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  1. Current feelings on WoWs...Looking for new games to play and maybe new ways to play them. 

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    2. Herr_Reitz


      Hah, shows you where I'm at... I've been AWOL from WOWS for well over a month, maybe two. I personally got tired of their positioning of carriers. I'm very thankful I never bought a premium carrier. 

      There's a ton of new console stuff coming out and already out to be sure. Myself, I'm back into No Man's Sky... looking forward to Transport Tycoon 2 coming out before the EoY. 

      I'm not a console guy (still have my one and only, a Sega Genesis)... but the new PS5 has a very interesting design. Then again, what consoles have the best selection of titles? 

      There's also the Chromebook approach to play some mobile games you already own... 

      But say, DO let us know where you go and what you play! 

    3. RedSeaBear


      I plan to stay involved with WoWs. Most of the events are still fun. And I've had a lot of fun grinding out Anniversary containers in Coop. 
      But when finances permit I might substitute something else into my down time.  

    4. Herr_Reitz


      Its good you stick with them... otoh, you just never know what's gonna reach out, grab you and pull you in when it comes to gaming software. 

      Keep us updated, as I'd find it interesting to know what else you like playing.