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  1. desroyers

    understand that but you could have started with this instead of what you did with the period crap, okay now i know i should not had bought it but to late now i did it for a reason, might be dumb but it is what it is. i bought the loyang she is on ship i should not had bought cause i can't play her right lesson learned the hard way, but yes any dd is tuff for me to play. So please next time you see another post don't criticize there miss fortune of bad spelling or typing or not putting in a period ask first is that so hard.
  2. desroyers

    This is why i don't like getting on here because of people like you desmo_2 in stead of showing my bad typing why not give some help or maybe you worth a crap either........... there your period
  3. desroyers

    has any got the loyang and how good is that dd
  4. desroyers

    I need to learn how to drive these destroyers anyone have a good way to learn how to drive them but maybe i am type that probably should not get one oop to late i did and i can't get the hang of it torps the hole thing i suck with dd
  5. Looking for clan

    thanks to all well keep this for further reference i have a clan now
  6. Looking for clan

    Okay I well be on sometime tonight
  7. Looking for clan

    Am looking for one that don't mine that i can't play 24hr a day i drive truck so i can't play a lot of hrs, i can play everyday though
  8. Sorry that's what I did with game it plays fine tried that with your mod pack it didn't work
  9. Just saying it worked fine on c drive when I moved everything to D game worked but your mod didn't well try this hope it works well donate soon
  10. there you are hakaMOD_Components.zip hakaMOD_Setup.zip
  11. Like I said I what you want can you explain better have no idea about analysis is at or the other stuff you say you're English not good my computer English not good either
  12. i need help i do not know anything about this if anyone can help i have 2 drives c and D i have wows on D drive and put hackabase mod on D drive also but it's not working i mean ship skins and other thing i marked are not showing up either i am not a computer geek so not sure what i am doing wrong
  13. Indiana

    Yup i can say i wont win it i am not that good to be top 3 xp in battle oh well better luck next time
  14. Indiana

    I am new not to game but trying to win this cruiser what do i need to win it been using BB not getting hardly anywhere so what am i doing wrong
  15. i think you stuff has a lot of bugs to hit I downloaded it and got a lot of stuff I did not want