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  1. AbyssAngkor

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    Ranked out with full IFHE secondary build Nagato. Only lost once in 12 games. Seems like everyone forgot how strong she still is against T7 ships.
  2. Better to have aggressive BBs than passive ones that sit behind the fleet and not do anything. Of course, a good BB knows when to do both. Try divisioning with a BB you trust, it helps immensely.
  3. AbyssAngkor

    Secondaries don't move?

    I can confirm that AAA mounts don't rotate. Not sure about secondary batteries.
  4. AbyssAngkor

    Another visualization of the changes to AA in 8.5

    Hakuryu 8km torpedo bomber variant can circumvent the AA constant damage by dropping from 5-6km away and pulling out of the AA bubble quickly. Works very well against BBs that grouped up for mutual AA defense, provided that you have the proper lead and some advanced knowledge about the torpedo spread patterns. Having TA removes stealth drop but massively increases the effectiveness of the quad drop pattern. As a general rule, sandwich your target between an island and your planes. This forces the target to turn in a single direction and makes it more susceptible to follow up strikes. Once your torps force him out of position and separate him from his allies, you can use AP dive bombers to finish them off, AA ship or not. As for the lower tier CVs, go for the lower tier targets first. Conserve your planes as much as you can early on, even if it means not doing damage. Late game is where you shine. The AA change only makes playing CV more challenging and feel that much more rewarding.
  5. AbyssAngkor

    Game Gone off to Kids Land just for the "Pros"

    I play 25% DDs, 25% cruisers, 12% CV, and 38% BBs. Unless my math fails me, 25% is less than 38%. So no, I don't advocate for buffing DDs over BBs. Balance between tiers, nation, and ship classes (Azuma vs Alaska, for example) is a whole another story. Man, it sure didn't take long for people to go from complaining about CVs to complaining about DDs.
  6. AbyssAngkor

    Game Gone off to Kids Land just for the "Pros"

    Ah, BB main. Say no more. The game cannot be balanced until all other ship types bend to the will of the BB, damn straight. Balance will never be achieved until BBs have no counters and all the other ship types go to the scrap yard. Am I sounding familiar yet?
  7. Holy shyte you just read my mind, especially about CVs. I've always held that the rework never addressed the fundamental issue that it's effectively a 1v1 with 11 other fodders for soaking damage. All things equal, the better CV will always win. The recent changes just made the skill gap even wider. As for ships like the Colbert and Smolensk, they're testing the new SAP shells, probably to be placed on these "fire hose" cruisers so that they aren't as braindead to play or play against. SAP shells will not light fires and can still bounce off armor, do higher damage than AP shells but have much lower penetration. I fully agree with everything else.
  8. AbyssAngkor

    Can we back blame dds for lost now?

    What I mean is that the "nerf" only hits bad CV players and continues to widen the skill gap. The AA change made no difference to the purple captains in terms of influencing the game. If anything, it made plane conservation that much easier since you always know how fast you will lose planes. Most CV drivers I encounter are not making effective strikes against surface ships, effectively losing planes for nothing. This is equivalent to removing 1 captial ship from your team and having a complete dead weight in place of one. So yes, I do blame the CV for bad games, the ones on my team, that is.
  9. AbyssAngkor

    Can we back blame dds for lost now?

    Funny, I still get bad CVs on my team every game. 3/4 games, the CV had less than 800 exp and was in the bottom half of the team list. All losses. I was playing the Kaga in that 4th game, 2nd on the team in a T9 game. We won that game. Tell me again how it isn't the CV's fault for the team losing?
  10. It's easy, just revert the economy back to when the game launched in 2015. Unless you are pulling your own weight, the repair costs will slap you back to grinding T5, where most people belong. We get several good things out of it: Currency deflation. Players with a massive backlog of credits will actually have a credit sink to make sure credits retain value after having purchased all T10 ships. Credit will once again be a valuable commodity as players need deep pockets to keep playing high tier ships. Reducing T8 vs T10 matches. Many people have expressed grievances about T8 ships (premium and non-premium) often being uptiered against T10s. The repair costs will force bad players out of T10 and reduce the number of T10 ships in the queue, thus reducing the chances of loading into T10 matches as a T8 ship. Better MM spread for T5-6. Regarded as having the worse MM spread, T5 and T6 ships don't see their full potential in most random games. Higher player count queuing at T5 and T6 will reduce the chance of being matched against ships 2 tiers higher (but not hardcapped like a ±1 MM spread, you still occasionally get uptiered). But what about casual players? Surely they shouldn't be forced out of the queue because they don't have the time or effort to be a try-hard player? Premium time, premium ships, -10% repair signal, premium camo, perma camo, clan bonuses, Co-op mode, standard consumables (yes, they still exist)...and the list goes on. There are absolutely no reason why players would lose credits consistently while playing ships below T8, other than trolling, team killing, AFK, and other unsporting behavior. If you're not good enough to pay for T10 with skill alone, then you should play some lower tier matches and learn the basics down there.
  11. AbyssAngkor

    Secondary Gun Firing Ranges Incorrect ?

    A couple of things: Most secondary ranges listed in the UI are rounded numbers. For example, a full secondary spec Nagato has a listed secondary range of 7.6km but an actual range of 7.56km. Ships are constantly changing positions. Nagato's guns will start tracking a ship at 7.56km but won't fire until they have aligned with the correct shell path. This is the so called "delay" before your guns fire. By the time they start firing, the ships would have closed the range to something like 7.50km. Contrary to what people say, secondaries are loaded by default and will fire immediately after reaching the correct angle. This is why 152mm and 155mm secondary batteries will fire after a short delay, rather than waiting for the full 12s to load the guns. Secondaries won't fire if you lose line of sight (resets tracking) or if the target is obscured by an object (landmass, shipwrecks, etc). Some secondary guns have very flat arcs that can't fire over obstacles and stop firing when a ship is behind cover. Rendering delay. In some cases a ship might not render immediately upon spotting it. This rarely happens now but could be a cause.
  12. AbyssAngkor

    What is the Point of the Yoshino?

    Higher alpha damage, 51mm HE pen (very effective vs certain ships with 50mm plating), forward firing torpedo arcs, option for 20km torps, and a significantly higher health pool. The trade off is lower DPM, worse dispersion, slower reload, smaller torpedo armament, worse handling, much larger citadel, and poor detection. Basically a hybrid between Zao and Yamato.
  13. AbyssAngkor

    Yamato vs Kremlin

    I'm baffled. What are you trying to prove? 50% wr is perfectly balanced for the OLDEST ship in the game. Everyone knows where to aim when fighting a Yamato. She is not the easiest ship to play and certainly not the best ship at everything. Again, I am repeating myself here: Yamato fills a particular niche in the battleship meta and sacrifices certain aspects to be able to smash any ship to bits from beyond the horizon, just like how Kremlin is an unmovable fortress with garbage dispersion beyond how far Ivan can throw his binoculars (he has long arms). Being good at standing still and take hits to the face is the current flavor of the month, but that doesn't mean a ship is overpowered. Bourgogne, Stalingrad are steel ships that's only available to top players, which will inflate the win rate for those two ships. Kremlin is a brand new ship that is very strong in the current face-tanking meta (until people learn that they are very weak to drive-by jousting), and with so few games played, has a higher than normal wr. Henri is also getting a DPM nerf in the near future. Why don't you show the ones with sub 50% wr? Kind of deceptive to show 50% as the lowest number when there are other ships that clearly need help.
  14. AbyssAngkor

    Yamato vs Kremlin

    Wait, why did Georgia pop up all of a sudden? Georgia isn't a sniper like Yamato, nor is she an armored face-tanker like Kremlin. She carries big guns, sure, but her primary role isn't to fight other BBs. Georgia is a cruiser killer. High speed (40kts, faster than most cruisers), 31mm overmatch threshold (cruisers carry up to 30mm deck armor, except Russian ones), powerful but low pen secondaries (only pen 27mm and below, not useful for fighting BBs). The reason Georgia received 45s traverse was because she was balanced around IFHE specced secondaries, which made it impossible to spec EM. Also, it makes sense that Georgia had faster turrets because each turret housed only 2 guns (Yamato has 3-gunned turrets). This meant Georgia's turrets weighed considerably less and took less effort to turn them. Anyway, if you're still upset about slow turrets on the Yamato, consider putting in Yamamoto's EM and equipping MBM2 (+15% traverse rate) and dropping reload mod for 50s traverse turrets. Sure, it drops your DPM and accuracy to crap but hey, if faster turrets is what you want...
  15. Only after they hand out the Yoshino, then they can stop with new premiums.