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  1. Pmgaudio is a fellow pirate, I'll have to ask him!
  2. This could be accomplished prior to the "official" release of clans. It is not done with any malice or unethical intent. Sync drops are fun when you get the same team, but far more often than not, you get different games, or opposite teams. These aren't organized events, nor do they happen with any regularity. Get 6 of your friends/clan together and do 20 sync drops, you will be fortunate to be on the same team once. Imo they are actually counter intuitive with the low chance of being able to "tilt" the MM.
  3. I own and enjoy them both. The Atago is a beast as top tier, but suffers as bottom tier. The Kutz excels in any environment. If I had to choose one, the Kutz would get my vote.
  4. By and large this is generally a non-toxic community. There are toxic window lickers like this guy here and there, but it is the exception, not the rule. Glad you reported this guy.
  5. "Clan stuff", "very close", "around the corner". You should be a fcking politician.
  6. We lost that match, we got pinched when the eastern flank folded. The match prior to that was...a glorious victory. Honestly, I would rather face a Yamato division than 5 Shimas.