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  1. Gear_Jamer

    Random battle

    Thanks for all your feedback I will take it and learn off of it,but this is what it feels like when I play a random battle that the players that are on the same team I am on just as bad playing as what I am and the enemy team is just overly dominant , and so therefore I lose more on random battlesthan I do win them when I can I will post a replay of one of my battles.
  2. Gear_Jamer

    Random battle

    Hi all need good advice I am getting close to quitting this game crap been playing it for a while but due to driving a truck I cannot play that often. I want to play in random battles but I'm tired of the enemy team being always dominant, now granted I am not a good player my aiming is still not as good as what I want it.coop battle are fine but I cannot get enough commander points skills or free XP and co-op battles as opposed to random. When I started playing this game I know I didn't do probably what I should have done instead of going through my ships in the tear I should have taken one ship gotten good with it and then maybe transferred to another one I am not sure, but I'm sure if you look at my stats you're going to see that I'm telling you the truth that I am really not a good player but I'm trying to be. I just need some advice because I don't want to keep playing co-op if that's the case that I am going to quit the game. I hope this makes sense to everyone if not please don't ridicule me just ask and I'll try and explain what I'm trying to get at.
  3. Gear_Jamer


    okay if you need another replay not a rank Batlle i got a few now i know i have been trying to do more free look so i don't get my self into trouble and i knew angle shots are killing me trying to better that as well thanks to all for advice well use it to help me.
  4. Gear_Jamer


    okay here is my replay i know i will get some heads shaking after this 20190715_205445_PRSB107-Sinop_04_Archipelago.wowsreplay
  5. Gear_Jamer


    Okay I'll post replay I drive a truck for a living I got a Apple hours to go before I can post my replay I am trying to up my game and I need some suggestions so should I post it here or submit a new topic
  6. Gear_Jamer


    yeah I'll post replays for right now I'm at work on my phone and I can't do it right yet tonight I can but be ready because y'all are going to get a good laugh out of it cuz I mean it's not so much a mean if my problem is also awareness you'll see that being a big issue also
  7. Gear_Jamer


    Oh yes I watch those two and another one I understand where to put the crosshairs it's just the angling of ships is what's hurting me haven't quite figured that out yet I'm still watching the videos to figure it out
  8. Gear_Jamer


    Yes I for one will always admit I'm not that good a player, and didn't mean to say that the system is screwing me I'm just trying to better understand how this matchmaking does work my aim is not bad and yes it needs improvement some of the ships I use the disbursement that comes off of the ships at least one or two of them should have hit but doesn't. and oh yes I know my damage level is low I've been trying to figure out how to improve that, that's the two things I've been working on soli is my aim and getting my damage level up any suggestions I would appreciate
  9. Gear_Jamer


    I know this topic has been brought up before can anybody explain to me how this actually works I know I'm not a good player why does it feel like I the dominant team is always the red team. And I do want to say, I do understand I can't win all of them but dog gone it I'm tired of losing every time well it feels like every time I lose more than I win.
  10. Gear_Jamer

    F der grobe

    So is this ship still bad from what i read and video i saw on youtube about it?
  11. Gear_Jamer

    research ?

    okay thanks
  12. Gear_Jamer

    research ?

    done that already so no flag or anything well speed it up i take it.
  13. Gear_Jamer

    research ?

    right now what xp is needed to research it though i got the cost just need to know like what flag to use for it is it free xp or commander xp or just regular xp
  14. Gear_Jamer

    research ?

    i should know this but i forgot how to get this is this the ship xp or what and how do i get this what xp do i need to do to get this.
  15. Gear_Jamer

    ussr bb

    Well i used coal and got the Okt Revolutsiya love this ship lot of fun to play and honest i can't wait till they bring them into the game for the russian tech tree line