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  1. Two extremes, in here a post that referenced Herman Melville's book about a great white whale got edited, in game anything goes. How about a little less strict in here and a little more serious in game.
  2. LB_Binghamton

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    This is a recruiting thread, we want people to join, a 12 out of 19 post tirade will not help, please just stop. If you feel compelled to vent further, switch to private messages, please keep it out of the recruitment thread.
  3. LB_Binghamton

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    Whoa, a guy just had a nervous breakdown in our recruitment thread. That is not good for business.
  4. LB_Binghamton

    Uninstalling this stupid game

    The OP is taking a beating, because he kinda deserves it. Commander_367 and Ghost_Raven75 Will not be exchanging Christmas cards.
  5. LB_Binghamton

    The Dashas: What's their backstory?

    I’m pretty. Not like everybody says, like ugly. I’m pretty and I want to get monetized! Fredo GFII
  6. LB_Binghamton

    The Single Worst Ship for the Game?

    Blasto making people angry for over a tenth of a decade. Bless his heart.
  7. LB_Binghamton

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    This. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a vacation and not playing for 4 months. My question is where is WolfA? Has anyone contacted them? I would love to hear their side, if they are operating with a different set of rules, that should be addressed. Our credibility is riding on this, we can't make claims and let each chapter pick and choose which rules they like, all or nothing. I also need clarification, is it 10 oil every day, or average 10 oil a day, big difference. I may only play 3 times a week but I if i get 70 oil that week it's all good. I've been in WolfB for 337 days and contributed 5390 oil so I'm averaging 16 oil a day, I'm a potato at higher levels, a casual player and I never play 20 games a day. If you are average or even below average like me averaging 10 oil a day is easy.
  8. LB_Binghamton

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    In case anyone needed another reason to join a clan, they are expanding the bonuses. This is preliminary info and not in game yet, so subject to change. Basically, fully maxed, a 2.0 Clan Base would have (assuming it releases live as-is): +10% coal bonus +10% steel bonus +25% free XP bonus +10% (elite) commander XP bonus -20% service cost bonus +5% ship XP bonus -15% ship cost bonus Join a Wolf clan and get free stuff for just playing.
  9. LB_Binghamton

    Torpedo Tuesday - Launching an Attack

    So you know how to play around radar but choose not to, and still complain about it and have been for two months?
  10. LB_Binghamton

    The New WGC Launcher

    I'm not doing anything right now, too many horror stories about losing internet access, losing access to the game itself, even messing up the users computer. Why would anyone download something that might do any of that? Until there is a strong consensus among the player base that it is 100% safe and effective I want nothing to do with it. If the time comes when there is a ultimatum to use a bad/destructive piece of software or you can't play, I won't play.
  11. LB_Binghamton

    Sharks vs Eagles?

    That was a big guy, but he never killed a human, so kind of a wimp compared to a cow.
  12. LB_Binghamton

    Sharks vs Eagles?

    Yes but only by 0.5 per year in America. One shark fatality every two years, neither is much of a threat to humans. You want a real killer? Dogs, deer, bees, cows and horses each kill 20 Americans a year, that's 19.5 more than sharks. Where is cow week?
  13. LB_Binghamton

    Does Omaha deserve a buff?

    They accidentally nerfed the Omaha back in 2016. Everyone was screaming about the OP Cleveland, no one was saying anything about the Omaha, so they nerf the Cleveland and the Omaha gets the same nerfing, turret turn time and range. Improve the armor, turret turn, and range, it's the right thing to do.