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  1. Comrade_Nemo

    Explain this new MM algorithm to me again..

    The developer answered this. Type=mode. So Co-op or Rsndoms. Clan battles & Ranked have their own MM.
  2. Comrade_Nemo

    Explain this new MM algorithm to me again..

    I think you're mistaken there. Maybe Flambass plays 20 games a day. No one else. It's pretty clear to me that it's 20 games, starting when the update released.
  3. There isn't a "team ", unless you're playing clan battles. Focus on your play only, and your point totals. Be selfish. Forget about everyone else on your "side". It'll never be a team game in Randoms. Only, perhaps if WG implemented voice chat (but then look at the trollish bleep show CoD is)
  4. No... the problem is the players. MM is agnostic. Do players in Battlefield or CoD rage like this? No. Stop treating this as a team game. Play for your own fun. If you want team play, then do clan battles.
  5. Comrade_Nemo

    Why not hot swap AFK players?

    Pre battle lobby ours the best idea. Almost every single other game has one.
  6. Comrade_Nemo

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    I play the Kamikaze because she performs like the original pre nerf Minikaze. The IJN DD split brought many nerfs.
  7. Comrade_Nemo

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Kamikaze R, followed by her sister the Fujin. I don't play much of other ship classes. I find hiding behind islands cowardly, & not nautical. Everything else premium rots in port since the change to tier V matchmaking. Murmansk was the GC, before the GC existed. The Missouri, before the Missouri existed (cash machine). An "OP" premium ruined by WG's game changes.
  8. Comrade_Nemo

    Can't play anymore

    Wow, this turned into Mac vs. PC really quick. Reality: they use the same hardware. At one of my jobs (a large organization), we are transitioning from Windows Active Directory to Google Cloud Services. 90% of the user base is on Windows. The cool executives use Macs. The geeky and ones use PC's. But we're going big time into chromebooks. They handle most of our needs. Creative types used to use Mac Pro's, or the equivalent HP workstation (we're talking $10,000 systems here). More Windows-based workstations for video, music, rendering, etc. Apple has made some terrible design decisions in the past few years. The coffee can Mac Pro is truly hated. They've at least acknowledged that. I know many MacBook Pro users who have switched to Windows. They can't stand dongle hell.
  9. Comrade_Nemo

    Can't play anymore

    Use Mac's bootcamp. Put Windows on your machine. Windows applications work perfectly. No more issues. You're welcome.
  10. So besides obvious reasons why that's a bad idea, the "test" server is for testing. Players will take bigger risks on the PT. Therefore, more pink.
  11. Comrade_Nemo

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Luckily for some of us, the Kamikaze/Fujin still exists. When there was all that furor over the GC, I was thinking: "Please don't touch my Kamikaze" She's the last example of what the original Minikaze was. That DD got nerfed so hard I sold her after 1 post nerf game. BBabies never knew what hit them. Murmansk is another "OP" premium ruined by WG game changes. Kirov deserves my special scorn.
  12. Comrade_Nemo

    What else could you buy with $73.34 USD?

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is $60 at Gamestop. Battlefield V is also $60. Deluxe version is $111 Wow! Complete games!
  13. Comrade_Nemo

    Your favorite Tall ship/Sailing Vessel???

    If one hasn't already, one should read the book "six frigates". It's a great look at the building program that created the Constitution, and birthed the modern USN.
  14. Comrade_Nemo

    Your favorite Tall ship/Sailing Vessel???

    I've been on it. It's actually a recrestion of HMS Rose, a completely different ship. It was then modified for the movie. Kind of sad actually. EDIT: Just to clarify. The current replica, in San Diego harbor, is of the frigate HMS Rose. If I recall correctly, Rose was about 30-40 years newer then Surprise. Also, Rose is a British frigate. Surprise was a captured French ship. As noted in the books & film, Surprise was smaller then most of the late 18th century frigates. This replica of the Rose has been painted to look like Surprise, and her lower decks are movie sets. Fake floors, etc.
  15. Comrade_Nemo

    Your favorite Tall ship/Sailing Vessel???

    Insert quote here of Capt Jack Aubrey extolling the wonderful virtues of the HMS Surprise to Stephen Maturin.