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  1. Yeah, BB catapult fighters were nerfed from their original 6-minute duration because it just gave excessively good spotting of torpedoes and other ships, which is something BB's aren't supposed to be really good at for game balance reasons.
  2. First tier 10?

    I started playing back at launch when there were only 8 ship lines to choose from, but my first tier 10 was Zao. I've never played it all that frequently but I usually do very well in it. It's the ship I had my personal best damage game in.
  3. American BBs Left Behind?

    No it wouldn't have made sense. Aiming an artillery battery with a radar doesn't make the dispersion tighter on long-range shots..
  4. American BBs Left Behind?

    Personally, I'm very glad that all ships in the game from pre-WW1 protected cruisers to the Iowa all use the same fire control system (ie: the game's aiming interface.) I don't think it would be a great thing for the game if WG concocted some deliberately worse aiming interfaces and forced ships with worse fire control systems in the real world to use them.
  5. American BBs Left Behind?

    No, I don't think there's much of a problem with American BB's, especially at high tiers. They are appreciably more accurate and stealthy than their German counterparts, which are both huge strengths. Also, while not having a turtleback kind of sucks sometimes, not getting deleted by AP divebombers is occasionally a nice offsetting perk. And the crown of the line, Montana, is probably the best overall BB in the game, so there's a lot of reason to grind up the line.
  6. What ships best up-tier?

    I generally find that destroyers uptier pretty gracefully. Spotting, capping and providing smoke screens are viable activities even when bottom tier. Also, tier increases for DD's don't tend to come with massive boosts to combat power, so you can still potentially do well in artillery exchanges if you shoot first. (A Farragut will do a hell of a lot better in a fight with a Z-23 than a New Mexico will do against a Bismark.) Finally, even enemies two tiers above you have to fear your torpedoes, so you've got some very realistic threat projection. For battleships and cruisers, I generally find the best performers at bottom tier are just ships with long range for their tier, since it allows you to at least engage higher tier enemies from the same ranges they want to engage you, if not longer. Some specific ships that can do that would be the Fuso and Algerie. Carriers at bottom tier are basically relegated to trying to spot DD's and conserving their planes for later in the game when some of the enemies have hopefully gotten their AA shaved down by HE fire. Trying to do an airstrike on a fresh target two tiers above you that still has all its AA guns is usually a hopeless waste of planes.
  7. I think I'm going to stick with the existing torpedoes and TA for my Gearing captain because I really like having the option to outrange any radar. I know you don't get many hits launching torpedoes from 12 km, but you do get some hits and there are times when the enemy team has so many freaking radar ships it's just an important option to have, in my opinion. (My last Gearing game the enemy team had 2 Des Moines, 2 Clevelands and a Missouri.) I love the idea of long lances on my Zao and will be mounting those right away, though.
  8. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    It's really just kind of looking to start a fight when you get word that some other ships (that don't perform all that impressively) are getting buffed and interpret that as a sign that the developer "hates" your favorite ships because they aren't getting buffed instead. I've never liked that the Zao uses the type F3 instead of Ibuki's type 93's. Longer range torpedoes are more useful on a stealthy cruiser. Stealth torping people is just about the only way you even can have fun in an Ibuki. It just kind of feels wrong that the Zao loses that option. Putting type 93's on the Zao is not some form of "hate" on the IJN DD line. It's giving the tier 10 IJN CA an option it probably should have, especially given that the Zao isn't the world-burner it once was and could probably use a small nudge in effectiveness.
  9. Broken Cruiser Play

    Well, what do you think their "messup" is? That people are playing cruisers right after a patch that's all about cruisers? That cruisers can't take damage very well so they have to play fairly defensively and use terrain? Players have a "camping attitude" in cruisers because that's by far the most effective way to play them. It's extremely unlikely that Wargaming is going to massively alter how cruisers work at this point. The game (especially the maps) is heavily designed around that core playstyle.
  10. Straffing

    It would give a new dimension to CV's in that they could opt to expend their fighters making targets for their bombers more vulnerable rather than intercepting enemy planes, but it wouldn't add any new dimension to surface ship play other than making AA builds even less appealing than they already are. "I spent a bunch of captain points and module slots on improving my AA and the CV player destroyed half my AA guns himself before even sending in his bombers. Great."
  11. When to use AP?

    For the Z-46 and Z-52, shoot AP at anything broadside. They have fast fuses and will usually even get penetrating hits on DD's. Hitting an enemy DD for over 4k per salvo adds up quick. Aim at the upper hull for broadside cruisers and BB's to get the same. Even against angled larger ships you can often get a couple thousand damage per salvo by aiming at the superstructure and hoping a couple shells find a flat surface. Basically, just try using the AP most of the time. You'll probably find this gets better results than defaulting to the HE.
  12. I'm not surprised, but that kind of reinforces the point. There's no convenient way for an English speaker to get any official information on the game because the devs don't seem to be making any attempt to reach the American market. The only English resources I saw were things like subReddits and Wikia fandom pages. I'm sure those could tell me how to play the game if I wanted to, but I doubt it's going to be a very lucrative collaboration for WG if that's all they'd have to point their American fans to.
  13. Got citadel hits on a Tirpitz with 2 consecutive salvos from my Algerie. Best guess is it was caused by crazy random ricochets off the barbettes. Got Solo Warrior in the original pre-buff version of the T-22 that could barely even float, let alone carry anything as heavy as a tier 5 game. Shot down a plane in the Wakatake.
  14. How do you figure? To get Confederate in ranked, you have to deal significant damage to all but one member of the enemy team. That doesn't seem easier than doing it in Random to me. Ok, your two main points seem to be that Confederate is earned more often and more early in games than Kracken Unleashed and that tying a powerful buff to it is therefore a mistake. I'm not sure I agree with this. First, it's worth pointing out that the Halsey Confederate buff is weaker than the Yamamoto Kracken buff, which means WG is clearly aware it will be successfully activated more often. Second, checking my personal stats as others have in this thread, I see that I only earn Confederate in a bit more than 3% of my games. Even if I was deliberately trying to get it, I doubt I could make that rise more than another 1% or so. Third, and I think the most important, I definitely do not see people earning Confederate achievements early in games very often. Getting Confederate quickly in a game would mean that you engaged half the enemy team (or virtually the entire enemy team in ranked) and didn't get sunk yourself. If you pulled that off, it's probably because the enemy team is collapsing already, and the Halsey buff would just be for mopping up, like the Yamamoto Kracken buff. The more likely scenario for earning Confederate, and how I earn most of mine, is the kind of late game scenario where you've already survived several skirmishes and end up completing the requirements on one of the last 3 or 4 surviving enemies. This is the same kind of scenario where I've earned virtually all of my Kracken achievements too, of course. Anyone who puts Halsey in an American ship and goes rushing in trying to get Confederate as quickly as possible is probably going to be more of a liability to their team than an asset, especially if they put him in an American cruiser, since they almost require a conservative playstyle to succeed. It will be activated more often than the Yamamoto buff, but I think that just like the Yamamoto buff, it will almost always be activated very late in a game after the outcome has already been decided. That's just how players get the vast majority of their Confederate achievements.
  15. Time to fix broken HE

    Ok, so basically you're saying light cruisers and destroyers should be largely incapable of damaging battleships with their guns. And what is the objective here? Oh, right: Can you provide any numbers to indicate that HE spamming cruisers are putting out "ridiculous" damage? I just checked Warships Today's top 10 average damage figures for the last 2 weeks for every tier from 4 to 10. Guess what I found: Tier 4: 7 BB's, 2 CV's and Shenyang. No HE spammers unless you want to call a Pan Asian DD an HE spammer. Tier 5: 5 BB's, 2 CV's and the three different versions of Kamikaze. No HE spammers. Tier 6: 9 BB's and a CV. No HE spammers. Tier 7: 5 BB's, 3 CV's and Belfast and Flint. 2 HE spammers. Tier 8: 6 BB's, 3 CV's and Kutuzov. 1 HE spammer. Tier 9: 6 BB's, 2 CV's and Roon and Saint Louis. 2 HE spammers. Tier 10: 5 BB's, 2 CV's and Hindenburg, Zao and Henri IV. 3 HE spammers. We really, really, REALLY don't need a "nerf cruisers" thread every day. They are just not doing that much damage. I know it's annoying to be on fire, but the damage just isn't as high as you seem to think it is, and you're almost certainly taking more damage from enemy BB's on average. Seriously? That's your threshold for "ridiculous" damage that needs to be nerfed? These terrifying heavy cruisers (which only shoot 2 to 3 times faster than you) are hitting your battleship so hard they might kill you in ~15 salvos if you don't use Repair Party or just get a Devastating Strike on them? Get over it.