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  1. Apewar

    USS Nevada has been found

    A ship sinking approx 3 miles down doesnt go straight down so trying to find its exact position is not easy. i'm wondering what the radiation levels are from the hull
  2. Apewar

    Run on Toilet Paper (or, People are Idiots)

    Amazon and kijiji are banning this price gouging, the people trying to make money on this should be jailed for a little while
  3. Apewar

    The Smolensk isn't overpowered, it's just psychological

    i blapped 2 in 1 game in the Gk early on while they were hidden in smoke...i also logged 9 cits in 1 alpha strike on a neptune using AP...OP is correct imo
  4. Apewar

    How far I got on PR...

    a little bit further then BrushWolf, just played when i could.
  5. Apewar

    WOW! Push off is ok in the playoffs!

    Rudolph had his hand on the receiver but i fail to see him flexing power on the DB, a DB that wasnt trying to look back at the pass. its not blatant and minnesota deserves the win. This from a die hard Bears fan
  6. Apewar

    GK just isn’t fun

    secondary spec works fine..dont get focused early
  7. Apewar

    New patch bugs

    trying to load game....freezes when almost complete
  8. Apewar

    Iowa full tilt

    same thing happened to me. did great in the NC but did terrible in both Missouri and Iowa. i still try with the MO but was happy to get Montana
  9. Apewar

    Post-match: 1 min

    but their games dont end if they reach a max score nor do they use a negative score system. Also if you allow it for shells then you have to allow it for torps. we have all seen torps just a few yards away then cut to the battle results screen. My vote is no to the OP. it doesnt help anything but personal ego
  10. Apewar

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    T10 - camo was 3rd T9 - camo 13th t8 camo 15th
  11. i have a sub 50% win rate in it but it was a fun ship for me to play.