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  1. Urza3142

    Pensacola — American Tier VI cruiser.

    Man I thought the Aoba was bad on my IJN CA grind... Pensacola is downright painful in comparison
  2. Urza3142

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland

    I have been an avid reader of your reviews, and this one made me laugh like few things on the internet have done. You are a treasure to the war-gaming community @LittleWhiteMouse. I can't say I will be getting the Friesland anytime soon as I have a backlog of other ships to get first but I can definitely say I found your review to be an excellent piece of content. @Chobittsu @Lert thank you both for giving me something I never knew I needed in my life. Angry Dutch Mouse has been downright cathartic to laugh about.
  3. Urza3142

    Question of the Week Submissions

    Would yall be willing to have a discussion about magazine detonations in World of Warships? Ever since I got a nasty magazine detonation on a BB with a single air dropped torpedo, I have been looking into a lot of the crunch of the game mechanics and stumbled upon the engima (at least to me) that is the presence of magazine detonations. Magazine detonations caused a similar reaction in me to learning about random crits in TF2 as a shooter, as it felt strangely conflicting with the core design of the game-play and hurt the overall design philosophy of the game. What are yall's thoughts on the mechanic? I would be interested to hear information about magazine detonations from a developer perspective (as far as we can understand it) as well as the different systems and incentives the mechanic creates in the gameplay experience, as well as what WOWS would be like without them theoretically.
  4. Urza3142

    Question of the Week Submissions

    You guys mentioned the difficulty of navigating the landscape of the current CV rework debate as CC members. As someone who is inexperienced (sub-1000 games) and came back from a long break because of the new CV changes, how should I navigate the community waters around the class that got me to try this game?