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  1. Izokaze & Minikaze pre-nerfs. I still have the Kamikaze R & Fujin. I've been taking those oor recently (after a long break), and it seems like everyone has forgotten how to play against the IJN ninjas. Smoke = target if you have a concealment captain. I'm terrible in her, but i find Cleveland still to be a LOL factory. I have fun in her every time I play her.
  2. After grinding German BB's for awhile, I played a couple of games in my concealment Kami R. I was shocked at how many times the "torpedo hit" icon lit up when blind firing into smoke. Fun
  3. Could you imagine if we had nuclear powered ships in game? Now that would be a stupendous detonation. Even better if it blinded half the map for a moment. I want Bikini Atoll level detonations.
  4. Recently, the thing I've found frustrating, is the lack of kill stealing (oops meant) kill securing. The amount of losing games I've been in where people are focusing on full health BB's, instead of the several (extremely) low health CL's wondering about, had been mind numbing.
  5. When Naval Action was in Alpha or Beta, they showed some cool maps with different ocean conditions. Waves would seriously mess up aim, and swamp decks. You had to learn how to fire on the up roll, just like IRL. Battlefield 1 has some great environmental changes to the battle space. I'd love to see that on warships.
  6. There's not enough server population for that sort of weighted MM to work. This isn't Battlefield or COD you know.
  7. Cause it used to be in heavy rotation, and it was HATED. ....but not by me. I miss it
  8. Good God! What is it good for? Sorry, did anybody else think of the song when seeing the thread title?
  9. I've only played co op since the patch. I specced my most experienced IJN captain with it. It's pretty useless. I found it distracting. I will re spec that captain with CE. Not worth the cost.
  10. ??? So long of you really want. I, on the other hand, had one of my best games in the Kamikaze R with the new captain build.
  11. I love Ocean. Haven't seen it in months.
  12. You will turn punk for that. Back when secondaries could still cause team kills, I got 3 for taking my BB up the Solomons strait after a DD brawl. All the DD's were on low health. I think I got solo warrior on that.
  13. How is this new skill really any different from the incoming fire alert? Which is currently a skill. (2 points? )
  14. Does anyone know what the hot fix was this morning? Seems like the German DD gun penalty was reduced. Anecdotally, both the size & duration seemed smaller. Or am I just drinking really good rum (yo ho)?