up. Plus, it's potentionally penalising those players who choose the less popular classes. "Want to play CVs, a class WG put into their game? Hope you like seeing bots, because WG gave people the option to not play with you just because you're playing the game the way WG intended!" That's extreme hyperbole you understand, but the essential point remains. You and your friends chose to play a game with CVs in it. I'm not trying to attack you directly or suggest you stop playing WoWs and it certainly isn't my way or no way. It's WG's way or find another way. This is the game you're playing. It has CVs in it. You don't get to complain about it after the fact, or rather, feel free to but it's not going to get you anywhere. I'm not defending WG on any level here, they're a bunch of tools, but even worse are the folks who come into WoWs and demand the game be changed to suit their tastes. Obviously I've focused on CVs here, but the same points stand vis a vis subs. Yep, they told us for years that we wouldn't have subs in the game. Then they changed their mind. And you know what? It's their game. They get to do that. Some of us might not like it and that being the case we're free to go elsewhere. We're free to offer our opinions on it, but expecting those opinions to be taken seriously is daft. Folks on the forum do not represent the majority of players. Folks on the forum who actually bother posting, even less so. Based on active player numbers, it turns out that the majority of players just want to play the game. By the way, if you do find a decent game where just battleships sling fire at each other, let us know. There's more than a few of us would play it, but I suspect most would keep playing WoWs too. If I may offer a suggestion, if there ARE plenty of players wanting to just go BB vs BB, why not set yourselves up a Discord and launch a training room, do it that way? MWO used to have an organised "Stock Mech Monday" which was similar; players who wanted the purity of stock mechs instead of min/maxed abominations organised themselves their own regular event and ran it themselves as private matches. No reward other than playing what you actually wanted to play. I suspect I know what the answer is; most of the folks who want BB vs BB want to be able to do all their credit earning and XP grinding in a BB vs BB mode, which is legit, but isn't WoWs.
  3. Harathan

    Neutral poll on subs in 0.10.8

    Then with all respect you came to the wrong game, because CVs have been here since the start. As have DDs, another pet hate of the Jutland-or-bust crowd. I totally get the desire to just play battleships vs battleships. It sounds like great fun! But this game isn't that and I have a list of insults as long as my arm for folks who demand it to be so. It's like turning up at someones soccer match and demanding they play rugby instead because you only like oval balls, not round ones.
  4. Harathan

    FDR needs a second round of tuning

    Hey Skp, if I understand the point you're trying to make, it's that the interactions between certain mechanics (if you set aside how the interaction was initiated) were so binary that quite often being on the receiving end of that mechanic felt like an interaction with something you had no control over. Is that correct? So only the initiation of the mechanic involved enough player interaction to warrant attention but the results of the interaction were, once initiated, outside the realm of player interaction?
  5. Let's see, my definite 20 years of doing tech support, vs these suggestions, hmm... I know you're trying to be helpful, but these suggestions weren't.
  6. Good for you. It's not working for us. On 3 separate computers in at least 2 different US states. Perversely, to submit a support ticket to report this, you have to be able to log in. So that's useful.
  7. It's not just you chief, I'm getting the same error. For reference I'm getting the same error from 2 different PCs, one in CA and one in VA. It's not us, it's a WG error.
  8. Harathan

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    I'll be damned I thought it was just me not paying attention, but it was happening way to often for that. No wonder my torps kept slamming into islands for no apparent reason.
  9. Harathan

    Submarine Testing

    With the original O2 mechanic, there was limit to thedive time but it could be recharged. Recharging it was very risky, but it wasn't a death sentence. Changing the mechanic so there's now a hard limit to how long a sub can be underwater before FORCING the player to become a sitting duck seems badly thought out. Saying to a sub player "you can play as a sub for 10 minutes and then you're done whether you like it or not" I just can't fathom the thought process there. Especially since they're then adding all the rest of the sub counter options on top of that. As it stands, the mechanic would essentially force subs to avoid battle entirely for at least the first 5 minutes so they can be sure of having enough capacity to last. I mean, I guess CVs will at least have some company while reversing to the edge of the map. And then on top of that, pings can be removed by DCP. So a sub is underwater using what is now precious dive capacity, to line up shots on ships that are almost certainly going to avoid the torps (because apparently subs primary target is now supposed to be DDs and CLs), to give away its own position with pings that can then be removed anyway, further decreasing chances of hitting anything but making sure that the target, a target entirely equipped to destroy subs, now knows roughly where the sub is. Did I miss anything? It's actively punishing people who want to play subs. I get there's certainly a segment of WoWs population who would endorse that, but then why bother even testing them?
  10. Harathan

    Bad Idea WG

    How else would he justify his complaining?
  11. Harathan

    Chat Ban

    Near as I can tell, the snowflakes are the ones who think freedom of speech means freedom from consequences. It doesn't and never has, but apparently US schools don't teach that bit.
  12. Harathan

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    I realise Fem is just stepping down from her WG role and not leaving entirely, but this seems like a good place to add a personal anecdote, if I may. I once had the pleasure of going up against Fem in a mid/late tier CV. Saw her name, figured I was in for a challenge but I'd stick it out. Managed to wipe out one of her first attack flights (with a strafe, obviously) for no losses. Was feeling pretty good about it. This was then followed by 15 minutes of her kicking my planes all over the map. It was... educational. But the reason I remember it is because the chat box remained completely free of comments giving me crap for my performance.
  13. Harathan

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    Maybe it'll rub off on WG one day.
  14. Harathan

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    Yeah, you did. Now we've got an entire page of you denying you said something, when it was literally quoted right in front of you. We really are a special crowd here on the WoWs forums.
  15. Harathan

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    I used to play MWO in a competitive team. We were in the last match of a best of 3 set, score was 1-1. I was leading this particular drop so I was piloting some of our heavier allocated tonnage. Spawned in, start up our mechs, began moving into position... and our old cat suddenly started vomiting all over the couch. Needles to say, being suddenly 1 man and 80 tons short less than a minute into the match didn't end well for my team. Literally right now as I type this, our new cat is attempting to lay on my arms, resting on the desk. Cats are evil.