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  1. Apewar

    Post-match: 1 min

    but their games dont end if they reach a max score nor do they use a negative score system. Also if you allow it for shells then you have to allow it for torps. we have all seen torps just a few yards away then cut to the battle results screen. My vote is no to the OP. it doesnt help anything but personal ego
  2. Apewar

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    T10 - camo was 3rd T9 - camo 13th t8 camo 15th
  3. i have a sub 50% win rate in it but it was a fun ship for me to play.
  4. Zao ....Iowa .....salem....ognevoi...cleveland i do have other ships that arent high win rate but i enjoyed those ships...FDG...izumo
  5. Apewar

    Caption the profile image above you.

    i didnt hear it but i smell it
  6. Apewar

    Not Two, Not Four...

    the cap for CV's is 3 per side.
  7. i dont think you would have the same hit ratio with MFCS. Yes it depends on this ships you are firing upon but throwing out 516 for only 47 landing...you just got lucky on the damage im thinking. id run 5 games with IFHE and 5 with MFCS and see what happens
  8. Apewar

    Musashi doing her thing in ranked.

    thats odd. most of the musashi ive played with wait till the dd caps A and then they run to A when the rest of us try to cap C
  9. Am i to understand Popeye's cant be used?
  10. Apewar

    T 10 nearly unplayable

    which is why i suspect many dont know about stats. when i started i just played everything i could and learned the hard way. i think i had just over 2k games played by the time i knew about stats and yet i knew about the forums