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  1. Wow, just had the pleasure to play a game with 3 USSR wet dream super cruisers and a USSR wet dream BB on the opposing side. It was ugly. My team lost 12-4 and it was not even that close. The Bagration out ranges BBs and can not be seen it has such range when firing. It took 20K chunks out of my KGV from Bow Stern and Broadside angles. It used AP and could pen my armor from beyond sight to fire back? WOW!! I don't know how I Over-penned that USSR BB at 18 Km then. This game is a sick joke. Played since open beta, 10K plus games, all my friends have quit, maybe its time to cash out. Your wet dream fantasy ships you just keep adding over the years have sucked all the fun out of this game. This post will be blocked I am sure by Turbo [edited] or whatever his name is.
  2. Orca86

    Up Tiering I Solved the Problem

    Perhaps my mental stability with the game is questionable after 12000 battles but it does solve a problem LOL LOL LOL
  3. I solved the problem of up tiering. After being 2 level up tiered 6 games in a row and the only BB being so often, it came to me. From now on in all games I am up tiered 2 levels I just charge forward to the nearest CAP. Fire the Guns once or twice get a hit or 2 and it is over so quickly. I have won and lost so many games over the years what does it matter? I would rather play a good match with my time (and once quickly dead) I have the chance to get one. If all players adopted this approach WG might fix the problem! I doubt the new patch in the works with tier changes will work. Heck the company can not figure out the HE problem the game has had for years or fantasy ship bias it has. Now Turbo007 will probably Lock this Post down cause its anti WG, but Turbo it wont stop me! LOL LOL LOL John
  4. Orca86

    What Happened to Citadels on Cruisers?

    WG just makes the stuff up. The images of the ships are great but since Beta this game has moved from historic to just made up [edited]. Relax once in a Blue moon you will get a Citadel but its a random number generator occurrence based on the ship you are using. Perhaps you should start using Russian ships or whatever current push WG has going. Your Citadels effects will dramatically improve across the board. Trust me John
  5. Orca86

    Adapt or quit?

    Ironmike same here!!!
  6. The Russian BB line is bogus! My only care is this crap just further has me playing less and what WG should be concerned about is me spending less well ZERO now. WG in the last year killed my original Clan and based on my play this year I am just about gone
  7. I will start spending again when: 1. The RN BBs are fixed. Monarch is gone Replaced by KGV and Nelson put in the line up in the Tier VII slot. Also the [edited] "Fire" gimmick is replaced. My love of the game started dying then. 2. The CVs fix is fixed again. With Squadrons treated more like rounds fired vs Wows Airplanes. All the beautiful CV ship modeling and what a waste. The CV players are only Flying! 3. The [edited] Russian BB line is scrapped. Give then the Tier III-IV The loaned HMS Royal Sovereign Tier V and the never completed Tier VIII. Lets stop the Overpowered [edited] ships from ruling the waves. The [edited] tanks are what ruined WOT. Russian overpowered anyone? They do seem to favor the Superior Russian Navy! 4. No Russian CV line. We Know its coming! Its a must! Another line of [edited] ships. I hate fake ships!
  8. Orca86

    Should I skip HMS Emerald?

    I love the Emerald! I know I am a out there on this but she is great. The Leander is the ship I hate. lol To each their own.
  9. Orca86

    What angers me most about HE

    I hate being a BB HE player but after the last 5 games in a BB I will have to become one. The DD players have learned they can charge at any tier a BB and close to point blank range and the BB can not dodge the torps. Even the Yammy cannot survive 6 or 8 torps. The DD just cannot be damaged enough. Each DD has enough hit points for at least 3 charges at BBs. That's 3 BBs dead! The cruisers who should support the BBs cant survive without hiding so the BBs are dead. HE is the BBs only hope. Sad WG has so screwed up HE.
  10. Orca86

    Monday Funday!

    Warspite for me!!!
  11. Orca86

    Vanguard with Warspite guns?

    I was wrong! I have seen the light! It just took a couple games. Still have to watch the broadsides but She is worth the $$$$$. No mega sails in her but the wheel has turned.
  12. Orca86

    I think I've hit the tier VIII wall

    I agree with the above players. Its a combination. I am no God player either. Beta tester and 1st year 45% win rate???? Last 2 years 52% approx. I remember Tirpocalyps! 10 Tirpitz per side lol My Tirp is a 44-45% win rate and its gotten worse in the last year. 18-19pt Capt. I blame MM and T10s up-tier. Still she is fun. Play with a team. My win rate is so much better playing with a team. Join a Clan.
  13. I will say in positive for the Vanguard She is quick and responsive on the rudder and Guns are very nice (those that you can afford to fire). I got a nice citadel on a NC. Have had no fire issue but I have a max anti-fire build. Her AA chewed up the Dive Bombers well enough. But you will give (or will be taken) your broadside sooner or later heck even good defense angle. When you do watch out. Vanguard gets gutted of hit points like the French Dunky does. 203mm gunfire is shocking effective at range at taking big chunks of points at any angle. Vanguard's secondary's are a waste of deck space. Slow no range quite sad. It is interesting the "Reviewers" differing opinions. I like Noster love his vids and straight talk but am not seeing it on this ship. Now I will say The Tiering up maybe Vanguard's biggest issue. But 203mm is 203mm Zao - Atago its rate of fire and range that changes not pen? I hate to think what the USSR super guns will do to her. Still all said I have 2 wins 1 loss. Was carried BIG by the team in the one win and earned my keep in the other. The loss was ugly. And its only 3 games. Who knows the learning curve might be a long slow take-off then shoot straight to the moon? Maybe. I am a Avg player batting 52% for the last 2 years 48% overall. So I am no God. LOL
  14. Mouse is spot on. I have over 1000 sails in the Warspite and Vanguard is no Warspite! Vanguard eats Citadels. I have but 2 games in her with a 19pt Captain but a Zao took 20K off the Vanguard with AP 17-18 KM off! And I was Bow on! Wait till you see what a Iowa does to her on a broadside shot 16km out. You evaporate! The health bar loses big chunks at a time. Ouch! I had a 30% off coupon so paid just under $40. I believe I wasted the $.
  15. Orca86

    Vanguard with Warspite guns?

    I have just 2 sails in the Vanguard with a 19pt Captain and I can tell you she is GARBAGE. I hate to say it but she is no Warspite (1000 plus sails in the Warspite). Vanguard can not handle being up-tiered. A Zao took 20K at 17 km off me with AP and I was angled mostly bow on! The Vanguard eats citadels like I eat M&Ms. A Iowa took 35K off me at 20km? The other game was a joke as well The ship damage bar was lose 20% lose 20% heal lose 30% then Dead! Its a shame what WG did to the RN BB line. A crime really. Well I used a 30% off coupon so she cost just under $40. but that is $40 wasted. I can say I have never been disappointed in a "Gold" ship till now.