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  1. Give tier 8 and up a heal then. You are really gimped in these boats fighting another DD in randoms. It's one of the toughest DDs to play in randoms.
  2. beerandasmoke

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    They are not going to do that. It will be kept as the crown jewel of the santa crates. Theres still a lot of money to be made with the Imperator because its very rare.. The GC on the other hand was pretty much used up value wise since practically everyone had one. They will probably go after the Belfast or the Kami next, since a lot of those were sold. Rare ships like the Imperator and Gremi will be kept as is too boost lootbox sales. They will make some excuse like there are so few its not worth wasting resources.
  3. beerandasmoke

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    If I was a business owner I think I would listen to my paying customers instead of the guy who sits in my coffee shop using the free wifi and not purchasing anything. If you look at it from WG point of view its pretty simple why they are doing this. Good premiums sell and meh premiums dont. So how do you make money and maintain some kind of game balance? Make them OP at first, then nerf them later on after sales drop off for balance. Unfortunately for them, plenty of other developers have went down this road. So now the paying playerbase is aware of what they are trying to do. This doesn't have anything to do with balance and anyone who thinks that is a fool. Its all about money. I don't like being hustled or conned, especially in such a cheap and blatant way. So no more money from me. It's a real shame because I loved this game and didn't mind supporting it heavily. Now I'm just going to be another guy using the wifi and taking up space. GG WG
  4. They have stated its not their policy to nerf premium content. I bought tanks and ships based on that statement. I think your wanting some kind of legal document for proof. You're not going to get that and im not going to sift through tons of dev blogs to give it too you. They stated they wouldn't nerf premium content. If they want to break that promise so be it. If you think they won't break a promise to cash in just ask any wot beta tester who bought a mutant. Lwm has stated op ships slip through the cracks. Now if they cared about balance then theres a simple solution. Just put it on the main server for a week as a free rental so you can gather data. Then if its op you can adjust it. But they are not going to do that.
  5. Im not doing your research for you. I've been a customer of this company for seven years and they have stated it numerous times. No nerfs to premiums. If you think breaking a promise to customers to cash in, while hiding behind a lie that its for balance is ok, then i have ocean front property to sell you in Arizona. I hope you like carrots, because thats all your going to be eating till the servers shut down.
  6. As far as I'm concerned they made a promise too me that they wouldn't nerf those ships. I don't care what the eula says. I bought those ships on the weight of that promise. If they want too break that promise than it will have consequences. I don't give money to people that can't be trusted. On a sidenote, any of you fools that think this is about balance have lost your minds. This is all about money. Exhibit A would be pulling them from the shop, but releasing them in crates and events. Take your blinders off. Now if you want to play a game that balances around money then so be it. Enjoy having the carrot dangled in front of your face then snatched away after you've got a couple of bites.
  7. beerandasmoke

    Hood - Post CV rework.

    Played a couple of games in my Hood. First one i shot down over 30 planes and the CVs couldnt touch me. Second game against two tier 6 CVs AA was pretty ineffective. I was dropped on multiple times with Def AA up and the correct side chosen on circle. Last drop a wave of torp bombers came in, activated Def AA, and they just continued in and blew me out of the water without taking a loss. I shot down 11 planes that match. I had lost a few mounts to HE spam so that may be it or cv could have been an expert flak dodger. It was kind of disheartening really since i was full spec AA and leading a push protecting two other BBs from aircraft. We lost that game.
  8. beerandasmoke

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Having never really played carriers before this I tried them out in co-op. It feels exactly like a late 90s single player game. I dont really have an interest in it and seems ultra easy and boring. Random battles are absolute chaos. As a DD main im appalled by the gameplay. Full 19pt captains, specced too AA, in the russian and american lines with def AA consumable. I was still struck repeatedly by rockets. You are literally permaspotted. No chance too spot or cap. Just had too flee back to my team. Being unable to select an attacking squadron with Ctrl is also an issue. Having to press O and literally leave the battle and bring up another screen to switch AA sides is also frustrating. If you are in a DD and manuvering wildly to avoid dive or rocket bombers, forget it. Overall I think they missed bigtime with this rework. If CVs catch on and we start seeing 2 per side in the majority of games I will probably be done unless drastic changes are made.
  9. beerandasmoke

    IChase brings up some good points about Subs.

    I would think they would make it where CVs could attack subs as well with divebombers and rocketfiring fighters. Perhaps have a set of divebombers where you could switch too depthcharges if needed to get rid of a pesky sub. They could also keep them spotted and force them to dive using up their air.
  10. beerandasmoke

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    I had a guy who was a 70% unicum cv player who had a personal vendetta against me. He played nothing but the tier 8 japanese carrier. We both played early morning na. When we were on opposite teams he would launch a full strike against me everytime. It got to the point were i speced all my tier 7 and above for aa just in case. It was something of a bloodfeud between us lol. He blew me out of the water so many times but i burnt him down a few times too make it worth it. Havent seen him in over a year but honestly i kind of miss the rivalry. We seen each other in game and knew it was on lol.
  11. beerandasmoke

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Unfortunately, they say they cant do that because of core game mechanics.
  12. beerandasmoke

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Chaff was used in WW2. Maybe not on ships but it was used. Radar can give a serious advantage to one team. If they have four or five ships with radar it forces the other teams DDs to play passive or risk being blownup. That makes for an unfair advantage in what should be a relatively even playing field.
  13. beerandasmoke

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar is a serious problem for DDs in higher tiers. It forces DD players to play very passive or risk getting oneshotted by BB AP or firebreathing cruisers with tons of guns. Wargaming says theres really nothing they can do to change the mechanics of radar. So give DDs a hardcounter to Radar to give them a chance to survive. In place of a module such as speedboost give them chaff rockets. If you get spotted by radar you fire your chaff rockets and it cloaks your dd for a certain amount of time. This gives the DD player a chance to escape. Give DDs a chance to do what they do best which is capping and spotting without getting blown out of the water by some radar 10km away.
  14. was up guys I'm new