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  1. Ayanami as a T8 Fubuki with 3x2 guns and 3x3 torps. Gets both smoke and TRB but only 1 charge each. Able to equip standard 10km torps of Akatsuki (weaker than Kagero torps) or 8km DW torps (same torps as Asashio, but shorter range). Other interesting candidates: Kirishima, Yamashiro, Kumano, Suzuya, Amatsukaze, Shigure. Washington, Pennsylvania, Canberra (Baltimore), Portland, Birmingham, Johnston, William D. Porter. Rodney (with torps), Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow, Afridi, Javelin. No to any CV premiums, we do not need to break the game any further.
  2. AbyssAngkor

    PSA MOAR flags on the horizon?

    Because people aren't failing their way up to tier 10 fast enough... Enough with the push for T10, there are other ships in the game we would like to play without being constantly uptiered. I don't even own a Belfast, but I know that ship always get screwed by MM because of uptiering. Same with all the other T7-8 premiums.
  3. AbyssAngkor

    Thanks Art Department!

    Fixed it for you.
  4. AbyssAngkor

    RANK 8 to RANK 13 in 24 hrs

    Ranked is a measure of persistence, not player skill. Good players will rank out faster, poor players will rank out slower, but in the end, everyone can* rank out. (Provided you play enough games, since you statistically have 42.86% chance of losing a star before factoring player skill.) Set short term goals for yourself when playing ranked. For me, I try to have a net gain of 3-4 stars a day. It doesn't matter where I end up at the end of the day, because I know I'm always climbing up the ranks. Don't get pulled into a losing streak because you want to rank out ASAP. The common problem is when players lose a couple of games in a row, they start caring less and let the losses affect their play. Good luck out there.
  5. AbyssAngkor

    Recent armor nerf question

    The only ships that had an armor nerf was Colbert and Smolensk. The rest got buffed or stay untouched.
  6. AbyssAngkor

    Helena IFHE

    Helena's penetration abilities at a glance. Note that this applies to lowest hull armor values. You can still farm the superstructure of any BB. Lower tier cruiser Same tier cruiser Higher tier cruisers Lower tier BB Same tier BB Higher tier BB Without IFHE Yes Yes No T5 and below only No No With IFHE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Applying formula for Fire Chance = FRC · ( 1 - DCM1 ) · ( 1 - FP ) · ( FCB - IFHE + DE + Σ S ), assuming that you shoot at a T7 BB with full survivability build + signals: Without IFHE: 0.7 x (1 - 0.05) x (1 - 0.1) x (0.12 + 0.02 + 0.01) = 9.9% fire chance per shell against equal tier BB With IFHE: 0.7 x (1 - 0.05) x (1 - 0.1) x (0.12(0.5) + 0.02 + 0.01) = 6.9% fire chance per shell against equal tier BB IFHE makes Helena lose roughly 3% actual fire chance while opening up many more ships for direct damage. Relying on fires to deal damage is dubious at best, since Fire Prevention also cuts down the number of fires you can set. Hope this helps people make up their minds.
  7. AbyssAngkor

    Ranked Battles

    I would like to see a return to the format of the first few seasons of ranked, where there are two tier brackets. Rank 11-21 was tier 7, while rank 1-10 was tier 8. WG could spice things up with 3 brackets, have rank 1-5 be tier 10, rank 6-10 be tier 8, and rank 11-18 be tier 7. This way, you get different styles of play as you rank up. Players won't feel like they are forced to play the same ship over and over again. Variety is how you alleviate the boredom of ranked grind.
  8. AbyssAngkor


    But not every game is filled with bad teams. Skill is measured in averages, not individual games. A good player will win games consistently, as opposed to players who keeps bouncing between ranks. Good players do not depend on their team to win, but lend assistance to their team when possible. For example, be the one spearheading attacks, but don't count on your team to cover you if you come under fire. Sometimes holding back the enemy and surviving a beating is more valuable than doing direct damage. Case in point: I held the west flank on Mountain Range against a Zao, Shima, and Thunderer on my own. Unfortunately, our GK went down early, so I had to stand my ground against 3 ships. By the amount of damage I took, I should have died twice over. Yet, by holding the west side of the map and corralling the enemy fleet from all sides, our team was able to win.
  9. AbyssAngkor


    If you're doing 200k dmg and still not win, you're not sinking enough ships or hitting the right targets. If someone still does better than you, even with 200k dmg, then you clearly are just farming damage. Do you see the pattern now? Rank 1 is not meant to be reachable for the majority of players, otherwise it's just a participation trophy.
  10. AbyssAngkor

    Donskoi B Hull XP Refund

    Then you get credits back for hull B, plus whatever ship exp you used to unlock hull B. The game mounts hull A for you and subtracts whatever hull A costs from your credit pile.
  11. Good point, thanks.
  12. IFHE changes in a nutshell: Light cruisers below 190mm no longer require IFHE to pen same tier cruisers, but need IFHE to pen same tier BBs. Heavy cruisers above 190mm can pen same tier cruisers and BBs, IFHE not recommended (-50% fire chance penalty). Large cruisers above 305mm unaffected, IFHE not recommended (unless specifically meant to counter Kremlin). Smolensk, Colbert unaffected, IFHE not recommended (-50% fire chance penalty). Jutland, Daring no longer require IFHE to pen same tier DDs. IJN 100mm gunboats no longer require IFHE to pen same tier cruisers, but need IFHE to pen same tier BBs. This buff carries over to 100mm secondary batteries on some IJN ships. German secondaries buffed: German 105mm secondaries no longer require IFHE to pen same tier BBs. German 128mm secondaries no longer require IFHE to pen same tier BBs. German 150mm secondaries no longer requires IFHE to pen central deck plating on T8+ American BBs.
  13. AbyssAngkor

    WG: just for your information

    Positioning and how you present your ship's target profile are ways to counter effective CV drops. I'm not saying JustDodgeTM, but there are legit tactics against incoming planes. Ask any CV unicum and they'll tell you. Yeah, homing torps are stupid. On the bright side, WG might change how subs/asw works, plus subs get their own game mode, so how game-breaking subs are remains to be seen. Devs have already said that No-CV games would result in everyone picking AA skills and upgrades or completely ignoring them. Removing CVs removes diversity in gameplay. (Yes, I do agree that some skills/modules should be reworked to give surface ships some teeth against planes.) As for subs, see #2. In light of the PR fiasco, this does make a good point. However, while I agree that WG should 100% disclose the true cost of an event ship or commander, they cannot force you to buy something you don't like. In order for the game to expand, submarines offer an untapped source of naval vessels that were used in warfare. There is only so many paper ships / turret swaps WG can do before they run out of source material. With CVs in their state of limbo right now, I don't think WG would like to "rock the boat" (pun intended) with more CV lines. Yes, homing torps and hydro not picking up subs are stupid, but nothing is set in stone yet. As for the Yashima Shikishima, it is intended to be a steel reward for competitive players, especially since the community had been theory-crafting about the A-150 design for years.
  14. AbyssAngkor

    Pop Quiz

    I think OP is trying to make a point about T8 ships in a T10 game. I say Bismarck should follow the Monty and pick up his guns when he dies.
  15. AbyssAngkor

    I need help with ranked

    You need a ship capable of dealing high alpha damage. I've had games in the Yamato with less than 3k health, only to bounce back to 20k a minute later and dev strike whatever was burning me down. This ranked season is extremely BB favored, especially ones with 457mm+ guns.