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  1. AbyssAngkor

    Yamato UU question

    The problem with dispersion is that it is still a very RNG mechanic. Having on paper good dispersion doesn't mean you'll land a bullseye every time, it just means the shells have slightly tigher grouping. Reload, on the other hand, is a constant, meaning it never relies on RNG. Being able to squeeze in more salvos per game equals high average damage. In essence, dispersion rewards players with good aim. Reload rewards all players equally.
  2. Deal. You get your buffed rocket planes. In exchange, you'll also have: 1. Limited hanger, no plane regen 2. 60s fire duration, 80s DCP cooldown, planes can't take off while ship is on fire. 3. Rearm time, no more F key insta re-launching another full squadron. 4. Repair time, damaged planes will not be instantly repaired to full health upon landing. You know, to keep it consistent.
  3. AbyssAngkor

    Skill ReRework: Theorycrafting

    These are all good criticism. The goal is to get the ball rolling and give WG direct player feedback. 1. I think we can see Deadeye tuned down a bit, maybe not the way I changed the skill. Maybe something like "-10% dispersion while undetected by enemy ship or plane." 2. It is meant to be a risky skill, huge payoff if you can get the right situation to use it. 3. Incendiary tracers could be a skill that breaks Deadeye by increasing a ship's detection. Overall effect is small for yourself but benefits your team as a whole. Given how hard it is to hit kiting ships at range, I didn't want to make Parthian tactics too powerful. Unlike dazzle, the effect is indefinite. 4. A small buff to Dazzle would be good, right now the skill isn't worth taking. Gunboat DDs can use Overboost too, just not while spamming HE. It just doesn't make sense that being spotted somehow slowed your ship down. 5. Good players will use the dcp sparingly. Bad players will burn to death faster. 6. Yes. I'm aware of the upgrade. The skill can stack with that upgrade so a single RN BB shell doesn't break 11 gun mounts. This is also a secondary buff. 7. Flash protection will let you keep most of your health even if you detonate. Right now the game only gives you det flags if you die to a basically RNG mechanic. Yes, the skill doesn't really do much in actual battle, but knowing that if you can earn det flags without being forcefully shut out of a game by RNG gives the player tremendous comfort. Detonation should be fair if you're going to be hard pressed by complete RNG. Your ship might be crippled but not out of the fight.
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13-zk78OnrypTId8QR4dE4BuN28lenluXpbdl1lkVHCg/edit#gid=0 Here I looked at all of the problems of the current skills for surface ships and changed several of them to fit the problems that plague each ship type. The major points I want to emphasize are: "Deadeye" changed so that it only works when you are the one spotting the target. Forces BB players to move closer to the fight. Secondary builds buffed, +1 consumables rolled into "brawler" skill that also enhances your secondary rate of fire, at the cost of concealment. Cruisers will have access to a new skill called "incendiary tracers," which will increase the target's detection range if it catches on fire (in addition to the existing fire penalty), giving your enemy a severe penalty and a boon to your teammates trying to hit that pesky DD. (perfect support tool for any cruiser, great way to light up BBs hiding in the back line) The new "Parthian tactics" skill (formerly outnumbered) will make a kiting cruiser a very difficult target. Destroyers have improved protection to damage thanks to the buffed "dazzle" skill, as well as a new skill that reduces detonation damage from 100% to 33%. Players that opt for stealthy DD play can pick "overboost" (formerly swift-in-silence) to increase their ship's speed when they hold their fire for 20s. Benefits any DD overall, but will not work when you are already a speed-demon boosting to over 50 knots while machine-gunning down hapless targets (Smaland, ehem). Battleships get improved defensive skills against fires and flooding, extinguishing a fire causes a 1-time main battery reload buff (regardless of how the fire is put out, can activate multiple times in a battle). Battleships and cruisers get actually meaningful AA skills Let's actually put diversity into our builds, WG.
  5. AbyssAngkor

    Let's talk German secondary buff.

    The reload skill also buffs your main battery while your ship is within secondary range of a target. If you wanted to make a brawling build you will want that skill. Concealment expert is actually optional for many T10 BBs. 1.3-1.7km difference doesn't matter that much when you can reliably hit your target at 20km.
  6. AbyssAngkor

    Let's talk German secondary buff.

    Deadeye build minimum requirement is 10 pts. Secondary build minimum requirement is 14 pts. You give up far too many defensive skills to make those secondary builds work. Picking up 2 tier 4 skills automatically locks out either fire prevention or extra heals (which you desperately need if you are exposing yourself to enemy fire). This is before you account for conditions to make a push with a secondary spec ship work. People can say that automated guns seem cheesy and takes no skill to play, but the fact is that bringing those guns in range of a target without losing too much health on the way took player skill. In the old system, the player who can close the distance was rewarded by having his secondaries pummel his target and win a decisive advantage for his team. With the new system, to get roughly the same performance out of your GK, you give up one of your best tanking skills (not to mention you lost AA value) while every other ship type got new skills that dealt more damage. WG took an already unpopular (but fun and rewarding) build and made it even less viable. This is why people are upset.
  7. AbyssAngkor

    Stalingrad - New Player Question

    Biggest problem I see with your Stalingrad is thr lack of captain skill points, as she needs 14 points to get superintendent, concealment, and fire prevention. Only then you will see her survivability improve. Unlike other cruisers, Stalingrad can't actively evade shells, so she has to rely on her armor to mitigate damage. Fire is still the biggest weakness for supercruisers, so get fire prevention ASAP. Stalingrad can tank quite a bit when bow-in, but don't expect her to do that for prolonged fights. She is no BB and works best on open water, using her range and accuracy to punish broadside targets. Camping near islands is equal to signing a death warrant by AP bombers. Stay near the center of the map in the opening minutes to get more broadside opportunities as the enemies move toward either flanks.
  8. AbyssAngkor

    The new ranked system is fantastic

    Way more play time for miniscule reward increase, and you're also locked into playing T10 ships pretty much straight out of bronze. Too bad for those grinding event missions/ research bureau resets. But hey, good thing those can be completed by throwing more money at the game, right? I say it's one step forward, 5 steps back for the players.
  9. AbyssAngkor

    Who rates these ships?

    Artillery rating factors in range, reload, alpha, fire chance, gun traverse, raw penetration for each gun. It does not account for the number of barrels, sigma, and shell speed. Clemson's gun upgrade doubles the gun barrels but the stats for each gun is relatively unchanged. Other ships that follow these rules are: Mogami's155mm has a lower rating than the 203mm, even though 155mm is the superior choice in every way. Bogatyr's 130mm guns have a lower rating than 152mm, even though 130mm has much higher shell speed.
  10. AbyssAngkor

    Lots of ARP Yamatos

    This is not evidence that ARP Yamato is NOT driven by potato players, only that ARP Yamato isn't being outperformed by her tech tree counterpart. A player with 49% WR can still reach rank 1 if he plays enough games, even if stats say he should be losing more games than he wins. In terms of random battles, how many of those games were the direct results of the ARP Yamato players carrying their team? How many of those ARP Yamato players have over 50% WR? How many of those games were solo battles and not division play? You can't just take raw data and use it to fuel your argument just because it's convenient to do so.
  11. AbyssAngkor

    Lots of ARP Yamatos

    It's more than that. Selling T10 premiums has always been thinly veiled since the PR disaster. What's different this time is the lack of any options to earn the ship(s) for free or at a discount. They're not even going to try to make people grind a bit and get to T10 on their own before rewarding them with a top tier premium ship. (Atleast with PR, the grind is worth 5-7 T10 lines without boosters) There are decent players who bought the ARP Yamato, sure. But for every good ARP Yammy player there will be 50 potatoes that take up a T10 slot in your games. While ARP Yammy herself isn't OP in the current state of the game, this will set a precedent for more T10s directly offered for cash, possibly leading to p2w content. T10 blowout matches are already bad enough. It's not enjoyable to have the match end in 10 minutes and everyone scoring under 1k exp.
  12. AbyssAngkor

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    You took a beloved franchise collab and turned it into a blatant cash grab. Was it possible to make ARP Yamato earnable via campaign missions for those of us who unlocked the Yamato (and indirectly make others purchase doubloons for conversions)? Sure. Was it possible to make ARP Yamato a FXP ship for a limited time, encouraging people to convert FXP using doubloons? Of course. Was it possible to make ARP Yamato obtainable via the existing Token System using only TX ships, so that new players cannot directly skip the learning curve and jump into TX matches? Absolutely. Was it possible to make ARP Yamato a "dockyard ship" where the player can earn discounts toward the final purchase if they so choose? Yeah. Was it possible to sell individual captains, camo, ships in smaller bundles, so that those of us with redundant ships can at least purchase what they want instead of an overpriced bundle? Definitely. But no, you chose to screw over the veteran player base, the cash-strapped, and the ARP fans all in one fell swoop. Kudos WG. You've learned nothing from the Puerto Rico Fiasco of 2019.
  13. AbyssAngkor

    What if WG tried this with CV fighters?

    So why do we need to babysit bad players in a PVP game? Everyone is given the same tools, it's up to the player to use them. If you were outplayed by the better CV player, why should the game give you a leg up and even the scores?
  14. AbyssAngkor

    What if WG tried this with CV fighters?

    So even you agree fighters are useless outside of being cheap spotters.
  15. AbyssAngkor

    What if WG tried this with CV fighters?

    I would too, but WG seems to be stuck on the whole "rocket plane" concept so I was wondering if there was a way around it. Rocket attack planes were a mistake.