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  1. ValkyrWarframe

    1/350 model BB Borodino

    Clarification: Borodino the pre-dreadnought, not the Izmail.
  2. Soviet BBs will be the last reason why Kitakaze gets a nerf to IFHE. They have distributed armor to match the Germans.
  3. ValkyrWarframe

    USN Cruisers from a Simpler time

    Good video!
  4. A late Merry Christmas to everyone.  I've been out of town.

  5. ValkyrWarframe

    No Control

    Your ALT key is probably accidentally stuck down. Press ALT again to fix it.
  6. ValkyrWarframe

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    Trying to quit the game.
  7. ValkyrWarframe

    Need help: Musashi vs Alaska

    Alaska is basically impossible to citadel, while she destroys cruisers hard, get her.
  8. ValkyrWarframe

    Theater Operations

    I'd rather have these in the Operations/Scenarios gamemode against AI controlled ships, similar to Cherry Blossom.
  9. ValkyrWarframe

    Rivalry Wednesday - Most Feared Opponent

    I fear no one on the enemy team. I fear my teammates throwing the game.
  10. ValkyrWarframe

    Has the Warships wiki been overlooked?

    If you got a problem with the wiki, you can fix it yourself too.
  11. ValkyrWarframe

    Modifying the Kitakaze and Harugumo

    I think Kitakaze is a tad bit strong, meanwhile Haragumo gets normal penned by BBs even when broadside.
  12. ValkyrWarframe

    RU DD High Damage

    You shoot at range, set fires, be annoying. You are a mini cruiser, don't contest if there's another DD in the cap, and harass people to distract them from your allies.
  13. ValkyrWarframe

    Worcester Citadel

    The Worcester's draft is lower compared to what she should be, to the point where it's easier to citadel her while turning than while straightlining.
  14. ValkyrWarframe

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    This may be a bit off topic, but isn't having divisions of the same clan on the same team technically worse in terms of rigging matchmaking? It gives one team a bit too much of an advantage.
  15. ValkyrWarframe

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    Ok that's definitely against the terms of service...