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  1. The extra drain on the battery need to go. I understand there have to be a balance but that is crazy. First of all the recharge rate of the battery is as slow as a turtle, then you have that as well. Is this a nice way of saying you really do not want subs in the game. If that is the case then do not have them and allow those players who want to play subs that was similar to the Steel ocean sub go and find another game. Do not screw us over because the BB player are complaining. You did the same thing to the Japanese's torpedoes earlier. Now they need them but yet they will never be seen again. That happen why? BB complaining. If you want a bb game, then MAKE A BB GAME WITH JUST BB? However I am sure you will never read this and do not really care anyway so I am wasting my time. Its my time to waste.
  2. darkgriffin_24

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    and why not?
  3. darkgriffin_24

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    So far this is how I feel about submarine game play 1. Slow down those torps. they are too fast 2. Allow the ability to fire chose 1 torp at a time and as it is set already. 3. Increase battery time. 4. Get rid of that extra battery drain once your detected. Does not make senses unless they are using a emp on the sub. 5. Allow the sub to recharge at periscope level. It is using its snorkel to move at surface speed after all. Not their batteries! 6. Increase recharge a bit and make each ship has a different recharge rate. waiting 2 mins for a 2 mins recharge is a long time in a 20 min battle. 7. Add deck guns to the subs that actually had them or if they did not but they had AA instead then at that if the sub had it. This is all for now if you developers read this at all.
  4. So because of the testing is, they are not releasing everything yet. Its all in stages and then there is the balance issue. ok.
  5. darkgriffin_24

    Serious submarine exploit

    They did that in steel ocean. You usually could not run from the DD so you surface right next to them and use your Deck gun. 50% shot there and it was better then being depth charged and losing 100% of the time. Then you launch Torps at the dd as they rolled away. It worked very well. Japanese super subs would ram DD's. They were almost the same size of a small DD anyway.
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    Yeah, not seeing that 'fun' so much... (subs)

    The subs are fine for the time. They could use a working player control deck gun and auto controlled AA if the model have it. The fun part is learning how to hunt in the sub and not getting spotted while learning the controls. Yes every moment in the sub is not action packed. The submarine is the sniper and scout of the fleet I do not want them to make the subs a point and click ship. So two things will happen with the current system? Either you get good with the subs or you play another ship and complain about how subs are killing the game. BB and CV's have been doing that since day one and guess what? They are still here. They did dumb down the CV's which I think was a bad move on their part. No need to dumb down the subs. They did that with Cv's and looked how that turn out. Now any player in a cv can use them like a pro. Before, you usually came across vets players who were good. I came over from steel ocean when that was online. It had sub play and it worked there. BB's complained there as well about subs but they could one shot things just like here. Must be nice to one shot things and heal too..LoL..Seriously The subs are fine and it take a certain person and mindset to use them properly just like the old CV's.
  7. Submarines need a working player control deck gun with Ai anti-aircraft machines guns. They were really on the machines during the war so why are they not on submarines now. Yes I know they will not be as strong as the other guns, well most subs deck guns will not. A few might such as the Japanese 140mm guns on their super subs or the German/ Japanese 20mm anti aircraft guns on some of their later subs. Those are just examples and I am sure the people in charge have the designs for those submarine designs. Another question? Why were a few Light CL allow to use depth charges when you can clearly see them on the models of ships that have them? CL that have Charges should have working depth charges. DD are overworked as it is already.