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  1. If WG wants to incentivize players to earn more Steel by including it in the daily missions than they need to remove the Win a Game requirement from the Daily Reward Missions. Because I'm finding it next to impossible to play Randoms and get even 3 wins in the limited time I have to play of an evening. In fact with the state of the game and the players who populating the upper tiers of the game, I'm finding it Very Hard to win a game Much less Enjoy my time in WoWs. 

    Is it odd to like the game and the ships but not enjoy WG's handling of the game or the brain dead window licking troglodytes on my team?  

    1. Umikami


      They have things so messed up now I don't even pay attention to the daily thing, I just play the ships I want to grind and bail when I'm tired of it. I doubt I play more than 5 or 6 matches a day anymore. And believe me when I say that number is falling.

    2. Herr_Reitz


      My focus now is strictly on the German carriers. I scored the T4 in the last container from the first session. I'm hoping I do well with the T6 and T8. 

      My match total is probably, per day, under ten, as I've recently (Monday) returned to work. 

      It is strange with the game going the route it has taken. I often thought it would just take off one day. If you were managing this project, would be a bit dishearened by now? 

      OTOH, I bet they make a ton of money from it.