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  1. Kaga?

    kaga is great in co op. you can get 100k damage in most games as long as you focus on killing the enemy CV planes early
  2. So you think you have bad match making?

    always go with the same tier ship as your buddy....
  3. buying ships is one thing. but paying money for a captain is ridiculous. its the low end of gouging every penny from the masses. absolutely pathetic
  4. the system does that notification when you leave a game early or dont move
  5. to take away CVs would mean WG would have to refund the premium CVs with premium submarines.
  6. 12 DD's per game?

    we cant have 4 Cvs per game so......
  7. I had some fun games in it. One of the better t9 ships in my experience
  8. you obviously surprised him since he forgot you had the option. He was probably feeling pretty smug about himself for avoiding the 1st volley when the 2nd hit him.
  9. I beat this game, for now

    Donate your 177 days of premium to me then OP since you won !
  10. OP you get the chance to learn how to anticipate and dodge torp runs. AA at that stage is a crutch