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  1. Since its launch, I see many discussions around which this ship is strong. In the game I've seen players from Des moines and Worcester say that Harugumo is OP. I would not be worried, since one hour or another she will get a Nerf. And I can still predict good news for the long-suffering US Navy ... in 2019 I imagine a similar version will be released as Level 10 Black. His name will be SAM, who is my father's brother. At least 4x2 of 127mm (we prefer 5), 1x5 torpedo tube with recovery in 95 seconds, smoke or engine boost etc. Different from Harugumo, SAM continues with the same length and maneuverability, concealment of 5.7 is acceptable and of course Radar, 9.2 km range... 35 seconds. Subductis racionibus viva!