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  1. Zairinzan

    Chance or Coincidence?

    OP be like
  2. Zairinzan

    Why not be able to trade ships WG?

    I got a Stalingrad that I will sell to you for tree fordy nine
  3. Zairinzan

    Nothing more nerve racking than

    Just watch their streams, they make mistakes just like all players, they just don't make them as often.
  4. I only have the detailed report screenshot, and the patch removed my replays. I guess we need to hire legal teams to participate in these events. I have thousands of flags and camos, I don't even care about the rewards. It's the fact that over 8,000 battles, and the corgi events, the pirate events, the turkey events, I've maybe had the opportunity to fire a half dozen salvos at these event dudes. That battle I killed 2 in 1 match, and Wargaming can't get their shiz together, and properly manage their own event. It's incredibly frustrating.
  5. Maybe you're right, now they want the replay. Absolutely ridiculous, this event must be managed by the same potatoes that play weekends.
  6. Submitted a ticket with a screenshot, and they ask for screeshots. Ffs this is ridiculous for a handful of flags and doubloons
  7. PMed 2 mods with screenshots, can anyone address this? Is it possible to not have to do Wargaming's work for them please?
  8. I bagged 2 in the same match, I have not received my rewards yet, screenshot is attached.
  9. Zairinzan

    Flags with Bonuses

    I've used mine on every ship, every battle, since i got it. Over at least 5,000 battles, with a premium account, that's got to add up to some big numbers.
  10. Happens to me probably 80% of the time I use spotter plane, regardless if I have a target selected or not. It's annoying to say the least, and for me at least, it has been like this for months.
  11. Zairinzan

    Steel Estimates

    That would be a substantial amount, keep in mind, with the coupon, the Stalingrad cost me 21k steel. The balance would still have to be obtained through ranked or clan battles.
  12. Zairinzan

    Lowest First Blood Damage

    8 is the lowest for me, few years ago in the Fusu, it was a citadel too.
  13. Zairinzan

    PSA; Fiji

    It's one of my favorites, it's also an exp piñata if you hit it with AP.
  14. Zairinzan

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    Not a big deal, a small change in ammo selection if the situation calls for, get credits.