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  1. Midway rebalanced

    Strange that we're not getting emergency Ranger, Lex and Essex changes to fix the massive imbalance between them and their IJN counterparts. Does Midway need some nerfs to make the game more fair and enjoyable? Obviously. But so has the entire IJN CV line for the last 2 years and the game has remained largely unchanged until the latest patch (which made most USN CVs worse because who needs to play test balance changes?). So I can certainly see the irritation that springs up when a balance issue in favor of USN is addressed instantly while balance issues that disadvantage USN are put off until the sun burns out.
  2. Pensacola....advise pls.

    I don't know what ship some of the people in this thread are sailing. Pepsi is the worst T7 cruiser, and if not for Yorck it would be by a very substantial margin. In fact, she's so bad that if you moved her to tier 6 as is, she would still be one of the worst cruisers in T6. Play every match like you're uptiered, because you are. Stay at range, avoid being the first one to open fire when possible and don't hesitate to duck and run if you get too much attention. Your only advantages are your agility, fast turret traverse and firing angles; you need space to make use of them. Take advantage of them to keep your guns firing even in sharp turns and to quickly flash your rear turrets before returning to being angled. Honestly, I didn't realize just how bad Pepsi and New Orleans were until I got ARP Takao and saw what a real cruiser could do. It really is night and day. You're better off waiting for the USN cruiser split unless you just can't wait to get to DM in tier X. There's not really anything to look forward to until then. New Orleans is even worse than Pepsi until you get her fully upgraded, so your first few dozen games you're playing a tier 6 cruiser against tier 10s most games. Talk about anti-fun.
  3. Ijn/US fighter tier gap

    Initial stats aren't promising for Essex. 2 full squadrons of 7 tier 9 fighters would probably be overkill, but 2 squadrons of tier 8 fighters are too weak to justify the huge damage difference. It's time to stop being stubborn and change squadron sizes for balance. 3 squadrons of 3 (4) T9 fighters 2 squadrons of 3 T9 torpedo bombers 2 squadrons of 6 (7) T9 dive bombers. That puts her fighters right between Taiho's strike and AS packages, and lets her cross drop with just 6 torpedo bombers.
  4. Are the USN BBs THAT bad?

    A lot of the complaints are from when USN ships had citadels up to the top of their mast. There's not much to whinge about now. The only real complaint I have is that you have to waste an upgrade slot to bring their range up to where it's supposed to be in the first place. Just make Artillery Plotting Room baseline and I think it's a really good line. The 16" guns at tier 7+ are the bees knees. Good range, accurate, and great damage.
  5. Ranger, the definition of useless

    Did you really just link an image of a t6 Ryujo getting a Kraken against you as a success story?
  6. Balancing USN CVs

    They need to rework how loadouts function entirely. No more fixed squadron limits. 1. normalize all squadrons to 4+1AS planes 2. Flight control modules now only determine how many planes you bring into the fight. Examples Ranger and Hiryu Fighter Torpedo Bomber Ranger Mod1 25 24 24 Mod 2 13 30 30 Mod 3 37 18 18 Hiryu Mod 1 24 24 24 Mod 2 12 30 30 Mod 3 36 18 18 3. Once in the match you can launch however many squadrons you have the planes for, up to a limit set by your tier. Let's say for the above T7 carriers it's 6 max squadrons and 3 2 3 max of each type in the air. Example: A Mod 2 Hiryu Hiryu launches 3 squadrons of fighters (2 squadrons of 5, 1 squadron of 2), 2 torps, 1 bomber He engages and his fighters are wiped out. Normally, Hiryu with no fighters would now simply be limited to 4 squadrons. Under this system he can still launch 2 torps and 3 bombers so that he can maintain 5 squadrons until his reserves are depleted. Maintain national flavor with the type of aircraft. USN: slower, sturdier, more damaging. Takes longer to get there and back for fewer sorties, but fewer planes die and their hits count for more. IJN: faster, fragile, less damaging. Get there and back quickly, lose more planes and each impact is less significant.
  7. Some say the world will end in fire,Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire.
  8. Interwar era cruisers were limited to 10k tons by the Washington Naval treaty. Everyone during that period had to build lightly armored cruisers.
  9. Are we watching the same video? When he's firing at the DD in smoke at the end, the range finder jumps 30 degrees to the left when the DD pops out of the smoke and becomes visible. That's a pretty clear indication that you won't be pointing your guns at the RPF indicator and getting free damage.
  10. Carrier News for 2017 (From the RU Q&A)

    I don't really understand how the CV interface could possibly be any more simplified than it already is. All we have is: Number and type of squadrons Hangar reserves Number of planes in each squadron Ammo counter Waypoints Drop point/path of ordinance Circle showing the point of no return Tab to adjust the angle of a drop within the circle Where is there room to simplify that? All that we need is some basic bug fixes and QoL changes. Don't place a waypoint for my carrier unless I specifically hit 1 to select the ship. Don't refuse to execute a drop because I'm clicking at the same spot as a waypoint. Fixed drop patterns/smaller drop zones for dive bombers. You know, basic things.
  11. CV poll

    Graf Zeppelin was never completed. She was a nonoperational hull that spent the war being towed from one harbor to the next before being scuttled. Shinano only had a 50-60 plane hangar. She would be completely outclassed in tier 8-9. Yorktown and Lexington are not the same ship. Lexington was larger and more heavily armored weighing nearly twice as much. Yorktown carried significantly more aircraft and benefited from advances in carrier design learned from Lexington and Ranger.
  12. CV poll

    The Grey Ghost, a badly designed support carrier carrying reserve aircraft, fuel and ordnance in support of real fleet carriers, or a paper ship. It's a tough choice.
  13. USN Ranger Satisfaction Survey

    Ranger would be a fine ship if it wasn't stuck in a tier with Saispam. Every game you get matched against 1 and sometimes 2 AS Saipans with their UFO fighters that zoom around the map at warp 10 shooting down your bombers at will.
  14. Yamato is ugly AF so she's out immediately. Main turrets, GK. Secondary/AA Montana. Superstructure GK (though I like Montana's bridge better). Hull shape Montana (GK is too wide and it makes her guns look small). Overall I'd say Montana as a slim preference over GK.
  15. Pensacola is 15.7k, Myoko 15.6 and Fiji 15.4. Pretty trivial difference overall compared to Yorck at 17.3k and Schors at 16.8k.