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  1. Unacceptable_1

    LOL Teams

    I've had several threads locked when I mention this exact thing...MM is team stacking & really junk. I will give kudos to WG for attempting to separate higher tier matches by tiers....they seem to have gotten that much better now But this game does need a metric for team assembly....personal player score seems the most logical to me. Most other stats can be skewed in various ways. Still would LOVE to see a CLAN ONLY RANDOM server.So clans can play against each other without [edited] mucking things up And it would give clans something to play together during off season times.Not just for clan on clan,but large divs to practice with team mates.
  2. There is one you can earn in a campaign......and one from ALONG time ago that is not offered anymore... But yeah other than that 1 in the campaign there are none....wth???? Did they all kamikaze so they can't be offered????
  3. Unacceptable_1

    (???????) is ruining the game

    IMO....it's the MM....supposedly there are no metrics used in creating teams...bull. One team is stacked most the time with great players,the other,junk players....look at the battle results at the end of the match for proof. This is about the point spread...NOT wins & losses...close games are MUCH more fun which is what most of us look forward too If the MM used player stats in some way to balance the teams abit closer this would make for closer matches more often. But that would require work....and time WG don't want to spend. Personal rating score seems the most appropriate to use in selecting a team,but what do I know K/D ratio or damage per battle can be gamed so those wouldn't be as reliable....... Kudos to WG for the recent tier spread fix though,so there might be a tiny light at the end of the tunnel yet.
  4. Unacceptable_1

    The worst thing to hear in WOW

    MM is team stacking,just look at the team page after battle....you'll see in most cases the other team has much better players. The fix for tiers in MM is a good start & I've been impressed with it so far But MM is still in need of some metric to pick more balanced teams.... For me it's not about winning as much as it's about CLOSE scoring games. Majority of matches are so one sided....whether a win or a loss anymore. The close matches with scores within 100 points or so are very seldom,seems to be around 1 in 10 or 12 matches for me & my clan mates. Personally using the "Personal Rating (PR) " might be a good metric to use (it is a more overall statistic)....K/D ratio or damage per battle can be skewed by several factors,so I don't think they would be good to use.
  5. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Then you are a an idiot Too bad you can't think for yourself.....keep letting WG tell you what to think LOL As they say "Ignorance is bliss!!!" .....your one VERY blissful comrade
  6. Unacceptable_1

    Request removal of CV's

    At least limit CVs to no more than 1 per side at tier 4-6,2 per side above tier 6..... This 6 CVs per match at tier 4 & 5 is bull.....no AA on most vessels at those tiers. No way to fight em....especially in DDs. When I get a 6 CV match in my DD I just suicide up the middle & get it over with,not worth the hassle.........
  7. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    And your the one of few who think I'm full of _ _it LOL
  8. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    LMBO!!!!!!!!!!! My stats SMOKE yours!!!!! Comin back & preaching to me??? When you get skills I'll listen
  9. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    And you are full of it Just another fan boi sucking up to WG LOL
  10. Unacceptable_1

    The elusive TST server for submarines

    I got my login & password the other day...again. Couldn't get the WGC to install on the first login info release date....FINALLY got it to run a few weeks ago. Still haven't had time to download the TST server yet....this mornin I'll try to DL it. Good luck gettin your info
  11. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    AGAIN.....NOTHING in my post about win rates......SHOW ME where I said that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wow... Maybe go back to school kid & learn READING COMPREHENSION I'm speaking up for the newbs that will run off by the bots OP performance....seeing as THAT is the target market of War Gaming. NOT us old timers that give a fig about their game & play quite often........... I will agree on the mercy ending bull though....
  12. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Again...READ my post!!!!! NOTHING about the WIN RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Reading comprehension is pretty bad here.... Thanks to those who see what I'm talking about Pretty much this....good observation sir!!!!
  13. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Who said anything about win rates????? Did I??? No....duh.... Again....Who said anything about win rates????? Did I??? No....duh... And I was talking about MY torps moron LOL Not the bots torps.....MY torps in MOST cases are useless at anything further than 3-4k cause the bots know exactly when I've launched them & immediately start to dodge (turn) to avoid them....most of the time...not always....so they are cheating,seeing things that no one else under normal circumstances would see....even with hydro. I'm just sayin the bots are amped abit much for newbies.....which is the sole reason for this game to exist....according Wargaming.
  14. Unacceptable_1

    Congrats War Gaming!!!

    Kudos to you guys for FINALLY getting the bots in COOP up to a decent standard ;) BUT I see that they are in fact cheating..... They can see our torps being fired at well over 3 kilometers & dodge them....most every time... And as for the bots guns???? Again expert aim.....almost like a Warpacker would have. You think these Super Expert bots will keep new players playin???? I doubt it.....but you know best....not us old farts who been playin for 5 YEARS...... As an old player with decent skills I can put up with it ;) Oh & another Kudos on half fixing the MM with tightening up the tier spread....at least ya'll got that right...now just fix the team stacking issue & MM will be fine.
  15. Unacceptable_1

    CB Server Test Steel and Coal Rewards

    Far as I know no steel rewards but coal was mentioned........ As for when we receive them??? Nothing has been stated as fact as to when......