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  1. Thanks Doomlock, I appreciate your words of encouragement and sound strategy to obtain some steel. So, I guess its back to the grind then...
  2. I realize steel is a difficult resource to obtain in this game, but I've played 7,000 games and unless you play specialty, ranked, clan battles, etc it is still extremely hard to obtain. I don't think I'd consider myself a casual player but you'd think it'd be easier to make some steel. I've rarely seen Stalingrad, and I've only seen one Bourgogne in the wild once. Flint and Black I've seen a couple of times but no more than the fingers on my hands with my pinkies and thumbs missing. So, I'm still wondering if steel is still too hard to get.
  3. Alevon

    Favorite Premium

    Kronshtadt (Black) Massachusetts Scharnhorst Tirpitz Prinz Eugen Atago I wish there was a better way of getting a Stalingrad. Don't think I'll ever earn enough steel...
  4. Alevon

    Top 5 Rarest Premium ships?

    Graf Zeppelin Stalingrad Missouri Perth Nueve de Julio
  5. I second that motion.... I can't get to the TST instance either!!