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  1. Hey! Gracias @sea_you y WG! EDIT: Gracias por el regalo de cumpleaños! :D
  2. 5 kills y no Kraken? EDIT: no vi el COOP arriba, no dije nada
  3. JackBauerArg

    WG, A solution to stopping Team Spies.

    A month or two ago i was in a US CA and a teammate in a Yamato shot and almost killed me because i was taking cover behind an island. fighting ensued and words were said. he threathened to report me, i said more words... i got chat banned 3 days. good, i deserved that much. But it's not the end of that, because 2 days into my sentence lo and behold... the ofender is playing and he isn't chat banned. he wasn't punished at all. i did send a Customer ticket at the moment of the first violation of the rules with a replay and the standard reply was given to me, so, i'm sorry WG, i will not take your word on this, i don't care for the report sytem, toxicity at matches is in all time high, specialy while playing CVs. sorry for the eventual grammar error, english is not my main language.
  4. JackBauerArg

    PSA: Activar Batalla Naval

    me paso lo mismo con 3 intentos, hasta que me di cuenta que habia que desactivarlo, tengo compañeros de mi clan que se gastaron todos los intentos por este fallo. deberian resetear las batallas navales.
  5. JackBauerArg

    Estoy tratando de ayudar a un jugador al clan correcto.

    that's a very nice thing to do @Tpaktop2_1, in the spanish spaking community will help him. just refer him to this section of the forums and if you need a translator i'm available.
  6. JackBauerArg

    Did WG nerf credit earnings or is it just me

    the 350k credits that i usually get from playing the Mo are without premium time, with premium a battle like this one will be about 500k sure. W/O any economic flag
  7. JackBauerArg

    Did WG nerf credit earnings or is it just me

    i do think they nerfed earning potential, one match in my Missouri today. usually for me this match would be around 350k clean.
  8. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:République République is modelled in a fictional 1957 configuration. Igual me confundi con un par que habia visto de la posguerra y del 50 en adelante. Posguerra Decada del 50