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  1. Steam players are on a different server? I had not heard that. That doesn't seem to make sense.
  2. I've been on the USS Constitution a few times. I've also been on the WW2 sub in San Francisco, and the Soviet sub in San Diego. Generally I've historically more interested in Age of Sail ships. However, what the movie crews did to "HMS Surprise" (actually a HMS Rose recreation) is painful to see. I'd rather have seen the HMS Rose.
  3. Naming and shaming is against forum rules. If he sank you, he got a teamkiller penalty. No further action required
  4. As a west coaster, I can see that this is frustrating. But WG is a world wide company, and NA serves a good portion of the western hemisphere. Did Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada just have a time change? And what about our brahs is Hawaii? They're playing at work anyway.
  5. Ahhh. That's different from what it is in many other games. Pardon my confusion
  6. ?? This post doesn't really mane sense. If you're getting spotted, you're not playing the Kami right.
  7. Fog of war all ready exists. It's called spotting range.
  8. Also, when I am in my Kami R, I can get within 5.6 km of you without being spotted or seen. If you are not manneuvering, you will be hit. This is why many low tier BB players think the Kamikaze R is over powered. This is why the IJN DD line has been nerfed several times.
  9. If I was in an IJN DD you would never see me. If I was in A French CL or German DD, all i would need to do is wiggle slightly to launch torps at you. As a rule, when I close on a BB, 1 spread of torps gets launched first because I know I'll probably get deleted.
  10. I have zero issues with Epicenter on any map. It would be interesting to see on Ocean. Perhaps take away points from ships outside the circle. Also, bring back Encounter battles.
  11. Ocean. Best map? Worst map? Both? You decide. I miss some of the older version maps.
  12. Were you pink at the time? Either the WG gods were truly upset with you, or you were on a massive TK streak getting reflected damage, or (like most of the anti-Det crowd) you suffered from some devastating strikes. The bandwidth being taken up on the forum, by the anti-Det crowd, makes it seem like Detonations happen at like a 30-50% rate. We know this is a statistical impossibility.
  13. When i see complaints like this, including the recent clan wars MM thread, I feel like people don't really get how small this server really is. It peaks at 13,000, not 130,000. There are currently four game modes active. This will seriously effect ques, especially when there's 7000-9000 players online. Try high tier Coop right now & enjoy being the only human. This ain't COD or Overwatch.
  14. Part of my town has burned. My region is on fire... #SonomaStrong #NapaStrong "We shall never surrender..."
  15. "Curse-ah you Banzai!" -Dr. Emilio Lizardo aka Lord John Worfin