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  1. its called randoms for a reason........its random.. ill see myself out the door...
  2. Grapefruitcannon

    You're not for the streets, Pricilla!

    Your not for the streets, pricilla! bite me!
  3. Grapefruitcannon

    I think WG forgot something with the Regolo

    Yeah an oversight i hope..
  4. Grapefruitcannon

    I think WG forgot something with the Regolo

    LOL....just use hand gestures too scare the aircraft away..
  5. Grapefruitcannon

    Hannover might be the worst ship I have ever played

    I like it more than satsuma..
  6. Grapefruitcannon

    PSA: Bonus Code

    thanks bud..
  7. Grapefruitcannon

    That time again, what did you get in your monthly SC?

    50 restless fire camos.....
  8. Grapefruitcannon

    Behemoth proposal: Part 1

    Just NO!
  9. Grapefruitcannon

    There should be an award for this

    Should call it the clean sweep medal with a broom on it.
  10. Grapefruitcannon

    Super Ship SC.. What did you get?

    1000 doubs..
  11. Grapefruitcannon

    Co-op, SuperShips, And The Right Team

    My first game in coop was with hannover.. all superships did almost 600k in damage with 7 kills and 1888 base xp. Made 900k in profit with a few bonus flags.
  12. Grapefruitcannon

    Server is up...

    Server is up for me...good luck!
  13. Grapefruitcannon

    Yuro on .. something

    The editing is slick...
  14. Grapefruitcannon

    Monthly Super container

    1.5k steel...made me clap like a seal..
  15. Grapefruitcannon

    Monthly Super Container Day, what did you get?

    100 papa papa flags....