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  1. Vaidency

    Results of CV rework

    The recent data seems to show a whole lot of people aren't still here. WoWS is niche game, but it has few competitors. It shouldn't struggle as much as it does with player retention. The argument that they've made some very poor choices is hard to refute.
  2. There have been a few individually problematic HE-focused ships over the years, but HE in general has always been a necessary part of game balance. Giving light ships a chance to burn down battleships through multiple minutes of sustained HE fire is not a balance problem; it's a balance solution. They don't want battleships to be essentially immune to the main batteries of smaller ships.
  3. So, according to your post, you and a friend reset accounts, played to tier 6 and then played 100 games three times. So well over 1000 games total between the two of you. This would be a massive project that takes over a month. And then you report your findings in a one-page forum post that includes only bullet points and a conclusion. Not the whole data set. No graphs. No account names. Nothing anyone could use to verify your work. Just your assertion that you did a massive research project and totally proved the matchmaker is rigged. I don't believe you. Post more complete data.
  4. Vaidency

    Fix your awful matchmaking

    So...if they "fixed the awful matchmaking" does that mean eventually it should try to snap losing streaks by stacking teams in your favor? What about the experience of the 12 players on the other team who get selected to lose to you so you'll feel less frustrated? Would you be OK with being on the designated loser team sometimes when someone else is having a rough day and needs a free win?
  5. Vaidency

    Is there a game mode without CV's and Subs

    Thanks for being a good sport about it. And you're right: I can't prove that WG is hiding revenue damage from their implementation of carriers and subs. But I could prove that my own employer is concealing revenue damage from their stupid decisions that they stubbornly adhere to. For instance, we have a large vehicle fleet and many of them are very old, which means huge maintenance costs and terrible fuel efficiency compared to newer models. If we had modernized our fleet a decade ago we'd definitely be saving money by now. So if anyone sees one of my coworkers driving a 30-year-old truck and says "Well, the company surely wouldn't keep that thing if it was a money pit so I guess it's the most economical option!" they're just plain wrong. And I'm pretty sure WG has some dumb decisions they just stick with too.
  6. Vaidency

    Is there a game mode without CV's and Subs

    I don't know why you're being so defensive when I'm completely agreeing with you. There's just no way a business executive with years of experience would egotistically dig in their heels on a bad idea once presented with evidence it was hurting revenue. Impossible! This is why well-established businesses never, ever fail.
  7. Vaidency

    Is there a game mode without CV's and Subs

    Absolutely! Businesses are always run in an extremely prudent, data-driven way and executives are never blinded by ego or refuse to admit mistakes. If carriers and subs are in the game it's absolutely got to be true that they're boosting revenue! It's impossible that this isn't true!
  8. Vaidency

    Is there a game mode without CV's and Subs

    Right. Because business executives never dig their heels in and refuse to admit some decision they made turned out to be a bad idea.
  9. Vaidency

    What would improve the game?

    Content wise: The game doesn't need more ships now. There are already more than anybody can play. None of the game's problems with player retention will be solved by adding a 16th line of cruisers or West Virginia with modernized secondaries or whatever sketch of a ship they just found in the Soviet archive. The content addition that is needed is new maps. (Of course, WG can't sell whales premium maps, so content development continues to focus very heavily on new ships.) Gameplay wise: Something has to be done about the two ship types that are designed to harass surface ships without facing any real counters. Giving carriers and subs major advantages in nearly every tactical situation and then "balancing" them by capping their numbers so they can't frustrate every surface ship player at once isn't good enough. There need to be some ships in the game that are more of a threat to carriers or subs than carriers or subs are to them. (And if WG can't come up with anything to that effect then they need to just admit that the players who want a "surface ship only" mode have a point and implement it.)
  10. Vaidency

    voice chat

    Every random WOWS game with voice chat would have the same people in it: One Angry Guy who mispositions, gets focus-fired and then yells obscenities at the team for "not backing him up." One Conspiracy Theorist who is convinced multiple people on the opposing team are hacking or that WG has somehow flagged his account to get "bad dispersion." One Prophet of Doom who declares the game lost and starts moaning about "another terrible team" before the shooting even starts. One Backseat Admiral with a lower win rate than you constantly giving you bad commands that would just get you killed. "Kagero, go spot that Daring for me!" That one guy in a German ship with an account named after an anime character telling everyone his favorite Holocaust joke. Six people who are totally silent even if spoken to who are obviously muting the chat. There's your random team. Just imagine that every game and you don't need voice chat.
  11. Do you have any suggestion for how to fix this "huge problem" without making light cruisers extremely weak? CL's don't have massive alpha damage; they have fast-firing guns. They function by "spamming" shells, at least relative to other ships. And a fundamental element of this game's design is that ships are supposed to be roughly balanced in value to their team, so CL's can't just be made useless against battleships. Their shell spam needs to be powerful. That's not a problem to be solved. It's certainly not like CL's have no drawbacks. They're generally the most unforgiving ship type. For every CL that finds a good position to spam down a battleship there's another that gets caught out and eats a Dev Strike.
  12. Vaidency

    IJN light cruisers. whats the point?

    Torpedo focused cruisers are just never really going to work because it's incredibly dicey trying to launch torpedo attacks in a ship with a citadel. The combination of relatively short range (compared to guns) and broadside launch angles have always made torpedoes very situational on any cruiser that has them, even cruisers that have very good torpedoes like Minotaur and Zao.
  13. Vaidency

    Matchmaker is Broken

    What if doing that severely imbalances the average ship tier between the teams? Is a 56% win rate player in a tier 8 worth more or less than a 51% player in a tier 10? What if a player is playing a ship type they aren't as skilled with as their "main" type? I'm a unicum DD player but only a bit above average in BB's. What if there are divisions involved and they aren't equally skilled? What if there's a major difference in skill between CV players but there are only 2 CV's so there's no way to balance CV skill between the teams? Start shifting other ships around too? Is a player who inflates their stats by playing hundreds of games at tier 1 considered skilled when separating teams? What's the cutoff? I think it might not actually be very easy to design a skill-based matchmaker for a game with so many different classes and tiers.
  14. Vaidency

    Balanced Teams or lack of

    There is absolutely no chance I'd get into a voice chat channel with a random WOWS team.
  15. Vaidency

    11.9 subs, What??????

    This is the same kind of apologetics we get for CV's a lot, too. "You think this restaurant has too many rat turds in the food? Nonsense! A few years ago it had a lot more! The amount of rat turds now is tame by comparison. Enjoy your meal."