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  1. ValkyrWarframe

    Italian battleships: Dead on arrival

    Here's something that I should probably explain why Tallinn is not only not even close to overpowered, but it's terrible. 1. The dispersion is literally straight up worse than normal cruiser dispersion. Mikoyan (which is also terrible) and Tallinn's dispersion curve is 8.9R+33, standard cruiser is 6.9R+33 (R being range in kilometers). Heck, battlecruiser dispersion is actually more comparable to Tallinn's dispersion than cruiser, which is 8.4R+48. 2. It's less armored than Hipper, or Prinz Eugen. There is literally zero reason why anyone should think Tallinn is tankier than either of them, Hipper literally gets 27mm bow, stern, casemate, and deck while Tallinn gets 27mm deck only and 25mm everything else. Not to mention Prinz Eugen literally has a heal. 3. Its HE is anemic to say the least, it has the exact same penetration as the IJN 100mm gun, which is also stupidly overpowered so that aside, but it has the same penetration as 152mm guns at Tier VIII-X, while having almost if not more than twice the reload of most 152mm guns at Tier VIII, depending on which ship you're looking at, and it has only 300 more alpha to say for that compared to the American and Soviet 152mm guns. You might say the AP is fantastic, and that it is, when people actually give you side and this is also on top of the completely garbage dispersion this thing has. What good is your AP if you just hit the water around your enemy? At least Hipper not only can hit things it can actually pen 50mm of armor, which is a lot, and it even reloads faster than Tallinn. 4. This thing somehow magically turns 20% worse than Hipper. I have no idea why, but Hipper has a 740 meter turning circle and Tallinn has a 900 meter turning circle. You literally turn worse than Amagi in a cruiser that has about as much durability as a paper bag. Honestly Albemarle is probably tankier than Tallinn despite its incredibly high citadel, at least that thing can just heal stupid amounts of damage back. It also has worse rudder shift, and on top of that worse turret arcs than Hipper (though both are bad). Its only redeeming factor is its stealth radar, which lasts a grand total of 15 seconds, enough to squeeze off one, maybe two salvos if you know exactly where the guy you're shooting is. This is also all assuming some battleship hasn't ripped 30k HP off of you for just existing, because this thing is just food. I'm not even joking when I say Tallinn is a ship that has probably made me contemplate blowing my brains out because of how bad it is. It's awful. If there was a tier list from A to F for ships on a scale of how good they were, Tallinn would be G minus right alongside Lion. It's not only bad it's literally dysfunctionally bad. Regarding the best tech tree cruisers at Tier 8, the list goes like this (in no particular order, they all do better or worse depending on situation). 1. Edinburgh - simple why, it has a superheal, ability to mount smoke/radar, and very solid DPM, it was/is meta in Tier VIII clan wars. 2. Chapayev - incredibly high stealth radar buffer, has good DPM and otherwise a very solid damage farmer, was also meta in Tier VIII clan wars. 3. Baltimore - a bully against cruisers and destroyers, it's what Tallinn wishes to be because it can actually hit, has faster reload, better concealment and has better AP, and having good AA. 4. Amalfi - an absolute beast of agility going 37 knots and turning in only 680 meters despite its massive size, as well as having incredible alpha strike and good survivability due to its high health, fuel smoke, agility, and surprisingly good armor. It's my favorite Tier VIII cruiser and it uptiers very well due to having a spotter plane giving it an edge to match Tier Xs in range. 5. Cleveland - facemelting amounts of DPM, incredibly good AA, a destroyer's nightmare, and medicore ballistics allow it to entrench itself in islands very well. Also in my opinion the most annoying cruiser at Tier VIII to citadel because of its small belt and thin profile.
  2. Gee it's almost like the ships that are gonna be banned are overpowered...maybe its better to ban them permanently to not have incredible stale lineups.
  3. ValkyrWarframe

    Italian battleships: Dead on arrival

    Ah yes the classic "the line is dead on arrival." Remember when everyone was saying that about Italian cruisers and six months later Venezia was terrorizing clan wars 10x more than any other ship was ever even remotely dominant? Only time in recent memory that I did not even see this complaint once was with Russian CAs, and unironically the T8 and 9 of that split are bad, yet people are screaming RUSSIAN BIAS REEEE. Petropavlovsk is a pretty solid ship especially against carriers but nowhere close to what people hype it up to be. Riga is basically Petro but with almost none of the qualities that make Petro actually good, and Tallinn is one of two ships that I think are unplayably bad to the point where the previous tier ship does better. It's so awful.
  4. ValkyrWarframe

    [ALL] Ace Combat Alicorn Crew Voice Mod

    A powerful boat, powerful gun, powerful ammunition, add to that lots of people and a precise aim! Then sprinkle death all over it, and the formula is complete! Don't you see? Landing a clean shot on a difficult target, that is what makes it elegant! That is true beauty.
  5. It's absolutely amazing how many people will try to defend Thunderer despite it being egregiously overpowered. In the history of Tier 10 ships I don't think I have seen a ship more overpowered as Thunderer, maybe original on release Stalingrad could compete but that thing lasted for about two weeks before being indirectly nerfed with removal of BB AP and fire duration nerf from 45->60 seconds. The thing with Thunderer is that unlike Conqueror which is mostly relegated to the realm of pure damage farming, Thunderer can actually have impact by using its incredibly good AP on top of being better than Conqueror for damage farming if you know how to aim and stack fires properly. Hell even on release Kremlin or Venezia wasn't as stupid as Thunderer is now. I'm also fairly certain Thunderer basically got an indirect buff from the captain rework due to deadeye and its already absurd concealment. I'd even argue it's better than Franklin D. Roosevelt or Midway when it comes to farming damage, at least those two have to take longer than 30 seconds to reach their target usually, and FDR has to wait 25 to attack again. Not to mention Thunderer can kill most cruisers with ease. Forget Petropavlovsk, Stalingrad, Kremlin, any supposedly overpowered Russian ship people whine about at Tier 10. Forget carriers too. Thunderer takes the cake and gobbles it whole.
  6. I'm talking ship averages, not player count.
  7. Reading is hard apparently Previous patch Patch before
  8. ValkyrWarframe


    I originally thought this was a troll post but then I noticed OP had hidden stats, so it's probably not. NA Forums never cease to amaze me.
  9. ValkyrWarframe

    Please Tell Me The Kremlin is This Good and Fun!

    Believe me I laughed at it initially, not realizing it turned it basically back to RTS levels of AA survivability.
  10. ValkyrWarframe

    Please Tell Me The Kremlin is This Good and Fun!

    Maple Syrup is still able to distinguish between good players and server wide averages, for that particular case, yes I did use server wide average. However, even in good players Bourgogne still highly overperforms damage and WR wise. Here's two month Maple Syrup Data for unicums on NA: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20210116/na_2month/average_ship_u.html
  11. ValkyrWarframe

    Please Tell Me The Kremlin is This Good and Fun!

    That moment when Kremlin is averaging only 76,815 damage game in recent time but people think it's still OP. For reference Montana, regarded as the worst T10 battleship averages 74,360 damage per game. Yamato, about the benchmark average for T10 BBs, averages 89,667 damage per game, ARP Yamato averages 87,171. Meanwhile Bourgogne is casually averaging 116,200 damage per game. Quite delusional mmhm. Russian man bad, everything else is fine. In case you are wondering why Kremlin gets kicked so hard these days, look at the mass amount of Thunderers you see in randoms and the fact its AA explodes if you look at it, the combo of that makes Kremlin nearly unplayable when carriers can just back to back drop you without caring at all. For @Lord_Argus I would suggest probably not getting it as right now as weird as it sounds (I'm fully aware Kremlin was overpowered at one point, but not anymore) while it's incredibly strong against most surface ships there are HE spamming battleships that can ruin it pretty easily, and also carriers just dumping on it nonstop. Source: Maple Syrup http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20210116/na_week/average_ship.html
  12. Alright time to do a react of this. Insert gigantic wall of text
  13. ValkyrWarframe


    You're not wrong about Petropavlovsk not being fantastic, it excels in few situations compared to Stalingrad and Moskva, those being in coordinated pushes and against carriers. In those situations it's fantastic though, as it is harder to punish compared to the others. Don't listen to this guy he lists all the wrong reasons why Petropavlovsk is strong in King of the Seas. The guns are the least strong part about Petropavlovsk, its the icing I guess but not the cherry. The real cherry is the hard to hit profile and squat nature that makes punishing the ship really annoying compared to how high Stalingrad and Moskva sit, making it excel at pushing into crossfires.
  14. As someone with 112 battles and counting in Siegfried and currently as of writing this post the #8 spot on NA according to na.wowsnumbers.com, I disagree with nearly everything you say. Siegfried is by sheer virtue of having more HP tankier than Odin, not to mention her entire side is immune to anything short of 1/4 pen BB HE unless you're broadside. Secondaries can easily be built on Siegfried, I've gunned down quite a few ships using them. If Alaska didn't exist she'd easily be the best T9 cruiser. It's a player problem not a ship problem, face it.