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  1. SaiIor_Moon

    Your monthly super container

    1st time EVER. It exists!!! 1500 steel SC!!! ~-~°(*v*)°~-~
  2. Unless Wargaming decides it's 75 or 100 expendable camos. Which is still fine, you'll have 2/3rds or 1/2 of the camos needed, depending. Fact is, you can make permacamos and 50 camo SCs would no longer be completely undesirable! :D
  3. Yahoo! This is what I like to see! Thanks all for the support! Here's hoping Wargaming sees fit to add in this amazing option that benefits EVERYONE (WG included!)!
  4. SaiIor_Moon

    it's wow

  5. Well actually, they CAN. Consider this, you still have to BUY (or collect) expendable camos (lots of them!) just to make even one permacamo. And people will still buy permacamos anyways if they like the look of it, regardless of what permacamos they can make. What if you want the Kobayashi camo that comes with Roma? You can't exactly make that yourself. So if you want the pope hat, you gotta buy that permacamo :P And the "50 camos" number could actually be 75, or even as much as 100 camos for one permacamo. It's up to Wargaming, really. I'm just giving them the basic idea.
  6. Exactly what it says in the thread title! Wargaming should simply add an option to forge 50 expendable camos (all the same ones of course) into a single permanent camo! For example, let's say you want West Virginia '41 to wear MS-21, because it's very historical! But MS-21 is an expendable camo. Well, with this system added, you can take 50 of those MS-21 expendable camos, and forge them into a permanent version for that ship!! Want to give one to Lexington? Take another 50 camos of the same pattern and forge them into a new permacamo for her. Do this with ANY camo pattern you like! Love the Hunter camo? Make it a permacamo by using up 50 expendable Hunter camos. Maybe you want something limited like Azur Lane Siren camo? 50 of those, and presto, you get a permacamo! The possibilities are endless! (and this will indirectly increase the value of all those expendable camos for use in the system, for making permacamos! Players will buy expendable camos more often to forge their favorite permacamos for their ships!) This also allows you to make permacamos for ships that DON'T have permacamos at all!! What if you want the "For Meritorious Service" camo permanently on your Wyoming (which has NO permacamo options)? With this addition to the game, now you can! For the record, this addition is NOT NEW per se, since a version of it actually exists on WoWs Legends. The Legends version lets you take 25 expendable camos and allows you to forge them into a single permacamo for any ship! However, for WoWs Legends, you would need to use the Paint resource (acquired from melting down expendable camos) to "upgrade" the new permacamo, to boost the combat bonuses! However, since the Camo/Economic Separation Rework is effectively ELIMINATING those bonuses on camos....this entire Paint mechanic is no longer necessary! So really, all Wargaming has to do is add the option to forge a permacamo from the prerequisite number of expendable camos. 50 expendable camos (twice that of WoWs Legends) makes sense, since WoWs PC players will NOT have to "upgrade" their new permacamos. that's a lotta permacamos @Boggzy @Ahskance @Maredraco @Konception If you guys wanna have a looksee!
  7. SaiIor_Moon

    USA Needs it's SuperBattleShip!

    You have my attention. 👀
  8. True, but you'll like the "Make Your Own Permacamo" option. It's REALLY nice. My guess is that, for WoWs PC, since you don't have to upgrade the camos, it would simply require more camos to make (say, 50 expendable camos for one permacamo of the same type). MS-21 historical permacamo on West Virginia '41 or Lexington... 👀
  9. SaiIor_Moon

    Which is better?

    I'm going to say Montana, for Randoms. She's a solid battleship across the board. Even her secondaries, while not accurate, fire far and fast enough, and have decent fire chance! Her main battery performance is perfectly fine, she's reasonably accurate, her armor profile's fine, she has an underwater citadel IIRC...and to top it off, she looks great! ~-~°(◠.◠)°v~-~ That said, in a 1v1, if Grosser Kurfurst gets into secondaries range of Montana, the advantage definitely goes to her, due to 32mm pen on her secondaries and slightly better secondary accuracy (+22.5%).
  10. True, but I would LOVE the ability form WoWs Legends where you take like 25 expendable camos of a certain pattern and create a permanent camo for a ship! For example: You take 25 MS-21 expendable camos, and forge them into a permanent MS-21 camo! VERY cool. (Paint mechanic may not be necessary, since camos themselves have no bonuses!)