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  1. I'm baffled - what on earth can you expect to reliably do with six battleship-(in)accuracy guns in up to Tier X matches, without even torpedoes or buffed secondaries etc to compensate? Especially if you're forced to go bow-in? Even the Republique has a reload speed that's six full seconds faster! I just don't see how it'll have enough practical DPM to compete in its current incarnation. I'm also not sure what they could realistically do to *make* it competitive, besides making it capable of overmatching angled ships, and even then I don't know how it'd have any leg up over the Musashi. I'd love to be wrong, and I'd love to hear WG's explanation of what they think this'll bring to the game and why it'll be viable, because I don't see it.
  2. Mandarax

    Musashi + Ranked

    You want a heartbreaker? Friend had a 324,000 damage game in Musashi the other day, and *lost*.
  3. FdG's gotten a fair amount of love over the last few patches, so really, it should be a similar experience to Bismarck except now you can overmatch the bows of lower tier ships (assuming you can hit them). You'll want to use and abuse cover as you get into position; HE spammers love your vast, vast decks and Kitkats/Harus, Des Memes/Wooster and anything Russian will have a field day with you if you let them. Don't fire your guns until you're detected early in the match - you're unlikely to hit even a broadside Montana at long range, and you'll just invite counterfire. You can spec your captain for secondary memes, or for zombie survivability, both will serve you well on the GK as well. I personally go full IFHE secondary spec captain (I went with DE instead of BFT), Slot 3 has Secondary Mod 1, Slot 6 has MBM 3. I ran with SBM 2 for a while, but really, one solid extra hit from the main guns will do more damage than a dozen extra hits by the secondaries, so main gun reload time will serve you better. Range is more important than ROF for the secondaries in my experience.
  4. Where'd you read/see that @harikari25?
  5. Mandarax

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    Agreeing with the above point. The apostrophe follows the Y, and precedes the A. Additionally, when the situation dictates, you can also use you'uns which is generally understood to be y'all plus three.
  6. Mandarax

    AA is sure tasty in the hotfix...

    @iKami I'd like to second this motion. AA distributing damage evenly among all aircraft means that there's a very fine line between AA not shooting anything down, and AA shooting literally everything down. Ideally, weak AA should shoot down a plane every moderate while, and strong AA should shoot down a plane every couple seconds. The even damage distribution means that it becomes an essentially binary situation. Either you completely annihilate the attack, or you don't. Also, please look at moderating the strength difference between tiers. As aircraft are separate from the surface ship meta, you can - and probably must - balance them differently and have a much shallower power curve. Only that way will carriers be able to compete when bottom tier, yet not dominate when top tier. This is a fundamental - *and completely solvable* - problem with the entire class that has existed since before I began playing years ago.
  7. Mandarax

    AA is sure tasty in the hotfix...

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the problems not being addressed is the vast strength difference between carrier tiers. Higher tier carriers need to be weaker, lower tier carriers need to be stronger, and the AA capability curve on surface ships going up the tiers needs to be flatter too. Only by doing that will low tier carriers have a chance in high tier games, and low tier ships have a chance against high tier carriers.
  8. Mandarax

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    This argument irritates me because games are significantly determined by map control, something you give up when you cluster up. Additionally, clustered ships are vulnerable to long range torpedo soup. This is especially true at Tier X right now. If you stay in groups of three or four you're giving the enemy team the initiative in hopes of fighting off planes. Sure, you may survive the air attacks a bit longer, but you'll be less capable of catching enemy ships out of position, catching battleship and cruiser broadsides, and you'll usually lose the game against any team with an average W/R higher than the OP's.
  9. Mandarax

    Aim assist mod

    I think digging up this thread should become an Olympic sport. That's, what, *four* necros on it already?
  10. Mandarax

    Planes shot down: 90 or more

    Tier X carriers are definitely OP - just like always :p These poor bottom-tier carriers were just fodder. It's all part of the excessive strength differences between tiers.
  11. Mandarax

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    My thought is that flak is perhaps too dangerous, but at the same time, the constant DPS being spread among a large number attackers leads to lots of damage done, but very few kills made unless the planes loiter. Decent players will fly their wing in, take "free" damage from the short range AA, then F-key their merry way home with negligible losses. Flak dodging will separate the good pilots from the bad, but because the DPS AA spreads damage evenly among the entire squadron, it's very easy to avoid taking losses at all just by returning home and grabbing another wing of full-health strike craft. This system also leads to the silly situation where twelve planes swoop in, fly around for ten seconds or so without taking any losses, then the whole lot of them go plummeting in flames. Instead of damaging planes evenly, the AA should shoot them down one by one at a rate comparable to the time it'd take to do two or three plane's worth of damage with the evenly-distributed DPS. Improve recovery time of losses if need be to compensate, but the current damage system is silly.
  12. It's a combination of AA vs planes being somewhat balanced within tier, but between-tier balance is completely off. Higher tier planes should be only a little more durable than lower tier planes, gaining improved survivability through better speed and maneuverability. At the same time, higher tier AA should not be vastly more powerful than lower tier AA, so that a bottom tier carrier isn't helpless yet a top tier carrier isn't invincible. This problem has persisted since the previous carrier iteration, and with the new focus, this should be the time to correct the excessively steep power climb between tiers.
  13. I had this exact same thought the other day - and I don't think it's inaccurate at all. For instance, the F8F Bearcat at Tier X has over 65% more HP than the F4F Wildcat at Tier VI even though both are made of the same materials, both have the same self-sealing fuel tanks, and the Bearcat was only 40% heavier empty (and 30% heavier loaded). It's got twice the health of the F2A Buffalo, which, in the most widely-used form, also had self-sealing tanks. The higher tier planes were better in real life not by being able to take more hits, but by being able to avoid taking so many hits to begin with thanks to their improved speed and maneuverability which, in this game, will get you in and out of AA bubbles faster. The combination of ridiculously increased health on top of the improved speed makes the high tier planes inordinately powerful versus their lower tier rivals. The solution is just as you say - Cut the survivability difference between Tier IV and Tier X in half just to get into the ballpark of balance, and flatten the AA power curves between the tiers by a comparable amount. That way a Tier VIII carrier can stand a chance against Tier X AA, while not being impervious to a Tier VI ship. Aircraft are an entirely separate field of balance that can be modified extensively without affecting the relative power of surface ships, so it shouldn't be hugely difficult to do. Additionally, I'd reduce the relative power of the flak bursts so they're less likely to "wipe" a squadron, but I'd make the individual "hits" by constant DPS a lot nastier vs a plane's HP, so you're more likely to knock down one or two and leave others undamaged, rather than the current balance which sees you land thousands of HP worth of damage on a squadron without shooting down a single one.
  14. If it's not there, check settings - it may be something that needs to be enabled.
  15. Mandarax

    Rebalance or Refund Texas

    The very restricted medium AA range really hampers the Texas' ability to knock down planes. I've played several rounds in it and rarely shoot down more than a handful because the planes pass through the flak bubble which usually gets one salvo, then the short-range DPS gets spread out among the squadron, and then the planes escape. This was with a captain trained in BFT, AFT, MFCAA, and the ship had AA Mod 1 and NE7 flag equipped. I'd frequently fail to shoot any direct attackers down, and rarely more than one or two. I'd see significant AA damage numbers, sure, but they don't translate into many shoot-downs because the flak bursts only get one, maybe two chances before the planes are in the short-range evenly-spread-damage bubble.