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  1. I'm playing more now then i have in many months. CV rework hasn't really effected my play style, but I never play tier 10. Also, people seem to forget that the rework got leaked, & WG had to rush the implementation. That's one of the reasons behind all the hot fixes.
  2. Comrade_Nemo

    BB's need support in a coop????

    ... with respect, I categorically disagree with that statement. You're not playing BB's correctly if you feel that's true. I'm secondary killing DD's all the time in tier 5 games.
  3. Comrade_Nemo

    BB's need support in a coop????

    I never have this experience. I have lots of fun DD games, but the AI hunt DD's over any other target. I have been chased by the entire Bot team, when the were actually BB's closer to them. On the other hand, my BB coop games are LOL tank fests (with German ships). WASD Hack for the win.
  4. I've been playing Langley in coop whilst learning the new CV controls. It's tough. Even with trouble AA at that tier, you can lose a lot of planes. I've also been playing DD's in Randoms at tier 5 & 6. CV's haven't been much of an issue. Haven't really noticed a difference. Kamikaze R is still OP.
  5. You mean, the way it was? (Not trying to be snarky) Manual secondaries are fine just the way they are.
  6. Comrade_Nemo

    Viribus, Exeter, Yahagi and Neustrashimy Changes

    Furataka? I thought it was Murmansk. I loved Murmansk. Then WG changed matchmaking & she was "nerfed". Did anyone complain about that?
  7. Comrade_Nemo

    Spending intentions poll

    Just curious: How did you justify your spending? I could never spend more then what I would on a triple A title. Spending $100's on WoWS SRHS alien to me.
  8. Comrade_Nemo

    Spending intentions poll

    I'm similar, but... 1) I never expected to spend anything. 2) My budget for spending was always what I might spend on a game like Battlefield 4, COD, or GTA. That is only what the upfront cost is (about $70). 3) that said... premium time was never something I bought. Just some ships & crates. Effects of this decision are: 1) I don't play high tiers. Too expensive. Massive F2P penalty. 2) I've become #1 potato cause I don't play much. Real life is way more interesting. 3) I always remember that loot boxes are gambling. Which is cool if you're into gambling.
  9. Comrade_Nemo

    Captain skills after 8.0

    From recent vids by Flamu & Farazellah, it looks like DD AA has been significantly buffed. Flamu was testing an AA-specced, US DD, and was shredding planes. Total squad wipes
  10. Comrade_Nemo

    Your very first Premium was?

    Kamikaze R, followed by Murmansk, followed by Fujin later on... The great Tier 5 nerf hit me hard. I didn't understand (at the time) why WG would nerf the tier where most of the premiums were. But Kami is OP, and still a hoot to play. Takes more skill (which I don't really have) to play in the current meta.
  11. Comrade_Nemo

    Camoflages Demounted

    I don't play very often, but when I logged in a couple of days ago, i got a bunch of camo removal notices.
  12. Comrade_Nemo

    Questions to Secondary Spec Captains From an HE Spammer

    There was a time when the 2ndry build was the preferred build with a German BB. Mid tier DM BB's are meant for brawling. Just go look at the early reviews. There's nothing like taking a DD or CL down with your secondaries, whilst citadelling a ramming BB. Heck, I remember when hiding behind islands, and bow-tanking were considered unkulturny. If you want to do that, then you should be playing tanks.
  13. Comrade_Nemo

    What is your current interest level in wows?

    None of the announced changes have made me feel different. I still love the game. I still love DD play. I just don't play much anymore. Maybe once a month? Real life & triathlons have seriously cut into game time. 😁
  14. Comrade_Nemo

    Premium CV Refund

    All I have to say about this can be distilled into 3 things: 1. OP is right. Removal of RTS play style is grounds for refund if that's what one "paid for". 2. Lert is correct. 3. God, I miss the days when you headed down to the local brick&morter game store and plunked down your $75. This would make this whole situation a lot cleaner. Microtransactions & the "freemium" are wrecking the game industry. In the old days, the CV rework would be in a whole new version of the game & not be an issue. All of the above is why I 1) don't pay for premium time and 2) haven't spent more then $50 on premium ships.
  15. Comrade_Nemo

    Finaly Had Enough

    I haven't yet deleted the bookmark, but the game is slowly dieing for me. I play maybe one evening every six weeks now. Something WoWS did? No, on the contrary, I wish I could play more. I've just got a life. Still lurking in the forum. Still watching Flambass, Flamu, & NoZoup on the Tube. Perhaps I'll potato on your team soon. I'm the Kamikaze R.