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  1. ValkyrWarframe

    Totally Ruined Clan Battles with ship restrictions

    Someone clearly does not understand what the purpose of the ban/limit system is.
  2. ValkyrWarframe

    Midway is not better than the Lexington, change my mind

    Halland sure. Minotaur maybe, but the thing being spotted by shooting its AA will get itself killed. Worcester with DF yes, without no. Anything Russian HA, no. Most Russian ships only have good flak, the actual DPS isn't good and the ships being long as hell and turning terribly make them prime targets.
  3. ValkyrWarframe

    Annoying "big hit" sound blanking effect

    It's almost like it gets your attention for taking that much damage.
  4. ValkyrWarframe

    Overpenetrations are completely out of control

    Overpenetrations are what keep battleship damage output in check, without overpens you'd need to limit another metric such as accuracy, alpha, or reload (or a combination of multiple) in order for a ship to not overperform for damage output. If you could constantly hit people for full pens or citadels all the time you'd be reaching 150k damage probably within 7 minutes into the match easily.
  5. ValkyrWarframe

    Best Ship for "Defense of Naval Station Newport" Operation?

    In my opinion, these are the top 5 of each class. Bear in mind you have to be active on the map and seek crossfires. Best Carriers (Overall best for impact but they do have the lowest damage output, though the guaranteed strikes and spotting are important.) Ryujo: Very powerful torpedoes, which cause bots to turn, decently fast planes, and solid AP bombs. Weak hull, but great planes. Does alright against the Izumo with just torpedoes, AP bombs aren't good. Weser: AP rockets do a number on cruisers, torpedoes are fast and easy to hit but low damage, causing bots to turn, and AP bombs are good. Fast planes and the fragility barely matters against the low AA most of the time. She also has great secondaries to help against enemies at close range. Unfortunately Ryujo's consistent damage with torpedoes leaves her slightly behind. Struggles the most against the Izumo. Serov: Highest skill floor, with long lead times required to hit enemies, but can hit the hardest if used properly. Unfortunately she has an issue of torpedoes being less consistent due to the long arm time, and the attacks all require a broadside for maximum damage. Can work well, but takes time to get used to, and has pretty bad secondaries. Does the best of all CVs against the Izumo. Lowenhardt: Basically Weser but without consistent torpedoes, and with extremely powerful HE bombs. Powerful secondary armament and is the fastest T6 carrier. Does alright against the Izumo with HE bombs, but struggles with torpedoes. Ark Royal: Torpedoes while slow can still hit extremely hard, and her carpet bombers can nuke destroyers. Struggles a lot against the Izumo, as the torpedoes are the only effective ordinance, and the planes are very slow. Best Battleships (Battleships are overall weaker than cruisers for this but stronger than destroyers in general, not an easy class to master with their slow speed and generally being focused a lot). Fuso: An absolute tank, has good salvo volume, fast reload, takes HE like a champ and can tank even large caliber battleship shells with its strong deck and side armor. Easily brawls the Izumo. Mackensen: More mobile, has solid accuracy but lacks in salvo volume, fast reload, good fire mitigation and torpedo defense with fast recharging damage control and hydro. Guns might not always deliver against the Izumo but they still are solid. Bayern: Arguably more or less tanky than Fuso, but less consistent guns and more overmatch on the Furutakas and Aobas. Can brawl with the Izumo fairly easily. Izmail: While lacking in the HE resistance compared to Mackensen due to weaker armor, and having rather unfortunate armor layout against larger AP shells, it does have solidly consistent guns in the ranges you use it. Risky to brawl the Izumo but can do it if you bait shots to the belt. Ise: Fundamentally different from other battleships, and hard to play but it is very good at stalling waves with its torpedo bombers. I myself do not have great success with it but I've seen good Ises make the difference. Best Cruisers (Overall the strongest surface ship class for impact, due to consistent DPM, solid mobility, and utility with consumables and/or gimmicks. There are so many good cruisers that the top 5 doesn't cover all the really good cruisers). Pensacola: This thing is an absolute menace, and substitutes for a battleship by itself, if not better. It can facetank anything but the Bayern and Izumo, and absolutely annhilates cruisers. Leander and Mysore: Fragile, but with smoke and very strong AP it can single handedly stop some waves. Leander has torpedoes and worse guns while Mysore has better guns but no torpedoes and crawling smoke. Rahmat and Dido: Both are relatively equal, with smoke, solid guns, and solid torpedoes. Relatively new to the list but my first impression of both are strong in this op. Nurnberg and Budyonny: Nurnberg has higher AP alpha, faster rate of fire, and better handling while Budyonny has more powerful AP and higher HE alpha. Both have solid torpedoes, but Nurnberg's are stronger. Perth and Huang He: Solid smoke, slightly worse than Leander, but with crawling smoke and still solid guns. No heals though. Honorable mention is Molotov but she doesn't quite have durability against battleships nor smoke. Very solid guns though, but no improved pen angles. Best Destroyers (Weakest surface ship class overall, but some in particular are very strong and can substitute for a cruiser. Torpedo destroyers are niche because while they can make enemies turn, it's not always for the best.) Aigle: Very strong AP, very fast, very powerful and fast torpedoes. She has good durability for a destroyer, and normal smoke. Anshan: Basically Aigle but tuned down a bit, and not as durable. Fushun: Basically Anshan but with deep water torpedoes. Guepard: High skill floor, but if you use islands properly and use the MBRB well you can decimate waves before they can kill you. Ernst Gaede (150mm): The 150mm guns can citadel cruisers, but she has short range smokes and only decent torpedoes, and her DPM is rather lackluster.
  6. ValkyrWarframe

    Fix your game

    An explanation of what is going wrong may help. I haven't found any issues yet.
  7. ValkyrWarframe

    Fakeblog #1 | New Ships

    As much as I think Helena is absolutely disgusting and overpowered for Tier 7, Milwaukee isn't quite up to spec for Tier 10 material, seems more like Tier 9 if you nerf the reload to 8-8.5. The hull and HP are just not sufficient for Tier 10. Still, interesting idea given some of the Brooklyn preliminaries. A couple others to consider.
  8. ValkyrWarframe

    Tech Tree Line Buffs When?

    Entire lines needing buffs? Not really. There's maybe 3 lines total I can think of where the whole line needs help. A lot of lines have individual ships which aren't good sure, but that's not the entire line. The ones that really do are I think the following. US Fat Battleship Line: It's just too low damage output, too slow, and poor hulls all combined just for the upside of shotgun battleships with moderately strong AA. Pretty clear this line was brought forward way earlier than expected and not given much thought. Only Vermont is decent, and even then it's still fairly situational. UK Carrier Line: Self explanatory. Easily the weakest carrier line in the game, it should probably be buffed up to standards of others, or other carriers need to be nerfed. Low damage output, slow planes, small reserves, very situational carpet bombers, with not even great accuracy. The best one in the line is Furious, which is still not even close to the best Tier 6 carrier, since Ryujo is just so much better. Pan Asian Destroyers: At this point besides Gadjah Mada and Fushun the entire line is pretty clearly underperforming. WG has been buffing the reloads on them, but they still are underperforming. I understand somewhat why, deep water torpedoes can potentially wreak havoc on ships without hydro, but they're still torpedoes and inconsistent as a result. Other than those 3, I can't really think of any lines as a whole that need buffs. Individual ships stand out like Zao, Gnevny, Montecuccoli, Hipper, Haarlem, Albemarle, Harbin, Tallinn (wow what a surprise a lot of Tier 8 cruisers), Izmail, Lion, Ognevoi, etc, but the majority of those lines otherwise are fine. (I'm not gonna list every bad tech tree ship in the game there's far too many for me to remember off of the top of my head.)
  9. ValkyrWarframe

    Worth grinding to Hakuryū?

    Weak individually but the giant squads means it doesn't really matter as much. Another clip of just completely bypassing AA with Hakuryu, losing 3 planes total against 7 very strong AA ships. The squadron consumable mod is incredibly strong. https://streamable.com/dz6ja1
  10. ValkyrWarframe

    Worth grinding to Hakuryū?

    Hakuryu is currently the strongest Tier 10 carrier, and by a long shot. She delivers very high and consistent damage with her torpedo squadron, and it's citadel damage so it's hard to repair, and can make many follow up attacks with them. There is no bad target with her torpedo planes. They are the strongest aircraft squadron in the game hands down, when you factor in damage output, speed, reserves, maneuvrability, and survivability with squadron consumables. Reimu made a good tier list of Tier 10 carriers explaining why. Hakuryu ranks above all. It's a little bit dumb what you can do with her squadron right through even the toughest of AA, from a friend of mine. He lost 2 planes total flying through 7 very strong AA ships.
  11. Yes because I'm sure IJN 100mm shells in real life would have the same HE penetration performance as a 180mm gun, like it does in-game. There is absolutely no reason why the IJN 100mm gun should break all HE pen rules in the game and have a flat 30mm base pen, and the whole IJN gunboat line from T8-10 is overpowered for a reason. I'm also certain in game the poor armor quality of IJN ships in real life is not reflected in-game as in-game values are taken from raw thicknesses, not effective thickness. For torpedoes, when would you ever need more than 20 km of range anyway? The real life range of the long-lance while very impressive is basically unnecessary, and in real life the 40 km range setting was 36-38 knots. Yes they do, it's just in real life bow tanking doesn't work. The octagonal citadel layout is what the Yamatos were designed and built with. Have you literally every looked at a reputable historical source? Navweaps shows all the IJN turrets in game are actually faster than in real life. In game Yamato's turret traverse is 3 degrees/second, nearly 50% faster than what it was in real life. Mogami's turret traverse is 5 degrees/second in game, in real life the mounts were between 5-6 degrees/second. I believe 6 degrees/second was achieved on the Yamato and Oyodo only. One final example, Nagato, Kii and Amagi's twin 410mm turrets. Nagato has 3.8 degrees/second in game, while Amagi has 4.3 degrees/second and Kii has 4 degrees/second, all faster than the historical 3 degrees/second turret traverse. Soviet battleships have the worst turret traverse of any battleships until Tier 8, where it's average at that point. The fast traverse only starts at Tier 9, and Soyuz and Kremlin aren't breaking any balancing standards right now anyway. We also have examples with Petropavlovsk having worse turret traverse than most battleships.
  12. ValkyrWarframe

    Giulio Cesare and the "OP" discussion - is it really?

    Literally every Tier 5 battleship gets overmatched through the nose.
  13. Even then Borodino is way worse for T8. At least Vanguard doesn't get wrecked by Tier 6 battleships shooting its bow.
  14. ValkyrWarframe

    Carrier Lost

    I got you better, here’s someone attacking 7 T10s and only losing a few planes. https://streamable.com/dz6ja1
  15. Finally Tallinn is good for something.