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  1. I suppose it HIGHLY depends on how OR what you like to play. IF you like playing BBs then Pom is the way to go. It plays like a big bro to Derpitz with more main guns, hydroacoustic search, decent 2nd armaments, and same torpedoes. Personally, I'd like to play the Kearsage cause I like how it breaks the BB meta. Reliable main guns to bring into a medium ranged fight, decent secondaries (although you'll have to heavily invest in them) for up close fighting, and fighter squadrons for longer ranged attacks! These are the reasons why I love my Ise! However, her DPS is kind of lacking, she's very slow and kind doesn't manuever that well, and the rocket fighter squadrons are arguably the hardest aircraft to master! IF you like playing CA/Heavy CA, I kind of lean more towards the Napoli. She's arguably better armoured than the other coal ships, very good SAP secondaries, has Italian torps, and can smoke up if need be. She's not much of a DD hunter though and her DPS via main guns is kinda weak and lacks utilities vital for suss out pesky DDs behind smoke screens. On the other hand, Salem has decent DPS, and can kills DDs with reckless abdonement, but she does trade some of her practical utility (like radar!) her big bro Des Moines has for a super heal. And then there's Yoshie. She is a long range sniper, period. She'll set fires easily with her main guns, and will cause havoc to all enemy ships in the caps with her 20k torps, but she defintely isn't a brawler, do not show broadside to anyone! I got citadeled with those wacky newer German DDs w/bigger main guns cause I didn't think much of them once I dodged her torps! IF you like playing DDs, I don't think you should sleep on Neustrashimy. She's got decent torps, and pretty good natural concealment without smoke. However, although her DPS can be okay with the main guns if you invest in them, she is actually missing a turret of main guns so your damage output although throwing out severals shells per second is relatively low. She lacks utility such as hyrdro search, but she does have a heal/repair which are ultra rare in a DD! Good luck, CPO, on your choices!
  2. Thanks for this poll, LTC! I truly appreciate your work. I too am having problems trying to figure out which boat to get next with my very slowly accumulating resources...
  3. Alevon

    Carnot is in the Armory

    Admiral, Normally I'd look to LWM or some of our other seasoned CCs for some insight into this ship BUT as you are a senior officer with tons of experience, I was wondering IF u had some advice on this ship? Is it worth the coal/doubloons? I like playing the Heavy CAs.... Thanks in advance.
  4. Alevon

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    I'll miss LWM. I truly appreciated her reviews and all the work and dedication she put into them. But, I understand why she felt compelled to leave...
  5. What happens to the Makoto Kobayashi camouflage and/or other permanent camos earned or bought when you reset the ship line? Also, during previous WG events there have been chances to assign a permanent camo to any ship of the line. What happens to that camo?
  6. Kii versus Constellation? Which one would you pick and why?
  7. Thanks all! I appreciate it and will take these under advisement.
  8. What should I spend my Free XP on? HMS Nelson, elite commander or any other suggestions?
  9. Thanks Cap! I appreciate the opinions of all you seasoned commanders. I will continue to review the incoming views and thoughts of the other officers and crew before making a decision.
  10. Got a little bit of Steel. So, I'm just wondering what would you guys get? Austin versus Stalingrad! Which to choose?! All opinions welcome. Thanks in advance...
  11. Alevon

    steel ships

    The Stali is one of the many Steel ships I want to get pre and post Captain rework. On its hardware and amour alone would have been a battle ready ship to get! However, I do not think you can get obtain one with credits and fxp no matter how much you got!