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  1. I also got 5 + 5 premium days, per my notifications after logging in. I don't see that as an option, though maybe I missed something. The way it's worded makes it seem as though everyone gets 5 days AND one thing from the list below that. It's equally likely it was glitched. I will accept Atlanta as compensation for the oversight. EDIT: Nevermind, I see the available options differ here. Apparently Amazon wasn't showing the correct reward options.
  2. mrs_grass

    Atlantico Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Here we go again with the spotting damage for the dockyard and Italian containers. What's everyone's favorite ship in co-op to accomplish this? And are you doing it in co-op or resorting to PVP? Dropping smoke in front of my team mates in my Mahan is generally netting me zero to like 300. I've found that when I'm not actively trying to get spotting damage is usually when it most easily accrues. Such a damn annoying metric to grind. They really need to stop putting it into these mission chains. EDIT: I forgot about carriers. Guess I'll dust off the one I have.
  3. mrs_grass

    PTS 0.11.4

    Unless I missed something in this recent update, your progress on campaigns does not carry over to the live server.
  4. mrs_grass

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Guessing whoever needs to run the report to send out the prizes won't do that until April 20th, at the earliest. Maybe they'll wait April 27th or later when both sprints have ended.
  5. Bookmark this page in your web browser (usually CTRL+D): https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/easter-egg-hunt/
  6. mrs_grass

    Twitch drops, delayed?

    Same. I had an issue several months ago and unlinking and linking resolved it for me rather quickly. This time it's been 2+ hours and I still don't have any drops, even after unlink/link and log in/out of the game 3x. EDIT: For clarity, I'm referring to the Twitch Box 0.11.2 week 4, Update 0.11.2 Mission #4, and 0.11.2 Week 4: 250 CT drops - none of which show in-game. Please chime-in if you also missed the rewards so WG knows it's not just an isolated issue with a handful of people. Twitch is showing the items were claimed, but nothing shows up in game even after unlink/relink log in/out. It has now been 4 hours and still nothing shows in-game. Will update if/when it is fixed for me. UPDATE: I received all 3 rewards now. It's fixed.
  7. There should be an achievement for winning a battle without anyone on your team doing any damage. I'm only half serious because this would normally be extremely difficult to achieve. I suggest it because we just won a match with all team members surviving having never fired on anyone. We were just happily collecting buffs. I think the last opponent died in the fire. Quite the treat!
  8. mrs_grass

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.3

    What is this? Is this a reward for the live server? I don't see it mentioned in the article. EDIT: Nevermind, I guess it's just another thing to test. Not sure why it's referred to as a "bonus for testers" since these rewards generally don't carry over to the live server.
  9. mrs_grass

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.3

    Will there be an option to purchase Dockyard phases for Doubloons at a discount? Or will it just be 1,750 per phase?
  10. mrs_grass

    PTS 0.11.2 - Bug Reports

    "No Combat Missions Available" in the Clash of Courage event. This makes it difficult to track progress to completion. One of your PTS tasks was to "Earn a special achievement for participating in the Clash of Courage event. Can be obtained only once" which appears to be something achievable only if you finish the full 1500 points required for the week (ugh!). On a related note, I don't understand the purpose of the time gating with these events. Like with the New Years Night event, in the wee hours of the morning there was an odd countdown clock that makes it look like missions won't be available for 24 hours, but they usually end up starting back up late morning/early afternoon. Why are they not just available 24 hours a day? Not everyone can play at the times WG seems to think they should. If the servers are up, the events should be up.
  11. mrs_grass

    PTS 0.11.2

    I find this very unintuitive. How do I get the Savage Battle ships? I thought I saw a notification they were added to my port when I first logged in, but I clicked on the Savage Battle game mode and no ships came up as available. Looking at the Combat Missions | Common tab doesn't offer any more clarity. It appears I need Savage Battle ships to complete the mission to get other Savage Battle ships. But I don't see any Savage Battle ships in my port. What am I missing? EDIT: I think I figured it out? I clicked the 'reset all' button on the filter and then 3 ships appeared. Odd.
  12. mrs_grass

    Best Tier V-X ships for PVE

    If I already have London will Emerald disappoint?
  13. mrs_grass

    Best Tier V-X ships for PVE

    I don't have DM yet, but it will be unlocked within days. I do enjoy the rapid firing guns on Worchester, but not so much the cost to run her. I'm leaning toward Salem for the coal ship. RN CLs I'm only up to Tier III, but I'll definitely check that out. I assume you meant Emerald is an OP CL. As far as OP DDs go I already have Kamikaze R from my early days before I took a years long break. Thank you for the input.
  14. mrs_grass

    Best Tier V-X ships for PVE

    Really? Schlieffen's secondaries seemed pretty fun on PTS. The Italian secondaries do seem fun at the higher tiers, too short range for my tastes at lower tiers. As for low tiers, I don't play anything under tier V.
  15. mrs_grass

    Best Tier V-X ships for PVE

    Well this thread drifted immediately. Anyone have any thoughts specifically on Napoli vs Salem? Maybe brawling isn't the right word I'm looking for. Think fun, fast, high damage ships for those quick PVE matches. Also, looking specifically at Tier IX-X for coal but wondering about what tech lines to pursue V-X. I don't play under tier V because they don't count for missions.