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  1. Phaszing


    I know a sentence too. "You only really know one person, after eating 1 kg of salt together."
  2. Phaszing


    Yes, I have more than 11,000 battles. And that's the reason. I have no patience for this game, no more. Players and WG. I'm only here because Moskva is my favorite ship ... And now, I have the Kremlin. I do not care about other ships, captans, etc. "Kuznetsov's abilities" are useful, and I figured I could use them before letting go of that game.
  3. Phaszing


    What does that mean? How to win this shi*? You can only earn something about 12 tokens p day? first victory?
  4. Phaszing

    Kremlin L S2 3000

    "My vessel is magnificent and fierce and huge-ish and...OMG!" This ship was made for me...
  5. Off Topic Can anyone tell me if the Russian battleships arrive in upg 8.0.3 or 8.0.4? tks.
  6. Phaszing

    CV Unique Legendary Upgrades

    Kamikaze, Enola Gay, V1/V2....
  7. I like to use the voice of our beloved Dasha in "Voiceover modification". Currently, when you select this option, all voice messages during the game are played by the same voice. I wish there was an option where only my ship's messages would be performed by my favorite voice, and the other ships would hear voices compatible with their nation...It would be the junction of "Favorite Voice" + National. ((Alena + National)(Nachi + National))...etc
  8. Phaszing


    My movement... is so slow... that it's imperceptible
  9. That's really absurd ... Poor Alaska, with his AA so so weak, it has to be fixed. Why do you do this, Wargaming? Are you against freedom? God bless America!
  10. Phaszing

    How did I do 0 damage with 19 pens?

    My contribution; 2 over penetration, 5 penetration and 1 ricochet. hauahuahauahauah
  11. Phaszing

    Russian Battleships

    Thank you all!, That is my intention. I have want only Tier X because she looks like Moskva (my favorite ship), so I'm anxious.
  12. Phaszing

    Karma - This is how you get more of it

    No need to be MVP to increase Karma. Small attitudes of good intentions are enough. This Zekamashi received my lengths.
  13. Phaszing

    Russian Battleships

    Someone have any idea, when will the Russian BB's be launched? is there a forecast or is it too early?