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  1. Vaidency

    They really screwed up CV's

    Seriously? "Let's face it: CV's have little protection except for having THEIR ENTIRE TEAM between them and the enemy. And not being spotted by launching attacks. And being able to hide behind tall islands when attacking because they don't need line of sight. And being nearly immune to fire damage and totally immune to detonation. With such vulnerability, it's no wonder they have more than double the survival rate of any other ship type. They're sitting ducks, I tell you! All a DD has to do sink a CV is run a gauntlet of the entire enemy team in a ship with short range, low hit points, fragile modules and no repair party, then blast the CV for a couple minutes while nobody on the enemy team does anything to stop it. Too easy!"
  2. Vaidency

    Undo the rocket nerf WG

    Yeah, DD's are pretty effectively countered by a combination of radar and other DD's. CV's aren't allowed to counter each other this way because they're too inherently overpowered compared to surface ships. You can't allow CV's to snipe each other because a successful snipe nearly guarantees a win, and you absolutely can't mitigate the effects of sniping by allowing each team to have 4 or so CV's like they can with DD's because that would make the game complete garbage. (Even the most ardent CV defenders concede that more than two CV's on a team would be awful.) So CV's need to be capped at low numbers and made so difficult to sink that they're nearly guaranteed to last until after the game is decided. It's the only way to shove such a broken design into the game and make it halfway work.
  3. They gave every ship, especially at high tiers, so much accuracy, penetration and firepower that using islands to limit incoming fire is absolutely required to play the game successfully. If you attempt to cruise around in open water while engaging targets, even in a tier 10 BB, you'll commonly be sunk in less than 3 minutes by highly accurate focus fire coming in from halfway across the map. Putting in a new mechanic to punish players for hiding behind islands without addressing the real reason everyone hides behind islands is not going to make things better.
  4. Vaidency

    MM has no problem?

    Yes, of course it's normal. Do you think 7 games is a huge sample size? Players go on streaks like that all the time. And you didn't answer my question. How hard should the MM try to stack your team to give you pity wins when you're on a losing streak? Would you be ok with being one of the 12 players on the designated loser team if someone on the other side is on a frustrating losing streak and needs a pity win? Or should the matchmaker only worry about your feelings and not care about everyone else?
  5. Vaidency

    MM has no problem?

    So you're saying if the matchmaker was better it would be impossible for you to lose 7 games in a row? What if you're actually not playing well? How hard should the matchmaker try to hand you wins? And what about the experience of the 12 players who have to lose? Or are they just acceptable collateral damage when the MM has to make you feel better?
  6. The game doesn't need kill streaks because it has no respawn system. Once someone ends your streak (ie: kills you) you're out of the match and no longer earning anything. So getting killed already limits your earnings.
  7. And hey, you only had to reach back to 2016 to find a CC video complaining about destroyers. Definitely a hot issue that's totally on the same level as carrier controversy.
  8. Good luck with your crusade to nerf destroyers, the ship type that had consistently had the lowest average damage and lowest survival rates at nearly every tier in nearly every patch for the entire history of the game. I'm sure one day you'll put them in their place.
  9. Ok, I'm fine with this. Give Midway accurate weapon loadouts and then adjust it to tier 13 so none of the other ships in the game have to play against it.
  10. It's still the exact same problem. You're suggesting the game should try to balance the win chances of each team by looking at the previous win records of the players involved. That is a system that cannot possibly work long-term. It would gradually push everyone towards a 50 percent win rate and in the process would corrupt the data it uses to balance the teams. Win rate, average damage, average exp or any other performance related stat is only an indicator of skill if everyone is facing the same competition. That's true when all teams are random. But as soon as the matchmaker starts weighting the teams one way or another the data is no longer reliable for comparing players to each other because players would no longer all be playing against the same pool of opponents to generate their stats. You can't make a stable skill-based matchmaker unless you can figure out some way to calculate player skill without relying on their stats. Especially if the whole point of the system is to smooth statistical outliers so they don't unbalance teams. Such a system will naturally destroy itself by ruining the data it uses to make its decisions.
  11. The Japanese started using suicide missions in late 1944 because they basically ran out of well-trained pilots and could no longer perform normal air operations with acceptable casualty rates. It was a desperate measure to get higher success rates from pilots who probably wouldn't have survived their missions anyway. Those pilots were not trained well enough to successfully take off from a carrier. In sheer gameplay terms, carrier players can't ram ships because that would basically just make planes into guided missiles. This would be obnoxious to play against. Imagine the frustration of taking a lot of damage from a plane that your AA guns had shot down because the CV player managed to ram you with the crashing plane. No thanks. CV's already have enough cheap tricks.
  12. Vaidency

    Rebalancing the German DD line

    Most of the German DD's felt sub-average for their tier even before the British DD's arrived with a very similar play style, but better. The 150 mm's were never a very useful gimmick on the ships that can use them and I didn't miss them at all when I got to tier 9. In the current environment, a line of DD's with short-range torpedoes, short-duration smoke, no Repair Party, poor concealment and useless AA just feels very underpowered. Even with its ability to combine its smoke and sonar for a huge advantage in a duel with another DD, I still think Z52 may be the overall worst tier 10 in the game because knife-fighting other DD's is such a tiny part of the game now and the ship is so lackluster in every other situation. The low tier German DD's with their jousting torpedoes would still be fun, except WG decided to just let low tiers wither and die by refusing to do anything about the glut of CV's at tier 4.
  13. Vaidency

    Jingles and the Fun Police Strike ... Again

    Great suggestion. I'm sure WG will be very receptive if someone just books a flight to St Petersburg with a precisely detailed new plan to rework CV's again. Because game devs love outsourcing major design decisions and shouldn't be expected to take a cue from mere years of sustained complaints about a game mechanic.
  14. Vaidency

    Jingles and the Fun Police Strike ... Again

    Two points. First, absolutely no player would be satisfied with their experience if their game consists of getting sunk but knowing their random teammates who they might never see again will face 40 less planes for the rest of game. So don't suggest they should be. Second, did the number of planes shot down actually reduce the CV's output? Tier 10 CV's have deep reserves. They can lose dozens and dozens of strike planes over the course of a game and still launch full squadrons. If you don't lose enough planes to actually weaken your strikes, you may as well be losing none at all. This is why AA is typically just a placebo.
  15. Vaidency

    CV Reword Autopsy: One year+ Later

    I'm going to have to take issue with your assertion that it's not hard to avoid being killed by a CV when playing a DD. WG admitted themselves that DD's were basically extinct in the top two clan battle leagues last season. There are obviously differences in format between randoms and clan battles, but it does not say anything good about game balance that pretty much every competitive clan in the world thinks DD's aren't viable if you know the enemy team will have an expert carrier player. It's not just an issue of feelings or making play style adjustments. CV's, when played well, hard counter DD's right out of the game. Literally, at the top clan battle level.