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  1. Something else I see are cruisers (mostly) torping during a knife fight. 1 of those torps misses and it might find an ally. Remember it's a valid tactic for DD's to blind fire strategic locations. Of course they should remember their ranges &keep track of allies.
  2. Once, a friendly DD TK'd me, ...and I TK'd him, because we were both torping the same target between us. Many LOLs in chat insued.
  3. It's actually a very simple rule: if you're going to torp, make sure there are NO friendlies in front of you. That means that you're a friendly ship, between the target and a torp boat, you shouldn't have to worry. That said a tactical situation may cause the torp boat to take a gamble. Everyone should be aware of their surroundings.
  4. Any ETA on support for 4K screens?

    It's in the Q&A. It's coming. They're also looking at lag issues in the port screen.
  5. Carrier Rework Update

    Q&A in it's entirety Not the transcript, but is the audio. CV's come up several times. Flambass has timestamps in his comment.
  6. There was a recent developer Q&A that was published Flamu & Flambass's channel's. IEarlGrey was moderator. I think there were even a few questions from Little White Mouse. The dang thing is 2 hours long. To get to the point: No premium CV's will be released before the CV rework. The CV rework will be massive, which means captain skills will likely be changed. Has this Q&A hit the forum yet? It's pretty incredible.
  7. So OP is requesting a game mode (Kill Confirmed) from COD. Another posted a suggestion for Battle Royale (which NoZoup had basically confirmed is coming to Wows). Do I sense a trend? ... and yes, to the poster above, this is a single player game.
  8. I turned off in game music because I realized that Deadmau5 works with everything. Then I forgot about turning the music off, and now I prefer it music free. Sound effects are much more immersive.
  9. WG will never get rid of radar. That's why my 7 am, no coffee yet brain, couldn't compute his post.
  10. According to Flamu, radar is getting nerfed to 20 seconds.
  11. Terrible idea. Whomever has suggested this has never played DD's. If i read this correctly, it's a response to radar? That's Bass Ackwards.
  12. Ships Disappearing

    Please remember that WoWS displays ships at *four times their actual size* compared to the map. Larger enemy ships will be detected further away. Watch some of Flambass' streams on YouTube. I've learned lots of hints from his play style.
  13. Watched 2 German cruisers cross drop on each other, trying to get 1 red surrounded by 4 greens. Ironically, both got sunk before torps arrived. ... and red should have been dead already from focus fire. I see torp ship captains, who don't understand they're ranges all the time.
  14. How long until Kitakami?

    From the OG WoWS youtuber, I present to you, the Kitakami! Baron's videos are what got me into the game.