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  1. Buschman1

    Error Contacting Server

    I can't even connect to the update server.
  2. Buschman1

    Disconnecting after battle

    I don't have Webroot, but my problem is the game freezes after a battle. Right after the last ship has been sunk, it freezes. I have to ctrl,alt,del out.
  3. Buschman1

    unsupported systems

    So when did Wargaming decide to stop supporting 32-bit OS? I've been playing for 3 years and this is the first I've heard of it. I just got the unsupported OS message also. I think this is kind of F'ed up. They are kind of screwing some of their fanbase. Did they do this with update to 8.1? As a paid subscriber, I feel screwed. Not nice Wargaming.
  4. I keep getting a Terminate error when I load the mod. This keeps happening even after I've deleted everything. I have to delete the game and reinstall. Attached is the only log file I get. monitor_20190131_174514935.log