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  1. SaiIor_Moon

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    Well I say "buffed" but yes, I mean maintain the ORIGINAL STATUS of secondaries (with the -60% dispersion buff) but with the added range "buff". Technically though, it'd be a nice big buff for lower-tier secondaries builds, so I guess there's that : ) But yes, I agree that a negative condition, such as a reload penalty, would have been preferable on Dead Eye.
  2. SaiIor_Moon

    Upcoming Captain skill rebork

    lols, this literally makes NO sense at all, ahahahaha!!!!
  3. SaiIor_Moon

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    Honestly, I'd accept this. If Dead Eye was going to become a NEW way of playing BBs instead of just the ol' survivability build, then the secondaries builds should have been buffed, not nerfed, to compete. THREE different builds. Variety! Although I STILL say that Dead Eye's condition should be changed, even in this scenario.
  4. SaiIor_Moon

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    Amazing match! See, I think that's just it, Wargaming needs to buff Italian BBs dispersion/sigma values and make them literally more accurate, as opposed to just using Dead Eye as a Band-Aid fix.
  5. Yeah, tbh, the way I've done my fairly recent AA testing, is against a moderately competent player CV (not unicum which is fine), in Training Map. So he'd come at me with squadron after squadron, trying to sink me (I AM moving btw, not stationary), and I'd do my best to use mitigation techniques and my AA to clear planes (even using sector Reinforcement appropriately). Ultimately, I was always sunk, though. I find bot CVs to be REALLY easy to counter, so I'm guessing that bot surface ships probably don't take the necessary mitigation techniques against planes either....although I'm not entire certain, since I have not tested that particular scenario yet.
  6. SaiIor_Moon

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    Off-topic, but isn't that Lyn from Fire Emblem in your sig? <3
  7. SaiIor_Moon

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    aka, the "condition" of Dead Eye. Not so much the buff itself, which, while honestly a bit too powerful, was not ultimately the REAL issue, imo. Ok, I had to single this part out. You HONESTLY think that because Dead Eye is going to be gone, there will be more Slava/Thunderer divs because of that? There ALREADY ARE endless Thunderer/Slava divs, and they were even MORE ridiculous with Dead Eye, lols! They really do not need any more buffs. And I say this, because I have Thunderer, and it is so overtuned even without Dead Eye it's nuts. It feels almost unfair to play it XD (just my personal opinion, of course)
  8. SaiIor_Moon

    Submarine Day 2021

  9. SaiIor_Moon

    Autumn skill reset means

    Now THAT is F U N A N D E N G A G I N G ! ! ! /s
  10. SaiIor_Moon

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    It's actually worse because of the way the math is, IIRC, it's a bigger boost than advertised, which is why the nerf to secondaries dispersion is ALSO a bigger nerf than expected. It's basically the same concept, but in reverse. Sorry if I didn't explain that too well, ahaha!! ~-~°(^v^;)°~-~
  11. SaiIor_Moon

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    Tbh, I've been enjoying builds I've been recently making WITHOUT Dead Eye, it's such a breath of fresh air! Whether you love or hate Dead Eye's ridiculously strong dispersion buff(seriously, with Dead Eye, I feel like I get hits that I have no business hitting at those ranges), Dead Eye's condition was absolute trash and pandered to an honestly TERRIBLE snipe in back meta, and while I'm not particularly looking forward to Swift in Silence (seems wayyyy too situational, maybe it's a placeholder skill?), I'm VERY happy that Wargaming is actually seemingly listening to feedback and changing Dead Eye. Yes, a few BBs will suffer a bit, but that's all the more reason to DIRECTLY buff the Italian BB line's accuracy, as well as Roma/AL Littorio. Dead Eye should not be a crutch for those ships, they need actual buffing. And we all know Thunderer and Slava did NOT need Dead Eye lols. And furthermore, more changes are planned, so I have hope for secondaries accuracy being buffed! Because let's face it, that nerf was WAY too heavy-handed. Btw, had this match yesterday, no Dead Eye, HE only (HE is surprisingly decent with 14in guns), 100% fun XD Yes, ACTUAL FUN IN RANDOMS! And yes, I citadeled a ship with HE, and I can't remember which ship hahaha!!!
  12. SaiIor_Moon

    Sigma For Italian BB's

    This is correct, Littorio-class battleships have 9 15in guns.
  13. SaiIor_Moon

    Sigma For Italian BB's

    This is EXACTLY what they should have done. Particularly with those dumb Italian HE 15mm pen secondaries that literally can't pen anything even with IFHE on. But no, SAP secondaries are coming alright....on the new premium CRUISER, Napoli. Not the Italian BBs that ACTUALLY need SAP secondaries, but the shiny new cruiser lols! It's a complete joke. The whole Italian BB line is just lackluster....you've got poor reload times, poor range, poor accuracy, the WORST secondaries possible....Honestly, I don't really know what the strengths are of this line. SAP?....armor layout? On SOME ships, kinda sorta? They could use a little love imo...
  14. Or to pick up a weapon, geez.... This is off-topic, but it's too epic, wowie.