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  1. Seagal's departing!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRamhbbCkac John Doe is awesome! Oh... not that John Doe...
  2. Wargaming: Untie the hands of T4/5 CVs

    THIS And I'm not even a CV player.
  3. A Sailor's Story

    http://store.doverpublications.com/0486798127.html Its a great read.
  4. The Roots of Warships

    https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3670/battlewagon Battlewagon!
  5. The New Division Tab is AWFUL

    Fix plz
  6. What Royal Navy Ships Would You Like to See?

    HMS Black Prince, Bellona class light cruiser. Because its a cool name :-) Or the Dido just to see all the in game juvenile comments :-)
  7. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    Helllllooo, air traffic control? Send MOAR planes...
  8. Duke of York, BB without a repair party

    Soon to be in the premium shop...
  9. If your dad was on a ship at Pearl on December 7th 1941, there definitely is a Pearl Harbour Day ;-) Especially if your dad helped out with forming the Pearl Harbour Survivors Association.
  10. Oh, the sweet, sweet booze

    Can be, they own the Trademark for the Name "Dark and Stormy". Any dark rum will do in a pinch.
  11. Best "visit" was being allowed to lay a wreath for my dad off the bow of the Midway, on Pearl Harbor Day... http://
  12. Oh, the sweet, sweet booze

    Beer all the way, interspersed with Dark and Stormy's .... Although, after a brunch at Trader Vic's, Coffee Grog might be my new downfall... caffeine AND RUM!!!!!!!!!!! Playing sober sucks...
  13. Why not help USS Olympia too.

    Olympia seems to have a better pr team getting her name out there. She's a fine ship, and I'd buy her. Her keel laying only predates the Albany (T2) by 6 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Olympia_(C-6) 4 × 8 in (203 mm)/35 cal Mark 4 guns (2×2) 10 × 5 in (127 mm)/40 cal Mark 2 guns (10×1) 14 × 6-pounder 57 mm (2.24 in) Driggs-Schroeder RF guns 6 × 1-pounder 37 mm (1.46 in) guns 4 × Gatling guns 6 × 17.7 in (450 mm) above-surface torpedo tubes, firing Whitehead Mark 1 torpedoes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Albany_(CL-23 Armament: 6 × 6-inch (152 mm) guns 4 × 4.7-inch (119 mm) guns 10 × 57-millimeter (2 in) 6-pdr Hotchkiss guns 4 × 1-pounder guns 4 machine guns 3 × 18-inch (457 mm) torpedo tubes