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  1. iEaTDaGrudge

    As a Carrier Main (Input)

    Too much Salt here .....
  2. iEaTDaGrudge

    Bring Back Ocean Map

    YES ..Love that map..
  3. iEaTDaGrudge

    Who else is having a patch problem?

    same here..Sounds problem..game is kinda laggy..enemy ship are invincible etc.
  4. i remember those days when u playing..bfor the game start you spamming the Poi ! hahah..Contagious..
  5. iEaTDaGrudge

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    Your Blood Pressure bud! watch out lmbo...
  6. iEaTDaGrudge

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    Speed Boost too hahhaha
  7. iEaTDaGrudge

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    We have this NOW WG can we pls have back our beloved Kitakami so this ZGame will be more Balance $$$$$$
  8. iEaTDaGrudge

    Farragut -- T6 Ranked Beast

    Love to see a Ship they said it will not work in Rank sprint..Congrats ! o7
  9. iEaTDaGrudge

    Anti Sub People

    If having Subs in this Game will make BB's stop camping at the back so be it! Bring them in hahhaha..
  10. iEaTDaGrudge

    Anti Sub People

    If Taichunger will play Subs..i'll start going into Church
  11. iEaTDaGrudge

    Cruiser Escort!

    Shout out for Warspite player ..i have a blast escorting you o7.
  12. iEaTDaGrudge

    Reset My DD line and keep getting CV games

    CV's are fine..but having rockets ..man talking about easy damage and kills lol..Lets just face the fact that CV's are part of Naval Battles..
  13. iEaTDaGrudge

    Some questions regarding subs and other stuff

    Subs....Very interesting..cant wait to grind it..Thank you WG for bringing this little Terror of the seas.
  14. iEaTDaGrudge

    Suggestion for Gearing/Shima builds

    Nice one.