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  1. Alevon

    William F Halsey JR

    Let's not forget that the Admiral did command CV Enterprise during his illustrious career too. So, his "Hit Hard" talent allows -20 to Aircraft restoration would be great for American CVs. I think his other talent, "Hit Fast" wherein you have to get a double strike to decrease detectability by air and by sea by 10% is arguably easier to make with Torp planes, but that is truly debatable. Obviously though decreasing your detectability would be great for an aircraft carrier...
  2. Alevon

    Getting the Stalingrad was a bad idea

    I want one too, but it is hard obtaining Steel!
  3. Alevon

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    As per her post a few weeks ago, she was indeed taking a long well deserved break. However, we miss you LWM!! And could really use some of your encyclopedic knowledge and analytical prowess with the slew of new ships coming out....
  4. Always appreciate your viewpoint Admiral Lert. It truly is an honor that you should chime in and offer us your learned opinion.
  5. I suppose its a matter of time, talent and treasure. If you don't have enough of one (coal) or the other (RB) which should you focus in on to get first? Obviously this scenario falls to pieces if you have an abundance of both....
  6. Not a whole lot of info on Pommern but on paper x12 380mm guns look good, decent secondaries, German turtle back armor, hydro acoustic search and 6km torpedoes; kind of typical for a German BB. On the other hand, it appears that our favorite reviewer LWM likes the Siegfried which for me a strong determinate as to whether or not a pickup a ship. Interestingly, she has a similar layout than the Pommern. So, the question is Pommern vs Siegfried? Opinions welcome!
  7. What I can't understand is why doesn't WG just nerf the money credit earning capacity of the Missouri? They've nerfed a bunch of other ships for various almost arbitrary reasons in the past and I'm sure they will continue to do so. Was there another reason(s) why the Mighty Mo was removed? I really wanted one even if just for the name recognition, but the slim chance in Hades possibility of it dropping in a SC w/o spending tons of real world money is ridiculous!
  8. 2nd that motion! Excellent movie!!
  9. There is a new movie from Tom Hanks (veteran actor in WW2 movie epic 'Saving Private Ryan') coming out on July 10th on Apple TV! However, this time he's a USN Commander of the fictional boat USS Keeling AKA "Greyhound" which is modeled on an USN Mahan class DD. Now I know we have a lot of DD caps out there and more than a few Submarine caps. The movie promises a lot of ship to sub combat and high seas action & drama! Here is a brief summary of the plot: " U.S. Navy Cmdr. Ernest Krause is assigned to lead an Allied convoy across the Atlantic during World War II. His convoy, however, is pursued by German U-boats, the Wolf pack!" It's been getting mostly positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. I myself am a fan of Mr. Hanks, WW2 flicks, World of Warships in general and of course USN specifically. So, I was going to watch regardless of the reviews. I just wanted to share with my fellow captains... Movie trailer below! Please delete post if deemed inappropriate by Admins...
  10. Alevon

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Thanks for you through review, and your dedication, Mouse. I was so looking forward to using the California too. We/I appreciate your hard work. Please take care of yourself and come back well rested when you are ready.
  11. Alevon

    Ton o Coal!

    That's what I understood too! And it was well illustrated by LWM's review of her.
  12. Alevon

    Ton o Coal!

    Thanks for the opinion, LT! Can't stand free loading Captains!
  13. Alevon

    Ton o Coal!

    I was looking at the Thunderer, but I understand her armour is actually a bit weaker than her sister ship, Conqueror, no?
  14. Alevon

    Ton o Coal!

    I like the battle cruisers or heavy CR. Although I tend to do slightly better with BBs.
  15. Alevon

    Ton o Coal!

    So, I am slowly accumulating some coal but I am curious what should I spend it on? A bright and shiny higher tiered ship OR bright eyed and bushy-tailed unique commander? No wrong answers, just curious what the community thinks...