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  1. ThatSinkingFeeling

    New Year's Dress-Up: Camo Marathon -> did this happen?

    Just blew up and when I got back to port, the package was there (the only difference I could confirm was the Tokyo Game Show camo). Not a very good day for me to be impatient - so apologies to anybody who took my anxiety personally.
  2. ThatSinkingFeeling

    New Year's Dress-Up: Camo Marathon -> did this happen?

    Actually, in the world of online gaming (including WG) the term "by" has always appeared to mean that once the stated day has arrived, the stated objective needs to have been completed. If a mission has to be done BY January 1st, for example, once the clock ticks over past midnight and the day is now January 1st, it's now too late to work towards the objective. So while I'm ok giving them "until the end of the day", I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the stated rewards to be in our hands earlier in the day, even at the beginning of the day. After all, Cyprus and the US are not exactly in the same time zone. Right now it's just about noon in the eastern US and unless I miss my guess, that means that they're already closing shop in most of Europe. Friday night. it didn't exactly give me a warm and cozy feeling to see that the thread linked to by the original News item for this event has been locked, either.
  3. ThatSinkingFeeling

    The Last stage of Prinz Eitel Friedrich event

    The general consensus above seems to be saying "just buy the ship, it's so much easier". Well, I for one don't have the spare jake to buy a ship so I can complete the missions to get the ship for free. The only reason I'm even trying at this point - and I doubt I will make it - is to get the steel from the Combat Mission once I get the ship. Doing the first 3 directives was pretty easy, since there was no choice but to work on them until the next one was available. But I'm not always able to be online, and not always able to do Randoms (see Kiwi's profile above and substitute pancreatic for lung). Co-op allows me to play at a relatively easy pace (and do the daily mission chains) whereas Randoms add a level of stress I'm not comfortable with now - for example hitting the 'S' key instead of turning is a daily occurrence for me, and in co-op it doesn't matter nearly as much if you screw up or fail to make a significant contribution. On the downside, you make a lot less in the way of credits, unless you use lots of signal flags - and I'm nearly out of the right ones. For the last 2 years I've managed to budget some money to spend on Santa crates, but this year I got either camo (with no credit multiplier) but no Wyvern flags, which would have been ideal. I'm sure there are plenty of folks with similar situations to mine who either can't or won't just buy the ship and be done with it. After all, yes - you get the value of the ship back in doubloons - but you can't spend doubloons on groceries or prescriptions. And yeah, it's a new year and Medicare costs are always significantly higher at the start of the year. So even less money to spend on non-essentials for lots of folks. I've noticed that there are a lot of people my age (60) playing this game, and online games in general - and plenty of us are disabled in one way or another, or at least 'slowed-down from previous years' if you will. I'm certainly not saying WG should change the way they did this event - after all, it IS supposed to be a challenge, and if we were all supposed to get the ship then we would all get the ship. I just wanted to offer an alternative point of view based on what's been said above about buying the ship versus trying to get it via the event. It's frustrating in its own way, but I'm not giving up yet. I haven't gone the Operation route yet - it's a good idea that I just didn't think of - so there's a chance you might see me fumbling about in the new BB (not gonna try to spell it) before this is all over. Good luck, everybody else!! (sound byte of screeching brakes, or record scratch, or choose your own) - I saw someone mention this in-game the other day and it didn't register, but I just noticed kiwi mentioning it again up above - Do you really get more credits in a battle if you're in a division?!? 3+ years and so, so many battles - and I never knew that. Is it true?? I'm also noticing that the Campaign, which requires the Prinz Eitel, has 10 days left, whereas the Combat Mission, which also requires the Prinz Eitel, has 13 days left. I know we can double up (once we get the ship), but couldn't the deadlines at least match up? One would assume the Campaign takes longer than the mission.
  4. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Can't view forum posts

    I have a notification in the forums that someone responded to one of my posts in the thread "Let's Talk About Watch a Stream - Receive a Free Container". But when I try to view that response I get this message: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/K Is this some sort of temporary error, or something else that I should be concerned about? I'm a noob where Twitch is concerned and have only been getting notifications from Twitch that WOWS is 'going live' when it's either in Russian or, last night, Japanese. Nothing at all for the NA server, which is where I play. Am I doing something wrong? Have I missed the boat?
  5. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Very low fps and high ping

    Whatever it is, you can be sure it's our fault. I had someone ram me at the start of a battle and then keep behind me so I couldn't turn away from the enemy without hitting him and (probably) grinding to a halt; I went to look him up and got the message that the Web Server wasn't available. Finished the battle and got back to port; viewing my ship was kind of laggy, but it went away, so I jumped into another battle. Pinwheeled for a few minutes, so I tried to restart the game and kept getting messages about the DNS server not being found, and that was as close as I could get to the game for about 30 minutes. Restarted my computer twice and that didn't help - I finally was able to get back in and now I'm a unsportsmanklike player for 'leaving a battle early' and pink for 3 battles. Is this any way to run a navy?
  6. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Co-op needs major surgery - but how?

    Ah, ok - I wasn't familiar with the term 'mercy rule' - at least where this game is concerned. I guess that would solve the problem, presumably without too much fuss. If WG would do it.
  7. First of all, if anybody feels the overwhelming urge to belittle me for playing Co-op a lot (not exclusively) - keep it in your pocket. I have compelling reasons for playing Co-op. But the way Co-op is working has been negating those reasons - here's how. Basically, I'm sick. I can't work any more and my physical capabilities have been significantly reduced by medicines, side-effects, etc. I like playing Randoms, but things can get too tense there at times, which can cause my hands to 'spaz out' whereby I can't keyboard all that well for a while. When that happens, no more fun for me or my team. (That's just one example - my eyesight can also suddenly go goofy on me and I can't focus on ships, so my salvos will more often than not miss. Again, not much help, more of a hindrance, to my teammates.) So I often resort to Co-op, where there's considerably less tension, salt, etc. It's more relaxing for me, and while I do have fun playing Randoms, sometimes it isn't an option, especially if I had a recent treatment. I've made friends playing Co-op and my (tiny) clan plays a lot of Co-op - I don't know if it's for my benefit or not, but while we're too small to participate in clan wars, we do have fun. Anyway, just now I had a Co-op battle that really frustrated me - not because of bots or teammates, but because of the scoring system. I think it's safe to say that the most fun we have in this game, regardless of mode, is when we manage to land that perfect salvo - the one that DOESN'T overpen 8 of 9 shells. You know those - they rarely happen, so when they do it's a brief but special moment that we really, REALLY appreciate. Well, this time the bots had 2 or 3 ships left and my Scharnhorst was lining up against a BB at close range - I had launched torps, they couldn't miss, and I had fired a salvo of AP point-blank into his waterline. I was zoomed in and could see the torps almost there, and the shells were just about to land (you could practically see the paint being scratched as they were making contact) when - GAME OVER. I'm guessing the bots' team were down to 0 points, because they still had ships and we sure hadn't capped anything. That result was the exact opposite of fun. I understand the scoring system, but wouldn't it be better if we didn't have such abrupt 'middle-of-the-battle' ending, so to speak? What can be done? I've thought about it more than once; while I'm no programmer, and certainly no genius, and my ideas might have holes in them a mile wide - here's one that works in my head, at least. ~ Give Co-op players a choice between being able to cap for a win versus a no cap/kill all format. That way folks who want to just get a quick battle in and don't care about intensity can do so, while folks who want the thing to go on till the bitter end - win or lose - can do so as well. I'm not implying there should be different rewards based on which format is selected, or that the possibility of an early ending could be a guaranteed win. But I've had Co-op battles end WAY too early way too often like this, and it's really frustrating when all I want to do is relax and blow stuff up. Just a side note - with the population of this game as large as it is, across several servers, it's easy to guess that there are a bunch of folks in similar situations to mine who are experiencing similar frustrations. I'm not asking for special treatment - just for a chance to blow stuff up good - blow it up REAL good. Something Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok would be proud of.
  8. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Last battle no credit?

    It's not just a momentary glitch, either - 2 battles in a row with a reboot in between. Also, when you get back to port you briefly get the message that the selected ship is already in a battle, backed by an empty port. Then the ship reappears, but not the results.
  9. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Last battle no credit?

    That wasn't the case - I had just played my 3rd battle (Cleveland), and the only results showing in that list were the 2 previous (Atlanta) battles. And the "Lucky 3" mission only credits me with 2 battles so far. Logged off/back on and there was no change.
  10. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Last battle no credit?

    Same happened to me. I do have the replay saved, so I know I'm not imagining it - but nothing in-game recognizes that it happened (still have the 50% bonus available on that ship as well). Gonna be hard to get those elite commander XP bonuses today if we can't make any progress.
  11. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Port filters

    Yes, I noticed that too. All of a sudden I am seeing my (unused until further notice) ARP ships in port, and I don't see the filter option to NOT see them.
  12. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Still hearing Halloween evil laugh

    OK, this has been going on for some time (obviously) - before now I didn't say anything because a) nobody else I asked in chat ever heard the same thing, and b) my PC was in such a technological shambles I assumed it was just that I needed to reinstall the game, which due to the time it took, I didn't want to do. And everything else worked fine, anyway. But on July 4th I did a complete - I mean COMPLETE - PC upgrade. New case, new SSD (first one I ever used) ... only thing swapped over was the CPU and memory to a new motherboard. So I had to reinstall the game from scratch - and for one thing, I never had the separate window from which I launched the game remain available, which is nice. But the point is, this is a complete new game install on a complete new Windows install on a brand new hard drive. Yet today I fired the game up, went into battle, and when I got to the screen listing battle participants - I hear, like always, the evil laugh that accompanied last Halloween's event. the deep, throaty, evil laugh mixed in with the other game sound effects. So now I'm asking - does anybody else ever hear this? Previously I heard it before EVERY battle - from the end of last October through July 3rd. I had hoped it was gone, but clearly it is not. What gives?
  13. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    I wasn't complaining about you at all, just quoting your statement that they had fixed it and given a reward. I was online for the problem and instead of just sitting around waiting for I had no idea how long it would be, logged off and went to do other things around the house. When I managed to get back online, I found that apparently they had given people 3 hours of the 100% 'first battle' exp reward. I didn't get that reward at all. I experienced the problem and was not able to play (I was trying to work on my Hindenburg legendary upgrade missions, but the Hindy was stuck because of the problem) so I logged off. Instead of giving this 'reward', or whatever other word would be more appropriate, to the people who actually were unable to play this morning because of the problem, they randomly gave it to whoever was online when the problem was fixed. I was not, so I missed out on not only the time I normally would have been playing, but also the extra exp given out because of the problem. But random people who just happened to log on after the problem was fixed, and who experienced no inconvenience at all this morning, got this awesome extra XP award. Just so it's clear - when I logged back in a little while ago, I played one game in my Hindenburg and the 100% exp reward got used up immediately. I got no 3 hours worth of it - just the usual one game.
  14. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Nice for those who stuck around with nothing else to do but wait. I logged off for a few hours because of the problem and instead of my usual game time I get jack squat times 3. Thanks for a completely random method of rewarding nobody specific, WG. Many who gave up waiting this morning got nothing but headaches and empty results, while people who logged in after the problem was solved got rewarded for not even being around for the problem.
  15. Yup. Finished a battle, went right to port with no battle result screens, and I get the message that 'this ship is still in a battle'.