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  1. Rotten_Fish

    Sound Swaps?

    Hello, I have no mod experience with WoWS, but I believe I once read that the sounds of the guns firing can be changed - ex.; the sound of the Prinz Eugen's guns assigned to the firing of the Yorck's. Is such a change possible by a non-"modder", or, would such a change require an individual experienced with modifications to effect? Thanks to all for your time, and thoughts. Peace.
  2. Hello, I have no mod experience with WoWS, but I believe I once read that the sounds of the guns firing can be changed - ex.; the sound of the Prinz Eugen's guns assigned to the firing of the Yorck's. Is such a change possible by a non-"modder", or, would such a change require an individual experienced with modifications to effect? Thanks to all for your time, and thoughts. Peace.
  3. I've always been of the opinion that WoWS was supposed to be about ships fighting ships. I wouldn't deny those who wished to include carriers their desire, but I would have made them a peripheral unit, not the OP Uberboots they seem to have become. I also would have put some of this recent energy into improving the play dynamics of surface ships - such as being able to independently target fore and aft batteries, just for starters. Peace.
  4. Friend, I see that you've only posted twice; please consider using punctuation in the future, it will make your thoughts much easier to read. Peace
  5. Tres cool! (sorry, not sure how to put an accent on the "e")
  6. Rotten_Fish

    Playing the Kronshtadt

    Thank you for the info, I truly appreciate it. I'm optimistic, as I'm only 749,000 XP short.... Re: Alaska; if they model her with any fidelity to her real-life characteristics, you'll love her - until you get hit by a torpedo...…… Most American ships are designed to work as part of a fleet, with specific ships performing specific duties - again, in real life. AK had literally no torp protection, and as such, was intended to operate behind a screen of DDs/CLs/CAs, whatever was available. But again, this is real life; how WG will model her is up to them. Peace
  7. I've always considered it disingenuous, or downright dishonorable to complain when things don't go your way, but not give appropriate accolades when they do. A couple of days ago, I told my account of purchasing a 20X Santa's Mega Gift Box, and out of the 20 drawings, 11 were for the New Year's Streamer camo, for a total of 220 of the same. I did receive a Tier-VI DD, which I was grateful for, but my specific complaint was for the lack of diversity in the random gift drawings (NOT for the fact that I didn't receive enough ships!), given that WoWS has such a diverse catalogue of possible gifts. So, given that I was in a jovial mood, I said; "(expletive deleted) it, what's $75? I'll give WG a chance to redeem themselves. I was ready for another avalanche of New Year's camo; completely prepared. And what did happen? Whelp...…. Drawing 1: A Kii. I thought this was my ship for the box, and the cascade of camos would now ensue. Drawing 2: 20x NY camo. Ah-ha! Told you! Here we go, I thought. Drawing 3: Okhotnik. Wow, two ships in one drawing. The onslaught is sure to start, now... Drawing 4: 5x Mosaic camo. Hmmm...… What's going on here? Drawing 5: 30x Hydra signal. Now I'm looking behind my 32" monitor to make sure I don't have gremlins patching in a bogus signal... Drawing 6: Gallant. Checking my drink for traces of previously imbibed LSD....this can't be happening...? Drawing 7: 30x Ouroboros. I'm completely incredulous at this point, as the drawings were unique, and very valuable. This can't continue, I thought... Drawing 8: Kamikaze. Which is what I was about ready to do at this point. What in the @$$? Drawing 9: DeGrasse. Now I'm starting to feel downright guilty for my prior complaining. Even if all the rest were all NY camos, this was an awesome box! Drawings 10 & 11: 2,000 doubloons, each. 4,000 doubloons to crown off 5 nice ships, and a nice assortment of signals and camo. Just dumbfounded at this point. Drawing 12: 30x Leviathan. Ummm…..? Drawing 13: 2,000 doubloons. Facepalm. Drawing 14: 20x NY camo. I actually felt a little relieved with that one; this was becoming highway robbery, and I was starting to feel bad for WG... Drawing 15: 5x Spring Sky. Another nice camo. Drawing 16: Haida. Relief is short lived, as I'm now up to 6 ships, and a great assortment of signals, camo, and doubloons. Drawing 17: 2,000 doubloons. Sigh. Now I'm literally WISHING for more NY camo, as I feel like I'm *truly* robbing WG... Drawing 18: 30x Red Dragon. No respite from the good luck. I'm just going to have to be strong, and take all these great gifts like a man. Drawing 19: 20x NY camo. FINALLY! Some bad luck! It was about time! Drawing 20: 20x NY camo. I was so relieved! This box was so lopsided, that I honestly felt bad for WG! All silliness aside, as I said, if one is going to complain when things don't go well, they should also speak up, and give the establishment (WG) due credit, when things go extremely well. It's obvious that I just got two particularly uneven drawings; the first was very unfavorable (220 NY camo), the second was very favorable (6 ships, 8k doubloons, and a great assortment of camo and signals). As long as there is a realistic possibility for things to go extremely well, as well as extremely unfavorably, I have no complaints - balance is key. Thanks WG!!!
  8. Rotten_Fish

    Playing the Kronshtadt

    I didn't realize they were for sale - I thought they were awarded for some incredible feat or another. Are they for sale?
  9. Rotten_Fish

    Santa's 20X Mega Gift Boxes ($75 worth)

    Egg-zactly, thank you!
  10. Rotten_Fish

    Santa's 20X Mega Gift Boxes ($75 worth)

    Can't go wrong with that!
  11. Rotten_Fish

    Santa's 20X Mega Gift Boxes ($75 worth)

  12. Rotten_Fish

    Santa's 20X Mega Gift Boxes ($75 worth)

    That's what I'm talking about! I have always had a special place in my heart for mechanical art, and Ducati's desmodromic bikes were included. Given south Florida's drivers, and the fact that I lost two friends to them, I hung up my helmet long ago. My last bike was a Seka 650 turbo - ancient history, as you probably know. However, little did I know that I was destined to pick that helmet up again, as I am fortunate enough to own a C6 Z06, into which we shoehorned a 427 ZL-1 big block, in place of the LS7 small block (which I kept, in case of unlikely resale). The car is a total widowmaker, going low 9s at just shy of 160 mph, ON MOTOR, no juice! Obviously, that's with drag radials, and the benefit of south Florida's sea level air pressure. The big block and roll cage added a little weight, but, better for traction..... I wish you luck in acquiring your 16....forget another premium ship! Oops, a little too OT at this point.... Peace, and stay safe!
  13. Rotten_Fish

    FDG Buff Greatly Appreciated!

    It's 22.9 - in essence, 23, just FYI.
  14. Rotten_Fish

    Santa's 20X Mega Gift Boxes ($75 worth)

  15. Rotten_Fish

    Santa's 20X Mega Gift Boxes ($75 worth)

    Thank you all for your replies, but other than desmo, I suspect that my statement was misunderstood by many. I will try to condense my otherwise verbose post, as much as possible. 1) I never complained about not receiving any particular ship 2) I never complained about not receiving ships, period 3) I was expressly grateful for the destroyer that I did receive 4) My only specific complaint was the following: >> I really felt that WG could have done a little better than 220 units of the same camo. << I regret that I didn't keep a copy of my original note to WG, as I specifically told them that my lament was *NOT* about the receipt, or lack thereof, of any premium, or tech tree ships. Considering 113 possible camos, and 25 different signals, receiving 11 New Year's Camos out of 20 drawings, entails a possibility of roughly one in 1017 (that's one in a hundred quadrillion, for the less mathematically inclined among us). I did not include consumables in the calculation, as the number would have been even more absurd. With all due respect, that hardly sounds random - in fact, it sounds more than a little rigged. BTW, Desmo, do you own one of the Ducati Desmo models? I ask because about 10 years ago, I designed a 975 cubic-inch (16.25 litre), true boxer (not just a 180-degree V-design), 16-cylinder engine, with a hydraulically controlled, desmodromic valvetrain. Given the right choices of materials at critical points in the engine, we were able to attain just over 4k hp (4,028 hp, to be precise), at 14,650 rpm. We got a max BMEP of 216, and E0 of .35 - mostly thanks to the fact that the valvetrain was under meticulous control at all times. That experience made me a huge fan of desmo valvetrains. Another miracle of that engine was how we dealt with the daunting task of clearing out the 6 MEGAwatts of waste heat that was being produced at full throttle...…. Peace.