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  1. Comrade_Nemo

    Which tier 5 DD has 3 dual torp with an obscenely fast reload?

    I can't even express what a pig Minikaze became after the Great Nerf. I played her twice, then sold her. Kamikaze is still that good (depending on sky cancer).
  2. Comrade_Nemo

    Which tier 5 DD has 3 dual torp with an obscenely fast reload?

    Minikaze, before the IJN DD nerf was the original OP DD. Kami R was obtainable from a mission, & was briefly in the Premium Shop with Fujin. I got my Fujin for $16, just after the big Nerf. My old Minikaze captains live on the Kami & Fujin now.
  3. Comrade_Nemo

    Anyone else blocked on Twitter?

    Many people on Twitter use blocking services. They're automated. I got blocked by deadmau5 because I retweeted a comment from a known bootlegger (who had a reputation for leaking unreleased songs). It was a nice comment, complimentary of the mau5, but the author was on his banned list. So I got blocked. That's when I learned about the automated systems. I couldn't figure out initially why I would have been blocked.
  4. Comrade_Nemo

    Super Bowl LIV

    Ummm yeah. Right. You know the other team is pretty good too (probably better). Even tho they didn't get the memo on downtown stadiums. Let's take you back to the days when the NFC Championship was the real championship game, except this time it's the NFC West. 9ers already beat Seattle, so this will just be the coronation. (Did i trash talk good enough?)
  5. Comrade_Nemo

    I should Lol

    #3 is a valid point.
  6. Comrade_Nemo


    This. I've had zero issues with CV's. (But i don't play high tier) The entire rework has been a wash for me. I see no effect at Tier 5 or 6.
  7. Comrade_Nemo

    Missing Maps

    You know... if they just limited the game to Ocean for a few weeks, that would end all "this or that ship is OP" discussions. Ships are supposed to move. Players would be surprised at how well some ships play when they're mobile.
  8. Comrade_Nemo

    When was the map, "Ocean" released?

    Back when it was in rotation for lower tiers, I was almost always in a DD. I loved that map that way. Tier 10 kinda scares me. Put a tier 5 BB in the game.
  9. Comrade_Nemo

    Explain this new MM algorithm to me again..

    The developer answered this. Type=mode. So Co-op or Rsndoms. Clan battles & Ranked have their own MM.
  10. Comrade_Nemo

    Explain this new MM algorithm to me again..

    I think you're mistaken there. Maybe Flambass plays 20 games a day. No one else. It's pretty clear to me that it's 20 games, starting when the update released.
  11. There isn't a "team ", unless you're playing clan battles. Focus on your play only, and your point totals. Be selfish. Forget about everyone else on your "side". It'll never be a team game in Randoms. Only, perhaps if WG implemented voice chat (but then look at the trollish bleep show CoD is)
  12. No... the problem is the players. MM is agnostic. Do players in Battlefield or CoD rage like this? No. Stop treating this as a team game. Play for your own fun. If you want team play, then do clan battles.
  13. Comrade_Nemo

    Why not hot swap AFK players?

    Pre battle lobby ours the best idea. Almost every single other game has one.
  14. Comrade_Nemo

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    I play the Kamikaze because she performs like the original pre nerf Minikaze. The IJN DD split brought many nerfs.
  15. Comrade_Nemo

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Kamikaze R, followed by her sister the Fujin. I don't play much of other ship classes. I find hiding behind islands cowardly, & not nautical. Everything else premium rots in port since the change to tier V matchmaking. Murmansk was the GC, before the GC existed. The Missouri, before the Missouri existed (cash machine). An "OP" premium ruined by WG's game changes.