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  1. Apewar

    PSA to WG about radar!

    so if you cant see an enemy then you also cant shoot at it right? no more hugging islands and getting no risk damage?
  2. What about the CV's? do they not scare you too?
  3. Apewar

    Khabarovsk needs nerf....please comment on khaba here

    keep cruisers near u
  4. Apewar

    Garbage boats you like...

    izumo old pensa
  5. Apewar

    Windows 10 Performance During Game Update

    whether updating WoWs or MWOonline it does the same to me.system slows down as a patch is applied
  6. Apewar

    Surprise in Co-op

    or in a Kaga
  7. Apewar

    Simple Buff to Izumo That Solves All

    i enjoyed it. some epic games and some no shows
  8. Apewar

    How many battles per day?

    1 to 2 containers a day, weekends can be nadda or 40 games
  9. i dont understand why a warship would be carrying 200tons of gold
  10. Apewar

    Will tier X secondary builds ever be good?

    they are good?
  11. Apewar

    France or Italy first?

    but with great photos
  12. Apewar

    Most games played in?

    cleveland = 429
  13. Apewar

    Is anyone a fan of football / anyone watching the World Cup?

    the games started good but the amount of diving and incorrect penalties being called are shameful. Also the amount of times players are slipping on the grass raises alot of concern. ill put my money on Belgium and im giving the award for most Honest and Respectable team award to Japan.
  14. and heres the link for proof
  15. Apewar

    The Worst Super Container... Of All Time

    yes the pic show a regular crate...his problem or angst is that he saw the notification for one thing but didnt receive it. he should have been more specific in the first post .