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  1. Zed3

    Update 12.1 - Bug Reports

    UPDATE: All three of these issues were due to me unintentionally loading up sound mods via ModStation. I removed them, and everything's cool now. I walked through every option, and saw the sound mods were selected, so I turned them off and that was that. I've noticed 3 things with this latest update. I'm running on a Windows 11 Pro system, with latest updates. Audio for the biggest gunfire is missing. You click to fire and you hear nothing from the guns. Noticed on Yamato and Incomperable, but not on Ohio or Schlieffen. I miss that subwoofer boom! Airplane engine noises missing, noticed on Nebraska, I haven't looked for other examples. When I alt-tab, I still hear the game. The game's supposed to go silent when you alt-tab out. It was silencing itself in the past, before the update. I am in "Full Screen" mode of the display, not "Full Screen, Windowed" I have run repair and even removed and re-installed the game now. I start the game with WoWs Mod Station, but after repair, I fired up with the WoWs standard start menu, in case that demonstrates anything.
  2. Zed3

    Forum Contest - Naughty or Nice

    I'm already dead in this nice result. I'm
  3. Zed3

    Forum Contest - Belly Rubs

    Zed3 on the NA servers
  4. Zed3


    Thank you @Boggzy for getting this event off the ground. I had a great time playing with the ships I don't own and really want, so that made me happy. I initially whined about the det flags, but got into the spirit of the game and stopped assigning them to my ships. I did receive several detonations afterward. I was assigned WoWs_Rogue_2, so people were making all sorts of Austin-Powers jokes of "Who does Number 2 work for!?!?" and several people said they were reporting me for being a spammer when I announced who I was, but all is well, when I realized they'd be reporting a special account and that they were so, so wrong. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks again!
  5. I am a FIOS customer, and just authenticated myself at Verizon's site, but their site gives this error. Booo! I'll try again tomorrow, on another computer.
  6. Zed3

    Where Would You Ship?

    No need. In Soviet Russia, US and A, Bacon comes to YOU.