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  1. this is one of my battle with the gnesinau i think it's one of my better ones



    1. Lord_Zath


      Great...  if you can please e-mail the links to lordzathna@gmail.com  I cannot download these at work :)

  2. play style

    well i have not seen where is the forums rule so i can read them okay found them next time well be better thanks for the warnning
  3. play style

    OMG well excuse me lol thank you dear sir for the correction
  4. Hello i have the genisanau sorry for spelling it's bad and actually having trouble playing her or any german battle ship because of i understand they arnt good at sniping. 

    But i am not good at close range but want to because i love the tuffness of the German tiers, if you could i would love to have some pointers on them cause i am making them look bad.

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    2. Gear_Jamer


      Sorry for asking you this while your at work but nothing is playing so did not kknow if this was replay or what

    3. Lord_Zath


      Here's the replay I recorded with your replay:


    4. Gear_Jamer


      That one i watched was not me not in a hurry just when you have time bud


  5. Geneisenau

    so basic of german is angle her no broad side right either left angle all the time or right back and forth i do love the german tier they are tuff so what is best range around 7 at the most right or closer
  6. play style

    I like the Japanese style as far as sniping long range i still need to get down the aiming on that part but what is best way to play the hole tier of japan battle ships
  7. Dont understand

    my Gneisnau started with 43k after i upgraded her to hull b played 2 battles to get a feel how she would do whit the upgrade, did 2 coop took less damage but now i am down to 16k how u guess it takes alot to repair her?
  8. Geneisenau

    you all are just to funny this is what i am getting at and yes my game play is not vary good nore my typing
  9. Geneisenau

    here is repaly would like solid help with this ship yes i not that good if you can't give me solid pointers don't respond 20180505_185612_PGSB107-Gneisenau_46_Estuary.wowsreplay
  10. Geneisenau

    okay okay one thing is i cant win enough battle with her to get all the upgrade for mod done on her she is like paper one hit and she almost dead so that is why i play her like snipping if i get close it's over
  11. Geneisenau

    Guys i have heard good thing about this ship and some bad i got it and dont have all the upgrade ye having trouble with it hitting other ships and getting good hits with it, can some one help tel me how to play it cause i am getting into battle with tier x ships is this thing a cruser or a battle ship cause it dont act like a battle ship it acy like a cruser with thin armor. My kong albert would probly sink it.
  12. something new

    i got like 29k in silver that was left after i purchase the ship guess this is first time i was low enough to not be able to repair ship guess i need to get busy and get more silver okay ty all
  13. something new

    Okay this is new for me does this happen to every ship first time i have ever ran across this
  14. target a certan ship

    how do you tell your team to target one certain a ship
  15. clan joining

    yea replay never have figured out how to do that