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  1. Racer283

    Looking for clan

    NSWO Is currently looking for new members and I believe you would be a good fit for our clan. We have a lot of great people in our clan that would be willing to help you improve and answer your questions. Our members are spread across the country and we have some playing over seas but you would be able to find someone to division with at any time of the evening or night. We use Discord for communications. Feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.
  2. Racer283

    looking for a clan

    NSWO has plenty of open spots in our clan. We are pretty relaxed clan and encourage people to division up. We play in clan battles and allow everyone to play in it so they can earn valuable steel. You must have Discord so you can listen to battle commands but doesn't mean you need a mic. I think you would be a good player to add to NSWO. If you want to talk more or division up you can add Racer283 to the game.
  3. Racer283

    Lfc - active player wants to improve

    NSWO is looking for some new members for our clan. We are active in Naval Battles and Clan Battles. We have a good mix of people in different time zones and are willing to division up in game and communicate in Discord. Most of us would be willing to help you get better at the game if you asks us. Here is a quick overview of NSWO.
  4. I haven't used the voice comms in a while since my clan has moved onto Discord where it's a lot better and much cleaner. My guess is that it's still broken.
  5. I'm up to the Saint Louis in the French and it also happens there with the space camo as well.
  6. @swede666 Since the new wrapper came out for Catalina the frames have been a lot steadier than the previous version of the wrappers but I did encounter a crash tonight. debug.log monitor_20191017_2316550699.log preferences.xml python.log WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-17_23-15-53.crash 19-10-17-23_16_10_612.unprocessed WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-17_23-15-53.crash python.log python_1.log
  7. I would look at Amazon as they have some reasonably priced laptops or Newegg as they usually have something on sale. A reasonably price gaming laptop you can get is the Asus ROG Strix G G531 GT for around $1000 or go for an older MSI GE63 Raider.
  8. Do you know what day that is going to be released?
  9. @swede666 I've updated my iMac to Catalina today and now with WGC 3.1.12 won't run or any of the previous versions wrappers I have. Hopefully this solved soon so we can finish directive 4.
  10. Basically you are downloading the new WGC which will be 3.1.12. You can click here to download the new WGC. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/game/
  11. Need to download from the site to get the newest update.
  12. @d_gladkov I can't update the WGC from 8.1.11 to 8.1.12 as I get a download error and says try again later.
  13. @d_gladkov Here are files for the crashes. wgc-2019-09-26-21-41-17.txt wgc-2019-09-29-20-20-06.txt wgc-2019-09-29-22-09-26.txt WorldOfWarships64-2019-09-26_21-55-52.crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-09-29_22-08-56.crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-09-29_22-53-51.crash
  14. @d_gladkov Here are some crash files. wgc-2019-09-25-22-16-15.txt monitor_20190925_2217260582.log WorldOfWarships64-2019-09-25_22-53-30.crash debug.log monitor_20190925_2255100742.log preferences.xml python.log WorldOfWarships64-2019-09-25_22-53-30.crash 19-09-25-22_54_24_089.unprocessed