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  1. There just isn't an option, anyone else having this issue? We have submitted a ticket, just curious. Our other clan tags can form a Bravo team with no issue, seems to just be us
  2. No Doubloons in Clan Wars!?

    I pay for premium time, but in either case, 30 days is a decent reward. Especially as you mention, some ships are more expensive to play than others.
  3. No Doubloons in Clan Wars!?

    No doubloons, but 30 days premium, among some other bits and baubles.
  4. Can you do that in clan battles from now on? ;)
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    Actually faced that in CB in the first season. They all died without a single kill.
  6. Cruiser firepower.... lol wat?

    Sure, in an ideal situation where the BB put himself in a bad position, and the CA didn't. That's being outplayed by the player, not the ship. You can still punish bow in or kiting cruisers in an autobounce situation. There is now law that says you must aim waterline at all times. BBs are not meant to be invulnerable.
  7. Cruiser firepower.... lol wat?

    With few exceptions, cruisers are very well balanced. They have high dpm, true, but you have to survive long enough in a BB dominate game to be worthwhile. Not all together easy. Learn to play all the ship types, learn their strengths and weaknesses. Do that and it is easier to learn how to counter your enemy, or support an ally. It really does make the game much easier, and enjoyable. Hopefully you won't join the ranks of tools that run to the forums to post "NERF WHATEVER IT'S OP BECAUSE I DIED QQ".
  8. WG sings: "My patch week brings all the mongs to the yard"

    I have little to no issues countering cruisers 1 v 1. If you're outnumbered, it's supposed to scale the difficulty. I know you want to be a god, but you're not, neither are you meant to be. You already have all of the advantages in a duel with a cruiser, you don't need more. The cruiser is not outplaying you, the player is.
  10. CW : Hindenburg impression

    Strongest overall cruiser in the game in my opinion. You aren't getting the full experience in a garbage rental either.

    If the above cruiser is responsible for all of your HE and fire damage, that's 62 shells to accumulate 41k damage...that you can heal. You can do more than that in a single AP volley in a BB. Tanking damage, and healing it, is a major role of the BB...not to mention dev striking cruisers in a single volley. If you don't enjoy that, play a cruiser in the open, then return here with your results.
  12. Can't make it to clan playing

    Just keep at it, it takes time to master all the little subtleties to make you that much better. Try and master, or at least become proficient in BB, CA/CL, and DDs, this allows you to learn their strengths, as well as how to exploit their weaknesses. Most of the larger clans have sub clans you could join, that way you can get your foot in the door, and start learning from the more competitive players. I'm sure most of the competitive clans have training programs that would benefit you greatly.