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  1. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    A non-weebs adventure with AL Commanders

    You thought your first voice would be loli, but it was me! JOHNDOE!
  2. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    NC/Massachusetts/Alabama citadelable when bow on

    Aren’t the barbettes counted as magazines and take citadel damage?
  3. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    WG Give Us A Shopping Cart

    Why not both.
  4. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Co-op Question

    Same as in Randoms, a team that hits 0 points loses instantly. That’s why each side starts with a couple hundred points. Rapidly losing ships loses points, and if one side doesn’t get a good cap advantage or return the frags, the points lost from ships sinking will drain their team total to nothing and mercy rule the match.
  5. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Suggestion: Make premium rewards consumables

    Doubt it will happen, but +1
  6. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    How many credits did you spend rebuying ships recently?

    None. But I did drop a few million to outfit some new premium ships I wasn’t terribly interested in with upgrades.
  7. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Bismark vs Kurfurst Build

    Ill probably be slotting IFHE once I hit the 18 point mark then, worse comes to worse I got a crap load of doubloons from crates so I can respec if I get to Kurfürst and find I need superintendent and AR instead
  8. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Bismark vs Kurfurst Build

    Heyo, back again. Was looking at some stats and ran into some trouble with my currently build plan. I was originally going to stop at Bismark as I have a Varg permacamo ready and waiting, but looking at Tirp and Biz's guns, I noticed while their larger 150mm secondaries get the 1/4 HE pen for a very healthy 37mm of HE pen, their smaller 100mm don't seem to, and get a -wimpy- 17mm of penetration, or rather, not even enough to damage a damn destroyer at tier 8 and beyond, which they will face often. But all the way at the top, Kurfurst seems to get 1/4 pen 128mm to replace the 100's, which has 30mm of pen, basically making it so out of the box it's guns can hammer all DDs andmost cruisers, including 27mm ones. So if staying with Bismark, should i abandon getting superintendent to get IFHE? I think so. but if I advance to kurfurst, should I drop IFHE to get either superintendent or concealment expert as i would only lose the ability for 128s to pen battleships. thoughts? IFHE for kurfurst, or spec for more survival/conceal?
  9. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    new captain retraining 50% penalty

    I believe it does reduce the IFHE to only +15% pen on HE, but don’t know if the fire chance penalty is also cut in half.
  10. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich vs WV 41

    I don’t think West Virginia is currently in the tech tree for doubloons. Anything released semi recently is typically cash only for some time.
  11. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    PSA Bonus codes

    Wow, spend another 40 bucks on crates and get nothing, redeem a bonus code for 1 small santa box an d get a fricking Perth XD
  12. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    PSA: Potential Free Santa Crates

    Of course you should still opt in, I’m just trying to clear up misinformation.
  13. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    PSA: Potential Free Santa Crates

    It says a big gift, not a mega gift. Aka the second tier of box.
  14. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Do Premium ships in game come with Port Slots?

    Yeah they don’t come with a port slot. I’m pretty sure they cost like the thinnest amount less in the tech tree compared to the shop itself if you convert the doubloons to dollars, like a 1 dollar difference or something.
  15. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Will this be the future of world of warships as well?

    Economic signals and camos are not pay to win as they don’t affect actual performance in a match. A number of premiums are notably better than their tech tree counterparts though, sometimes overpowered even, and that should always be concerning. Part of it can be attributed to just general power creep as new ships are released slightly more powerful over time, but not all of it.