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  1. Then again, plane capacity is no longer used to determine tiers for CV's in WoWS because they no longer have limited aircraft.
  2. Vaidency

    Salem or Jean Bart?

    High tier cruisers aren't the easiest things to play and the style isn't for everyone. I would not recommend spending a ton of resources on a tier 10 premium cruiser just to "try and get into them" because you might regret it. Try at least getting one of the tech tree cruiser lines up to high tiers and playing for a while first.
  3. Vaidency

    HMS HOOD: Battlecruiser or Battleship?

    The exact definition of "battlecruiser" is kind of a slippery concept but was generally understood around the period of the First World War (the only time that a lot of them were built) to be essentially a battleship with a longer and skinnier hull to increase speed. They were often more lightly armed than contemporary battleships, but not always. Wargaming defines such ships as battleships. This is why Hood, Kongo, Amagi, Myogi and Prinz Eitel Friedrich are all classed as battleships in the game. In the 1930's and 40's, some oversized cruisers were designed by several navies (although few of them were actually built.) These were not elongated skinny battleships but rather just enlarged cruiser hulls that could accomodate larger guns. The archetypical example of this is the Alaska but it also shows up in the game in the form of Kronstad, Stalingrad and Azuma. These are classified as cruisers in the game. They were sometimes called "large cruisers," "heavy cruisers" or "battlecruisers" by navies, though. (Alaska was called all three of those things at one time or another.) Real ship designs frequently just didn't correspond to set categories. Some people call the Scharnhorst class battlecruisers mainly on the basis that they were relatively fast and lightly armed compared to most other battleships of their time. Some people say Hood was not a battlecruiser because it was actually bigger than many contemporary battleships. It's just not a term that ever really had a concrete definition.
  4. I don't think it's been a very good skill for any captains since they changed it to cost 3 points. It's just not a very efficient return and I feel like there's a better way to spend the points for nearly any captain.
  5. Hahahaha, you've got that right. I just went and looked him up. His three most played ships are the Fujin, Kamikaze R and Imperator Nikolai. Yeah, he cares about how his ships perform all right. He spends most of his game time seal-clubbing in overpowered premiums that have been removed from sale. I guess that's what he meant by calling himself "a collector." Strangely he's only got 13 games in his Giulio Cesare, though, so I don't see why he's all that invested in the tiering of this particular ship.
  6. If you're buying them "as a collector," why do you care if the stats or game mechanics change? You're aware the Cesare wasn't historically a "tier 5" battleship because there's actually no such thing as tiers, right?
  7. That's the answer right there. The ship right now is a wasted asset. Their artists spent a ton of time modelling it, but they're not selling it right now and it may even be damaging the game if players are offended and decide to leave over the "pay to win" (or, even worse, "gamble to win" since it was only available recently via loot boxes) aspect. Rebalancing or retiering the currently suspended premiums makes perfect sense from multiple perspectives, including both the prospect of short-term sales and improved long-term game health.
  8. Vaidency


    The biggest example of cognitive dissonance in the WOWs community is that everybody simultaneously believes tier 8 is always bottom tier (rendering it unplayable) but also always top tier (rendering tier 6 unplayable.)
  9. Vaidency

    Jingles previews the RU BBs.

    Well, seems like the most flavorful thing they'll have is the unique version of Damage Control Party that we've had for some time on October Revolution. It seems both interesting and balanced on that ship so I think it's a good flavor element. The other flavor thing seems to be that the higher tier ships all came from a design bureau that likes rounded superstructures and really long bows, which gives the ships a distinctive silhouette but has minimal gameplay consequences. The various stats on the ships don't really confer "national flavor" because there's nothing particularly distinctive about "good turret traverse" or "bad sigma." Those are just game play elements designed to make the ships perform a little differently from what's already in the game, which is highly desirable in a game that's all about collecting tons of different vehicles and appreciating the small differences between them.
  10. Vaidency

    Jingles previews the RU BBs.

    Well, if you just give a ship good dispersion but bad sigma you'll naturally create an effect of having very good accuracy at close range but having it fall off badly at long range. Bad sigma doesn't matter at close range because the whole dispersion circle is on the target anyway. But bad sigma hurts a lot at long range when the dispersion circle is more than twice the size of the target. No special formula needed to make that happen.
  11. The initial stats show them as having 1.7 sigma across the entire line, which is quite unimpressive at high tiers, especially since the higher tier ships have only 9 guns. They also have huge turning radii and rudder shift times and longer than average reload times. I expect the ships will perform fine (the game in general has always been pretty BB-friendly) but I don't see anything in the initial stats to indicate they'll obsolete all existing BB's.
  12. Ok, but should I have to deal with the consequences? I'm just a player. I don't really enjoy feeling like I'm playing the game at a big disadvantage because my opponent bought an overpowered ship. If I feel like there are too many overpowered ships and I can't have fun anymore, I'm going to decide the game is pay to win and just leave. (I already stopped playing ranked mode after that complete debacle of a tier 7 season with 3 Belfasts on every team in the top bracket.) Making this into some kind of battle of wills between WG and the whales who buy every premium ship kind of misses the point. Those ships got their overperforming stats by stomping on the broader playerbase for months, and the forum goes into meltdown every time someone suggests balancing them. The whales are basically declaring they'd rather see the game die than have their "investment" tarnished, but your overpowered premium won't be worth a damned thing if everybody else leaves.
  13. Attempting to sneak up the flank and hunt enemy CV's is generally not a sign of a good DD player, even if it does work about 10% of the time.
  14. Vaidency

    "Normal" CV Players are Hardly OP

    I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure a fundamental principle of the design of World of Warships is that ships are supposed to be modeled for roughly equivalent power and influence on the game. There are many unrealistic and ahistorical adjustments to facilitate exactly that, such as not allowing battleship secondary guns to just be equally as good as light cruiser main guns or allowing destroyers to have unlimited torpedo reloads. There is a perfectly good reason for this: it makes the game more fun. Nobody is going to play a pawn for very long when someone else gets a rook.
  15. Vaidency

    "Normal" CV Players are Hardly OP

    It's not so much about whether elite players "deserve" to be limited as whether the game can be in a healthy state with such a high ceiling on CV performance. As you say, CV's have a very low-risk playstyle that can be frustrating to deal with. It's probably better for the overall game when an expert player can't average a High Caliber achievement every game with a ship that doesn't even put itself at risk when attacking. I can sympathize with the dilemma here, but it's also an unavoidable fact that I just don't feel like playing any of my tier 8+ ships right now because the last few days have made me completely tired of dealing with enemy Hakuryus.