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  1. Haven't seen it in months. Would play it every day if it was in rotation.
  2. The current system is fine. I think it distills neatly, for a video game, the various spring technologies that existed in WW2. The Soviets (for example) had a very effective acoustic targeting system they used against the Germans.
  3. He's not getting detonated. He's getting "devastating strike'd"
  4. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner. With the new graphics and sound effects, devastating strikes are quite.... Devastating. It's been quite shocking. I think that's what people are experiencing. I've had at least 1 a day since the update because I'm a potato, and my tactics are bad. be very clear: a devastating strike is not a detonation, even when it feels the same. Last detonation i had was months ago, in a healthy BB.
  5. It's also bot vs bot. They love to TK themselves. I stay phil of heck away.
  6. Tier 4 USS Langley was laid down in 1913, and converted into America's 1st carrier in 1920. 1943? In WoWs she's not competitive with the Tier 4 IJN CV.
  7. Bootcamp? The easy answer for anyone using Windows software on a Mac. I've been doing it since Apple went Intel. I also have a MacBook Pro set up with a Windows Virtual Machine.
  8. PSA: Please do fly you're planes near or past the domination point nearest me. That lights up red DD's and lets me know what's going on. Do not send your planes down the boundary attempting to surprise the enemy CV. Intelligence please! Thanks, - an IJN DD driver. - A USA DD driver.
  9. I can see any reds spotted by my team. I can't see any members of my team. Must be a bug.
  10. While there is ample historical evidence of Stalin's crimes against humanity & atrocities, there is a very simple reason why the Nazi emblem is banned in game. It's illegal in Germany/Europe. The Soviet flag & emblem is not.
  11. Izokaze & Minikaze pre-nerfs. I still have the Kamikaze R & Fujin. I've been taking those oor recently (after a long break), and it seems like everyone has forgotten how to play against the IJN ninjas. Smoke = target if you have a concealment captain. I'm terrible in her, but i find Cleveland still to be a LOL factory. I have fun in her every time I play her.
  12. After grinding German BB's for awhile, I played a couple of games in my concealment Kami R. I was shocked at how many times the "torpedo hit" icon lit up when blind firing into smoke. Fun
  13. Could you imagine if we had nuclear powered ships in game? Now that would be a stupendous detonation. Even better if it blinded half the map for a moment. I want Bikini Atoll level detonations.
  14. Recently, the thing I've found frustrating, is the lack of kill stealing (oops meant) kill securing. The amount of losing games I've been in where people are focusing on full health BB's, instead of the several (extremely) low health CL's wondering about, had been mind numbing.