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  1. ValkyrWarframe

    Georgia just an inferior MASS?

    Georgia takes a lot more skill to play compared to Massachusetts but she’s definitely just as if not more broken tier for tier.
  2. ValkyrWarframe

    Anyone else seeing buggy ranges post-patch?

    Hope this gets fixed ASAP, this could have griefing or trolling potential.
  3. See...the way hull damage is modeled for destroyers is different compared to battleships. Destroyers have a uniform hull section and 4 individual sections (bow, midsection, stern and superstructure), and no citadel. Battleships have that already technically, they just have a citadel too (and their midsection/superstructure HP is insanely high so you basically will never run out of HP there). There are far better ways to make German battleships better, such as buffing the turret arcs or giving them a slightly faster heal cooldown.
  4. ValkyrWarframe

    I seriously can't wait for T10 Italian cruiser

    Even Russian ships actually take some brains to not show broadside in. US ships are easy mode, particularly the CLs or Massachusetts.
  5. ValkyrWarframe

    WG is very nice!

    Yes, and so what's the big deal? It's not like you're missing anything. It's a shoehorned Trento at T5 with no smoke and even longer reload. Are you reading beyond my first 3 words before making a reply?
  6. ValkyrWarframe

    WG is very nice!

    What? You mean the ones you hid?
  7. ValkyrWarframe

    WG is very nice!

    Ok so? It's not like Genova is absolutely mandatory, it's a pretty meh ship.
  8. ValkyrWarframe

    WG is very nice!

    ...ok what's your point?
  9. By "experts" these are people who think they're way better than they actually are.
  10. ValkyrWarframe

    Really what's wrong with Russian bias?

    I have, and I find the anti Russian hate very immature and misguided. I own a massive (albeit virtual) library of books from all sorts of authors and countries. Sure the Russians were inept during WW2 navally, but that's because they were literally getting their [edited]kicked by Germany. Look what happened to France when Germany went to kick them, they faired far worse but nobody cares about literally every French ship in WoWS being not only aritifically buffed by flavors and ahistorically but also being some of the strongest if not THE strongest ships at their tiers. Nobody gave a damn about the Henri spam meta in CW Season 4 and 5 despite how cancerous it was, we literally had to run an even more cancerous strat of Haragumo+Worcester to counter it. Nobody seems to care about the French DD or Akizuki meta in CW Season 6, when people were spamming Le Terrible, Le Fantastique, and Akizuki until hurricane when it literally became entirely Edinburgh spam. All this tells me is that people only care about unfairly balanced ships if it's Russian.
  11. ValkyrWarframe

    Really what's wrong with Russian bias?

    People hold a double standard of hate against the Russians because of a variety of reasons, I really don’t know why but the anti Russian stigma is always there.
  12. ValkyrWarframe

    How to fix Smolensk

    In all seriousness, I thought of ways to actually fix Smolensk while not also neutering the ship, because it's pretty obvious this is a troll post. 1. Remove the ability to use range mod as it is unnecessary and frankly extremely cancer. 2. Nerf her range down to 12 km as almost all smoke ships in the game should be forced to play close IMO. 3. Add armor inside the citadel to prevent close range overpens because that's just really dumb (and I think all ships shouldn't have to deal with this absurd mechanic, looking at you USN CLs) 4. Give her a reduction in fire chance but a buff to alpha like they did with Colbert.
  13. ValkyrWarframe

    Smolensk OP, please Nerf!

    Soviet expert here, the quad turret was an upscaled version of the 45mm Quad you see on high tier Soviet ships, basically they took the 45 and upscaled it to a 130mm turret. As for if it would be practical? No idea because that kind of design would be plagued with all sorts of problems. Given like 5-10 years they probably could've ironed out all the problems but MLK-16-130 was a flawed design from the start since anti ship missiles were becoming more and more prevalent.
  14. ValkyrWarframe

    Russian bias and the sad state of Italian Cruisers

    Exactly what I thought people who can't actually figure out how to flank and crossfire would say about Italian cruisers.