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  1. second line says 1x container
  2. Missouri

    it was announced around christmas i think.
  3. If they are so less skilled wouldnt they lose all their planes to the massive AA in tier 10 games? The win rate u look at is [edited]. they may not win alot but maybe they actually help their teams.
  4. So you want to play tier 10?

    losing 210k coin aint so much fum tho

    Lack of uber stats can indicate selfless players that go in for the team win vs the padding of stats. the answer to this is for you to be worried about your Epeen. If you run and let your team take the damage....if you refuse to take a cap because the red team has 1 radar ship...
  6. Super Bowl 52 - Eagles or Pats?

    the hell man...my sport of choice is Paintball.....im adding you to my list !!!! back on topic.....im rooting for the asteroid to hit the stadium so none win
  7. Superintendent and Concealment Expert are pretty much required as part of your first 10 points
  8. New Years Raid, Task 1 bugged

    did you use the DUke of York to complete it?
  9. Is THIS Normal?!

    consider yourself lucky then OP. it does happen
  10. went from rank 14 to rank 11 today. maybe 1 loss? RNG and all