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  1. Almost all torpedoes have ~1.3-1.5x their IRL speed in-game. 62 knots like we see on Shimakaze's Type 93s is about right.
  2. Still haven't gotten any stars.
  3. The 220mm and 305mm mounts for Moskva and Stalingrad appear to be based off the turret design of the 152mm/57 B-38, which was a weapon that could achieve its designed rate of fire. At the very least, we can be assured that turret ergonomics won't be hampering the RoF like they did for the Project 26 ships. I also can't see ammunition supply machinery being an issue for Soviet guns: with some of the fastest turret traverse rates among their class, I'd be floored if they didn't or couldn't use motors of adequate power to meet their ammunition supply rate goals for hoists.
  4. Made from the stronkest Stalinium.
  5. No
  6. Kurfurst should be fully secondary built, Montana doesn't have as good secondaries so it should go for concealment.
  7. Might want to learn some common sense then.
  8. I'm just going to start mass-reporting this clunkhead's posts to get as many strikes levied against him as possible... The French have always had an issue with not knowing when to quit (going both ways). The Rafale is just the latest example of French ego getting in the way of common sense. Domestic R&D in an era of globalization and international collaborations is financial suicide, especially in Europe, because it drives the costs of the program up substantially and oftentimes doesn't get you the same bang for your buck as if you just swallowed your hubris and contracted the best-in-industry company to do the job. Not only that, but the Rafale is in a bit of a strange spot in the market. Other than performance, it has no advantage over the current F-16 Block 60 or F/A-18E while having similar flyaway cost (plus less financing benefits), and would probably need additional money to integrate weapon systems with since the US refuses to provide tech support to any ally that doesn't buy American aircraft if the F-15K program was any indication. Complicating things is the fact that the EF-2000 basically does everything the Rafale can at an on-par if not superior level for a slight uptick in price that barely passes 10%. The F-35A is also projected to have an $85 million, or ~73 million Euro, per-unit production cost, and while that probably won't hold, it's the price tag any orders are being placed with. Going lower is also out of the question since the JAS-39, Su-30MKI, or even Su-35 have that price range nailed down as it is. Hell, Robosenexport's quoted price for the Su-57 prototypes was $50 million, and that fighter promises to wipe the board with anything but maybe the F-35. All the Rafale does better than any of the aforementioned planes is having both a carrier-based version currently available and in production, but other than India, there aren't really any countries that don't develop their own aircraft that operate carriers.
  9. Nah, that's low-hanging fruit. Same reason why I didn't call the Gneisenau "Stormtrooper" despite having derpy dispersion.
  10. Completely spelled out it is "Lebe Rekt Ma [edited]" See above comment. Working on it :)
  11. The joke is that her 130mm/55 B-2-U didn't have DP capability until after the split, despite the guns always being on the ship. They boosted basically everything one could upgrade with a gun swap when they were Udaloi's gun upgrade, but now most of those advantages have disappeared and they get DP capability instead.