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  1. If you ever find yourself with a Standard Battle Team on a Domination map, you're going to have a hard time. 


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    2. Herr_Reitz


      Where, roughly, are you seeing this activity? Any specific map?

    3. RedSeaBear


      Its not map specific. Its players playing like they are in a Standard battle protecting their spawn but not pushing the Domination capture points. Last night I watched a Random team camp the south side of Two Brothers and not even bother to push the caps. It was kind of sad and it gave rise to my statement above. I finally verbalized something I've seen numerous times before.  

    4. Herr_Reitz


      I would like to know how these players get grouped together so "randomly". Played this game for what, 3 years now, and the bad teams "seem" to be appearing far more often. Tonight has been a rough struggle to win matches. I'm almost always on the losing team, no matter the type or tier. 

      In fact a red player tonight said "dam* lopsided games are no fun". I totally agree. 

      "IF" WoWS was messing with player grouping via the MM or tweaking individual RNG (more likely I think) to adjust games, they're failing. 

      I imagine for players at your skill level, it is well, a supreme irritation. Love the game when matches are balanced, hard fought on both sides. I "think" most players would prefer such battles. I think I'm going for a poll. :cat_paw: