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    I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way. ~John Paul Jones~

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  1. "I run a Tight Ship Wreck."

                 Admiral Sinksalot 

    1. Umikami


      I am at home, hoping my shipwreck is as tight as yours, and that this corona virus doesn't kill me. Not planning any activities other than staying inside and hiding from the world. And wishing all my friends are doing the same. Including you, Stay safe!

    2. RedSeaBear


      @Umikami I hope that you stay well and this plague does not find you or your loved ones. 

      I'm kind of jealous of the people who get to stay at home because I'm an "Essential" worker I don't get to stay home unless I get sick. And with how people react to just a sniffle I might be sent home "Sick". 

      With my job you have this weird three choice roulette game.  1 Nothing happens, 2 You get told to stay at home, 3 The place is put into Quarantine and no one leaves. Not sure how likely that third option is but it has been mentioned. So each day you take a spin of the wheel of Covid not sure what you're gonna get. 

      Hopefully with better and more convenient tests, treatments and medication we can get to place where things start going back to "Normal". Or at least we all won't be hiding inside. 

      Once we get past this KungFlu maybe society will learn from it. Like Wash Yo Hands. Don't spread your germs. Have a mask to not spread your sickness. Don't eat Bat Soup. Don't buy all the TP. And have enough food and board games in case you face some kind of disruption like panic buyers or natural disasters.  

    3. Umikami


      In the news today I see they have locked down all the prisons in y state for the next two weeks, something I'm sure will be extended for the next two months if the forecasters are correct. I have every medical condition which puts me in the high risk category for dying of this crap; pre-existing heart and lung conditions, diabetes, and compromised immune system from ongoing Chemo-therapy for lung cancer. If I get this, it's all over. I am taking my own advice, staying inside ALL the time except for chemo treatments, and socially distancing myself even there with mask in place. Hope you are taking every precaution also. Stay safe and hope to hear from you that all is well on a regular basis.