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  1. 12 Super Containers collected. 

    100 India Yankee
    100 Zulu
    50 Ocean Soul camo < Meh 
    1000 Gold < Yes 
    50 La Pheile Padraig camo < Sigh 
    100 India Yankee < I've seen this before
    7 days Premium < Ok I guess
    100 Victor Lima 
    50 Red Dragon
    25 Ouroboros 
    50 La Pheile Padraig camo < Not again
    50 WoWs Anniversary Camo < I expected this

    Mostly disappointing. Not sure why they are name "Super" Containers. 
    Maybe I'll get something interesting next year.  

    1. Herr_Reitz


      30 days premium
      7 days premium
      7 days premium

      100 signal flag boxes x 3

      50 signal flag x 1

      I am find with those... but I think "if" i were running the show, I'd have handed out some low level premium ship to everyone.

    2. RedSeaBear


      I know right. Hey everyone one is going to be getting this super container for completing the Collection or Campaign, lets make sure it gives something better than 50 ocean camos. But than I'm not WG. 

    3. Herr_Reitz


      Yea... it's strange how they go feast or famine... fer heck's sake, they don't even reset the operations..... I five starred one of them in June of 2017 - cannot do it again. Tightwads, tight-fisted...

      Walkaway for a year, get two premium ships. :cap_haloween:... which still slays me!