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  1. AbyssAngkor

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    Thanks for the heads up. Working fine now.
  2. AbyssAngkor

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    Hi, the mod causes the game to hang at the loading screen (before login screen) in patch 0.8.11. Might want to take a look at what causes it. Keep up the great work. Love your mod packs.
  3. AbyssAngkor

    carpet bomb and demolition expert

    I've been wondering the same thing. DE actually gives +5% fire chance to bombs and +2% to rockets. RN CVs benefit greatly from DE. The question is if DE is worth giving up CE, because RN CVs have cripplingly bad concealment.
  4. AbyssAngkor

    Which is the best tier 8 premium DD?

    Tirpitz You will always land torp hits with it.
  5. AbyssAngkor

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    AbyssAngkor NA server Congrats
  6. AbyssAngkor

    Couple of in game proposed changes

    1. Why not? You can physically see smoke dissipate in real life to estimate how long it takes to.completely vanish. Smoke doesn't have an IFF function; that's just silly. 2. Normal and deep water torps leave different wakes on the surface. As far as game visuals go, it is easier to just distinguish the two with different red icons. Imagine being spotted by planes and not knowig what type of planes they are. That would be a nightmare. A more realistic change is making fires last shorter in rain squalls and snowstorms. If your ship is being buffeted by rain and snow and waves are crashing onto your deck, why do fires continue to burn as if they're unaffected?
  7. AbyssAngkor

    Azur Lane Hood CPT

    I have Hood with full CV build on Ark Royal, so she can have her revenge against Bismarck.
  8. AbyssAngkor

    DE or SE last 3 points for Boise

    Demo expert for sure. +2% fire per shell is huge for a cruiser that pretty much lives and dies by sheer HE spam. SE only grants 2450 health on Boise, which is not even 10% of the ship's total HP.
  9. AbyssAngkor

    Are french BB ever gonna get a buff to armor?

    Shoot him back then. I mean, it's not like your 431mm guns don't straight up citadel the Smol with battleship HE. 431/6 = 71.8mm penetration Smol has 70mm citadel plating...
  10. Massive AA Fire is completely worthless on BB and CA. You get a whopping 3.5% damage increase in your initial burst for prioriy sector but your reinforcement CD increases by 10-15s. It's also made useless when CV flies his planes to the other side of your ship. You're better off getting the +5% AA signal flag than this terrible skill. Maybe if WG removed the +50% CD and buffed the skill to do a flat 10% damage to squadrons, then it would be worth the 4 pts. The good old days when you can put Manual AA on the Akizuki and troll Lexington drivers with your 250+ AA dps (when most T8 DDs can only pull around 50). If you had it on the Kidd, it was downright fiendish...
  11. Come join us, we have Canadian(s).
  12. Yeah, some players think they are God's gift to the game and think they should be telling everyone what to do, especially in a random match. Then again, this is the internet, so get used to it. People will rage at you all the time for the smallest mistake and completely ignore your contributions. There's always the "mute chat" button...
  13. AbyssAngkor

    Okhotnik is the ultimate meme ship.

    You're making two assumptions here: A. A Russian DD has the concealment to stay hidden from every enemy ship/planes to hide behind an arbitrary island on the map to ambush someone with 4.5km torps. B. That I'm bad enough to let him torp me. There's a reason why Okhotnik is a meme ship; it's good at sealclubbing noobs. Perhaps you yourself fell victim to one.
  14. AbyssAngkor

    Okhotnik is the ultimate meme ship.

    Funny, I don't recall needing radar to have basic map awareness. Turn on "last known position" on the minimap, it helps a lot.
  15. AbyssAngkor

    Okhotnik is the ultimate meme ship.

    If OkhotniK can get close enough to torp you, you've done goofed. Nothing against you, OP, just sayin....