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  1. I'd stay away from VM & wrappers. I've been using bootcamp for 10 years and it's great. Bite the bullet. Get a Windows license, and set up a bootcamp partition. ... also.... What's your RAM situation? VM requires a lot of RAM. EDIT: I see that you have 16gb. You might be ok.
  2. Isokaze vs Minekaze?

    If you want a Mini like it once was get a Kamikaze R or Fujin in the premium shop. Otherwise, Izokase.
  3. What do you think of RDF?

    I always thought it was worthless, then I saw in Flambass' streams that his clan (with Flamu) uses it quite effectively in clan battles & ranked.
  4. Epicenter

    Pinkness would never end. Epicenter is fine. No issues.
  5. Ocean map-more rotation

    I feel that everyone who's complaining about cruisers on Ocean, never played a tier 5 battle. I recollect lots of cruiser fun back in the good ole days of low tier Ocean matches. I don't have a Tier X, so I never see it anymore.
  6. This got me thinking

    This video may provide some context about the current state of Iowa. Note the condition off the CES.
  7. Clan member hid his stats

    Some people just have a more finally tuned sense of privacy. If I don't want to share my stats with the public, then I don't have to.
  8. Clan member hid his stats

    No law.... but requiring someone to make their stats public (if they don't want to) is unethical. It's be nice if WG allowed players to share stats with clans, but not the entire world.
  9. Bull$&#¥ pink status

  10. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    To me, that's spamming. Sorry. If anyone has any experience in this game at all then they already know where the coke points are. I only spam where I'm torping.
  11. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    Yeah, you earned it. Sorry. People get annoyed by unexplained map pings. It kind of goes to show that the F key system needs some more useable sayings.
  12. Who's with me and wants night battles?

    Battlefield 4 tried a night mode, late in it's life. It looked really cool, and definitely changed the game dynamics. The "pro" players loved it. I don't think it survived in to the latest version of the game. Looking at the video, it seemed pretty cool. I could see the attraction for WoWs players. BTW, I think the Battlefield night maps were first show by modders on private servers. Then the game developers brought it in to the game.
  13. This is exactly right, and it will remain that way until there is a robust server population. Which will be forever, because this game will never get over 100,000. Perhaps if WG gets rid of region based servers.
  14. So where does Kitakami rank in all this? Since she's completely removed.