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  1. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Premium Shop: Halloween

    Forget the camos, I'm wondering where the halloween pve modes are D: This is the first year i've actually had friends into warships and it's still not out.
  2. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Spotting surface ships in cv problem

    Smoke and an islands seem to block line of sight for planes and ships to each other, but this clearly shows a giant ship in open water with direct line of sight which makes it very odd.
  3. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Server Transfer

    Itd be cool if they offered server transfer like 1 time per year. I got a friend or two on eu with no one to play with, but more friends on na. He only resumed playing after the one time offer.
  4. Cautiously optimistic. Separating the skills per class definitely helps tune balance better, for example stripping cvs of concealment
  5. The high tier team needs to have a slot reserved for at least one destroyer player so they can get vision and harass the sneaking tier 6 torp botes that hang around. Otherwise they tend to be blind to any dd activity except when they stumble too close and get spotted or you have a really dedicated carrier spotter.
  6. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    What I hate, low battle count, players at high tiers

    Neither of those values are anywhere near low battle counts for those tiers.
  7. I just try to farm some steel and enjoy the same tier matchmaking. Would ranking out be nice? Sure, but I dont have time for that.
  8. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    BB's Are Not Cruiser's or DD's........ Hello FOLKS

    Any ship staring down 75% of the enemy team should of course play defensively. But a battleship needs to be the anchor of a push or a defense. The key is finding the balance to make yourself a threat the enemy doesn't want to ignore, is close enough to be a threat and something that can bait damage out, but having a position or an escape route to survive the incoming focus fire. If you're so far away the enemy can't shoot at you, all their firepower will wipe out your support ships, then you get focus fired anyway.
  9. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Camping behind islands

    The game is balanced around squishy ships like cruisers using hard island cover to survive. There's a reason ocean as a map is hated. A lot of usn ships really depend on using island cover.
  10. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Quick commands changes.

    All the old ones mentioned can be useful to convey info to teammates and I'd like to keep. I'd also propose adding a sorry voice command
  11. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Action figures for the Azur Lane ships

    I cant answer THAT. I'm not very familiar with the property, I actually thought they had starscream when thinking back on it after first seeing the trailer, but later realized it was a dude I didn't know.
  12. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Action figures for the Azur Lane ships

    The main thing I think is doing a transformers collab with no way of transforming would have been too easy to dismiss. Being able to show them transforming on deck is part of the whole appeal.
  13. Can you point me to the source of this alleged dd air spotting buff?
  14. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Rhein AA

    The problem with that logic is the other tier 4 carriers have almost no aa. Its all in their fighters. I was taking torps in a hosho just last night. They got bored and gave up, but it is pretty easy to strike through low tier cv strikes. In that same game I was sending strikes through the rhein aa. I was taking loses but still getting damage in. I will agree tier 3-5 need SOME kind of aa on their ships. Kaiser has some amount but you need to stack a few kaisers or Wyoming to get full effect.
  15. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    A Month of TYL Containers - Not Bad

    Hand it over, that thing, your box of speed flags... for my fleet's flagpoles.