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  1. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    Little to no help from Aslain in this situation. It's always the other players fault for having a faulty mod on their system that they must have installed themselves. Who wants to take their sweet time installing a mod manually instead of a nice automatic installer with all the safe mods built-in? We are not stupid...
  2. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    Is that a reliable option?
  3. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    I think it sucks that I got a strike for no other reason than being a player in game. It seems as though that they will not remove strike one against me.
  4. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    I would have no problem doing this. However, I would love to help WG with this effort but they are not transparent enough to tell me which mod is illegal on Aslains list. I have over $3000 invested into this game over the years, why won't they actually help the player base is my question. Why hide the offending mod? Tell me straight up and I will gladly help them. Instead they gave me strike 1 like I am trying to cheat.
  5. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    Nope, ran three full scans...nodda.
  6. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    It def isn't Windows 10. It looks like a third party mod that was installed on top of the other mods. I just can't figure out what the hell it is.
  7. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    Nope, I am using standard AMD drivers. I don't use the AMD control panel to control the graphics, just the in-game settings.
  8. YeaYea911

    Got a warning for using a mod

    Hi all, Well I am really baffled by this one. I received a message in my email saying that I am using an illegal mod and please uninstall and the mod and reinstall the game. Thing is, I only have used the Aslain mod pack and no other mods in the game. I use the small carosel mod, the tech tree mod, the HBAO mod, the contour line mod for side panels, and a tracer mod. Thing is according to Aslain, these mods have been tested in game and approved for use!!! I did notice a few weeks back that when I load the game I got a popup window allowing me to use F10 on the keyboard to change the color of the screen to sharpen the image. I have never seen this before and was perplexed. I uninstalled Aslains mod pack and reinstalled it again and that F10 box went away. in order to be transparent, I would like to know what the hell is going on? I have no reason to cheat in this game. I am an average player at best, but since I love this game I usually purchase a bunch of dubloons, all the premium ships in game and premium time in order to support the product and it's employees. Aslain's mod packs allow players to spruce up the game as they see fit (within reason) and enjoy it even further. Help!!!