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  1. ValkyrWarframe

    The Kleber is a JOKE

    Consider I have better stats in Kleber post nerf than most of my cruisers and battleships, I think the thing is absolutely busted as long as you know how to play it. The problem is when the person behind the wheel isn’t good, well that was obvious from the beginning.
  2. ValkyrWarframe

    Thanks for making owning the PR an embarrassment WG!

    You don’t have to care what people think of you, it’s your personal freedom.
  3. ValkyrWarframe

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Best of luck in your future endeavors!
  4. ValkyrWarframe

    HE SHELL questions.

    HE shells can still set fires if they do not penetrate. It is also better to shoot HE if you know you're gonna bounce (even battleships should be doing this if they cannot overmatch some ships).
  5. ValkyrWarframe

    Russian BBs are such easymode

    In randoms where nobody focuses of course the tanky BB is hard to kill. Nelson is easy as hell to play even when bottom tier cause you just outheal everything back, that's an example of a really stupidly powerful ship.
  6. ValkyrWarframe

    Double secret probation IFHE ships?

    IFHE Yoshino is low key a really good BB killer.
  7. ValkyrWarframe

    T10 ranked

    CVs don't seem to be too good for carrying unless you star save. Midway is really good at just crapping on BBs and DDs, Hakuryu just screws everything over and Audacious is meh. If you want my advice, I would play something more specialized for either carrying or star farming. I've been playing Kleber and Venezia and so far I have over 80% WR cumulative throughout the season. Venezia is insane for star saving and crossfiring/punishing, while Kleber is just flat out broken even if there's a CV because it just is so hard to kill and it can win a free cap basically due to it being more than 10 knots faster than any other DD.
  8. ValkyrWarframe

    Where's is a Premium Tier 10 CV???

    Yeah no.
  9. ValkyrWarframe

    Georgia just an inferior MASS?

    Georgia takes a lot more skill to play compared to Massachusetts but she’s definitely just as if not more broken tier for tier.
  10. ValkyrWarframe

    Anyone else seeing buggy ranges post-patch?

    Hope this gets fixed ASAP, this could have griefing or trolling potential.
  11. See...the way hull damage is modeled for destroyers is different compared to battleships. Destroyers have a uniform hull section and 4 individual sections (bow, midsection, stern and superstructure), and no citadel. Battleships have that already technically, they just have a citadel too (and their midsection/superstructure HP is insanely high so you basically will never run out of HP there). There are far better ways to make German battleships better, such as buffing the turret arcs or giving them a slightly faster heal cooldown.
  12. ValkyrWarframe

    I seriously can't wait for T10 Italian cruiser

    Even Russian ships actually take some brains to not show broadside in. US ships are easy mode, particularly the CLs or Massachusetts.
  13. ValkyrWarframe

    WG is very nice!

    Yes, and so what's the big deal? It's not like you're missing anything. It's a shoehorned Trento at T5 with no smoke and even longer reload. Are you reading beyond my first 3 words before making a reply?
  14. ValkyrWarframe

    WG is very nice!

    What? You mean the ones you hid?