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  1. Black_Jack_Honour

    is Hapa_Fodder over worked ?

    Get the Hapa Fodder appreciation beer care packages together folks.
  2. Black_Jack_Honour

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Leningrad, son, Leningrad. Well Actually more than that, but DD Play is not dead. I'm a DD Main while the numbers aren't Super Unicum, I'm surviving fine in DD'S Destroyer Next level: Unicum (+3.8%) 56.19% Great Warship Tier Nation Battles Win rate PR Average Damage Avg. frags Avg. planes destroyed Fletcher 9 U.S.A. 205 53.17% 1 405 39 889 0.79 0.92 Details 2 Kidd 8 U.S.A. 179 58.66% 1 419 29 836 0.68 5.4 Details Gearing 10 U.S.A. 103 46.6% 1 068 40 891 0.59 0.91 Details 4 Benson 8 U.S.A. 84 48.81% 1 265 34 658 0.63 0.21 Details HSF Harekaze 8 Japan 70 38.57% 1 149 29 255 0.57 0.53 Details 6 Cossack 8 U.K. 37 64.86% 1 603 37 436 1.16 0.11 Details Loyang 8 Pan-Asia 25 52% 1 469 30 376 0.56 0.36 Details 8 Le Terrible 8 France 14 57.14% 885 26 844 0.29 0.71 Details And I'm by no means a "good player" Win some, Lose some, but still on the plus side.
  3. Black_Jack_Honour

    WG Feeling the heat RE: NTC - Don't stop keep it up!

    I think they thought they could never take all the disparate players and unite them in something. Sadly, they just did, in a massively bad way. The best quote I saw that summed it up was along the lines of "There a players here I'd rather eat my own face off than agree with, but I find myself agreeing with them."
  4. Black_Jack_Honour

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Well the Eu guys will be on in about 20. I think people should show up, let them know their thoughts on this (I’d say try to be civil, but hey I know that’s, well, yeah) and keep them on this topic. I have utmost respect for the CC’s and the public relations folks who are going to have to face this storm. Remember, it wasn’t those folks idea. Now their going to be out there trying to sell us a cow pie sandwich, and tell us how good it is, or they are going to try and avoid the topic all together. Which won’t work, but I’d give. The incoming firestorm they probably know they are facing, I can’t say I’d blame them if they tried to throw a towel over their heads in the hope that if they can’t see us, they think we can’t see them. I do not envy their job right now. I’m a firm no on the idea and will let them know that in no uncertain terms. But I also know they aren’t the cause of it. Hopefully enough people can turn out and make them cancel this idea. Or change it to cosmetic rewards etc. https://youtu.be/L3PAGtwP9xA
  5. Black_Jack_Honour

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

  6. Black_Jack_Honour

    Mouse's (very brief) feels on the (WIP) Naval Training Cente

    I kept wondering when WarGaming would go full on grind mechanics for monetization (yeah I know it’s already there, but I can play the grind and not spend money and have a good time in its current iteration) and it seems the “make things worse so people will pay money to make it better” mindset has reared itself in full with this. Downvote on this from me Wargaming.
  7. Just noting that your tone, will probably draw out more negative responses and probably end up with the thread getting locked. Lighten up Francis. It might help your "cause".
  8. For the price of a card and a stamp we can make a World War Two survivors birthday http:// https://www.wjbf.com/news/u-s-world-news/wwii-vet-wants-cards-for-96th-birthday-daughter-turns-to-internet-for-help/1640591818?fbclid=IwAR1ghscKBdy2ubpq3mFTKRbykRY_EHG-fiWmo7cTvIPYn7ezecqbr8zkGt4
  9. Black_Jack_Honour

    Windowing And Discord

    https://support.restream.io/restream-chat/legacy-chat-application/how-to-connect-discord-to-restream-chat While I use Restream chat for twitch and youtube, it can be set up for discord as well from what I can tell. A youtube that might be applicable on the chat window over the game thing, if thats what you're after
  10. Heya, Heres a little video of a match you happened to be in that i recorded. Hopefully entertaining.

    Excellent DD work on your part.


  11. Black_Jack_Honour

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    My little corner https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzwjFgl1FX-0KSGlrJUFWnw
  12. Black_Jack_Honour

    Interview With IEarlGrey

    The IEarlGrey was kind enough to stop by the Mog Mog Shack and have a chat about (his) Life, The Warships, and Everything. It’s over an hour in length, treat it maybe as a podcast and listen to it rather than watch ;-) could be a drive time listen sort of thing but well worth it in The Cap’ns humble opinion. Interview with IEarlGrey