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  1. AbyssAngkor

    French BBs

    Their quirk is generally lower caliber shells and poor accuracy offset by high number of barrels. They are not as demanding as other BB lines for accuracy because of the sheer volume of shells. T8 and 9 have issues overmatching the bow armor on same tier USN and KM heavy cruisers. French BBs are also the fastest BBs in the game. The extra mobility is offset by poor HE resistance against cruisers. IFHE specced Kitakazes and Harugumos will melt French BBs regardless of angling. Their secondary armaments are some of the best in the game in terms of range, rate of fire, and number of guns. However, they are extremely fragile and lack raw penetration to do any meaningful damage without a 19pt captain.
  2. AbyssAngkor

    Kraken....with secondaries

    As long as this is a brag thread... Pls don't mind the anime mod.
  3. AbyssAngkor

    Post 8.0 - An Open Letter To The Developers

    Yes, do something the community wants, not what WG think we want. Those rusty patches are way overdue for a paint-over. And look at existing anachronisms in the game, e.g. Kaga with 1944 aircraft.
  4. Precisely this. You can do some serious pushing in this thing. It's a great ship for area denial because of its hydro and secondaries. Enemy DDs dare not to get close or risk being disintegrated by those rapid-firing lasers. Very effective in arms race ranked. Funny, I'm averaging 112k damage in the FDG with over 85% wr in ranked. Full secondary set up with IFHE and secondary reload mod (20% faster rof). 2.2s reload with 33mm pen is meme worthy and strangely effective.
  5. AbyssAngkor

    Upcoming Premiums?

    Will Yukikaze also get an 25% chance to reduce damage received to 1 like her AL counterpart? Because being forced to use F3 torps in this airplane + radar meta is cancer.
  6. It's not the game's fault. I've seen players with over a thousand games played in a single tier X and still maintain a sub 45% wr. Some people just never bothers to learn how their ship works.
  7. Sure, as long as I don't have to feel like I'm just meat on the carving block for point-'n-click rocket planes, I'll still enjoy surface combat. Just remove the damned things already, there is more than enough salt in the sea.
  8. So the solution to broken CVs is to avoid it in ranked mode or not play at all... It's the same logic as asking WG for a "no CV" button. How will WG get the data they need to finally fix their broken game? And nevermind the Hakuryu, the fact that CVs can warp speed their way to spot DDs within 30 seconds of the start strongly discourages any objective play. That, IMO, is the root of the problem.
  9. They did the same thing with Anshan. Basically a Gremy bumped up a tier. No one batted an eye. People aren't mad about nerfing a premium, they're mad that WG sold a premium under the pretense of a rare, limited lootbox drop and immediately changing it after (as if lootboxes aren't dangerously close to gambling already). On the flip side, I don't think it is that much of a nerf for the GC. As T6, it gets the slot 4 upgrade and 25mm armor at its extremities, which means it completely screws over anything less than 356mm armed BBs. Sure, T6 is notorious for being uptiered, but so is T5. Even at stock values, the GC has better performing guns than Normandie just on stats alone. Just tweak GC's other stats a little and it will fit right in at T6.
  10. AbyssAngkor

    How Bad Is Your Ranked Team When....

    Ouch, I feel your pain. But to be fair to the other team, they had to nerf the only typhoon player with a bunch of potato teammates so that the game isn't over in 3 minutes.
  11. AbyssAngkor

    Welcome Back Contest!

    IGN: AbyssAngkor It was the name of a special attack from another game. I thought it fits nicely with the theme of this game (abyss, ocean; angkor sounds like anchor). Been playing since OBT in 2015. I loved naval history and battleships ever since I picked up a picture book on naval weaponry as a kid. As I got older, I become interested by the politics and military strategies of naval powers in WW2. From playing world of warships, I started finding out how ship design developed under national policies at the time (treaty ships, class distinctions, naval tactics, etc.). I think WOWS is a great teaching tool for young kids to learn about history, engineering, and critical thinking while listening to the earth-splitting sound of the big guns. WOWS did a very good job bringing these steel monsters back to life, which is why I stayed with this game fo so long. My favorite ship is the IJN Atago. During the war, the IJN heavy cruisers bore the blunt of the heavy surface engagements as the high command held back their battleships in reserve for the "decisive battle," which never happened. In the game, Atago can fit many roles and take on any ship with a combination of guns and torpedoes. Like her real self, Atago is a heavy lifter that carries more than her own weight.
  12. AbyssAngkor

    HMS Hood Nerf?

    They recently changed Hood's AP fuse timer to double the original value without changing the shell penetration value. You are probably seeing more overpens and shatters because of this.
  13. AbyssAngkor

    The Torpedo Reload Mystery

    Gearing with Fletcher torps can reload its tubes in ~88 secs with a full torp build. Either his AR was kicking in or an unseen player launched torps at you.
  14. Easier to make fake ships than to research and model real ones. Balance is harder for real ships because real navies did not build ships according to a 10 tier scale. Also $$$ for Russian server.
  15. AbyssAngkor

    How the CV Rework Saved WoWS

    It's a shot alright, though probably not of adrenaline. Reworked CVs completely broke DD gameplay and made only the best AA cruisers relevant because there is no way to stop strikes with fighters. I saw whole squadrons fly into and past my supposed on-call fighters completely unscathed. What happened to CVs being able to support the team? Now every CV game is just damage farming since CVs cannot tank, push objectives, or deny strikes. Between this awful rework and terrible ranked mode, player numbers will likely plummet during this patch. When it starts hurting WGs bottom line, changes will happen.