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  1. Kirishi_Kaze

    How do you get CV Enterprise?

    I downloaded aslain mod pack and in the mod pack you can find a mod that shows all ships in the tech trees.
  2. Kirishi_Kaze

    How do you get CV Enterprise?

    It might be because I have a mod that shows all the ships in the tree. But it says it's available for purchase via doubloons.
  3. Kirishi_Kaze

    How do you get CV Enterprise?

    I saw her available in game for 14k doubloons. I can confirm that she isn't in the WG store though.
  4. It's the gameplay that makes it appealing. I didn't get into CVs and really wasn't interesting in them until the rework. And if anything I don't think CVs are OP. I've played DDs against CVs before, it requires more teamwork which is a good thing. Too many DD players are used to not having CVs in matches due to pre-rework. Destroyers functioned more as support ships, I think people should start playing them as such. I do, yet I never have a problem with them even now. However I need think AA needs to be reworked, as of now they are just way too effective with laser accuracy.
  5. Kirishi_Kaze

    WW2 Naval Pacific Battles Breakdown.

    Same here, the quality of work he does and the amount of detail is enough for him to be more than competitive with professional documentary creators. I think more people need to see his content.
  6. I wanted to share some amazingly made videos by a youtuber who goes into depth of naval battles in the Pacific. I do not own these videos as they are not mine, But I wanted to share the historical strategies used during the Pacific war as I, being a history buff, found immensely entertaining.
  7. Kirishi_Kaze

    Azur Lane Collection

    Can you get them from a try your luck container as well? I've been choosing those lately.
  8. Kirishi_Kaze

    Azur Lane Collection

    You can spend those dupes to unlock characters you don't have yet. I believe it's 5 dupes for one new character.
  9. Kirishi_Kaze

    Azur Lane Collection

    Says I'm already participating.
  10. Kirishi_Kaze

    Azur Lane Collection

    Dang, so RNG dictates whether or not I get a character? Man, then I've been unlucky for the past several days.
  11. Kirishi_Kaze

    Azur Lane Collection

    So the only way to get these characters are from the containers you earn. For a few days I was actually earning them. Now every time I get a container it no longer gives me the characters to complete the collection. I've made sure that the collection is on, no luck. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. Kirishi_Kaze

    7th loss in a row

    No matter how well you do, you just can't carry in a CV.
  13. Kirishi_Kaze

    Zipangu port

    I wouldn't mind if there were two separate ports, one night winter and one day summer. It would at least give us some flavor to choose from.
  14. Kirishi_Kaze

    CVs vs Tier 3 ships

    I have never seen 3 carriers in a game before. This must be rare, I've only ever seen 2.
  15. Kirishi_Kaze

    CVs vs Tier 3 ships

    I'm gonna say it's both, and yeah Texas is a big nope! I've also found people using Nicholas with a full AA spec and defense consumable to be a huge pain as well.