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  1. I stole First Blood from a teammate yesterday in my Algerie with a salvo from near maximum range that landed a single shell for exactly 1 point of damage. I felt a little bad about that, but mostly I just laughed.
  2. I don't think there's really a "trick" to getting flood damage. Sometimes you just land a single torpedo on somebody who used their Damage Control Party 30 seconds ago and you end up getting a ton of flood damage. It's fairly inconsistent, although the best targets are going to be BB's that are taking sustained HE fire, as many of them will have already used DCP by the time the torpedoes arrive. I just played 5 games in DD's and my flood damage was as follows: Game 1: 1083 Game 2: 0 Game 3: 3758 Game 4: 0 Game 5: 11138 So just under 16k food damage done in 5 games, but 70% of that total came from a single torpedo. So, thanks to that Des Moines for eating a fish with his DCP on cooldown, and I expect finishing the rest of the 50k flood damage is going to be similarly streaky.
  3. It's mainly a skill for carriers. The ships that should consider it are only a handful of special exceptions, because captain points are just too valuable to spend on something so marginal most of the time.
  4. How in the hell is .1 sigma more important than a 18.3% increase in hitpoints? You do realize that BB's are supposed to absorb damage for the team in addition to long-range sniping, right? Edit: Would you lower the Montana's hitpoints to 78.6k in order to raise its sigma by .1? Because that would be the same deal.
  5. Yeah, it's not about the right ship. It's about finding the right situation. I got it in my Fletcher by launching torpedoes at a bow-on Montana that was trying to reverse out of being focus fired by three allies. I knew there was a good chance he'd already used his DCP since he was being showered with HE.
  6. Yeah, I never had an issue with Colorado's gun arcs either. The ship is quite maneuverable so it's really not a problem to zig-zag and unmask the guns for a shot. The low speed was frequently a problem, but that's never going to change for the USN standards so we just have to work around it by giving them other nice features, which is what this change does. 9200 more hitpoints is a nice boost. Sure, modeling the Maryland's hull for the upgrade would have been a nice touch and brought with it more effective AA and secondaries, but that also would have sucked up a lot of artist time that could be spent making entirely new ships and just normalizing the Colorado's hitpoints is enough. I'm not sure nerfing the sigma by .1 was necessary, but it's not going to make that much difference either way. It's still an accurate battleship and its guns will still be very powerful for its tier.
  7. Counter suggestion: Let's not do a blanket nerf to all cruisers while they are still outnumbered by battleships in about 98% of games.
  8. So the best guess I have is the game actually calculates fractions of a hitpoint when things like 33% pens and damage saturation are concerned, so that Clemson actually ended up with between 1 and 0 hitpoints remaining, and the game engine rounded it down to 0 when displaying it.
  9. Had a game a long time ago where my team got off to a hot start, killed a couple of enemy DD's and took all three caps in a Domination mode game. Then multiple members of the enemy team just had a meltdown in chat. Must have been several different streaks of bad luck converging in the same place and they just snapped at the sight of another game going downhill. At any rate, it ended with 3 members of the enemy TK'ing each other and then their CV just running into a cap and letting us kill him. With half the enemy team dead and all the caps in our possession, the game ended very fast. But it was not glorious.
  10. You're concerned that people are rushing to tier 8 because there's a game mode they want to try that requires reaching tier 8? And this is a problem? I'm sure WG just sees it as a successful enticement to get people to play more. Also, while spending more time at low tiers will help improve your skills, it's only up to a point. The low tier random meta is radically different from how clan battles are played. No amount of seal clubbing in Clemson or Bogatyr is going to make someone an effective part of a tier 10 team. They're going to have to just jump in and try it, and they'll have a rough learning curve whether they rushed to tier 8 or not.
  11. You can always use the tried and true methods of passing time at the beginning of a match: Spamming the function keys and asking other people to come up with a plan.
  12. I don't have one, but I think Deadmeat is onto something with his Atlanta suggestion. The general playstyle of that ship seems to be about half-drunk to begin with.
  13. Personally, from the observation of over 6000 games, I think the early edge is as much determined by random guesses, lucky dispersion and spawn locations as anything players do deliberately. I had a perfect example of this happen to me just yesterday. At the start of a game in my Maass on Two Brothers, I sailed to the D cap. The enemy team had one radar ship, an Atlanta, that had gone to the opposite flank, so I was free to sail into the cap. Lucky! Then I saw a Yorck coming and lined up my torpedoes at him. About 20 seconds later: First Blood! Devastating Strike! A teammate types "Good job, Maass" in chat. But the York was still alive. I had accidentally blind-torped the enemy team's Akizuki, who had never even been detected. Suddenly, the enemy team on this flank was down their best cap contesting ship. Their Anshan tried alone. I killed him easily without the Akizuki around to help him. Then I torpedoed an Alabama because no one was left on that flank to spot me. The whole flank collapsed, we rolled up the enemy team and ended the game in 12 minutes. I finished with the high score and I think someone gave me a karma point. Hooray! Did I win that flank for my team with superior skills? No. I didn't cleverly evade the Atlanta. I just went to the cap point nearest to my spawn and he wasn't there. Did the Akizuki make a serious blunder getting hit with my torpedoes? Maybe. Dodging unexpected low-detection German torpedoes in the sluggish Akizuki is not easy. But even if he did make a bad play there, it didn't mean I'd made a good one, since I wasn't aiming at him. I think my performance in the first couple minutes of that game was about 90% dumb luck. But it started a snowball that turned the game into a one-sided rout.
  14. I just don't feel like it's ever a useful skill. Most cruisers reload fast enough that just firing to clear the guns and swapping types on the reload is just as good. This includes the higher-tier German cruisers, which get down to under 9 seconds with the reload module. Battleships are the opposite. Even with Expert Loader, it still takes too long to swap ammo types so it's better to just fire whatever you've already loaded (or let whatever you're already loading finish.)
  15. One-sided matches are not caused by uneven distribution of player skill so much as they are caused by a lack of comeback mechanics. Since the main way you gain an advantage in a game of World of Warships is by removing ships from the opposing team, the further ahead you are, the less likely it is the enemy team can recover. How often would soccer games turn into one-sided stomps if you got to just remove an opposing player from the field every time you scored a goal? If you jumped out to 2-0 lead, there'd be very little to stop you from eventually winning by 20-0. That's how WoWS works, and skill-based matchmaking wouldn't change it. I've played enough ranked games in the top-most ranked bracket (which is a psuedo-skill-based matchmaking system since everyone in that bracket is at least very persistent and experienced) to know that if one team gets the first two kills, they almost always win. It's my understanding the same thing happens in Supremacy League and clan battles. In fact, a team of all good players is even more likely to leverage an early advantage into an insurmountable one, so a skill-based matchmaker might lead to even more one-sided stomps. It is an error to believe that one-sided victories are caused by an uneven distribution of skill. Even if both teams are perfectly matched skill-wise, the WoWS game mechanics will still cause most games to turn into a one-sided snowball.